Kugai Kudo, former head engineer for Yggdrasil's Project Ark in the World of Gaim, has revealed himself as the mastermind behind the dimensional abductions. Fractured Infinity move to take him down, but Kugai reveals that he has recreated the Golden Fruit, which he uses the power of to launch his counterattack.

When the smoke cleared, there was no trace of any of the Fractured Infinity heroes. "You did it.", Yogosmacritein declared triumphantly. "You managed to destroy Fractured Infinity."

"No, that was too easy.", Kugai countered. "And you seem to have overlooked that Mr. Kato is more than capable of pulling off this kind of misdirection."

"So, are we going to go and hunt them down?", Ouja asked.

"No, there's no need for us to handle this ourselves." Kugai closed both of his Lockseeds, returning to normal. "All of us will return to my base, to prepare for the beginning of the new era. My soldiers will track them down. There's nowhere left for them to run." He bid everyone follow him as they disappeared in an aura of black light.

This was observed by a man in a suit with a magenta shirt, no tie, and an old-fashioned camera. "So, that's who's been behind all of this weird dimensional stuff.", he noted. "Looks like I'll have to bring Fractured Infinity into my confidence."

And talking of Fractured Infinity, it's members had made their way back to the warehouse where their equipment was stored, and which had served as their initial base. "Why are we coming back here?", Shinya asked. "Wouldn't they think to look for us here?"

"They'd also be looking for us at the mansion.", Yakumo pointed out. "At least here, it's easier for us to fight back."

"If we can fight back.", Kaito pointed out. "He mentioned that he's been keeping the enemies from every iteration of the experiment. We don't know how many that could be."

"And regardless of how many it is, it's definitely far more than 7 of us could handle.", Momo added. She then slammed her fist against the table. "If only Dr. Inaba hadn't been killed, we could've known about all this sooner."

It was then that Naoto noticed a package on the floor, addressed to them. "When did this get here?", he asked.

"We're not expecting anything.", Miu answered, as she picked up the box, and began to pull the tape off. Inside was a compact disc, with a note stating "From the desk of Dr. Inaba" written on it. "Ani."

"Right.", Hiroto said as he picked up the disc. "I should analyse this."

Meanwhile, the members of Dark Guild were being shown around Dark Bo's headquarters. "What a facility.", Yogosmacritein said, earnestly. "If I had a fortress as well-oiled as this, I could've succeeded in cleaning the Earth."

"It certainly is one of the largest arsenals assembled, in any parallel world.", Kugai nodded, as he led them into a room, where scientists were working on a large silver arch. "But this is the device through which all my progress was made possible. The Tachyon Recreation Generator. The device through which this experiment made progress."

"How intriguing.", Dr. Zora commented. "How does it work?"

"I'm glad you asked.", Kugai said in response as he went over to a monitor, bringing up an image that Malthiua was taken aback at. "For one, this device locks onto specific moments in the history of a specified world, creates a scan of one object I choose and then creates a replica to bring here." The image depicted Malthiua and her husband, Kaiser Buldont, moments before they were destroyed by Ohranger's robot, King Pyramidder Battle Formation and its Super Legend Beam. "Last time, we recreated Malthiua from this moment, but for this demonstration, we will recreate her partner, Buldont."

He pressed three keys on the keyboard, causing a 3D model to be constructed around Buldont, which caused the arch to surge with electricity, as a beam was fired, materialising the model within the arch, before the details became clearer, creating the visage of Buldont exactly. He then gasped into life, looking around. "Where am I?"

"Bulpie!" Malthiua declared, running forward to embrace her husband. "It's been too long since I've seen your face."

"Malthiua? How did we get here?", Buldont asked. "What happened to Ohranger?"

"All of that will be answered in good time, your highness.", Kugai answered. "For now, I'd like to continue with the demonstration." He then reset the machine, before bringing up camera footage of one Yua Yaiba, leading a campaign outside the Minister of Defence's office with the Sword model Humagears. The footage showed everything, from the birds in the sky to the rain falling from the sky, freeze in place, with the exception of Yaiba. "If the subject is still alive, then I track them to a point at least one year after their final victory against their greatest enemies, and then freeze that world's time except in the 2 feet surrounding area of the subject." Yaiba then disappeared from the image entirely. "This makes it easier for us to extract the subject and place them in the experiment, while the frozen time allows us to place them back in their universe without anyone noticing they were missed."

"That didn't stop Go-On Silver from following her brother to this world.", Yogosmacritein pointed out.

"An oversight.", Kugai offered as an explanation. "One that will be fixed given time." He then turned to Reika, who had just entered the room. "Is the elimination squad to deal with Fractured Infinity prepared?"

"They're ready to move out when I assign a leader.", Reika nodded. "Should I assign Amante, to finish the job that the Youkai disrupted earlier?"

Kugai thought on this for a moment, then shook his head. "No, I thinks we'll go for someone else. In fact, I think you know who I have in mind. He's been waiting for this chance."

Reika realised who he was talking about. "Of course, Master Kugai. I'll make the arrangements." With that said, she turned and left.

"Now then, let us go.", Kugai turned back to the Dark Guild members. "I have more to show you." Everyone followed him out of the room, except for Ariake, who went over to the controls for the Tachyon Recreation Generator.

In a barracks, a male sitting on his bed received a call over a radio from Reika. "Our Lord has given his word. You will lead the task force hunting down Kaito Kumon. Provided you can deal with his associates simultaneously."

"Whatever.", the figure tutted. "I'll do what you want, as long as you're giving me what I want."

Back at the warehouse, Hiroto had gathered everyone around his computer, where he inserted the disc into the drive. "This should hopefully give us some answers." The file loaded and Hiroto clicked on it.

The image of the late Dr. Inaba flickered on the screen. "Fractured Infinity, I've heard of your existence in this world, and I'm aware you're likely the latest group of subjects pulled in by Dark Bo. I've left instructions to have this sent to your location in the event that Kugai Kudo decides to hunt me down. He knows I know about you… because I used to be a member of Dark Bo. But then I saw what Kugai was planning, and I realised that I couldn't go along with it. This disc contains a list of Dark Bo's outposts around the world, and a list of the exact coordinates for them, so you can hopefully put a stop to Kugai's ambitions. But I feel I should tell you, the fate of all worlds isn't resting on your shoulders alone. There are -." He was then interrupted by someone knocking which he went to answer as the recording cut off.

"It ends there.", Hiroto explained as he removed the disc, pocketing it for safe keeping. "According to the timecode, he recorded this on the day we came to visit him."

"We must've interrupted him before he could finish.", Kaito surmised. "A shame, because that means we're working with incomplete information for the next leg of our battle."

"Indeed.", Momo nodded. "What did he mean by 'the fate of all worlds isn't resting on our shoulders alone'?"

"You won't live long enough to find out." At that moment, a group of Kurokage Troopers burst into the building through the windows, before two figures entered through the door. One appeared to be a teenage boy, the other was wearing a cloak with a hood. "No matter where you hid, it wouldn't have made a difference.", he stated as he took out a remote. "We have at least three trackers on Kaito Kumon."

"Of course.", Kaito realised, as he took out the Black RX, Shadow Moon and Kiva Lockseeds he had taken from Dark Bo. He crushed all three of them until they broke, letting them fall to the floor.

"That's not going to help us much now.", Shinya pointed out, as he took out his InLoader. "They're right on top of us. Souchaku!" He transformed into Riser Gant and took out his Gant Slugger. "We have to fight our way out."

"Right.", Naoto nodded as he began taking on the troopers, before speaking into his V-Commander. "TIMEFIRE!" Now transformed, he was able to start shooting at them with his weapon.

"Try not to hurt them.", Momo reminded as she also transformed, beginning to try and disarm her opponents. "They aren't doing this of their own will."

"They may not be, but I am.", the boy stated. "I want to crush you personally, particularly your friend there." He pointed at Kaito. "I have a score to settle."

Kaito was confused by this. "Do I know you?"

"Oh, you've forgotten me. I thought as much.", the boy tutted. "Then perhaps you'll remember my friend Tsuyoshi Shinto. You did murder him after all."

As everyone else was shocked by him, Kaito realised who he was talking to. "Ah yes, you. Listen kid…"

"I'm Shinya. Shinya Ikari.", the boy yelled. "And I'm here to avenge my friend's death by taking out his murderer."

"In that case, you should be killing yourself.", Kaito pointed out. "You were the one who put him up to eating the Helheim Fruit. All I did was dispose of the body. If anything, you should be thanking me for helping you cover up your own crime.", Kaito commented.

"Shut up!", Ikari growled as he took the Kagematsu from one of the Kurokage Troopers and stabbed them with it. As the soldier dropped dead, reverting to human, Ikari took out a Genesis Driver and put it on. "I was scouted by Dark Guild and agreed to join them, so long as they helped me kill you." He then took out an Energy Lockseed. "And they gave me everything I need to make you suffer." Matsubokkuri Energy! "Henshin!" He placed the Energy Lockseed in his Driver, pressing on it to open it. Lock On! Liquid! Matsubokkuri Energy Arms! Yoishō! Wasshoi! His Rider form resembled the Kurokage Troopers, but with a different belt and a more ornate spear. "And now, I can do it."

But before Ikari could strike Kaito, Yakumo and the Wings transformed instantly, blocking his attack and moving him backwards. "If you want to kill Kaito, you'll have to go through us."

"That's okay.", Ikari laughed. "After all, you seem to have forgotten about my partner." The hooded figure grabbed their cloak, throwing it off. "I think you might know her well."

Sure enough, everyone was shocked to see who was beneath the cloak. "Sakura?", Momo gasped.

"Friend of yours?", Miu asked Hiroto.

"She was closer to Kaito, but you could say that.", was his answer. "They seem to have given her the same treatment they gave the other Kurokages."

"You bastard!" Kaito hissed as he moved towards Ikari, with the intent to murder evident in his eyes. But he was stopped by Sakura sticking her arm in front of him, before grabbing onto him and throwing him back. "Sakura. What the-?"

"You know, we should thank you really.", Ikari laughed. "Thanks to you killing her grandfather, Sakura-chan was able to hone her dancing skills with the Takarazuka Revue, giving her enough skills to function as a fighting style. From there, it was merely a matter of giving her what she needed to become the Ultimate Kamen Rider, Jugodo."

Sakura took out a Sengoku Driver, attaching it to her waist and causing a face to develop over the faceplate, sporting 4 eyes and devil-like horns. She then took out a Lockseed, similar in design to Kaito's Heisei Lockseed, but with a different lineup. Showa 15 Rider! She clicked it open. Riderman! "Henshin." She placed the Lockseed in her belt, cutting it open. Lock On! Soiya! Riderman Arms! Kagakusha, 'Met On! A head resembling Riderman's helmet appeared from a crack, landing on Sakura, and opening up to give her a rubber chest plate and shoulder pads resembling the eyes of the 4th Kamen Rider. "Machine Gun Arm."

Her right arm transformed into a machine gun, which she then fired at Kaito, who narrowly ducked. "So that's how you want to play it.", Kaito stated, as he took out his equivalent Lockseed. Heisei 15 Rider! He then clicked it open. Fourze! "Henshin!" He placed it in his belt, cutting it open. Lock On! Come On! Fourze Arms! Seishun Switch On! "Let's go." Kaito charged into battle, swinging Fourze's Billy the Rod at Jugodo, who dodged out of the way in time, before spinning around on her back, before throwing a kick that knocked Kaito back. She then got back up and pressed down on her belt twice. Soiya! Riderman Au Lait! This created a replica of the Riderman Machine, which she mounted. "Let's go.", Kaito announced as he called out his Rose Attacker, pressing down on his belt as he charged forward to meet his opponent. Come On! Fourze Au Lait! Rocket On!

The fighting eventually moved outside, where Kaito's battle with Jugodo proved to be too much of a stalemate, with both riding a motorcycle while dedicating one arm to a weapon. "They're evenly matched.", Yakumo noted as he continued his fight with Ikari, using his Kin no Jutsu to bind his opponent.

"In that case.", Kaito took his Lockseed off his belt, clicking it again. Kabuto! He leapt off his bike and reinserted the Lockseed, reinstating his transformation. Come On! Kabuto Arms! Ten no Michi, My Way! He then pressed down on his belt once. Come On! Kabuto Squash! Cast Off! He shed the armour and leapt at his opponent, knocking her off her bike after pressing the belt again. Come On! Kabuto Sparking! Rider Kick!

But instead of annoyance, Jugodo was filled with cockiness. "You fool. You've left yourself open." She removed her Lockseed, clicking it again. Stronger! "Arms Change!" She reinserted the Lockseed, pressing her Driver's knife down. Soiya! A representation of Stronger's head fell onto her, opening up to give her the electric human's build, with his Kabuto Catcher mounted on her back. Stronger Arms! Aku wo Taose to Ore wo Yobu! She pressed down on the Driver again. Soiya! Stronger Squash! She leapt into the air, before executing a diving kick towards her target. "Stronger Den Kick!" The attack made contact with Kaito, knocking him back. She then removed the Lockseed again, opening it once more. Super-1! She reinserted the Lockseed, now convulsing in pain as sparks coursed throughout her body. Soiya! Super-1 Arms! Seki! Shin! ShouRinKen! She then pressed on her Driver three times. Soiya! Super-1 Sparking! Jugodo then leapt into the air, the image of a moon being present in the background. "Super Rider Getsumen Kick!"

Kaito was knocked backwards by this, but recovered quickly. "In that case…" he removed the Lockseed, clicking it open again. Ryuki! He then reinserted and transformed again. Come On! Ryuki Arms! Tatakawanakereba Ikinokorenai! He then charged in, grappling his opponent in close quarter combat, but Jugodo was simply stronger and more proficient. "Damn it!" He pressed on his belt again. Come On! Ryuki Squash! Final Vent! As Ryuki's dragon appeared, Kaito leapt up, letting the creature wrap around him as he leapt towards his opponent.

Soiya! Super-1 Squash! "Change, Reinetsu Hand!" Jugodo's gloves changed, as she fired a beam of heat at the dragon with one hand, before firing a second beam that froze the creature, causing it to explode, propelling Kaito towards her from the blast. "Change, Power Hand!" Her gloves changed again, allowing her to knock Kaito back, knocking him out of his transformation.

The other members of Fractured Infinity were so shocked that Ikari and the Kurokage Troopers were able to get lucky hits in, knocking all of them down. "Well well, it looks like I win.", Ikari commented. "Nothing you can do will turn things around now."

"I won't give up.", Kaito hissed as he stood up. "Kazuraba, lend me your power!" He opened the Lockseed again. Gaim! He then placed it in his Driver, pressing down on it. Lock On! A crack opened in the sky, but instead of a stored arms, a silhouette appeared, which the Lockseed detached from the Sengoku Driver to fly into. The silhouette became clearer, revealing a white haired man in armour, with a cape. Fruits Yoroi Musha, On Parade! Everyone else was confused, but Kaito knew him instantly. "Kazuraba…"

"It's okay now, Kaito.", the figure of Kouta Kazuraba assured him, placing his hand on his rival's shoulder. "Allow me to deal with them."

"That's… Kouta Kazuraba.", Miu said, in awe.

Naoto however, was confused. "Will someone mind telling me what's going on?"

"Basically, that man is a friend of Kaito's from his own world.", Yakumo surmised.

"Right.", Kouta nodded. "I'm kind of a space god."

All of this was being observed, from Dark Bo's brain centre, by Reika. "He's here." She moved away from the monitor and left the room.

Kouta now stood opposite Ikari, who was decidedly unimpressed. "You think you alone can make a difference. Not only did my army just beat up your friends, but Jugodo here has more than enough powers to deal with you."

"Right.", Jugodo nodded as she held up her Lockseed, clicking it open. Black! "Arms Change!" She placed it back in her Sengoku Driver, initiating another transformation. Lock On! Soiya! Black Arms! Seiki Oh, Black Sun!

Kouta merely laughed at this. "You seem to be unaware of who you're dealing with." He summoned a Sengoku Driver, with a Lockseed already attached and opened, and an unusual component where the faceplate would normally be. "I think I'll have to teach you personally." He took out an unusual looking Lockseed, clicking it open. "Henshin!" Fruits Basket! Several closed Arms appeared from cracks above his head, as Kouta inserted his Lockseed into the side of his belt where the unusual component was. He then pushed it forward, both opening it and revealing another layer for the Lockseed already there. Lock Open! All of the Arms then merged into him, changing his chest armour to a mural of several fruits, changing his white cape for a black one with a red inside and giving him a helmet with an insect like mouth, a golden crescent moon crest and a pointed section similar to Oda Nobunaga. Kiwami Arms! Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Shogun! The Kurokage Troopers ran forward, but Kouta pulled on the Lockseed once again. Watermelon Gatling! He summoned a dark green shield with a gatling gun attached, before pressing the knife on his belt. Soiya! Kiwami Squash! He launched a flurry of bullets that knocked all of them back with enough force to break their Drivers. He then charged in to do battle with Ikari, pulling the Kiwami Lockseed twice more. Lemon Rapier! Yomimaru! Using the two weapons, a skeletal sword and a regular fencing sword, he managed to simultaneously dodge and slash at his opponent, knocking him down.

"Why you…!", Ikari growled, as he pressed on the side of his Driver twice. Liquid! His weapon began to charge with energy, as he prepared to leap into the air. Matsubokkuri Energy Sparking!

Budou Ryuhou! Kouta used his fellow Armoured Rider Ryugen's signature weapons to shoot at Ikari before he could pull off his attack. "If you're not going to yield willingly, I'll have to make you." Kouta then pressed down on his Driver twice. Soiya! Kiwami Au Lait! Kouta fired grape shaped bullets that formed into the shape of an Asian Lung, before hitting Ikari with enough force to knock him down, his Driver beginning to show cracks as his Lockseed lay in ruins next to him.

"Grrr, Jugodo! Take care of him.", Ikari hissed.

"Yes.", Jugodo nodded, as she pressed down on her Driver three times. Soiya! Black Sparking! Her foot charged with energy as she leapt into the air, jumping towards her target. "Rider Kick!" But she found her attack had been deflected. Apple Reflecter! "What?" Shine Lychee Sword! Using his newly summoned weapon, Kouta then slashed her back. Marron Bomber! Kouta now wielded gloves similar to those worn by Amante, which he fired several spikes from, launching Jugodo back. But she wasn't downed so easily. "You…!"

She removed the Lockseed, which was now protruding Helheim vines, before getting rid of them, and clicked it. Ichigou! "That Lockseed…", Kaito realised. "It's out of control."

But Jugodo ignored his warning, reinserting it. Lock On! She then cut it open. Soiya! Ichigou Arms! Waza no Ichigou, Let's Go! "If that's the case…", Kouta decided. He pressed down on his Driver three times, before leaping into the air. Soiya! Kiwami Sparking! He then coated himself with energy, falling downwards to perform a diving kick as Jugodo did likewise. Soiya! Ichigou Sparking! The two attacks collided midair, creating an explosion… which soon cleared to reveal Sakura falling outwards, with her Driver falling outwards with her Lockseed at the same time, before Kouta landed, slightly exhausted. "Don't worry, I've broken the mechanism that was keeping her their thrall. She'll be alright."

"He went through all that and he's still standing.", Momo commented.

"So, that's the power of a space god.", Shinya added.

But a moment later, a beam came from nowhere, hitting Kouta and causing him to collapse in pain. "Kazuraba!" Kaito ran to try and help him, but was shot backwards.

It was Ikari, wielding a gun. "You and I aren't done here." He put his Driver back on and then picked up the Showa Lockseed, setting it on his Driver. Lock On! He then pressed it open. Liquid! J Arms! Shingeki Jumbo Formation! He then grew to giant size, mutating into a reptilian creature that resembled an insect, the belt and Lockseed being destroyed by this.

"We'll handle this.", Hiroto stated as he stepped forward with the Engine Cast case.

"Right.", Momo nodded as she moved for the inside of the warehouse, heading over to Pink Blocker.

But Kaito wasn't paying attention, instead walking over to Kouta. It was then that Reika appeared, wielding a device that resembled a vacuum. "Ironic. We expend resources searching every inch of this world for Kouta Kazuraba, and yet, he was with you the whole time, sealed inside a Lockseed he had you bring into this world. Waiting for you to unlock him by invoking Gaim's power."

"You bastards!", Kaito hissed. "What're you doing to him?"

"Oh he'll be fine.", Reika assured him. "But he won't have access to any of his Rider powers, which should have the effect of reducing him to a normal human." Sure enough, Kouta's transformation was undone, revealing that not only did he now have black hair, but he was wearing a regular blue jacket and jeans, along with a white t-shirt. The beam dispersed, as he collapsed to the ground, unconscious. His 9 Lockseeds appeared in a container, with his 2 Lock Vehicles being all that Kouta still possessed. "We'll be sure to hold onto these for future research."

"Why you…", Naoto growled as he and Shinya approached Reika. But before they could, they were attacked by a horde of insects that knocked them down, before assembling into a humanoid locust.

"Oh? I should've mentioned that our recreation of the Golden Fruit contains all of its abilities.", Reika stated. "Including the ability to summon this creature. I'll leave you to play with him." With that said, she turned and vanished, along with the stolen Lockseeds.

Up in the air, Seikuu-Oh, Red Puncher and Pink Blocker stood posed to face the mutant creature. "Shinya Ikari has been consumed by his revenge and turned into this thing.", Hiroto reiterated. "There's nothing we can do for him."

"Except put an end to his suffering.", Miu added as Seikuu-Oh moved forward, engaging in a fistfight with the creature, punching it back.

But the creature recovered, shooting vines from its body that wrapped around the three robots, lifting them into the air. "This won't stop us.", Momo declared. Sure enough, Pink Blocker summoned her Battle Stick, using it to cut through the vines, before combining it with its King Blaster to shoot the creature back. "Puncher Gatling!" Red Puncher approached the creature and began punching it at rapid speeds, eventually knocking it down. "Alright, let's finish it. Pink Imapct Wave!"

"Seikuu-Oh: Seikuu Impulse!"

The two robots launched their attacks at the creature, wounding it so that it fell down, exploding as it perished.

On the ground, the others were being thrown around by the creature. "Any idea how to beat this thing?", Shinya asked.

"I think I faced something like it in a dream once.", Kaito answered. "But I don't remember the details."

"This is not an easy foe to beat.", Yakumo noted.

"Huh, looks like I should've stuck around you guys for longer." Everyone then looked up to see the same suited man with the camera. "You can't get anything done without me."

"It's the guy from Nara.", Shinya recognised him. "But who are you?"

"Just a passing through Kamen Rider.", the man said as he took a card out of an album and attached a pink belt that resembled a camera. "Remember that." He turned the card in his hand around, after opening the belt. "Henshin!" He then inserted the card. KamenRide! He then closed the belt, causing energy cards to materialise a suit onto him. Decade!

It was then that Kouta regained consciousness, enough to react with shock to this. "Whoa! A pink guy!"

"It's not pink, it's magenta!" The man calling himself Decade insisted as he went into battle with the locust creature, landing some good punches to it. He then took out another card, inserting it into his belt. AttackRide: Slash! He then converted his album into a sword, delivering some slashes to knock the creature down. He then placed a third card in his belt. Final AttackRide: D-D-Decade! A set of energy cards then surrounded the area around the creature, with Decade running through the cards to deliver a slash attack, destroying it. He then turned back to the others. "Now then, we'd better get out of here before they send more soldiers." He lifted his hand up, creating a distorted wall that encroached upon every member of Fractured Infintiy and Kouta, causing them to disappear.

Back at Dark Bo's base, Kugai's tour had taken the members of Dark Guild to outside a large door, when Dr. Zora realised something. "Ariake hasn't been following us since we left the Generator room."

Kugai had a realisation of his own. "She wouldn't…"

"Ah! My precious Mangetsu!" Sure enough, as Kugai had feared, Ariake entered with a bulky creature who was a mix of red and gold parts, wearing a ceremonial sash, wielding a distinct sword. This was her son, Mangetsu Kibaoni. "I'm so glad I have you back."

"She did.", Kugai sighed.

But then Mangetsu turned his attention to the suited man. "Hey, you! The one who's responsible for all of us being here. What're we doing here?"

"Yes, I'd like to know that as well.", Buldont interjected.

"If you'd both be PATIENT.", Kugai stressed, as he opened the door in front of them, I'm about to show you that." As they walked through the door, they saw a variety of different figures, most of them appearing to be human, but with a few regular non-humanoids in the picture. "I've been gathering people like you as part of my experiments, those who possess the strongest drives for conquest and destruction. Many of them are aliens, robots or demons, we even have some enhanced humans. Feel free to mingle among others like yourselves for a few minutes.

As the members of Dark Guild took his advice, Reika approached Kugai. "I have good news and bad news. We found and neutralised Kouta Kazuraba, but he managed to escape, along with the members of Fractured Infinity."

"How did that happen?", Kugai asked.

"It was Tsukasa Kadoya.", Reika explained. "He intervened to save them at the last second."

"Tsukasa Kadoya.", Kugai stated. "We should've expected he'd find his way back into this world sooner or later. We'll have to be on alert for now."

Meanwhile, as Kugai had suggested, the Dark Guild members were mingling with others of their kind. Yogosmacritein, Buldont and Malthiua were shocked by how few robots there were. "If you ask me, this army seems decidedly organic-centric.", Yogosmacritein commented.

"Perhaps.", Gray, of the Back Dimensional Party Vyram, nodded. "But it can't be denied that organic scan possess capabilities that machines can potentially lack. Like the ability to create works of true art."

"Bah! Who needs real art?", Buldont asked. "Machines are far superior to organics because we have no need for such frivolity."

"I like your style.", Captain Gatezone of the Crisis Empire nodded. "Humans waste far too much time doing things other than working, they need order to ensure a sufficient society."

"An order we can bring to them.", Malthiua nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Dr. Zora was the sole member to join the group of aliens. She ended up striking up a conversation with Insarn from the Space Empire Zangyack. "So, you invented a method of genetically engineering any creature for any purpose?", Insarn said. "I'm more of a cyberneticist myself."

"Perhaps we could compare notes at some point.", Dr. Zora suggested.

Ryuya had joined the enhanced humans, who were less than impressed with him. "You think a suit like that will help you out?", on Hiryu Kakogawa commented, triggering his Anotherwatch to transform. Zi-O II! "You don't even have any weapons. This will be easy."

Before he could do anything serious, Ryuya called upon his Double Vector using his Chrono Access, effortlessly slashing his opponent back with two hits. "I have to say, I'm impressed.", Masamune Dan commented. "You seem like a capable warrior."

The chatting was then halted as Kugai stepped up to a podium. "Ladies and gentlemen.", he began. "In your own worlds, you all tried time and time again to seize your objectives. Power, control, destruction. And yet, you were thwarted at every turn by your enemies. But now, with my vast resources at your disposal, each of you will be given one world of your own, to do with as you please. And all you have to do is cooperate with my grand design. You will all be given time to think it over, after which we will expect an answer."

As he left, the alien Evolt turned to his companion, a human in a suit wearing an identical belt to his. "Well then, I'll be given a whole new world to destroy if I help this guy conquer everything. But you, you'll just be along for the ride if I agree or if I don't. Isn't that right, Utsumi?"

"Yes, Master Evolt.", the man named Utsumi nodded. "All for your glory."

Elsewhere, Fractured Infinity, Kouta and Decade appeared within a metal corridor. "Where are we?", Yakumo asked. "And for that matter, who are you?"

"Oh, I guess I hadn't properly introduced myself.", the man sighed, as he undid his transformation. "Normally, I have friends to do this for me. I'm Tsukasa Kadoya, otherwise known as the destroyer of worlds. As for where we are, it's the one place that Dark Bo won't think to look." He gestured for everyone to look behind him.

They saw a window, from which they had a view of the Earth beneath them. "We're on the moon.", Hiroto surmised. "Have to admit, I never thought when I was dragged into this that I'd be going into space."

"We"re currently at the edge of Kugai's world.", Tsukasa explained. "He couldn't be bothered to recreate anything beyond the moon, nor will he let the universe expand any further. We"re sitting on the edge of the experiment. And now, we have what we might just need to defeat Kugai's ambitions."

"Dr. Inaba's disc.", Miu realised.

"Wait a minute.", Kaito pointed out. "How do you expect us to take a stand against Dark Guild, with only 9 of us, one of whom is currently lacking any real means of fighting for himself? Right now, it would be a fools errand, regardless of how strong we are individually?"

"Who says there are only 9 of us?", Tsukasa asked, as he led everyone into a chamber, where they saw several people standing around, mingling with each other. "Kugai has done this experiment several times, and each time, he thought he'd sent the subjects involved home. But I've been rescuing them, building up a force to take down his grand plan when it's about to start up."

"Which currently, is right now.", Shinya pointed out.

"It seems that now, we have to take the fight to them, for all our worlds.", Momo pointed out.

"No pressure then.", Naoto shrugged. "When do we start?"