From the side, the three members of Cover Chaos, Koichiro, Nijika and Masumi, had just finished getting into their costumes, all of them wearing set of armours, with Nijika's having lower arms, a skirt instead of trousers and a moulded chest. "Well, this is it.", Koichiro said to the others. "Our big moment in the limelight begins here."

"Are you sure about this?", Masumi asked. "We haven't even met our fellow actors yet, not even at the read through. And that makeup monster just seems weird to me."

"Please, he's probably just an eccentric professional.", Nijika assured him. "He's so dedicated that he stays in a costume he made. I can respect that."

The light in front of them, indicating when they were supposed to enter the scene, began to glow. "That's our cue.", Koichiro stated. "Niji-chan, Masu-kun, let's go." Both nodded and set off.

On the set, Malthiua went over to Amanojaku and Bara Eiga. "Those idiots I recruited are on the way. I just hope your 'actors' can stick to the script I wrote.", she hissed.

"Don't worry.", Amanojaku assured her, as he tapped her nose. "Part of the new personas I gave them include the lines from your script. They'll play their parts exactly as written."

"Quiet on the set!", Bara Eiga announced. "We're about to begin filming. This has to be perfect, since we're doing it in one take."

The witch Momo had become was getting annoyed by the delay. "Why is this taking so long? I want a chance to gobble up those giggling prepubescents." She then saw the Cover Chaos members enter. "Oh finally, they've turned up."

"Alright, let's begin.", Bara Eiga called out. "Everyone in position, lights on, camera rolling, and ACTION!"

Momo the witch and Shinya the vampire began laughing, while Miu the werewolf howled at the image of the full moon painted on the set's wall. They leapt towards the terrified children. "Little kids, let us come near you.", the vampire laughed.

"No!", the kids stated. "Stay away from us, monsters!"

"Well I'm sorry, we can't do that.", the witch cackled. "I'm afraid my friend and my pet will tear apart your bodies. And then your limbs will be candied and consumed for my supper."

"That's far enough, you foul creatures of wickedness and evil." The three looked up to see the Cover Chaos members, in-character. "This time, Wolffia Globossia, our long standing feud will be settled." Koichiro was pointing at Momo when he said this.

"Well, if it isn't Hero-san-sama, his girlfriend turned dashing wife McMillin and their good friend George Boot.", the count announced. "I thought we had vanquished them at our last battle 5 days ago, near the Lake of Lament." He leapt up to attack, but Nijika swung her arm towards him, barely making contact, but still sending him flying backwards. Then the Miu-wolf leapt forward, but was repelled when Masumi-as-George threw his shoe at her.

"It's game over for you, now!", Koichiro continued. "Surrender, you witch, and we can resolve our long battle peacefully."

"Pah, you must take me for a fool.", Wolffia Globossia growled. "I thought my last curse would've impeded any further action on your behalf."

"Bah. You merely gave us breast cancer.", Masumi retorted. "We merely recovered from it after spending a day at the hospital."

"We came straight here in an ambulance.", Koichiro took over, indicating a crude, cardboard replica of an ambulance that he walked over to and picked up. "Eat this!" He threw it at his in-universe enemy.

As expected, the cardboard vehicle broke up on contact with Wolffia, who laughed. "You fools. My skin can withstand anything short of an atomic blast. There is little you could harm me with."

"Withstand, but not protect against.", "Hero" countered. "McMillin" took out a small pendant. "This magic amulet I have can nullify your power, should I command it." The witch growled, and left with her two allies. He then turned to his two friends. "Good work, chums. I couldn't have defeated those ne'er-do-wells without your aid."

"All in a days work for…", Nijika responded.

"Cover Chaos!", the three said in unison.

"CUT!", Bara Eiga yelled. "Good work, everyone. Let's get ready to move onto the next scene, at the atomic monkey cave." The workers all took part of the equipment, moving it out.

Now relaxed, Koichiro went over to Momo, Shinya and Miu. "I have to say, you're really good at playing the part of movie monsters. What's your secret?"

Miu growled at him, sending him backwards. "Sorry about that, these three are noted method actors.", Amanojaku explained. "They don't like to break character, even after the shoot is done."

"Ah, I can admire that.", Koichiro smiled. "I won't make ya break character. I'll just move on." He walked off to rejoin his band mates.

Now that he was gone, Amanojaku spoke to the trio. "Okay, you're not due to film again for a while, so if your friends turn up looking for you… take care of them." The witch cackled, the vampire hissed and the werewolf howled. "I'll take all of that as a yes."

Elsewhere, Kaito woke up, getting his bearings and realising that his Genesis Driver was no longer on his waist. He soon saw that it was now not only on the floor, but it had been broken and the Genesis Core had been taken by whoever attacked him. "That's just annoying.", he commented as he made his way back to where the others were. He saw they were talking with a Baro, but he wasn't an idiot, nor was he quick to forget. "So, I see Alpha has seen fit to rejoin us."

"Kaito, you're alright.", Naoto sighed. "We were just figuring out a rescue plan for the others, and we thought you were among them."

"No, I was just knocked out.", Kaito clarified. "I couldn't see who did it, but they smashed up my Genesis Driver and made off with the Genesis Core."

"I'll build you a new one.", Hiroto commented. "Now then, Alpha tells us that a Youkai called Amanojaku has used his makeup to turn Momo, Shinya and Miu into the antagonists of a movie a Machine Beast is making."

"They plan to release it after processing it so that the crowd will be hypnotised by what they see. Literally. By the end of its theatrical run, all of humanity will be subservient to Dark Guild." He held out a piece of paper. "And from what I've seen of the script, they clearly don't care if this thing is of any real quality."

"We have to stop it from being finished.", Naoto stated. "But where do we start?"

"I can lead you to the studio.", Alpha stated. "There, you merely need create enough interference to halt production and defeat both Bara Eiga and Amanojaku."

"But that leaves the problem of our brainwashed allies before that.", Hiroto pointed out. "But, I have a solution. Kaito, I want you to go into the fifth room on the left, third floor. There, you'll find a brown bottle of liquid I can use."

"I've got it.", Kaito nodded. "After which, I assume Alpha will come to escort me there itself."

"Himself.", Alpha snidely commented. "And yes, I will go and pick you up, as it were." He then moved over to an alley and did a "come" gesture. "The rest of you, follow me to 'Tsu-Bara Studios', as they're calling it." Naoto could barely contain his laughter, as he, Yakumo and Hiroto followed after Alpha. Meanwhile, Kaito did as Hiroto requested, making his way back to the Urobuchi Estate.

In a secret location, the mysterious figure that had orchestrated all of this stood in a room, as another figure appeared in front of him. This figure was identical to Yogosmacritein, but it was not him. For one thing, when this being spoke, it was with a mechanical monotone. "Where am I? What have you done to me, human?"

"Ah, the infamous Venjix Virus. I've heard people claim you're the strongest in your sector of the multiverse.", the man laughed, as he placed the Sengoku Driver on his chest, causing a faceplate to form over the blank section on the left hand side. He then removed this and placed the Genesis Core in that spot. "Which makes you the perfect subject for the power I have finally regained." He took out two Lockseeds, setting them on his Driver. Lock On! "Henshin!"

"Pah! A mere human thinks he can defeat me.", Venjix laughed. "I destroyed the whole of human civilisation. You'll be a cake walk." As his opponent transformed, the two ran in to face each other.

A few minutes later, Gauche Le Medou was visited by her benefactor, carrying a pile of scrap parts. "A little something for you to work with.", he stated. "Though you may want to install a shell program. There were no machines in the room I defeated him in, but I don't want to take chances."

"I'll be sure to make good use of this.", Gauche nodded.

Elsewhere, Hiroto's party was being observed by Bara Eiga and Malthiua. "So, it seems I missed our little snake in the grass.", Malthiua commented, angrily. "Looks like I'll have to have my men deal with him."

"Why not allow me to do that?", Arikura-no-Baba appeared with Amanojaku's creations. "I will deal with the intruders and the defective Baro. You can simply sit back and watch."

"Perhaps.", Malthiua responded. "Though I would prefer to find whoever created the corruption in our soldiers and ensure he can't do it again personally. But I will watch the show in progress."

"What should I do?", Bara Eiga asked.

"For now, get back to the soundstage and finish the shoot.", Malthiua commanded. "We'll handle this."

Elsewhere, as Alpha departed from their group, Hiroto, Yakumo and Naoto walked through the lot. "I think I remember this place from my world.", Yakumo commented. "It closed down before I was born and abandoned."

"The same thing happened in my world.", Hiroto added. "Though I was old enough to see it closing in the news as a kid."

"I guess some things in the multiverse are predestined to happen.", was all Naoto could say.

"Indeed." All of them turned to see Arikura-no-Baba standing there with witch!Momo, vampire!Shinya and werewolf!Miu. "Like your destruction at the hands of Dark Guild."

"You must be that Youkai I've been hearing about.", Yakumo commented, as he took out his Ichibantou. "Let's see how powerful you really are."

"Indeed.", Arikura laughed. "But first, you'll have to face my associates, your now former allies Momo, Shinya and Miu."

The three were taken aback by this. "What?", Naoto gasped.

"That must be the effects of Amanojaku's makeup.", Hiroto realised. "Try not to hurt them."

"That might not be the best advice.", Momo cackled. "Especially since we won't do the same to you." Shinya leapt over to Naoto, while Miu began scratching at Hiroto, leaving Yakumo to fight both Momo and Arikura-no-Baba, who both blasted him with lightning from their fingers, which he barely dodged.

Naoto, up against the vampire, made the decision to transform. "TIMEFIRE!" Now transformed, when the vampire tried to bite down on his skin, it couldn't. "This suit is stronger than your teeth can handle. Nothing can penetrate it." He then took out his DV Defender, shooting Shinya back, before lightly slashing him. "Luckily for me, vampires can't take damage, so I'm not hurting you." He then held it up to deflect from his foe's attacks.

Elsewhere, Kaito arrived at the Estate, finding that the whole place seemed abandoned. Not one of the staff was there. "Odd, they're not normally so willing to take time off." But he didn't let it get him down, instead proceeding to the room he had been told to go to. He saw that it was a bedroom, with a makeup table. Sure enough, there was a brown bottle on it. "I see what you're doing, Hiroto." He picked it up and proceeded outside, where Alpha was waiting. "I found what we need."

"Good.", Alpha nodded. "Now we can proceed to the studio and stop Dark Guild's ambition."

"I don't think so." Both looked up to see Ryuya standing there. "I thought that there was too little challenge when we dealt with the rogue combatants. So when Malthiua called me to help her deal with a Baro aligned with Fractured Infinity, I leapt at the chance." He pressed his Chrono Changer, transforming into TimeRed. "Now I can eliminate our little problem and strike a blow to Fractured Infinity all in one blow." He dropped several bullet-shaped capsules to the floor, which opened into Zenitts.

"Like I'll let you." Kaito took out his Driver and one of his Lockseeds. Kiva! "Henshin!" He placed the Lockseed in his belt, cutting it open. Lock On! Come On! Kiva Arms! King of Vampire! He summoned up several chains, which he used to slash through the Zenitts in no time, before using them to bind Ryuya in place. He then activated his Sparking function. Come On! Garulu, Bashaa, Dogga! Kaito then proceeded to slash, shoot and pound Ryuya in quick succession, knocking him down. He then took out his Dandeliner, converting it to its flying bike mode. "Hop on."

"Right.", Alpha nodded as he climbed onto the bike, operating it to pick Kaito up and fly off.

Ryuya was infuriated, as he could do nothing to follow. Instead, he called Malthiua. "They're heading your way."

"Acknowledged. We'll handle the problem of the defect.", Malthiua's voice said from the other end of the call.

Sometime later, Kaito and Alpha landed at the studio to find Hiroto grappling with his werewolf sister. "Looks like you're in trouble without me again.", Kaito commented.

"Very funny.", Hiroto growled as he pushed Miu away from him. "Did you bring that bottle with you?" Kaito nonverbally handed it to him. "Good. Now I can try something." As the werewolf charged at him, he removed the lid from the bottle, throwing the contents of the bottle at her. "Miu, wake up!"

As the liquid made contact with its target, she recoiled as if it had been a silver bullet. Then she lost the additional hair and Lupin facial features, with her body returning to its normal proportions and her claws shrinking back into fingernails. In moments, the magic trick was complete. Miu was back to normal, albeit ragged and with her hair let down. "What happened?", she asked. "Ani, where are we? And why am I covered in…?" She stopped to smell what she was covered in. "Makeup remover."

"I figured that Amanojaku's brainwashing makeup, while powerful enough to completely change its target's physical features and abilities, was still ordinary makeup." Hiroto explained as he put the bottle down. "So I had Kaito retrieve your makeup remover in order to test how far the effect goes."

"I just hope you weren't planning to use it on all three of our allies.", Kaito interrupted shaking the bottle. "Because you've emptied this bringing Miu back."

As everyone became despondent at this, Alpha spoke up. "There is another way to assure your friends safe return to normal."

Everyone was shocked to hear this. "There is?", Miu gasped. "What is it, Alpha?"

But Alpha was hit by an arrow to the back before he could answer. "I'm sorry, but 'Alpha' won't be telling you anything.", Malthiua stated as she approached with two Elite Baros, both carrying futuristic rifles along with their spears. "That defect will be placed on the scrap heap with the rest of his ilk."

"No!", Hiroto almost yelled. "I went to too much trouble giving him what you refused him. I won't let that work go to waste."

"It's okay.", Alpha insisted as he was shot at. "I'm replaceable, while you Hiroto, only get one shot at living. But I can still pass on my advice." A shot blew his faceplate off. "If you can interfere with Amanojaku or insult his ego, then you can restore your friends to normal. Goodbye." One of the Elite Baros threw his spear, impaling Alpha through the head, shutting him down.

"Alpha!", Hiroto cried out, unable to do anything.

"Damn you.", Kaito hissed, barely repressing his anger, as he took out another Lockseed and placed it in his Driver. Come On! Shadow Moon Arms! King of Century! He initiated the Sparking. Come On! Shadow Sabers! Summoning Shadow Moon's weapons, Baron charged them with energy as he slashed through the Elite Baros, destroying them in one shot. "You two, let's go."

"With my clothes like this?", Miu asked, indicating that her midriff was now exposed. "I'm not letting anyone else see me like this."

"I have an idea.", Hiroto stated. "Malthiua, who exactly did you get to star in this picture? I doubt you can sell it with a couple of stereotypical horror movie rejects."

"I'm aware of that.", Malthiua said in response. "Which is why I gathered some musician rejects with the false promise of giving them stardom. Any real stars, or people with any brains, wouldn't fall for our ploy."

"If that's the case, then let's see how their singing ability holds up.", Hiroto stated. "My allies challenge yours to a karaoke battle. If we win, then your Youkai will restore Momo and Shinya to normal. But if we lose, then you can turn us into whatever humiliating character in your movie you want."

Malthiua thought about it, as Yakumo and Naoto were both thrown down to near where everyone was standing. "I accept your challenge, as long as it's a best of five competition."

"That seems fair.", Hiroto said as he helped the newcomers up. "I hope you're ready for this."

"Ready for what?", both for them asked.

Sometime later, the unaffected members of Fractured Infinity, along with the Cover Chaos members, Malthiua, Bara Eiga and Amanojaku, were at the soundstage for a talent show from the 80s. All of them had changed into more appropriate clothing. "To avoid bias, I hope you won't mind if I took the liberty of securing an outside judge.", Malthiua asked.

"Not at all.", Kaito spoke for his side. "It'll also ensure that all of us aren't phoning it in."

"Then allow me to introduce our special guest, the Anison no Jou'oh herself, Mitsuko Horie-san!"

"Hello!", the prominent celebrity guest called out as she entered the room. "Now then, I understand you want me to provide some critique for this contest of yours."

The members of Cover Chaos were now nervous. "I can't believe it's the real Mitsuko Horie.", Koichiro gasped. "How'd they afford her?"

"They're a major film studio.", Nijika insisted. "I'm sure they can afford a major star like her easily."

"I'm not sure about that.", Masumi countered. "With the state this studio is in, I'd be surprised if they could afford Hinrobu Kageyama, let alone Mitsuko Horie."

"Anyway, let's get on with things.", Bara Eiga stated as he stepped onto the stage. "Please welcome our first contestant, representing Team DG, the beautiful witch who blossoms in these turbulent times, Ariake no Kata!"

As the prerecorded cheers played and Ariake entered, Miu was annoyed. "Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a contest against Cover Chaos."

"No, all your brother said was 'against our allies'.", Malthiua pointed out. "And Ariake more than qualifies as an ally of ours."

"Plus Yogosmacritein said I had to do this, or he'd cut off my pampering.", Ariake added. "Luckily, singing is one of my main skills."

"Ariake will be kicking things off with 'Sharing the Same Tears', from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R.", Bara Eiga announced.

As the music started, Fractured Infinity looked on in disbelief. "I think this parody has become confused.", Naoto commented, turning as if to speak into a camera.

"Sharing the Same Tears"

Artist: Sailor Mercury (CV: Hisakawa A.)

Lyrics: Shiramine M.

Composition: Ueno Y.

Arrangement: Kyōta S.

"You haven't been feeling well for a while.

Stopping like a windy slope.

Always without saying anything,

I'm worried, so I get angry.

Just a little lean on your shoulder,

Spoiling is not a loss.

What kind of things, what kind of things,

Even if you come to get in the way, it's okay if you're with me.

Just like this, just like this,

Sharing the same tears and staying here forever.

Stay like this forever."

Ariake took a bow as the music stopped and the applause cue played again. "I have to admit, your voice was admittedly rather good. Even if the song didn't specifically feel like you fit it, you managed to make it work."

Bara Eiga then continued announcing after she left. "Next up, from Team FI, we have Yakumo Kato from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, performing his self written song, 'Take it Easy'."

"Alright, I'm up.", Yakumo said as he moved onto the stage, only stopping to hold up a circle made with his hand for the others' benefit. "Don't worry, this will, almost literally, be easy."

"Take it easy"

Artist: Matsumoto G.

Lyrics: Onishi Y.

Composition and Arrangement: Kagoshima H.

"1 1, I'm still search for the answer.

My unknown magic is tiring.

From wherever your little voice shouts, it doesn't matter.

If you call for me, I'll come flying to you.

Don't worry now, I'll always protect you.

That's why.

T-T-Take Easy, Whoah!

It burns softly in my blue heart.

Whoah Whoah! This hidden passion in me.

Bring down, bring down, Whoah, that's right.

Save your smile, save your smile,

I'll always be at your side."

As the applause played, both the members of Cover Chaos and Fractured Infinity seemed moved to tears, as did the Momo!witch and Amanojaku. Horie then provided her opinion. "While your lyrics seem slightly simplistic, your vocals and grasp of English more than make up for those shortcomings. It gives me great pleasure to award you this round, for the most authentic singing."

As Yakumo hugged with Hiroto and Miu over in his end of the stage, Malthiua got enraged with Bara Eiga. "You're letting them get the advantage. We need to win this, or the whole plan is ruined."

"Don't worry, I'm going to up our game for next round.", Bara Eiga assured her. He then returned to the stage. "As last round's winner, Team FI is free to start us off this time."

"It's my turn.", Hiroto stated as he darted on stage, carrying a guitar.

"Starting us off is Hiroto Sutou, with his song 'Miss You'."

"Miss You"

Artist, Lyrics and Composition: Tokuyama H.

Arrangement: MOKU

"The sky is bright in this town.

The gentle moon envelops us.

I reach out towards that lonely smile.

Right now it's lovely.

So, even if we go back, there's nothing to talk about.

I cannot forget, no matter how much time passes, you're always close by.

With your voice, with that hand,

I miss you, say again.

I love you."

Once more everyone was applauding this, with even Kaito letting himself shed a single tear. Once more, Micchi voiced her opinion. "You definitely managed to get the art down to a craft, especially for someone who isn't normally a musician."

"Thank you, Horie-san.", Hiroto bowed before leaving the stage.

"Well, I'm sure we can all agree that this was a moving performance.", Bara Eiga announced, as he stepped up. "Next up, for Team DG, it's Masumi, performing 'We Believe Tomorrow' from Transformers Choujin Masterforce."

"We Believe Tomorrow"

Artist: Igarashi T.

Lyrics: Ryuu M.

Composition: Kawasaki M.

Arrangement: Nomura K.

"When you get hurt, you can call on me.

I'll be sure to fly to your side.

Because we know that we will endure this.

We will no longer lose our way.

We believe tomorrow, someday.

Yes, we'll meet again tomorrow.

We believe tomorrow, let's keep believing.

Until we see a rainbow grace the sky above us.

We believe tomorrow, someday.

Yes, we'll meet again tomorrow.

We believe tomorrow, let's keep believing.

Until we see a rainbow grace the sky above us."

As the applause sounded, Micchi gave her opinion. "While both performers went with emotional songs, I fell that Masumi-kun's vocals sounded a lot crisper, almost as if they were the original artist's. So I'll award Team DG the victory in this round." Hiroto was taken aback by shock, as Masumi basked in the (fake) applause.

"That's not fair.", Naoto commented, annoyed. "That other guy was clearly lip syncing. The words weren't matching his movements."

"Really?", Kaito asked. "Miu, you go on next. I'm going to look into something."

"Got it.", Miu nodded as she ushered her despondent brother back down to join them. "I'll inform them of our change."

"Since Team DG won the last round, they'll be going first in this round.", Bara Eiga announced. "So please welcome to the stage Nijika, performing 'Princess・Story' from HappinessCharge Pretty Cure."


Artist: Hime Shirayuki (CV: Han M.)

Lyrics: Takase A

Composition: Okuda M.

Arrangement: Taguchi T.

"Turning toward the mirror, I ask a question

If any secrets leak out, will I be hated?

The answer lies in everyone's smile

This diamond like friendship will never be broken

Though my heart is quivering in the white snow

I want to shine brightly and not just for myself

That's right! Do your best! Do your best! You will

Do your best! Do your best! Face forward

Even when running, you are not alone

Do your best! Do your best! You will not lose

Do your best! Do your best! Surrounded by the people that I love

I will rise and protect them

Because I want to become a more stronger person."

The applause played once more, but this time, Team FI had none to give. "That definitely wasn't her voice before.", Hiroto commented. "Yakumo, I hope you did what I asked you to do."

"Of course I did.", he whispered. "A British gentleman is nothing if not loyal." Once again, he waited for Fuuka to deliver her usual response, but it didn't come. "Sorry, I'm so used to someone pointing out that I'm not British."

"Your voice is definitely as good as the rest of your team.", Mitsuko commended. "You actually sound like the original artists at times."

"Alright, next up for Team FI is Miu Sutou, with her song 'Wings of Dreams'."

"Let's go.", Miu began as she walked on stage.

"Wings of Dreams"

Artist: Sugimoto Y.

Lyrics: Sugiyama M.

Composition: Tanimoto T.

Arrangement: Oishi K.

"When I look up at the sky by myself,

The clouds seem to be lonely.

But when I see it with my friends,

The winds take on an interesting air.

As you look for your own way in your heart,

It comes to you to share something precious.

We can fly towards tomorrow spreading our wings of dreams.

No matter the time, your eyes will support you.

Don't give up on your dreams, bravery connects everyone.

You're not alone, right before your eyes, is a spreading sky.

Blue Sky."

This received applause from both sides, but Malthiua was less impressed. "Does she really think that such a sappy song could possibly win the round?"

But as it turns out, Mitsuko was impressed. "You clearly have both passion and experience behind your singing. I have no difficulty in deciding you're the winner."

"Thank you.", Miu took a bow. "You know, I actually was part of an idol unit for a while back during my battles with the Gaiark."

As she stepped off the stage, Kaito returned. "Did you find anything?", Naoto asked.

"I did.", Kaito answered. "I'll need one of you to go behind the stage and wait until I give the signal though. Right now, I'm on."

Bara Eiga once more assumed his duties. "This is it, folks. The final deciding round that determines whether Team FI will win, or whether we go to a tiebreaker for our next round." Kaito then stepped on stage. "To start things off, it's Kato Kumon singing 'Unperfected World'."

"Unperfected World"

Artist: Kobayashi Y.

Lyrics: Fujibayashi S.

Composition: Ryo

"In my dreams, I recreate the world with my own hands.

A world without lies and falsehoods.

Unperfected World.

Behind the stage, Yakumo looked and found what Kaito was referring to. Now he needed merely to wait for the signal.

"I looked up one day to see the top of the world covered in clouds.

On the ground, I was lost in my powerlessness.

To higher sky.

The stairs I climb are long,

There's no going back. I've got the forbidden fruit in hand.

Dream of a perfect world! I always believe in it.

They say you can only rise to the skies on wings called 'strength'.

Dream of a perfect world! I'm sure the strong…

…will be able to protect the world and the fleeting wishes there."

Everyone was shocked silent by the song. "Well, your lyrics are certainly… interesting.", was all Mitsuko could offer in terms of comment. Kaito merely raised his arm upwards in response to this.

Bara Eiga took to the stage once more. "Well, after that interesting piece, let's go to Cover Chaos' Koichiro with…"

But he was interrupted by Yakumo bursting out, holding a radio. "Perhaps he'd like to perform his song without the aid of the programmed tracks." He pressed three buttons in quick succession, playing the songs that Ariake, Masumi and Nijika had all performed. Koichiro stepped forward, trying to say that he and his team weren't cheaters, but no sound came out of his mouth. "And with microphones that don't have sound cancellers in them."

Everyone was shocked. "You mean they were… cheating?", Mitsuko gasped in shock.

"Of course we were cheating.", Malthiua practically yelled, dropping her human disguise. "Do you think I'd let these no talent losers actually sing? We'd lose instantly."

"And now that you've been found cheating, you're still losing, due to disqualification.", Miu pointed out. "Now let our friends go."

"Bah! Did you really think we'd follow through on your terms?", Amanojaku asked. "We didn't even get an impartial judge for this. Yojutsu: Fukujū Kaihou!"

The figure of Mitsuko Horie convulsed, before changing into Arikura-no-Baba. "Well, that was unusual to say the least.", she commented. The members of Cover Chaos were terrified, running away. "Now then, witch, vampire, get them!"

As the witch and the vampire complied, Hiroto stepped forward. "I knew you wouldn't follow through even if we did beat you. Which is why I insisted we spend time in a makeup room." He took out a bottle of makeup remover, throwing its contents at the two, causing Momo and Shinya to return to normal.

"What happened?", Momo asked. "How did we get here?"

"No time to explain.", Yakumo said in response. "Just know that I got these back." He took out Momo's Power Brace, Shinya's InLoader and Miu's Wing Trigger and Change Soul, throwing each item to its respective user. "Hiroto wasn't the only one to take advantage of the timeout."

"Nice.", Shinya nodded. "Now let's take these guys down."

"Curse you.", Bara Eiga declared as he, Malthiua, Amanojaku and Arikura-no-Baba all lined up together. "In that case, we'll have to have an action scene."

"You took the words out of my mouth.", Kaito stated as he took out his Lockseed. "Henshin!" Banana! He then placed sit on his Sengoku Driver. Lock On!

Yakima took out his NinShuriken. AoNinger Shuriken! He then placed it on his Ichibantou. The Henge! "Shuriken Henge!"

Shinya held out his InLoader, closing it. "Souchaku!"

Hiroto and Miu took out their Change Souls, inserting them into their Wing Triggers. "Change Soul, set!" Hen then held both up and pressed the red button on the back. "Let's Go-On!"

Momo brought her Storage Crystal together with her Back Brace. "Choriki Henshin!"

Finally, Naoto spoke into his V-Commander. "TIMEFIRE!"

As Kaito pressed down on his belt and Yakumo spun his Shuriken, everyones' transformations were complete. Come On! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear!/Ao-ja! Ninja! "Let's go.", Kaito stated as everyone ran towards their enemies.

A fight broke out with Momo, Shinya and the Wings facing off against Bara Eiga and Malthiua, while the rest faced off against Arikura and Amanojaku. "Tape Launcher!" Bara Eiga launched several exploding tapes at his opponents, who moved out of the way. "I could've made a masterpiece, but now it's in ruins.", Bara Eiga growled, as he took out a large pair of swords, which he charged with energy. He then leapt forward, using the swords like scissors. "Flying Flash!"

His attack was stopped by Miu's Rocket Dagger, which she then flicked two switches on. "Shooting Dagger!" Mission 5! She fired several colourful beams at the Machine Beast that knocked it back.

Shinya then leapt in, converting his weapon. "Gant Buster: Versus Cannon!" He launched several shots that buffeted Bara Eiga, before both leapt in to hit him head on.

Momo and Hiroto leapt out of the way of shots from Malthiua's eye lasers. "I'm going to get even with you for bending me to your will.", Momo declared as she took out and fired her King Blaster.

But Malthiua reflected this with her bow. "As much as I'd love to settle things, it's not you I have my eye on." She pushed Momo aside and leapt towards Hiroto. "This time, I'll be leaving with you."

"I doubt it.", Hiroto declared, as he flicked all the switches on his Rocket Dagger. "Jet Dagger!" Mission 6: Full Power! Hiroto leapt foward, slashing at Malthiua multiple times. However, he found that she had blocked his blade with ease. "What?"

Malthiua then slashed Hiroto backwards, before shooting him with an arrow. This hit knocked him out of his suit, whereupon he was grabbed by the Machine Empress and teleported away. "Ani!", Miu cried out, as she was unable to do anything. "No!"

Momo went over to put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll get him back. But for now, let's keep fighting. It's what he would've wanted."

Miu took a few seconds, before responding. "Got it." She then stood up and rejoined the fight.

Across the battlefield, Amanojaku had been knocked down easily by his opponents. "Alright, let's finish him.", Naoto stated.

But he, Yakumo and Kaito were blasted backwards by Arikura-no-Baba. "You think I'll allow you to harm my brethren?"

"Frankly, I don't care.", Kaito stated, as he pressed on his Driver twice. "I just want to take you down." Come On! Banana Au Lait! He stabbed his Banaspear into the ground, summoning an energy banana.

However, Arikura-no-Baba simply made herself intangible before the attack made contact, laughing all the way. "You foolish human. I possess 5 Sealing Shurikens within my body, giving me the power of a Super Super Advanced Youkai!"

"Is that so?", Yakumo asked, as he placed his Goton NinShuriken on his Ichibantou. Mizu no Jutsu! "Shuriken Ninpo: Hyōketsu no Jutsu!" Jabu Jabu Ja! He released cold air that caused a frozen outline of the Youkai to appear. "Kaito, now! Get inside her body and remove some of those Shurikens."

"I've got it.", Kaito nodded, taking out another Lockseed. Black RX! He placed it on his Driver, opening it. Come On! Black RX Arms! Son of the Sun! He then triggered the Sparking function. Come On! Bio Rider! Kaito then changed into liquid before forcing himself inside Arikura-no Baba.

As she broke free from the ice, the Youkai felt herself convulsing in pain. "What-what are you doing?" A Shuriken fell out of her right armpit. Then another out of her chest. Finally, one came out of her waist's behind. "Get out of me!", she called out, expelling Kaito's liquid form from her body. "You've robbed me of part of my full power. Now I can only use it in short bursts."

Kaito reassumed his solid form and pressed down on his Driver for the Squash function. "That's the idea. Now you're as weak as any normal Youkai." Come On! Revolcane!

"Which means we can defeat you like one.", Yakumo added as he pressed a button on his Ichibantou. The Waza! "Nin-Ryu-Zan!"

"Final Mode!", Naoto spoke into his DV Vulcan, before aiming it. "DV Blazer!"

Amanojaku recovered from his daze to leap in the way of all three attacks. "Arikura-sama!", he blurted out.

Ninja Issen! All three attacks ended up hitting him instead of their intended target, leading to the death of Amanojaku.

Across the field, Shinya, Miu and Momo launched their attacks at Bara Eiga. 3, 2, 1, 0! "Wing Booster, Boost Up! Go-On!"

"Gant Rifle: Thrust Shoot!"

"Shippu: Choriki Defenser!"

These attacks all hit Bara Eiga, mortally wounding him. "What I wouldn't give to receive a performance like this!" With that, he collapsed, dead.

Arikura-no-Baba now found herself surrounded. "I won't go down now. Yojutsu: Baranoia-Youkai Yugo no Jutsu!" The remains of both Bara Eiga and Amanojaku floated upwards and began to merge into one, but the one who instigated this now recoiled from the action. "I'll finish things next time, when my power recovers." She then disappeared.

The two monsters finished merging, revealing what appeared to be Amanojaku with Bara Eiga's armour. "Amanojaku-Eiga!", the creature declared, it's voice a combination of its two originals.

Everyone looked up at this in shock, as Momo went over to Yakumo. "Alright, let's handle this together, Yakumo."

"Right.", Yakumo nodded as he summoned the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer. "Chozetsu Henge!" The Chozetsu! He set the Shuriken spinning. Chozetsu Ninja! He then took out the Lion Ha-Oh Shuriken, placing it on his Ichibantou and selecting the appropriate button. The Shokan! "Shuriken Ninpo: Shokan no Jutsu!" He set the Shuriken spinning. Lion Ha-Oh Jou!

Momo then spoke into her Back Brace. "Red Puncher, come!"

The two mecha appeared, with Yakumo giving a further command. "Lion Henkei!" Lion Ha-Oh changed accordingly. Lion Ha-Oh! "Let's go, old man."

"Right.", the voice of Shishioh echoed. "Let us rampage together."

"Red Puncher, let's do our best too.", Momo spoke to her mecha, who nodded in response.

Both approached Amanojaku-Eiga. "Eat this, GinMagnum!" He fired a few shots at the two.

"That won't work.", Yakumo stated, as he turned the top half of Lion Ha-Oh around, allowing it to catch the shot and return it to the sender. He then prepped his weapons and launched his own attack. "Ha-Oh Shuriken!"

As Amanojaku-Eiga was hit by the attack, Momo launched her own. "Puncher Gatling!" This attack buffeted Amanojaku-Eiga enough to break the armour off. "Yakumo, finish him now."

"Alright.", Yakumo converted Lion Ha-Oh back to Fortress mode and flew closer to the remaining creature. "Lion Chozetsu Giri!" He delivered a slash attack with the Ichibanshoubutou, finishing off the Youkai-Machine Beast hybrid for good. "No hiding Wasshoi!"

But on the ground, Miu was less than happy. In fact, only one thought was on her mind. "Ani…"

Meanwhile, the members of Cover Chaos had managed to stop to catch their breath. "I told you that was a bad idea.", Koichiro stated. "After all, why would we be getting a movie deal?"

"Especially with our talents.", Masumi nodded. "Maybe we should face facts, we just weren't meant to be a band."

"Perhaps we can find a real job.", Nijika suggested. "You know, one that might make the world a better place."

"Is that so?" All three turned around to see a group of maids, all wearing belts with what appeared to be a small knife on them, approaching, carrying identical belts. "Perhaps you will serve the great purpose well." Before the Cover Chaos members could react, the belts were placed on them, removing all emotions from their face.

"For the great purpose.", all three said in unison.

Elsewhere, Hiroto awoke to find himself surrounded by the members of Dark Guild. "So, you are the one responsible for corrupting the soldiers of our armies.", Ryuya commented.

"That's right, I introduced human qualities into their programming.", Hiroto answered him. "Even if you've eradicated most of them, it could still spread easily and cripple your army. You'll lose."

"Oh, I don't think so.", Dr. Zora laughed. "Thanks to the human factor you identified and spread, we've been able to identify the machine factor in our regular servants."

Hiroto was shocked. "Then, the reason you called me here…"

"You are the only one who knows how to spread these factors.", Yogosmacritein stated. "You will take the machine factor. You will spread it through the entirety of humanity."