Momo was walking home from the boxing classes she had been teaching. She was pleased with her current efforts, having helped Midori go from a terrified novice to a yellow-belt in the space of a few weeks. But her reverie was disrupted, as she heard someone moving nearby, in the bushes. "Who's there?" She asked. A question that soon answered itself, as a familiar red-suited figure with a star where most of his face would be appeared. "OhRed? Captain Goro, is that you?" OhRed then conjured his Star Riser out of thin air and used it to slash her down. He then pulled out his King Blaster, and fired at her, but she dodged. "Captain, why are you doing this?" But the figure didn't answer, merely charging his Star Riser with energy before slashing at Momo, blowing her back. OhRed then turned around and vanished.

From the side, Dr. Zora watched Momo as she stood up. "So, it seems that this one is a success, at least with OhPink. The rest, will have to follow soon." With that said, she turned and faded out.

Sometime later, Momo had pulled herself to the warehouse, where Kaito was waiting as usual. "So, you're saying that your Captain appeared and attacked you?", Kaito surmised. "Are you sure it wasn't a mirage of some kind?"

"That was no mirage.", Momo insisted. "I felt his Star Riser hit me. At best, we're either dealing with a situation like Miu's, or an imposter situation."

"That may be.", Kaito nodded. "For now, we'll just have to wait for this OhRed to make his next move. Then we can ascertain his motives."

Out in the city, Naoto was on a patrol with a senior officer in the police force. "Now remember, rookie. We need to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity."

"I know.", Naoto said, barely holding back his boredom. "Let's just hope it happens at some point today."

It was then that Ryuya appeared. "Hello there, Naoto Takizawa.", he called out, in a faux affable manner. "I hear you want to settle things with me." He pressed the button on his Chrono Changer, transforming and brandishing his Double Vector. "So let's settle this."

"Okay.", Naoto nodded as he stood up, whispering to his superior. "Get to safety." The man nodded and moved out. He hen spoke into his V-Commander. "TIMEFIRE!" He transformed, taking out his Defender Sword. "Let's settle this." He charged in, locking blades with Ryuya, both constantly moving them around to defend themselves and strike at the opponent. "We're too evenly matched."

"You're right.", Ryuya nodded. "Which is why I brought help." Naoto then felt himself being slashed down, falling to the floor. "I think you'll know my associate here very well."

Naoto looked up and saw what looked like a female version of the TimeRed suit, complete with pink colouration and heart shaped arrow. "It can't be! Yuri-san?" TimePink didn't respond, merely using her Double Vector to slash at him further. "What's wrong with you?"

Ryuya began laughing. "I wouldn't try reasoning with her. She's completely loyal to me, all thanks to my allies." TimePink then conjured up her VolSniper, firing several shots at Naoto before he could recover. "Did you really think I'd try facing you alone?"

"My thought exactly.", Naoto laughed. As Ryuya became confused by this, Kaito and Momo appeared, riding their respective bikes, before leaping off to kick both of their opponents. "You see, given that I don't associate often with the others, they had a beacon built into the V-Commander that will alert them if I transform."

"And it looks like you're definitely in it.", Kaito commented, taking a look at Ryuya standing with TimePink. "Another friend of yours?"

"You could say that.", Ryuya nodded. "But Yuri here is under my control. To her, you are the enemy."

"Just like with Captain Goro.", Momo noted. "Could that be what's happening? Is Dark Guild kidnapping and brainwashing our allies?"

"Forget about TimeFire and OhPink.", Ryuya commanded TimePink. "Go after Baron."

TimePink nodded, running past the other two and landing in front of Kaito, pressing her hands against his head. Kaito felt his mind being invaded. "Fellow Armoured Rider… became an Inves…" Kaito realised what his opponent was trying to do, redirecting his thoughts. He then kicked TimePink away, causing her to fade into OhRed and back. "I see."

"Both TimePink and OhRed… were fakes!", Momo realised. "They're trying to trick us." The figure then flickered into a robotic figure withe a bird-like headdress, a Shuriken shaped visor with an arrow in one notch, visible lips on the head, which were comically oversized, some tattered leather straps on the body and armour that resembled a peeled orange.

"And it was working so well.", Ryuya fumed. "Glenmusha, let's retreat for now."

"Yes.", the robotic figure hissed. "We have what we need." With that said, the two of them teleported out.

"We'd better fill the rest in on this.", Naoto was the first to say. "They could do with being warned."

Back at Dark Guild's factory, Dr. Zora was annoyed by the current status of the operation. "The battle with AoNinger's double showed that the heroes are far less willing to go all out if one of their own is their opponent. So I created Cyber Knight Glenmusha to exploit that by replicating whoever Fractured Infinity's individual members respect the most." She then swiped the items on a workbench to the floor. "So how is it that you manage to blow the ruse before everyone can be targeted and beaten, Captain Ryuya?"

"Forgive me, Doctor.", Ryuya said, lowering his head. "I merely saw the opportunity to complete the set of transformations it can achieve. With Baron's enemy already defeated, I could only get the necessary information from him. And I believe I succeeded at that. Glenmusha, if you'd lease."

"Yes.", Glenmusha nodded, initiating his transformation. While his new transformation looked similar to Baron's, it was black, the armour unfolded from a pinecone and the face resembled a ninja more that a knight. Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! Ichigeki in the Shadows! He was now armed with a spear to match his motif. "That Baron guy tried to block my psychokinesis, but I fought back."

"Did I hear that you're pulling a doppelgänger plan?" Arikura-no-Baba appeared before them.

"We were.", Dr. Zora said, semi-disdainfully. "Until Fractured Infinity became wise to the hoax, rendering this whole plan meaningless."

"Not necessarily.", Arikura-no-Baba stated, tapping the Cyber Knight. "Iko Ruwaka!" Glenmusha then glowed with energy. "I noticed that during your previous attacks, the impostor was keeping quiet to maintain the ruse. Well that's no longer necessary, as he can now assume the voices of all his disguises. Try it out."

"Alright." Glenmusha spoke to find he was now talking with the voice of the person he had pulled out of Baron's head. He then transformed into AkaNinger. "I'm on fire!" He then shifted into Riser Glen. "Justiriser! Glen, revealed!" Followed by Go-On Red "Let's go at Mach speed!" Then into OhRed. "Everyone, move out!" Finally, he assumed the shape of TimePink. "You're under arrest for breaking the laws of time!" Then he returned to normal. "This is really good for us."

"And I know who you can test it on.", Ryuya commented.

Back at the mansion, Kaito's group entered to find that only Hiroto and Miu were there. "Where are Yakumo and Shinya?", Kaito asked.

"Both of them are still out doing their community projects.", Hiroto answered. "It seems they're working overtime."

"That's not good.", Naoto noted. "It means that if we try to warn them, it will be too late."

"Warn them?", Miu asked. "Warn them of what?"

"There's a new enemy monster that can copy appearances.", Momo explained. "He seems to be taking on the appearances of those we admire the most. He appeared in front of me as Captain Goro, the red warrior from Ohranger."

"And to me as Yuri, Timeranger's leader.", Naoto added. "But the impression isn't very good. It can't even do the voice."

"Nonetheless, we should still call Yakumo and Shinya to warn them." Miu took out her phone and tried calling Yakumo, only for it to go to voicemail. "Damn it, he must have his phone turned off while in session. I can only guess it's the same with Shinya."

"So we'll have to get to the others and warn them about the deception.", Hiroto surmised. "Let's go."

At the course, Shinya watched as two of the kids stopped kicking the ball and started getting into a fight, blowing the whistle. "Stop it! That's a foul on you, 23."

"He started it!", both players yelled, as they pointed as each other.

"Now, now. Fighting never solved any problems.", Shinya gently chided both of them.

"Is that so?" A wave of fire moved towards the two kids, with Shinya leaping in to knock both of them out of the way. He then looked up to see, as the voice indicated, that the attacker was his old ally Shouta, equipped into Riser Glen. "Let's go, Shinya."

"Shouta? What the-?" But Riser Glen ran forward, slashing at him, as he narrowly dodged. "Everyone, run away." The kids all complied, scared for their lives. Now alone, he transformed. "Souchaku!" He charged forward, pointing and firing at his opponent. "Gant Buster: Versus Cannon!"

"Glen Sword: Raging Flame!" Riser Glen charged his sword with fire, crashing it into his opponent's blast, breaking through it and knocking Shinya back. He then ran forward and slashed at Shinya directly, knocking him unconscious. "Ha, too easy.", Glenmusha commented.

"Shinya, what's happening?", Glenmusha heard AoNinger approaching, and shifted his appearance to that of AkaNinger as he appeared. "Taka-nii? How are you here?"

AkaNinger took out his Ichibantou, pointing it at his enemy. "Fight me, Yakumo." Internally, Glenmusha laughed, expecting another easy fight."

"Alright then.", Yakumo announced, as he placed his Shuriken on his own Ichibantou, pressing the button. The Henge! "Shuriken Henge!" He then set the Shuriken spinning. Aka-ja, Ao-ja, Ki-ja, Shiro-ja, Momo-ja, Ninja! "Let's go." He ran forward.

Glenmusha, who hadn't expected one of his targets to actually fight back, was terrified. "Wait, can we call a rain check?" But his plea was unheeded, as Yakumo slashed at him, which he barely defended from, before the two locked blades, before leaping a pace back. "Okay then, I'll fight you. Kaen Jutsu!"

He launched a torrent of fire from his sword, which Yakumo countered with his Goton NinShuriken. Mizu no Jutsu! "Shuriken Ninpo: Kagami Gaesu no Jutsu!" Jabu Jabu Ja! This reflected the fire attack back at AkaNinger, causing him to feel himself smoking. "I see." He leapt forward and slashed at the fake. "You're not the real Taka-nii, are you?"

"Eh?", the fake AkaNinger gasped, before reverting to normal. "How did you deduce my real identity?"

"Your attempt at mimicking his Ninjutsu was the giveaway. You replicated it, but you failed to account for the requirement of a Goton NinShuriken when performing it. And you called it 'Kaen Jutsu'." He reset his Goton Shuriken. Kaen no Jutsu! "It's 'Shuriken Ninpo: Kaen no Jutsu'!" Mera Mera Ja!

Glenmusha was hit by the flames, but emerged, in the form of Go-On Red, zooming towards Yakumo with his Road Saber. "Eat this. Saber Straight!" The attack made contact, knocking Yakumo back. "Ha, you can't do anything by yourself."

"Who says he's alone?" Go-On Red turned around to see a recovered Riser Gant, who fired at him. "You shouldn't have counted me out, you fake."

It was then that Kaito, Momo, Naoto and the Wings appeared. "Looks like they're on top of the situation.", Naoto noted.

"Perhaps.", Kaito said in response. "But we should still get in there. Henshin!" Lemon Energy! Lock On! Soda! Lemon Energy Arms! Fight, Power! Fight, Power! Fi-Fi-Fi-Fi-F-F-F-F-Fight!

"Choriki Henshin!"


"Let's Go-On!"

Now transformed, all 5 of them leapt into the fray, with the fake Go-On Red deciding to get into character. "Yo, Hiroto, Miu. Thank god you're here."

The two were shocked by this. "You said the fake couldn't do voices.", Miu said to Naoto.

"He shouldn't be able to.", came the reply from Kaito.

"See, then I have to be the real Sosuke Esumi, right?", Go-On Red asked.

"Don't be so quick.", Yakumo warned. "When he fought me, he managed to sound like Takaharu."

"And that Riser Glen I fought sounded exactly like Shouta.", Shinya added.

"Evidently, they've given their copy an upgrade.", Momo suggested. "All to make it more convincing as the people we admire the most."

Yakumo laughed at this. "If that's what he was going for, then he was way off. I don't respect Takaharu at all. You'd have been better off copying Kinji."

"I don't know.", Miu said, her voice wavering. "How do we know he's not the real Sosuke?"

"I have a simple test.", Hiroto answered her, before turning back to Go-On Red. "What's 8 x 4?"

"32.", Go-On Red announced proudly.

"Right answer, wrong response." Hiroto used his Burning Dagger attack. Mission 1! "The real Sosuke would have to work out the answer to that. He wouldn't be able to answer immediately."

"Curses!" Go-On Red took out his Mantan Gun and fired at everyone. "Looks like I'll have to destroy you."

"That's another big mistake.", Miu realised. "You wouldn't be able to use a real Mantan Gun without an Engine Soul."

"Seems that this creature isn't that good at copying our weapons.", Yakumo commented.

"Perhaps we can beat him through the power of the real thing.", Kaito suggested, as he pressed on the side of his Driver. Soda! Lemon Energy Squash! He charged the Sonic Arrow with energy, leaping forward.

"Ha.", Glenmusha commented. "You won't stand a chance when I become Gaim and crush you." He then transformed into the figure he had pulled from Kaito's memories. Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! Ichigeki in the Shadows! But Kaito's attack still hit him, knocking him back with incredible force. "It can't be? This form should have the power of a god. I saw it in your memories."

"Oh? You really should've looked deeper.", Kaito informed him. "I figured you were trying to read my memories of Kazuraba. So I redirected to another rival who turned into an Inves, one I knew you couldn't hope to match. Ryoji Hase, Armoured Rider Kurokage."

"Curse you!", Kurokage fumed as he pressed on his Sengoku Driver. Soiya! Matsubokkuri Au Lait! He charged his spear with energy, firing it at Baron, who dodged easily.

"Now then, let's hit him while he's weak.", Kaito recommended, removing his Energy Lockseed from his Genesis Driver. Lock Off! He then placed it on his Sonic Arrow. Lock On! He aimed at the copied Kurokage.

"Kousoku Nin-Retsu-Zan!", Yakumo announced as he pressed the appropriate button. The Waza!

"Shippu: Choriki Defenser!", Momo took out her Circle Defenser and prepared to jump.

All three then attacked at once. Lemon Energy!/Ninja Issen! The combined hits from all three of them caused Kurokage to be obscured by an explosion. But the flames cleared quickly, revealing Glenmusha, who enlarged to giant size in his true form. "Unforgivable! I'll crush you in my true form!", he announced.

"All ow the rest of us to handle this.", Shinya suggested. "Seishinjuu Riseross, summon!"

Hiroto followed suit, pressing a button on his Wing Trigger. "Engine Cast, teleport!" The briefcase appeared, which he took two Engine Casts out of. "Jetras, Jum-Bowhale: Soul set!"



Miu took the third cast. "Jetras Soul, set!"


Finally, Naoto spoke into his V-Commander. "Come, V-Rex!"

Soon, everyone's respective Mecha appeared, except for one, which Shinya promptly summoned. "Genseijuu Kouki, summon!" He then leapt into Riseross. "Dive in!" He then consumed the two together. "Genseishin, JuuRiser!"

"Next to combine were the Wings. "Engine Gattai: Mission Start! The three Engines then came together as one. "Seikuu-Oh, Tune Up! Go-On!"

Finally, Naoto spoke into his V-Commander. "Voice Formation: V-Rex Robo!" His Kaiju like robot shifted to its more humanoid appearance.

Glenmusha saw all three of these and laughed. "I'll make short work of all of you." He conjured up the Glen Sword, running towards JuuRiser and slashing it several times, to little effect.

"Super Dimension Cannon: Riser Buster!" Shinya charged JuuRiser's cannon with energy, launching a torrent of thunder that electrocuted Glenmusha through his sword. He then moved in close and scratched him with the robot's claws.

The next to take him on was V-Rex Robo. "Rex Knuckle!" At Naoto's command, the robot fired its fist at the Cyber Knight, who tried catching it, only to be blown backwards by the explosion. Glenmusha quickly recovered, grabbing the VolSniper and firing at V-Rex Robo, who walked through the explosions, utterly unfazed. "Revolver Missile!" The robot the launched all 6 of its rockets at Glenmusha, who managed to shoot down only 5 of them, before the last one hit him.

Then Seikuu-Oh flew in to face Glenmusha in close combat. "Let's go.", he called out as he drew the Road Saber running forward with it.

"Toripcutter!" Hiroto had Toripter's propeller spin around at a speed that when he brought it into contact with the copied sword, it was sliced to pieces easily. This left Glenmusha defenceless enough to be punched backwards.

Miu was next to attack. "Jetras Boomerang!" She threw the projectile at Glenmusha, who was cut twice as it came and went. "Everyone, let's finish this."

"Right.", Hiroto, Shinya and Naoto nodded as they prepared their respective attacks.

"Thunder Burst!"

"Reverse Formation: V-Rex!" At Naoto's command, V-Rex returned to its original appearance. "Max Burning!"

Finally, Hiroto and Miu prepared their final attack. "Seikuu-Oh: Seikuu Impulse!"

The three attacks all hit Glenmusha at once, wounding him critically. "In the end, the one thing I can be genuinely is dead." And with that, he exploded.

From afar, Arikura-no-Baba looked on. "Enjoy your victory for today, Fractured Infinity. For tomorrow will be ours.", she hissed.

Malthiua walked forward. "My sentiments exactly."

Later at the mansion, Hiroto, Miu, Shinya and Yakumo were toasting their victory. "Let's just hope that Dark Guild won't try that plan again anytime soon.", Miu said.

"They won't.", Shinya assured her. "If they're smart, they'll realise that we won't fall for the same trick twice."

"But they still did some damage.", Yakumo pointed out. "There's a reason Momo isn't with us."

"Indeed.", Hiroto nodded as he looked out of the window, where Momo was staring into the distance. "This whole incident has made her miss her friends back home. And in all honesty, so are the rest of us. This fight's taking its toll on all of us. Who knows when it will end?"

Meanwhile, over in Takarazuka, Sakura Megumi was finishing up rehearsals for the night. As she was walking back to the apartment she was currently renting, she was greeted by a woman, younger than herself, accompanied by two man in black Nehru outfits. "Are you Sakura Megumi?", the woman asked.

"Yes.", Sakura nodded. "What of it?"

"My name is Reika Sawaki.", the other woman said in response. "And my master has need of you for Dark Bo's glorious purpose."