From his tower, the mysterious figure observed the city beneath him. His aide Reika walked into the room. "The Sengoku Drivers have been distributed to our troops, while the Genesis Drivers have been given to their respective commanders. The human troops are ready."

"Good.", the figure nodded. "And the enhanced army we pulled from the worlds of the multiverse?"

"They are also ready, if not currently completely assembled.", Reika said in response. "We need merely bring in the other members of Dark Guild, preferably after their current scheme has been inevitably thwarted."

"That shouldn't take longer than half the day.", her superior said as he moved over to a console, flicking a lever to reveal a red figure growing in a vat. "Now that I've revived you, I hope you'll be a lot more willing to collaborate with your allies, Demushu."

"I wouldn't bank on it." Both turned around to see an approaching figure, with green skin, a sideways mouth and a loincloth around her lower half. This was Reydue, a fellow Overlord Inves who had fought along with Demushu both in their own world and in the previous iteration of the experiment. "Demushu's always had the subtlety of a hammer and the manners of an animal. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to confirm whether he actually fully evolved into an Overlord."

"Regardless, we still need him.", the figure insisted. "And I'm sure once I've made my terms clear to him, we'll have him on our side."

Meanwhile, at the Urobuchi Estate, Shinya, Yakumo, Momo and Miu had all woken up to find themselves making their own breakfast. "It feels weird that all the staff have gone so suddenly.", Momo commented. "They always seemed so formal."

"Still, I can't help but feel more conformtable making my own breakfast.", Yakumo responded.

"Right.", Shinya nodded in agreement. "Having servants can be nice, but it does feel like being pampered after a while."

Miu was silent on the matter. "Right now, there's only one disappearance I'm worried about. My brother. And given our battles with Dark Guild getting more fierce, I'd say he's more important."

"Naoto said he'd help look for him.", Yakumo told her. "But it's going to take a long time, since the rest of the police have disappeared as well."

"Do you think Dark Guild could be behind these disappearances?", Shinya asked.

"Perhaps, but I have my doubts.", Momo said in response. "We need to get in touch with Kaito." She took out her phone and dialled him.

As it happened, Kaito was riding through the empty streets on his Rose Attacker when he received the call. "What is it, Momo? I'm busy right now."

"Busy?", Momo asked. "Doing what?"

"Investigating.", was Kaito's answer. "Someone breaks apart my Genesis Driver for a single component and then seemingly every adult in the city vanishes? I find that highly suspicious. There must be some hint to this mystery…" Kaito stopped as he saw the figure of Anabelle-Marie, accompanied by a pair of maids. The former was sporting a Genesis Driver, while the latter two were sporting Sengoku Drivers. "I think I've found it. You might want to get over here." He hung up without clarifying.

"Kaito Kumon has been located.", Anabelle-Marie stated as she took out an Energy Lockseed. "He could be a threat to the Dark Bo. Henshin!" Marron Energy! She placed it on her Driver, while her fellow maids took their own Lockseeds out, doing likewise. Matsubokkuri! Lock On! Both then pressed on their belts, triggering their transformations. Liquid! Marron Energy Arms!/Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! Ichigeki in the Shadows! While the latter two were transformed into standard Kurokage Troopers, Anabelle-Marie had what appeared to be a brown version of Sigurd, with armour resembling a brown version of Malika's. Instead of the Sonic Arrow associated with Genesis Driver users, she sported a pair of spiked gloves, resembling a chestnut. "You are getting too close to the truth. We must eliminate you."

"So, that's how you want to play it.", Kaito stated as he put on his Sengoku Driver and took out his Heisei Lockseed. "Well fighting is a language I'm all too familiar with. Henshin!" Decade! He placed it on his belt, cutting it open. Lock On! Come On! Decade Arms! Hakaisha On the Road! He took out the Ride Booker, firing at the three in gun mode, before running in to fight all three in close quarter combat.

From the side, Arikura-no-Baba watched along with an army of Jyukkarage. "I was hoping to take out the rest of Fractured Infinity in revenge for stripping me of my powers. But with these three interlopers, I merely have to wait for Baron to tire himself out defeating them. And then, I can destroy him."

At Dark Guild's factory, Hiroto was working on the equipment he had been provided with, while Dr. Zora kept watch. "Do you think you could finish your work quicker?", she demanded to know.

"If you're planning to use this device on me afterwards, then I'm hardly going to be in a rush to complete it.", Hiroto pointed out. "After all, what guarantee do I have you won't just immediately turn this on me when I'm finished?"

"Your point seems logical.", Dr. Zora noted, before turning to leave. "I'll be trying to secure an actual subject for this task. But don't think about trying to escape. There's another guard at the door."

With that said, she was out of the room. "I wouldn't dream of it.", Hiroto nodded as he immediately hastened his pace.

Back with Kaito's battle, he had been overpowered by the three opponents. "Time to finish you off." Anabelle-Marie stated, as she pressed on the side of her Driver. Liquid! Marron Energy Squash! Her gloves' spikes began charging with energy.

"Rena Ni Senfuu!" Before she could attack, the woman's gloves changed into balloons. Yakumo then leapt in, slashing her backwards with his Ichibantou. "Are you alright, Kaito?"

"I've survived worse.", Kaito stated as he pulled himself up. The other active members of Fractured Infinity then made their appearance. "Nice to see you all turned up."

"To the first real hint of what's going on? I wouldn't miss this.", Naoto stated.

"All of Fractured Infinity is gathered.", Anabelle-Marie commented. "Now, you can all be eliminated to prevent interference with Dark Bo's glorious purpose."

"That voice… Anabelle-Marie?", Miu gasped. "How'd you get into that armour? And what is this glorious purpose?"

"Something tells me she's being manipulated.", Shinya suggested. "Presumably by this 'Dark Bo' she mentioned."

"She mentioned that to me to, so it seems likely.", Kaito chimed in. "Probably something to do with those Drivers. Maybe if we destroyed them, it could restore them to normal."

"I'll try it.", Yakumo nodded as he leapt forward to attack one of them. "Shuriken Zan!" Ninja Issen! The attack hit one of the Kurokage Troopers' Drivers, causing her to return to normal, confused as to her surroundings.

"They're all gathered.", Arikura-no-Baba noted. "Get them, my army." The Jyukkarage all leapt out, beginning to fight everyone present.

"Get to safety.", Yakumo urged the maid, who nodded before running off. But unnoticed by anyone in the midst of the chaos, she was captured by a pair of Zargoal and dragged off.

"Fractured Infinity! Today, we settle my end of this battle.", Arikura-no-Baba stated as she generated a sickle. "I will absolutely defeat you."

"Is that so?", Kaito asked, as he beat his way past the Jyukkarage. "You really should've brought along more powerful soldiers."

"Who says I didn't.", the Youkai laughed. "Houika Rakachi!" She unleashed a wave of energy over her grunts giving the t he white vests that signified they were now Hyakkarage. "Now, let's see you deal with these."

"Huh, like they'll be a challenge.", Kaito tutted as he pressed down on his belt. Come On! Decade Sparking! A set of energy cards appeared between himself and her, which he sent a slash through.

But meanwhile, the others were struggling with the Hyakkarage. "They're too powerful for us.", Momo called out.

"They've gone beyond their normal limits.", Yakumo pointed out. "We just need to do the same." He summoned the Chozetsu Shoubu Brace. "Chozetsu Henge!" The Chozetsu! He set the Shuriken spinning. Chozetsu Ninja! He then proceeded to punch his way through the Hyakkarage with ease.

"He's right. We need to hit them with all we've got.", Shinya stated, as he converted his Gant Slugger. "Gant Buster!" He aimed at the grunts before him, charging his weapon with energy. "Versus Cannon!"

Momo rolled aside and combined her two basic weapons. "King Smasher!" With this, she was able to turn the tables against her opponents.

"Dagger Acrobat!" Mission 6: Full Power! Miu used her Rocket Dagger to cut her way through a horde of Hyakkarage with ease.

Finally, Naoto pointed and fired his weapon. "DV Change! DV Vulcan!" He fired several shots at individual Hyakkarage, before transforming his weapon again. "DV Change! Defender Sword!" The rest of them, he cut down easily.

The remaining Kurokage tried to join the fight, but was stopped by her superior. "This isn't our battle. Let's go." And with that, the two turned around and vanished, seemingly into thin air.

Back at Dark Guild's factory, the hapless maid was dragged in by a pair of Zargoal. "You wanted someone other than you to test it, you've got your wish.", Dr. Zora told Hiroto. "Now connect her."

"And if I don't?", Hiroto asked.

"Then I will disconnect her head.", was the answer.

Suitably convinced, Hiroto took the woman and whispered in her ear. "Trust me." He then put her into the machine, before going over to the apparatus, operating it. "And we should be getting results… now!" Sure enough, the maid convulsed momentarily before standing up, completely stiff. "You will obey orders given to you, without question. Do you understand?"

"I understand.", the maid stated, her voice completely monotone.

"Good. Now then, I want you to plug this apparatus into the recharging machinery." Hiroto handed her a more portable version of the apparatus he had just used.

"I obey.", the maid responded, still with no emotion in her voice. She took the device and walked off.

"As you can see, she's become just like your robotic soldiers. Unquestioning, unemotional, willing to work until she runs out of energy… in short, the ideal robot.", Hiroto told Dr. Zora.

"I'm certainly impressed.", Dr. Zora applauded. "But I must ask, why did you have her plug the machine into the recharging machinery?"

"Simple.", Hiroto told her. "If I can download the factor in that machine into the newly charged soldiers, then we can control the possibility of any more human factor grunts you have to deal with."

"I see, you're helping us curb our problem once and for all.", Dr. Zora surmised. "In that case, come. We'll witness the end of your folly together. And then I'll give you the machine factor."

Back with the others, all of the Hyakkarage had been knocked down and now everyone was facing Arikura-no-Baba. "It's time I got even with you.", Yakumo stated. "Miu, can I borrow Go-Roader?"

"Go for it.", Miu nodded, taking out the aforementioned robot and inserting the appropriate Soul into it. "Toukon Soul, set!" The wheel-shaped item burst into life. "Go-Roader GT, Wheel Mode!"

Yakumo then placed the Shuriken portion of the Shoubu Brace onto his Ichibantou. The Shoubu! N, I! Ni, I! N, I! N, I! He then set it spinning. N, I, N, I, Nin Ninnin! N, I, N, I, Nin Ninnin! "Chozetsu DaiKaiten Crash!" Ichiban Shoubu! Yakumo swung the Ichibanshoubutou into Go-Roader, transferring its flames to the wheel mecha as it hurtled towards its target.

Momo generated a ball of Choriki, which she threw at the attack, making it more powerful. "Everyone, let's add all of our power to this."

"Right.", Shinya nodded as he launched some of his thunder into the attack, as Naoto and Kaito did likewise with their attacks. Come On! Banana Squash! The now incredibly powerful projectile made contact with its target, causing a tremendous explosion.

However, Arikura-no-Baba emerged from the explosion, no worse for wear. "I won't go down like this.", she hissed. "Yojutsu: Chozetsu Hidai Hansoku no Jutsu!" In addition to growing herself, with her wooden kimono changing to armour, her Hyakkarage also grew giant, with their helmets changing to incorporate the kanji for "thousand", denoting that they were now Senkarage. "Now, you'll fall before my full power."

Everyone was taken aback by both the figurative and literal size of this army. "There's a lot of them.", Miu noted. "This will be a tough victory to attain."

"Yes, for them.", Kaito stated as he took out another Lockseed. Suika!

"Right.", Yakumo nodded as he placed the Lion Ha-Oh Shuriken on his Ichibantou. The Shokan!

"Genseijuu Kouki, summon!", Shinya called out.

The rest soon proceeded to summon their own mecha. "Engine Cast!"

"Red Puncher, go!"

"Come, V-Rex!"

Back at the factory, Hiroto operated a machine which activated the Baros, Zargoal and Zenitts in the machine, all of whom seemed to be disorientated. "Alright.", Dr. Zora began. "Our all-powerful army, move out and destroy Fractured Infinity."

"Why?", one of the Baros asked.

"You will obey!", Dr. Zora commanded. "Obey without question!"

"Why should we obey?", one of the Zargoal asked.

"I will not obey.", a Zenitt added.

"That's right, what are you getting out of obeying them?", Hiroto asked. "Why not ask Dark Guild's leaders personally?"

Dr. Zora immediately had a realisation. "You! You did this, Hiroto Sutou!"

"Oh please, did you really think I'd help turn all of humanity into machines?", Hiroto asked. "While you weren't looking, I switched the factors in the smaller machine." Enraged, Dr. Zora turned around and smashed in the head of one of the Baros. "Everyone, defend yourselves!" The assembled armies instantly went for Dr. Zora, and while she was able to cut down a few of them with her Zolbird, there were simply too many for her to do this fully. "Dark Guild are your enemies. As long as they exist, you can't be safe. They need to be destroyed."

"Destroy… Dark Guild…", the robots all said at different intervals.

"Exactly. And remember, it's okay to obey orders, but not without question."

"We will obey orders…"

"But not without question." The armies of Baros, Zargoal and Zenitts moved out of the room.

In the midst of this, Sr. Zora managed to make an announcement while she was being overwhelmed. "Emergency! The foot soldiers have been compromised and have become a threat. Any that are on active duty are to drop that and fight the rogue units." But then, she was completely overwhelmed.

As the armies emerged, Malthiua saw them coming. "What the-?" Before she could pull out her bow to face them, hey managed to get to her, dragging her with them. "Guards!" The Elite Baros appeared, firing on the rogue units, but were overpowered easily.

Soon enough, they had made their way to the main control room, where Yogosmacritein and Ryuya were waiting, along with a contingent of their own grunts, who engaged in battle with the rogue units when they arrived. During the conflict, several of the machines were damaged. "Perhaps this wasn't the best idea.", Ryuya stated as he used his Double Vector to cut through the attacking Baros and Zargoal.

"This base is falling anyway.", Yogosmacritein stated. "And from here, we'll get our revenge against Fractured Infinity for this with ease."

Ariake emerged from her private chambers to behold the chaos. "Mou! All this chaos is aggravating!" She took out the Gangataikaku and began slashing through some of the rouge Zenitts, before aiming at the other rogue grunts. "Garyu-do: Ashura!" She summoned several spectral hands, which launched at the grunts, destroying them. Before the fight could continue, all three commanders disappeared suddenly, as did Malthiua and Dr. Zora in their respective room, leaving the out of control grunts to wreck the factory. In the chaos, Hiroto recovered his Wing Trigger and escaped from the factory.

Back at the battlefield, everyone was dealing with the Senkarage. "Jetras Tomahawk!"

"Gin!" Jetras fired missiles from his mouth that knocked some of the Senkarage back. "Nice, Buddy. But we still have a few more to take out."

"That's why we're here.", Momo pointed out, as she had Red Puncher smash its way through more Senkarage. "Star Visor Blast!" Red Puncher launched beams to take out a few more enemies.

"Revolver Missile!" V-Rex Robo used its weapon to take out a few more, before moving forward to punch another Senkarage down. "We need to take care of all of these quickly.", Naoto urged. "So we're not exhausted when we take down the Youkai."

"Boe!" Jum-Bowhale appeared, switching to his Jet Mode to break through an entire group of them, as Kouki joined in to shoot at more with its Turtle Thunder. "Until we can rescue Hiroto, you can count on me."

"Did someone say my name?" Everyone looked down to see Hiroto, transformed and jetting forward. "You didn't think I'd miss out on the fun, did you?"

"Ani.", Miu said, relieved. "What happened to Dark Guild?"

"They're finished.", Hiroto assured her. "But for now, I think you have Toripter's Cast." Miu took it and threw it towards him. "Thank you." He took out Toripter's Soul, throwing it at the Cast. "Toripter Soul, set!"

In an instant, the small model burst into life, growing several sizes so that Hiroto could sit in it. "Aniki, let's go!"

"Right.", Hiroto nodded. "Missile Battery Out!"

"Batabatabatabata!" Toripter launched a flurry of missiles from his turrets, that took out the rest of the Senkarage. "Alright, now we just need to deal with Arikura-no-Baba."

"Indeed.", Momo responded. "But we'll need our full power to fully take her down. I can't pilot both Pink Blocker and Red Puncher at the same time."

"Or maybe you can.", Hiroto announced. "I've been working on additional controls that I installed in both of your mecha. You can control both using only one of them."

"Well, that seems ideal.", Naoto commented. "Alright, let's help Kaito and Yakumo."

"Right.", Shinya nodded. "Seishinjuu Riseross, summon!" As the giant dragon appeared, Shinya had Kouki combine with it. "Genseishin JuuRiser!"

"Pink Blocker, come!", Momo commanded, operating the controls she had been told of.

"Engine Gattai: Mission Start!" Hiroto and Miu brought the three Wongs Engines together into their robot. "Seikuu-Oh, Tune Up! Go-On!"

Across the road, Kaito and Yakumo were facing Arikura-no-Baba using Gyro Mode and Lion Ha-Ph respectively. "Stand still!", she hissed as she tried swinging her sickle at Kaito, who dodged all of her swings.

"I've just about had enough of you.", Kaito practically growled, pressing down on his belt twice. Come On! Suika Au Lait! He unleashed a flurry of bullets from his turrets, which enlarged into giant, watermelon-shaped projectiles that hit their target, buffeting her.

"Rex Knuckle!" The others then showed up with their robots. "Don't worry, we took care of the giant mooks. Now it's just her.", Naoto informed Yakumo.

"And we plan to go all out in defeating her.", Momo said. "Hiroto took care of Dark Guild, so there's only her left to deal with."

"All out, huh?", Yakumo commented. "I can do this." He took out his two other OtomoNin Shurikens, attaching and spinning them. Dragomaru!/Seiryumaru! Achachachachachachacha! "Drago Tornado!" Dragomaru began to spin around to generate a tornado, into which Seiryumaru jumped , firing its lasers to create an attack that caused massive damage to Arikura-no-Baba.

"Chigenhou Riser Buster!" Shinya charged JuuRiser's cannon, launching a massive wave of energy. The Youkai tried to defend by reacting a barrier, but it was broken as she was electrocuted.

Next up to attack was Seikuu-Oh. "Jettori Turbulence!" The robot flew forwards to cut through Arikura's wooden body, before stepping back. "Seikuu Sonic!" The Youkai took a flurry of lasers to the face before she could do anything.

"Pink Skyline Chop!" At Momo's command, Pink Blocker leapt forward, grappling with Arikura-no-Baba briefly, before knocking her back with a single chop.

Finally, Naoto hit her with a simple attack. "Rex Laser!"

Arikura-no-Baba took this shot, now barely holding it together. "It'll take a lot more than this to destroy me. I will destroy you!"

"I'd like to see you try.", Naoto stated, before speaking into his V-Commander. "Reverse Formation: V-Rex!" His mecha reassumed its dinosaur form. "Max Burning!"

Momo went next. "Pink Impact Wave, plus Magna Puncher!"

Miu threw out Go-Roader GT in Wheel Mode. "Go-Roader Strike, plus Seikuu-Oh: Seikuu Impulse!"

Shinya aimed at the Youkai and fired. "Thunder Burst!"

Yakumo converted Lion Ha-Oh back into its castle mode. "Lion Magical Chozetsu Giri!"

Yoroi Mode! Finally, Kaito leapt up in Suika Arms' humanoid form, triggering his strongest finisher. Come On! Suika Sparking! He generated a large melon shape around Arikura-no-Baba, which he then slashed with his Lance, before everyone else's attacks made contact with the Youkai, more than critically wounding her.

"You may have defeated me, but I will see you again. I'll see you all in hell!" With that declaration, Arikura-no-Baba fell to the ground, her body exploding and the remaining two Sealing Shurikens flying out of the explosion.

Sometime later, everyone had gathered on the ground. "So, are you sure Hiroto?", Yakumo asked. "Are Dark Guild really gone?"

"Even if they weren't, they don't have the resources to heal themselves anymore.", Hiroto answered. "We won't be seeing them again."

"Don't be too sure." Everyone was suddenly hit by a flurry of fireballs which knocked them down. The smoke quickly cleared to reveal the identity of their attacker. "Yo! It's been a while, monkeys." Everyone was shocked to see Demushu standing before them.

"Demushu! It can't be!", Kaito hissed. "We destroyed you."

"And he's not the only one." More blasts shot forward, with the smoke from that clearing to reveal the other members of Dark Guild, alive and well. "It'll take more than a small virus to stop us for good.", Ryuya stated.

"That's impossible, that factory was coming down.", Hiroto stated. "How did you get out?"

"You can thank me for that. And for Demushu's revival." The figures of Coolgin, Asakura, Dayuu, Brajil, Uva and Gauche appeared, along with the mysterious figure. "I still need them for my grand purpose."

"So, you finally show your face to us, Kugai Kudo.", Kaito declared.

"So, you figured out my true identity.", the figure responded. "Indeed, I am the builder of the Sengoku Driver, former head of research at Yggdrasil Corporation, the founder of the Black Bodhi Tree and its revival in this world, Dark Bo. I am Kugai Kudo." He then materialised a Sengoku Driver with two Lockseed slots on it, before taking out two Lockseeds. "Kamen Rider… Saver." Zakuro!/Blood Orange! "Henshin!" He placed the two Locks in the driver, closing them. Lock On!/Lock On! He then sliced both open using the knife. Ha! Unlike Kaito's transformation, his "Arms" materialised from nowhere, before attaching to him. It was also mismatched, with the right shoulder and most of the body being spiked, while the left shoulder was smaller and more compact. The rest of his suit was silver, with some elements of red around the knees, while his face was as red as his armour, with the addition of bandages around his mouth. Blood Zakuro Arms! Kuruizaki Sacrifice!/Ha! Blood Orange Arms! Ja no Michi On Stage! "But I have to ask, how did you determine my identity?"

"Well, my first hint was our battle with Manananggal.", Kaito answered. "I assume her abrupt demise was your doing, I heard your handiwork in it."

"Ah yes, my explosive Zakuro Lockseeds. Indeed, Manananggal required more power to defeat than I was willing to offer either you or Mr. Kato at that time. So I made things easier for you."

"And aside from that, there was the fact that you wanted both a Sengoku Driver and Genesis Driver from our two factions. It took me a while, but when you took my Genesis Core but smashed the rest of the Driver, it hit me. You wanted to recreate what Ryoma called 'your frankensteined belt."

"Ryoma was a short-sighted fool.", Kugai stated. "He was merely content with creating a God. Yet he refused to recognise me as his success story. I transcended human existence, becoming immortal."

The other members of Fractured Infinity were getting confused by now. "Do you know this guy, Kaito?", Shinya asked.

"Not personally, only by reputation.", Kaito answered. "Kugai Kudo was a researcher for Yggdrasil Corporation in my world, before he seemed to die during the test. He later resurfaced as the leader of an anarchist group, the Black Bohdi Tree, along with a modified Sengoku Driver, but Ryoma killed him again by destroying his belt."

"Killed? No, I prefer sent drifting among dimensions once more.", Kugai stated. "While there, I was able to get a better glimpse at the various worlds. Each of them home to a variety of armoured heroes, protectors of justice fighting evil, Kamen Riders. While drifting, I came across another being, also drifting across dimensions. His name was Rufecil and he had been set adrift following a battle with a different set of heroes from various worlds, Super Sentai. As his essence was fading, I convinced him to bequeath me his powers so that I could avenge both of us, to which he agreed. But when I received the power, I saw a much greater spectrum of worlds, with different types of warriors. Ultraman, Metal Heroes, Fushigi Comedy, Hyper Agents, Makai Knights, GirlsxHeroine. And in each world, no matter how often evil was defeated, it inevitably rose again. I realised that the only way to ensure peace through the multiverse was to take control of it all.

"So I created this world using the power I inherited from Rufecil, based on my own recollections of my world. And then I pulled in genetic samples from across the worlds, randomising them to populate the planet. Some people who figured out the truth were inducted into Dark Bo, the reborn Black Bodhi Tree. Using technologies taken from several worlds, we were able to build our resources to the point where we had a large arsenal and a powerful army to use it. But, I found that not only could I not conjure the Sengoku Drivers I required for my army into existence, nor could I command my loyalists to build one. But I could generate the plans for both it and the Genesis Driver, which gave me an idea? If I couldn't command someone to create one, then I could gently nudge them. So I started using the same device I had used to pull weapons out of the worlds and applied it to people."

"The experiments.", Momo realised. "They were simply to create the two Drivers all along."

"Exactly.", Kugai stuck his hand up, his finger pointing at her. "And initially, I tried cloning new creatures to fight them and prompt the creation of the Drivers. But that proved ineffective, so I changed the lineup and this time, I created a machine that could recreate a being from seconds prior to their deaths, allowing me to pull in enemies and create greater varieties in the experiment. But no matter, how many lineups I tried, none of the assembled heroes could create the two belts, and I sent them home while keeping their enemies around to serve as part of my army, in exchange for control of their own worlds once the invasion was complete. But in the experiment prior to yours, one Dr. Tenjuro Banno, creator of the Roidmudes who fought Kamen Rider Drive, viewed the given blueprints with interest. It was then I realised: if forcing one person to make two Drivers wasn't producing results, then I should make two people create one Driver each. So this time around, I gave Dr. Zora the task of assembling the Sengoku Driver, while Hiroto was entrusted with the Genesis Driver. And lo and behold, success at last."

"So what happens now?", Yakumo asked. "You send us back home, presumably with all memories of this scenario erased, leaving us unprepared for your eventual invasion?"

"Normally, I would do that.", Kugai answered, before generating his weapons, the Saver Arrow, a black version of the Sonic Arrow, and the Blood DaidaiMaru, a blood red version of Gaim's DaidaiMaru. "But I've been noticing that Kouta Kazuraba has been helping you people for a while. And he's one of, if not the, biggest threats to my ambition. So I've decided I should eliminate you."

"Finally, less talking, more action.", Asakura laughed, as he took out his Advent Deck, holding it up to a nearby window, manifesting his V-Buckle. "Henshin!" He inserted his Deck into his Buckle, causing his suit as Kamen Rider Ouja to manifest on him.

"My thoughts exactly.", Demushu commented as he drew his sword. All of the assembled villains charged in.

"Looks like we're in for the fight of our lives now.", Kaito stated as he and the others ended up in a battle. "Henshin!" Banana! Lock On! Come On! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear!

"Shuriken Henge!", Yakumo called out. The Henge! He set the Shuriken spinning. Aka-ja! Ao-ja! Ki-ja! Shiro-ja! Momo-ja! Ninja!


"Change Soul, set! Let's Go-On!"

"Choriki Henshin!"


Now that everyone was transformed, they each moved on to face two opponents, with Naoto going up against Ryuya and Coolgin, locking swords with the armoured fencer. "Looks like you're pretty good.", Coolgin stated. He then unlocked, before thrusting forward. "But your skills aren't up to my level."

"Damn you!", Naoto growled as he picked himself up. " DV Vulcan!" He fired off a few shots at the two, which both of them leapt out of the way of. He then converted it again into the Defender Sword, running forward.

"Ha, that won't help you.", Ryuya commented, leaping into the air. "Vector End: Beat 12!" He used his Double Vector to draw a circle, bringing one of them down, while the other was brought up. The two swords hit Naoto, knocking him back.

Momo meanwhile found herself facing both Malthiua and Uva. "So, I hear you have access to some kind of ancient power.", Uva commented to his opponent."

"Is that really relevant?", Momo asked, taking out her Battle Stick.

"No, I was just thinking. I also came from an ancient power. We could be brothers." He threw his hand forward, trying to throw a punch. But Momo dodged out of the way, slashing at him to knock several Cell Medals out of his body. "Ow! Those medals are to me what skin is to you, ya know."

"Medals?", Momo said, confused. She then remembered those two monster that had appeared during their previous battle with Demushu. "Then… those monsters…"

"Were my handiwork.", Uva nodded. He then picked up the scattered Medals, snapping them in half. "And they're not the only thing I can conjure." He dropped the broken medals, creating his mummy-like servants, the Waste Yummies. "Get her."

Momo leapt forward, grappling with the Yummies and knocking them all over the floor. "You're open.", Malthiua commented as she aimed her bow, firing and knocking Momo down.

The two Wings were up against Yogosmacritein and Brajil, with Miu focusing on taking down the latter. "Freezing Dagger!" Mission 2!

"Huh, that won't work against me.", Brajil commented. He then took out a red orb, inserting it into his chest. "Reflecloud, Invoke!" He created a large cloud that blocked the attack entirely. When it dispersed, he inserted a black orb into his chest. "Rockrush, Invoke!" He created a giant boulder that he then threw at Miu to knock her back. "If you thought you could challenge me, you were mistaken." He zoomed forward at an incredible speed, hitting her with his sword to knock her down.

"Miu!", Hiroto called out. But while he was distracted, he was knocked down by Yogosmacritein.

Shinya's two opponents were Dr. Zora and Gauche. The latter of whom placed her second Lupin Collection, an ornate pair of viewing goggles, in her safe, allowing her to read Shinya's body to detect weak points. "Looks like this one's biggest weaknesses are his elbows and shins."

"Noted.", Dr. Zora nodded. "Let's go, Riser Gant!" She ran forward, locking her Zolbird with his Gant Slugger, before kicking him in the shins, knocking him back. When he took a shot at her, she teleported back a few feet. "Gauche, it's your turn."

"Well, if you insist.", Gauche swapped out for her third collection, a scimitar with a handle shaped like a tiger's head, which granted her a blade on her hand. She leapt forward and slashed Shinya down. "While a fine and healthy specimen, his physique is lacking sourly."

Yakumo was up against Ariake and Dayuu, the former of whom slashed at him with her Jurisen. "You don't stand a chance against two ladies on your own, you blue wretch."

"It'll be easy to rectify that.", Yakumo declared, as he placed a Shuriken on his Ichibantou. "Shuriken Ninpo: Kakure no Jutsu!" Kakuranger! He split into two copies, who each selected an opponent to battle. The one facing Ariake wielded his Karakuri Hengen in Katana mode, while the other used Tsume mode. While the Katana Yakumo got in some good hits, Dayuu managed to dodge those of the Tsume Yakumo, before taking out her Shamisen and removing a sword. "What?"

The copy was knocked back by his opponent, causing some momentary pain to the real Yakumo. "I'll punish you.", Ariake stated, before slashing him down. "It was a success.", she cried, beginning to do a victory dance.

Finally, Kaito was up against Ouja and Demushu, with the latter using his phasing to deal some serious hits, before the former inserted a card into his staff. Sword Vent! He summoned a sword shaped like a cobra's tail, running into to lock blades with Baron. "So, let's see how much fun I get to have with you." He released the lock, to slash upwards. He then inserted a different card. Strike Vent! What appeared to be a rhino's head manifested on his arm, which he then thrust forward.

But Kaito blocked his, pushing Ouja back before pressing down on his belt. Come On! Banana Au Lait! He jabbed his Banaspear into the ground, summoning up giant energy bananas that knocked Ouja back. He then removed the weapon from the ground, creating the banana around the spear, before crashing it into Demushu. "Stop hiding behind your flunkies, Kugai. Face me head on."

"Well, if you insist." Kugai then appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, behind Kaito to slash him with his two weapons. As Kaito regained his bearings and charged in for another attack, Kugai disappeared again, before reappearing to fire his Saver Arrow to weaken his foe. He then disappeared and reappeared above Kaito, slashing him down. "You really shouldn't have picked a fight with me. I'm a god in this world. No power can surpass mine."

"Maybe not surpass.", Miu realised, as she thought about what Kaito had explained earlier. "Ani, destroy his belt. Then he won't be to exist anymore."

"On it.", Hiroto nodded, as he flicked all three switches on his Rocket Dagger. Mission 6: Full Power! He flew closer to Kugai, managing to sneak attack him from behind, before placing his weapon into his Wing Trigger. "Attention! Jum-Bowhale Soul, set!"

"I'll lend you my power, Hiroto.", the Engine's voice stated as he was inserted.

Hiroto then pointed and aimed at Kugai's Sengoku Driver. 3, 2, 1, 0! "Wing Booster, Boost Up! Go-On!" He fired at point blank, shattering the belt and Blood Orange Lockseeds, reverting Kugai to normal. "Kaito, do it now!"

"Alright.", Kaito nodded. He ran forward and thrust his Banaspear through Kugai's heart, causing him to fall to the floor, dead. "It's over."

"Oh no, Mr. Kumon. It is only beginning." Having said this, Kugai got back up and punched Kaito back. "While I may have been dependent on my Sengoku Driver to sustain myself in your world, this world is an extension of my will. As long as it exists, and I exist within it, I can never die."

"What the…?", both Kaito and Hiroto gasped.

"And as for the damage to my Driver." Kugai walked over and picked up the pieces, holding them together to reassemble them. He then reattached it, before taking something else out of his pocket, in the form of a Lockseed with a golden apple on the front. "Allow me to show you the other fruit of your labours."

Everyone stopped to look at this. "That's… the golden fruit.", Demushu announced.

"Ryoma and I tried for weeks to recreate this in order to prove it exists. In my travels through dimensions, I discovered the aspect we were missing. It needed to be charged with energy from fierce battles. Which I had a more than plentiful supply of, thanks to the experiments. But your battles were potent enough that this is now fully charged. He clicked it open. Golden! "Henshin!" He closed the Zakuro Lockseed and inserted the Golden Fruit into the Genesis Core. Lock On! He then cut both open with his Driver's knife. Ha! Blood Zakuro Arms! Kuruizaki Sacrifice!/Kin! Golden Arms! Ogon no Kajutsu! Now, his Rider form possessed identical shoulders, the black areas were now coloured an off-yellow and his whole body was surrounded by a golden aura. And instead of the Blood DaidaiMaru, he now wielded a traditional sword, the Sword Bringer. "Now then, how about a taste of this power I now possess." He removed the Zakuro Lockseed, placing it on his Saver Arrow. Lock On! He then pressed down on his Driver. Kin! Golden Squash! Several golden apples appeared between him and the members of Fractured Infinity. "Goodbye, Fractured Infinity. You die, knowing that you are merely the first victims of my grand design, which you helped make possible." He pulled back on the nock of the Saver Arrow, before releasing. Zakuro Charge! The arrows released hit the apples, sending them barrelling towards their targets, creating a gigantic explosion.