Yakima woke up in bed, to see his most of his current allies - only Kaito and Naoto were absent - standing over him. "He's okay.", Momo sighed in relief.

"For now, but it won't be permanent.", Hiroto warned. "According to my analysis, Yakumo is still disappearing slowly."

"'Disappearing'?", Yakumo commented, before realising. "I think I know what's happening."

Everyone was shocked by this. "You do?", Shinya asked. "Then perhaps you could tell us how to stop this."

"It's simple really.", Yakumo responded. "Every ninja has a specific essence that is part of their being, known as 'Nintality'. Without even a small fragment of it, they'd be unable to exist. Ninjas with a low amount of Nintality can't perform Ninjutsu, nor recall being able to perform it, like my uncle. It seems I was unlucky enough to be completely drained of it." He then had a flash of memory. "I remember!"

Yakumo thought back to the attack on the mansion, when he had been knocked down. He remembered Ariake using Kyuemon's hammer on him. "Yojutsu: Nintality Kyotoru no Jutsu!" AAAAAAYYYYY! Yakumo had felt his whole body feeling an intense pain, as his energy left his body. The he say his Ichibantou and NinShuriken disappearing in front of him, flickering out like a static image.

He returned to the present. "Unless I can get it back, then I'm done for."

"So we just need to get that Nintality back and return it.", Miu surmised. "It's simple."

"You'd hope so.", Hiroto countered. "But who knows what they're doing with that power, or what they've done with it."

Out in town, Kaito was walking along, staring at the green scar on his arm. It didn't hurt as much as the previous one had, despite having cut deeper into his skin, presumably due to him being used to it. Then he heard a scream coming from nearby, which he ran to investigate. He saw a familiar blue suit throwing around and beating people up. "It can't be… Yakumo!" But then he noticed that this AoNinger lacked the insignia on his sash and had a black NinShuriken on his sword. "No, it's a fake. Which means I can take it down." Banana! "Henshin!" Lock On! Come On! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear!

Kaito ran in and began using his Banaspear to slash at the imposter, who dodged by leaving behind a pathetic substitute, made of straw. The fake AoNinger than reappeared behind Baron, slashing him down. "So, it seems that it didn't take me long to draw out one of Fractured Infinity's members."

He was the shot back by an arriving TimeFire. "I see you're getting into a squabble without me.", Naoto commented.

"Very funny.", Kaito growled as he pulled himself up. "This is some kind of clone of Yakumo, that has all of his abilities and weapons. It might have something to do with our Yakumo getting weaker after the last battle."

"That's right." Both turned their head upwards to see the source of both the voice, and the subsequent cackling. It was an old woman who appeared to be made of wood, who generated a broomstick and flew down to join them. "This Yami AoNinger is born of the Nintality we took from that blue ninja, mixed with my Yojutsu and given form through the use of a Sealing Shuriken."

"Another Youkai?", Kaito hissed. "Perhaps if we destroy you, then Yakumo…" he stood up and ran forward, pressing down on his belt three times. Come On! Banana Sparking! He then charged his Banaspear with energy, before moving to bring it down on her.

"Fool! I am no ordinary Youkai!" She froze him in place, simply by waving her hand. "I am the Super Advanced Youkai, Arikura-no-Baba." As Naoto tried to intervene, she froze him in place too, before throwing both of them into the wall simply, by thrusting one arm forward. "And I should tell you that destroying the Yami AoNinger will do you no good. Doing so will merely destroy your friend's Nintality, making it impossible to save him."

"What?", Naoto gasped as he pulled himself up.

Yami AoNinger then initiated his own finishing move. "Ankoku Shuriken Ninpo Ougi: Jaakryu-Zan!" He launched a wave of dark energy at the pair with a slash, which took the form of an energy dragon. He then took out one of his OtomoNin Shurikens, placing it on his sword and transforming into an almost entirely black Seiryumaru. He then took off through the streets, firing lasers everywhere.

"Looks like I have to stop him.", Kaito commented as he took another Lockseed out. Suika! He then inserted it into his belt. Lock On! Come On! Suika Arms! Odama Big Bang! As the giant ball surrounded him, he transformed into something more mobile. Gyro Mode! "Naoto, tell the others what's happening.", he got out before taking off.

"I'm not your messenger!", Naoto blurted out, before departing the scene.

At Dark Guild's factory, Dr. Zora was back at the task of constructing a Sengoku Driver. "I need just a few more materials to finish this.", she noted to herself. "Though getting them by myself will be difficult." She then heard a metal clanging sound, goig out to investigate. She saw a single Baro - she knew them only as Malthiua's troops - out of its recharge station and trying to tiptoe out. "You there, what are you doing?", she asked.

The robot turned around and stated its response. "I am making a scheduled report. For a secret mission." He then turned around and continued.

Dr. Zora was immediately suspicious. "A secret mission that involves only one combatant? That seems unlikely." She went over to the system controls, reawakening a Zenitt and a Zargoal that were also recharging. "Pursue that robot. See what he's up to." Both nodded as they set off.

Back at the mansion, Naoto had arrived with the news. "So, we're going to have to deal with two problems now.", Hiroto surmised. "Not only do we have to save Yakumo from disappearing, but we have to deal with his dark doppelgänger without killing him."

"Neither will be easy.", Yakumo wheezed, as he pulled himself up. "But there must be a way."

"There is." Everyone turned to see the hooded figure had appeared. "In fact, it originates from the world of Hiroto and Miu."

"Eh?", Miu declared. "What is it?"

"Prior to your return to your Earth, the Go-Ongers faced a BankiJuu who was powerful enough to switch his soul with that of Sosuke Esumi. In order to restore both to their proper bodies, his essence was transferred into a blank Engine Soul and fired at his body, restoring it to normal."

"So if we put Yakumo's essence in an Engine Soul, and then attack the evil AoNinger with it, then we could resolve this.", Shinya realised. Then he thought of something else. "Wait, why are you helping us? Aren't you supposed to be neutral, or something?"

"You are all essential keystones in your own worlds.", was the answer he received. "Thus, none of you can be harmed, lest you pay a role in your futures, no matter how brief."

"And what about when we killed Demushu?", Momo asked. "You weren't so keen to prevent him from coming to harm."

"He had become undependable.", the figure stated. "And the enemies in the experiments are disposable, only the subjects are valuable." With that said, he left.

After a moment's thought, Hiroto spoke up. "I'll have to take Yakumo to my workshop so we can work on that process he described."

"I'll come with you.", Momo decided. "Who knows what Dark Guild could be planning, after that last attack. You'll need some protection."

"Meanwhile, the rest of us will go out and help keep Yakumo's copy at bay.", Shinya added. "We're going to need all hands on deck for this."

Back in the city, Kaito had caught up with the dark Seiryumaru, opening fire on it, so that it would turn its fire back towards him. "Good, now I've got your attention." Yoroi Mode! He proceeded to grapple with his foe, managing to punch him back, before initiating his finisher. Come On! Suika Au Lait! Kaito generated a watermelon shape made of energy, which he then cut into fragments he sent flying at the copy AoNinger, reverting him to his humanoid form, as Kaito also reverted himself. Come On! Blade Arms! Sword of Spade!

"Ha! Interesting.", the copy commented as he drew his Ichibantou, running in to lock his sword with the Blay Rouser. "Let's see how you can do in a full battle."

"My thoughts exactly.", Kaito responded, as he kicked Yami AoNinger down by hitting his legs, before pressing down on his belt three times. Come On! Blade Sparking! Slash! Thunder! Lightning Slash! With the sword filled with energy, he unleashed an electric-powered attack to his opponent, before slashing another card included with the sword across it. Tackle! He ran forward and crashed into the copy AoNinger, knocking him to the ground. "Alright, now I'll finish you off."

"Stop it, Kaito!" Shinya ran forward, accompanied by Miu and Naoto. "We have a solution to reunite Yakumo's two aspects. We just need to hold this version off for long enough."

"Oh?", Yami AoNinger commented. "In that case, I'll have to make sure you don't last for long enough." He took out his Karakuri Hengen in Katana mode. "Gekkou Ankoku Zangeki!" He delivered a slash that knocked all of them back.

Miu was the first to regain her bearings. "If you're using darkness, then I'll have to counter with light." She flicked switches 2 and 3 on her Rocket Dagger. "Shining Dagger!" Mission 4! She delivered several coloured slashes that seemed to buffet the AoNinger clone. "Got him." But when the smoke cleared, it revealed a straw dummy. "What?"

"You're open.", Yami AoNinger announced as he leapt down to kick Miu back. He then presented the Karakuri Hengen in Yumi mode. "Ankoku Arrow!" He fired several bolts towards Miu.

"Gant Buster!" Shinya leapt in the way, shooting at all of the arrows. He then went forward, kicking the copy down, before preparing his attack. "Versus Cannon!" He took a few more shots, which buffeted the copy.

"Not bad.", Yami AoNinger remarked. "But not good enough either." He then took out his Goton NinShuriken, setting it to the Kaen no Jutsu setting and spinning it on his Ichibantou. "Ankoku Shuriken Ninpo: Jakaen no Jutsu!" He unleashed black flames at Shinya, who barely blocked them.

But then, Naoto and Kaito, the latter of whom had switched to Double Arms, then proceeded to attack together. "Defender Sword!"

Come On! Double Squash! "Trigger Explosion!"

The two attacks were blocked by the copy, using the Karakuri Hengen in Tsume mode. "Tsume Gaishin!" He sent the blast back at the two, sending them flying.

Back at the warehouse, as Yakumo was lying down, Hiroto was asking the Go-On Wings' partner Engines about the situation. "Do you know if we can do it?", he asked.

"To convert a human soul into a form like ours… it's possible.", Jum-bowhale answered.

"Though, even with three of us, there's still a problem.", Jetras pointed out. "Yakumo needs to channel his willpower to make the change happen. In his current state, can he pull it off?"

"I can.", Yakumo insisted, as he pulled himself up. "If necessary, I can use my magic to aid in the process. I still have that."

"Okay, then let's do it.", Toripter nodded, as all three Souls ejected from their holders and surrounded Yakumo, who took out his wand, and moved it around as he said the words.

"Rena ni Ulso!" Yakumo glowed with energy, in addition to that which he was being bombarded with, turning into an Engine Soul marked with the Igasaki emblem.

Hiroto went over and picked it up. "Now if I can manage to shoot this into the copy, it should reunite Yakumo with his Nintality and resolve our current problem."

"If we can make sure the one shot we have works.", Momo said, slightly concerned. She then saw a face sticking through the door. "A Baro!" She called out, aiming her King Blaster. "Look out, Hiroto!"

"There's no need for that.", Hiroto stated, as he blocked her. "This one is on our side. He's our friend."

"Friend… friend.", the Cog got out. "Danger. Danger. Pursuit."

"What's he trying to say?", Momo asked. But then she saw a Zargoal and a Zenitt pursuing him. "Maybe you could do what you did to this Baro on them?"

"First, I'll need you to disable them.", Hiroto urged. Momo nodded, shooting both of the grunts and knocking them down. "Good, now I can get to work on them."

"Work on them to do what?", Momo asked. "What are you doing with these enemy soldiers? Why is that Baro calling us his friend?"

"All in good time.", Hiroto assured her. "For now, we'll need to bring these two inside."

Back at the battlefield, all 4 members of Fractured Infinity had been knocked down by Yami AoNinger. "None of you can defeat me.", he stated. "Give up, and I might consider turning all of you into dark clones like myself."

"We're not giving up yet.", Kaito stated as he pulled himself up. He placed his Genesis Driver on himself. "Not until we can get the real Yakumo back to normal." Lemon Energy! "And crush you!" Lock On! Soda! Lemon Energy Arms! Fight Power! Fight Power! Fi-Fi-Fi-Fi-F-F-F-F-Fight! He ran forward locking his Sonic Arrow with the copy's Ichibantou, before attaching the Mango Lockseed. Lock On! He pulled back, launching several projectiles at the copy, buffeting him. Mango Charge!

"That's right.", Miu wheezed as she got up, inserting her Change Soul. "We're not going to rest yet." She flicked all the switches on her Rocket Dagger, flying closer to Yami AoNinger and slashing him multiple times. Mission 6: Full Power!

Shinya was next, closing his InLoader. "Yakumo is depending on us.", he combined parts of his armour with the Gant Slugger, forming the Gant Rifle and firing at the copy with lightning, which he barely defended himself from.

"And we won't let you stop us!", Naoto declared, as he transformed. "TIMEFIRE!" He then pointed his weapon, after transforming it. "DV Change! DV Vulcan!" He fired a few shots that buffeted the copy. "DV Change! Defender Sword!" He then slashed at the copy.

"Good work everyone." Hiroto and Momo then leapt in, already transformed. "Now then, we need to do this in one shot.", Hiroto then took out his new Engine Soul, inserting it into his Wing Booster. "Yakumo Soul, set!" He then pointed at the clone, who was staggering about, firing. "Wing Booster, Boost Up! Ninnin!"

He fired the shot at the clone, creating an astral projection of the real Yakumo, who began grappling with Yami AoNinger. "Get out of my body!", the spectre yelled.

"It's not enough.", Momo realised. "He needs some more power." She then channeled her own energy into a shot, which she launched at the astral Yakumo. "Senkou: Miracle Hikkoudan!"

As she expected, the energy gave Yakumo enough of a boost to phase into the body of his dark copy, causing a Sealing Shuriken, with a cloud of darkness surrounding it to fly out, as the Igasaki emblem reappeared on AoNinger's suit and the Shuriken on his Ichibantou reassumed its usual blue colour. "The Roaring Cloud, Yakumo Kato, has appeared!"

Everyone celebrated. "Yakumo, you're back.", Momo said with relief.

"All thanks to you.", Yakumo admitted. "I couldn't have done it without any of you. We may not have known each other for long, but I think I'm starting to see you like my family."

"We're all feeling the same way.", Shinya assured him. "Momo, Naoto, Miu, even Kaito. All of us have been fighting for your sake."

"Don't mistake what I did for friendship.", Kaito insisted. "I merely didn't like the fact that someone had stolen your power and was using it for nefarious purposes. So I decided to get rid of him."

"You fools!" Everyone turned to see the Sealing Shuriken. "You've taken my life from me. I want it back, and I'll do anything to get it." As the dark energy glowed with a red aura, a ring decorated in stylised 'Hs' appeared around it, before closing in to create a red body, with yellow scales on the legs, while the upper body had a demonic face, with shoulders resembling a lion and a hawk, while the creature's right arm resembled a dolphin. "Life!" A group of grey creatures with multicoloured faces appeared, charging towards Fractured Infinity.

"Looks like I've got a chance to make it even.", Yakumo announced, running towards the creature with his Ichibantou outstretched, while everyone else moved to deal with the other creatures.

"These don't look familiar to me.", Shinya called out, as he dodged the attack of one of them. "Any of you know who they are?"

"I don't think they're from any of our worlds, like that coin monster.", Kaito answered. "We need to take them down regardless of that." He knocked another one aside with his Sonic Arrow.

Meanwhile, the creature that had been the darkness supporting the copy fired water from its right arm, which Yakumo matched. Mizu no Jutsu! "Shuriken Ninpo: Kagami Gaesu no Jutsu!" Jabu Jabu Ja! This caught the spout of water and threw it back at the creature, who countered by summoning a giant ball, which it proceeded to drop on Yakumo, who countered using his magic. "Rena Ni Senfuu!" The giant ball transformed into a balloon, which floated away. "You'll have to do stronger techniques than those easy to block moves."

"Life! Life! Life!", the creature hissed as it began running towards its opponent.

Yakumo initiated his finisher. The Waza! "Magical Nin-Retsu-Zan!" Ninja Issen! He drove his sword across the creature's body, causing it to crackle with energy and explode completely. "No hiding wasshoi!"

Back at Dark Bo's brain centre, the figure at the centre of it all picked up a red, spiked object, bearing the animated likeness of HurricaneRed of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger. "I didn't expect a Hitotsuki to appear in this world.", he commented. "But it certainly allowed for some strong data from AoNinger. Soon, it should be complete." He went over to look at a black Lockseed with a pink handle and the front resembling an apple. Both were beginning to turn red and gold respectively.

Elsewhere, Hiroto was showing off his latest project to everyone else, including Naoto, who was surprised seeing that his V-Rex was also in the warehouse. "So that's where it is.", he commented.

Soon Hiroto bought them all into his lab, where the Baro, the Zargoal and the Zenitt were all in the process of playing leapfrog. "So, you've reprogrammed them to have a sense of fun?", Shinya asked, confused.

"Not exactly.", Hiroto answered. "After Captain Ryuya used that Baro as a decoy for his escape, I decided to examine it and discovered that it possessed a processor that had been programmed to be incapable of growing, of learning. Built entirely to obey orders, without question."

"That makes sense.", Kaito commented. "No good empire obsessed with domination would take the risk of its soldiers deserting them. To them, good soldier follow orders."

"Which is why I've expanded the programming of these three.", Hiroto responded. "Giving the the difference between right and wrong and the option to choose their own path. In effect, I've given them human like minds."

"That would explain why they're playing these games.", Miu realised. "Their minds are still young, still developing."

"Exactly.", Shinya nodded. "But given how advanced all of these are, I assume they'll mature quickly."

"With any luck.", was Hiroto's response. "I intend to send them back to Dark Guild."

Everyone was shocked to hear this. "So after taking them out of Dark Guild and giving them the option to be free of Dark Guild… you intend to give them back?", Yakumo asked, almost appalled.

"Wait.", Hiroto put his hand out. "I've input the Baro, the Zargoal and the Zenitt - ok, I really need to give them names, so I can tell them apart better."

"I've got it.", Momo decided. She went over to the Baro first. "We'll call this one 'Alpha'," then over to the Zargoal "this one 'Beta'," and finally over to the Zenitt "and finally, this one will be 'Gamma'."

"Y-yes.", the Baro nodded. "Alpha."

"Beta.", the Zargoal followed up.

"Gamma.", the Zenitt concluded.

"Good.", Momo smiled.

"As I was saying.", Hiroto resumed talking. "I've input Alpha, Beta and Gamma with a virus that will spread the same program I put into them to all of Dark Guild's robotic troops, leaving them more willing to question orders. And when the time comes that the higher ups inevitably notice and try to destroy them, their own troops will rise up to defend themselves. Only two types of their footsoldiers will be un-compromised, and they will be outnumbered and be greatly diminished, regardless of the outcome."

"Hopefully, they can pull out a victory in that scenario.", Naoto said. "I'd hate to think they died for little more than our war."

"Friend.", Alpha said to him. "Alpha would be glad to die for friends."

"As would Beta.", Beta added.

"Gamma as well.", Gamma concluded.

"So that's decided.", Hiroto stated. "We'll send them back, so they can get to work on our Trojan horse operation."

Sometime later, Beta and Gamma reported in to Dr. Zora. "So, what did you find?", she asked.

"Nothing unusual.", Gamma stated. "As stated, the Baro was simply making a report."

"I see.", Dr. Zora thought about this. She would check with Malthiua about the purpose of the report later. "Dismissed." Both of them nodded, leaving the room. "For now, I should focus on acquiring the last few parts I need."

Back in the Baro barracks, one of Malthiua's pink Baros appeared, issuing orders. "A new strategy is about to begin. All troops will mobilise."

Alpha's newfound curiosity and freedom caused him to question this. "Why?"

A question that did not go unnoticed by the superior. "Who spoke? Who QUESTIONED an ORDER FROM A SUPERIOR?" But none of them spoke up, least of all Alpha, who had realised his folly. But he had already inflicted damage to Dark Guild, with that one question. Damage that would prove dangerous.