At the moon base, the members of Fractured Infinity were searching their way through the crowd, looking to mingle with the others. Momo found herself being approached by a man in a red jacket, like a modern take on a piratical outfit. "Yo, OhPink, it's been a while."

Momo was confused. "Should I know you?", she asked.

"Right, we haven't met yet from your perspective.", the man said, as he held up a small figurine that Momo thought looked like Captain Goro's Powered Suit. "In the future, you gave me your power as part of our hunt for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe."

"I doubt I'd ever give my power away for something so frivolous.", Momo commented as she turned away from him. "A good soldier knows never to give their enemies the advantage."

"Right." Momo looked over to see a woman in grey overalls with a black combat jacket. "I've learned that sometimes, you have to be careful about who you trust, even in your line of work." She then reached out her hand for a shake. "Yoko Nakashima, STORAGE Special Airborne Armour pilot."

Momo reciprocated. "Momo Maruo, United Airforce Overtech Hardware Lieutenant."

"Oh you've no idea what it feels like to meet another serving officer after so long.", Yoko commented.

Meanwhile, Yakumo had managed to strike up a conversation with Tsubasa Ozu, who had taught him magic back in his world. "The way you make it sound, I have a pretty good future ahead of me.", Tsubasa noted.

"Right.", Yakumo nodded. "I just hope you can live long enough to live up to it." He then caught a glimpse of a middle-aged man, one Jun Honganji of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Yakumo stopped his current conversation and went over to talk with him. "I know you.", he stated.

"Oh?", the older man responded, confused.

"You locked me in prison for rather nonsensical reasons.", Yakumo informed him. "I may have got out, but it was still annoying." With that said he turned around, seemingly speaking to the wall. "You can reveal yourself now, I've known you were there for a few minutes."

He took out a few Shurikens, throwing them at the wall, and revealing a woman in a blue jacket with a green star pattern on the front, and a silver star on the back. "Mou! And I thought I might be able to grasp what your deal is."

"My deal is the same as yours, I assume. I'm a ninja who was brought into this world by Kugai Kudo, who's now fighting to stop his ambitions. Your trick is an easy one to spot." He then reached out for a handshake. "Yakumo Kato."

"Hammie.", the other girl instead did some strange ritual. "I have to say, I've never met any Earth Ninjas before. Since I've been learning from that Samurai Princess for a while, perhaps you could help hone my skills."

"Samurai? Princess?", Yakumo commented in confusion.

He soon felt a katana being pressed to his neck by a teenage girl. "I would also like to see what kind of power you possess.", she stated as she lowered her weapon. "I think you'd be interesting."

Miu had found herself a new friend in a young girl named Mayu. "So now, I fight to keep people from losing their lives to despair, like my family did.", Mayu finished explaining. "Haruto trusted me with protecting everyone's hope in his place, but with my sister's Phantom Medusa reappearing in this world, I feel that I'm not good enough."

"Hey, you aren't responsible for her return.", Miu assured her. "And from what you've told me, you never got the chance to avenge your family beforehand. This time, it's your turn to be the Final Hope."

"Right.", I will.", Mayu nodded.

Meanwhile, Kaito was carrying the still unconscious Kouta around, feeling the weight on his back. "Kaito-san!" He then turned to see two faces he often saw together, back during the Beat Rider ways. Ryoji Hase and Jounouchi Hideyasu. He knew for a fact the former was supposed to be dead, but given that he himself was in the same boat, he didn't question it. "We didn't think we'd see another Armoured Rider here.", Hase blurted out.

"Make that two.", Jounouchi corrected. "He's holding onto Team Gaim's Kouta Kazuraba. So, does that mean our alliance is back on?"

"Alliance?", Kaito commented. "I'm pretty sure you two were the ones who broke it in the first place."

"Oh, that was only a month or two ago.", Jonouchi countered, shocking Kaito. He assumed that Hase would've been pulled from a few moments before his death, but it seemed from that comment that Jonouchi was pulled from a similar era. "Anyway, what happened to Kazuraba?"

"He's lost all of his Lockseeds.", Kaito explained. "Which means that until we get them back, he can't join us on the field and who knows what the shock of having his powers removed from him resulted in."

It was then that Kouta regained consciousness. "Where am I?", he asked, before looking at the other three Armoured Riders. "Who are you? Who am I?"

All three were shocked by this. "He seems to have forgotten everything about himself." Another figure said as he approached the three. "And as far as I can predict, the three of you alone will not be able to jog your friend's memory. I and my allies will have to aid you in recovering what was taken from him, even at a great cost."

"Given that he's our best option at defeating Kugai's army, then we need to make that cost.", Kaito insisted. "By the way, I'm not sure I got your name."

"I am Miyuki Tezuka.", the man answered as he showed off a pink coloured card box with a stingray pattern on it. "Kamen Rider Raia."

Elsewhere, at Dark Bo's headquarters, an announcement went over the loudspeakers to the different areas of the rest area. "Will my top ranking soldiers report to the control room at once. I have a new mission for you."

In the enhanced humans section, Asakura laughed as he went on his way. "Looks like I might actually have some fun coming up.", he laughed, taking up a pole and dragging it across the floor.

The other people in this clique looked at him with disdain. "I don't know why Kugai Kudo thinks he should receive special treatment.", Masamune commented. "He's little more than a jumped up thug."

"Perhaps.", the Time Jacker Schwartz said in response. "But sometimes, people like him can have their uses. And they tend to be more disposable than the more intelligent soldiers."

"What are you saying?", Coolgin asked as he stepped forward. "Are you saying that I am psychopathic as well?"

"Not at all.", Ryuya stepped in. "You're not as psychopathic as say, Asakura. It's merely your high rank that's leading to you being called up."

"A high rank I wouldn't have if my enemy and his allies had simply stuck to their script.", Coolgin responded as he too left.

Dr. Ashura of the Armed Brain Army Volt commented on this. "When are we going to get a taste of the action? Why is it only them who get anything?"

"Right.", Erin Suda, the Aquarius Zodiarts, brainwashed into compliance by Kugai, nodded in agreement, as she pressed her Horoscope switch and transforming. "In this state, my body is absolutely filthy (fuketsu)." As a non-native Japanese speaker, she struggled with the language sometime.

"I think you mean 'flawless' (muketsu).", her ally Marusheena remarked.

In the aliens section, the only one leaving them was Gauche. "Well then, we shall have to resume our discussion on creating an ultimate life form later, ladies.", she said as she departed company with Dr. Zora and Insarn.

Damaras, Insarn's comrade from her days with the Zangyack, was the first to say something about this. "Personally, I think we have too many mad doctors around here with her around. I won't miss her while she's gone."

Dr. Zora was confused. "Wait, there are more scientists here other than us."

"Oh, did nobody tell you?", Evolt asked as he butted in. "There's this guy who calls himself Professor Monster, who's working on some kind of experiment with what Kugai calls 'the Abomination'. Whatever he's doing, he doesn't take time out of it to talk with us lower life forms." He then turned and left, as quickly as he came.

"The arrogance of that creature.", Insarn fumed. "He claims to be our equal, yet he has something most of us could only dream of: the power to control black holes. I've tried to get him to share his secrets, but he's been deliberately secretive."

"Perhaps if we work together, we could take his secret for ourselves.", Dr. Zora suggested.

And over in the section for demons, Dayuu, Uva and Brajil were all making their departure. "Ah, and I was just getting to get to know Dayuu-chan.", Ariake lamented. "Her stories about her unrequited love were really touching."

"Don't worry.", Dayuu assured her. "When I return from this mission, I'll resume sharing them with you. To be honest, it's good to have someone I can talk to them about."

"Well, that's very touching.", Brajil commented semi-sarcastically. "But we do have a mission to embark upon right now, Dayuu. And the sooner we can complete it, the sooner I can resume my plans for the Earth's salvation."

"Oh,y ou always get to do the fun stuff.", N-Daguva-Zeba of the Grongi growled. "When am I going to get out there and have a chance to kill some people?" He then grabbed both Brajil and Uva by the throats, pushing them against the wall. "Maybe I should just kill you two and take your place."

But he was then turned to stone by a single gaze from the Phantom Medusa. "Thanks for that.", Uva said as he and Brajil got themselves free. "He was getting annoying."

"I'll turn him back soon enough.", Medusa stated as she reverted to her human face, that of Mayu's twin sister, Misa. "But for now, you two had better get going." Both of them nodded and left the room, along with Dayuu.

Soon, the group of six made its way to the control room, where Kugai and Reika were waiting. "We have recovered a small collection of items, items we cannot allow Fractured Infinity or anyone potentially helping them to have.", Kugai explained as he presented Gaim's entire collection of Lockseeds. "I've extracted enough data for them to be of use to us, but now they're a liability to us." He gave the Orange Lockseed to Asakura, the Pine and Ichigo Lockseeds to Coolgin, the Suika Lockseed to Uva, the Lemon, Cherry and Peach Energy Lockseeds to Dayuu, the Kachidoki Lockseed to Gauche and the Kiwami Lockseed to Brajil.

"So you want us to dispose of them so that Fractured Infinity can never retrieve them?", Brajil asked.

"Far from it.", Reika answered him. "Fractured Infinity can have them back. But that doesn't mean we'll make it easy for them."

"We"re going to dispatch all of you to one of our 6 major bases, other than this one.", Kugai took over. "There, each of you will guard the Lock you have been given with your lives. And in case you're worried about being overpowered." He clicked his fingers, causing a series of Helheim vines to appear, wrapping around each of the six, causing them to convulse with pain. "Consider this a boost of power." He then turned to Reika. "And now it's time I give you the same power."

Reika was shocked. "M-Me? But I've always been loyal to you, Master Kugai."

"Which is why I'm giving you this." He took out a Lockseed that resembled a Helheim fruit, with the designation "L.S. Hells" written on it upside down. "This Lockseed is the product of us finally being able to create real Lockseeds, as opposed to artificial Rider Locks, or the Energy Lockseeds. The nutrients for this were stored in the Kiwami Lockseed, lying unused. Until now." He also presented her with a Sengoku Driver. "It's time that I ascended you from my High Priestess to my bodyguard."

Reika was shocked, but composed herself quickly. "Thank you, Master Kugai." She placed the belt on herself, forming the image of a faceplate that resembled Gaim's, but with more of an Arabian flavour. She then clicked the Lockseed open. Hells! "Henshin!" She placed the Lockseed in her belt, clicking it down. Lock On! As Helheim vines appeared and wrapped around her upper body, she pressed down on the knife of the Driver. Soiya! The vines fused around her, transforming her into a Rider with purple armour over a silver undersuit, with pink eyes and a red silk scarf over her mouth, in addition to purple coattails with a golden design around the end. She was also armed with a pole arm that had a Helheim Fruit shaped tip. Hells Arms! Shinryaku no Kajutsu!

Back at the moon base, Hiroto was talking with Tsukasa. "I've managed to decipher the disc from Dr. Inaba. I've identified at least 6 major outposts for Dark Bo, but their main base seems to have been omitted. We'll have to get into one of their personal servers for that."

"Well, that's certainly annoying.", Tsukasa sighed. "Stealing important informationā€¦ if only Kaitou were hereā€¦"

Hiroto thought of commenting on this, but decided not to. There were a lot of people with the same name. "Now then, speaking of important information, I'd like to know how this base came to be, and how you managed to get back into this world after Kugai kicked you out."

"He tried to send me back to my own world, in my own era.", Tsukasa explained. "But I don't belong to any world, or era, so he simply dumped me in the void between worlds. I don't know how long I was out there, but soon I was pulled back into this world by a surprising benefactor. Narutaki, a man who's devoted himself to badmouthing me in the past."

"Kugai's ambitions must be terrible, if your greatest critic is helping you.", Hiroto pointed out.

"He set me up with this moon base he transported in from another universe. And then he gave me the exact coordinates I needed to bring everyone from the first few experiments back in. Since then, I've been observing every later experiment, bringing everyone who was dragged into this into the fight full time."

It was then that Kaito appeared with his party of Jonouchi, Hase and Tezuka. "Hey, this guy thinks he knows the location of Kouta's Orange Lockseed.", the former said, indicating Tezuka.

"More than that.", Tezuka stated. "I know the location of every one of Kouta's Lockseeds, across The Black Bohdi Tree's main outposts. And that we need at least one specific person at each of them, including myself."

"Whatever.", Tsukasa tutted, turning around and waving his arm in the air. "I'm not really our leader, do what you want."

Sometime later, after Tezuka had gathered everyone he said needed to be there into a briefing room, Hiroto brought out a tablet, on which he displayed a map of the world, which he had magnified for everyone to see with a projector. "According to Dr. Inaba, Kugai's main 6 outposts are in 6 locations: London in England, Seville in Spain, the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, Kyoto in Japan, Paris in France and Rome in Italy. We're going to send in groups of 4 to each location in order to retrieve the Lockseeds he stole from Kouta."

"Just a question.", Shinya thought to ask. "How are we going to get back when we've concluded our business? I imagine Tsukasa will send us there, but I doubt he can go around and pick all of us up."

"We've already solved that problem." The one who said this was Megumi Mori, of Choujuu Sentai Liveman, who was accompanied by Zack Taylor of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Gentaro Kisaragi, Kamen Rider Fourze. "Zack's Morpher has an in-built teleportation system that, in his own world, is able to send him wherever he needs to go. While his ability to use it is limited without his Command Centre, I've been able to analyse the technology and combine it with the principle of Gentaro-kun's Gate Switch, to create these recall switches." She opened a briefcase, revealing 6 button like devices. "When you've finished, you can simply press these and you'll be returned here."

"Well, that seems to settle that issue.", Kaito commented, as he reached out to shake the hands of all three. "Thank you, Megumi-chan, Gentaro-san, Zack-san." Admittedly, saying the latter's name so formally was strange, as he had known a Zack back in his world. Even if the latter had betrayed him and may or may not have died in the attempt, Kaito still missed him.

"Don't mention it. I like doing stuff to help other people.", Gentaro responded, as he reached out for a fist bump, which Kaito reciprocated after some hesitation. "I'm Gentaro Kisaragi, the man who will befriend everyone."

"Yeah, it was no biggie.", Zack added. "I know you probably won't understand me, but I hope you can appreciate my help."

"Believe me, we will appreciate it, Mr. Zack.", Yakumo responded, shocking the American with his grasp of English. He then returned to Japanese to resume the conversation. "So, who are the lineups and where are they going to?"

"Team 1 will consist of Kaito, Hase, Jonouchi, Kouta and myself.", Tezuka answered him. "We'll be going to London. Team 2 will consist of Metalder, Shinya, Captain Marvelous and Yua Yaiba, and will be going to Seville. Travelling to the Amazon will be Eiji Hino, Yusuke Godai, Aruto Hiden and Momo Maruo as Team 3. For Team 4, Kaoru, Hammie, Reiha Yagyuu and Yakumo will move ahead to Kyoto. Team 5 will be Naoto, Tsukasa Myojin, Sougo Tokiwa and Megumi, going to Paris. Finally, Knight, Gosei Knight, Miu and Mayu will head for Rome as Team 6."

"Wait a minute.", Naoto thought to ask. "Why does Team 1 have 5 members, when every other only gets 4?"

"I have to agree.", Megumi nodded. "Especially since your 5th member is rather lacking in power."

"I have my reasons.", was all Tezuka offered. "It will work out in the end, but for right now, he's part of a plan I've devised. As is Hase."

Hase was confused. "Eh? Me?"

Sometime later, in London, a pair of Kurokage Troopers were patrolling in the area around the BT Tower when they heard a voice. "Move it, you swine!" They moved to see two high-profile targets - Kouta Kazuraba and Kaito Kumon - along with Miyuki Tezuka and Hideyasu Jonouchi, both of whom had been in prior iterations of the experiment, being pushed forward by another Kurokage. "Don't stop, keep going."

"Wow, you managed to capture all of these people by yourselves?", one of the duo asked him. "Including Kouta Kazuraba."

"I saw them wandering the city, along with a fifth member." The Kurokage escorting them stated. "But he got away. He was running towards the shopping centre, looking for our base."

"Well he's looking in the wrong place then.", the other of the duo commented. "We're based back near the Euston train station, at the Nando's chicken restaurant."

"Thank you.", Hase nodded before he hit both of them across the head with his Kagematsu, rendering them unconscious. He then undid his transformation. "I don't see why I'm not allowed to kill them. What if they wake up and chase us?"

"They won't do that.", Kaito assured him, as he removed their Drivers, breaking the component on the back of the head. "This will ensure that they wake up freed from the control placed on them. We can move on to Euston at will."

It was then that Kouta spoke up. "Listen, I can't really do much in a fight, so why don't I just stay here and look after these two when they wake up?"

"No.", Tezuka insisted. "You need to be there, when the time is right."

"'When the time is right', what does that mean?", Jonouchi asked.

But Tezuka didn't say anything, merely proceeding with the others to Euston Station.

Some time later, they came to the specified location. "This seems a little too easy.", Hase noted, as he took note of the fact that only a handful of people seemed to be there, all sitting down for food and drinks from the miniature supermarket nearby. "You think there'd be a few more guards than there seem to be. Those two back there were the only ones we've seen."

"Regardless, we should just go with it.", Kaito suggested. "Even if it's a trap, we're all prepared for it."

They walked past the crowd, not noticing one of them stop to follow them with her eyes as they entered the building. Once there, Jonouchi saw something on the counter. "Kazuraba's Orange Lockseed!" He went running toward it, only to be hit by a small metal bat thrown at his arm, knocking him down.

It was then that Asakura appeared, accompanied by the people from outside. "You were foolish to think we wouldn't expect you to come. Or that we might not notice you knocked out two of our grunts."

"Asakura!", Tezuka snarled as everyone but Kouta assumed defensive positions. "So Kugai took you in as his lapdog. I may have seen it coming, but I can't say I'm sure why."

"Oh, Kugai did more than employ me.", Asakura answered. "He severely enhanced my power." He held out his Advent Deck, causing his Contract Monster Venosnaker to appear in one of the windows. Asakura's V-Buckle appeared, with him inserting the Deck into it. Instead of the usual transformation, the snake emerged from the mirror, merging with Asakura to transform him into a reptilian humanoid, with purple skin and a long tail. "I've been imbued with power from something called 'Helheim'. He tells me your friends have that same power."

Hase and Jonouchi were confused by this. "Helheim?"

"That forest we had a competition in over Christmas.", Kaito clarified. "Though he's doing more than simply using the fruits to transform. He seems to have become a creature of Helheim itself. A Semi-Inves as it were."

"Whatever he is, he's still the same psycho he always was.", Tezuka stated as he held out his own Advent Deck, calling upon his own V-Buckle. "And we're going to take him down."

"Right.", the other three said as they took out their Lockseeds, clicking them open. Banana!/Matsubokkuri!/Donguri! "Henshin!" All placed their Lockseeds on their belts and pressed them open as Tezuka inserted his Advent Deck, transforming into Kamen Riders Baron, Kurokage, Gridon and Raia. Lock On!

Come On! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear!

Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! Ichigeki in the Shadows!

Come On! Donguri Arms! Never Give Up!

The monstrous figure of Ouja was unimpressed. "Get them." His minions nodded, transforming into Kurokage Troopers. Soon, a fight broke out between everyone except Kouta, who just stepped back. He was staring at the Orange Lockseed, finding it familiar, but not sure how to act.

Kaito found himself being overwhelmed by the sheer number of troopers, who were all advancing on him. "Looks like I don't have a choice.", he decided, before fading into a blob of purple energy, that phased through one who was attacking him from behind. As all of them paused with shock, Kaito rematerialised, firing a ball of fire from his Banaspear, which burst into several smaller fireballs that hit all of his opponents in their belts, breaking them and rendering them unconscious. "Looks like I'm almost there.", he noted, as his eyes glowed green.

Nearby, Hase was facing several of his own knockoffs, managing to get the upper hand against them by virtue of being brainwashed. "Looks like the copies are no match for the original.", he noted, as he pressed down on his belt. Soiya! Matsubokkuri Squash! He thrust his weapon forward, creating an energy spearhead that plunged through all of his opponents' Drivers, breaking them.

By contrast, Jonouchi was struggling in the fight, barely managing to land any good hits on any of his opponents. But fortunately for him, the brainwashed Kurokage Troopers weren't really capable of outsmarting him, allowing him to use some cheap shots to knock two of them down. "Alright!" He then pressed down on his belt. Come On! Donguri Au Lait! "Gridon Impact!" He leapt forward, hitting his next opponent with his Donkachi, knocking them to the ground.

Tezuka meanwhile, was not fairing well in battle with Asakura. The amount of glass buildings the former could use to his advantage could also be used by his enemy. And when they decided to break out the Advent Cards, Asakura unveiled a surprising trick. He no longer needed a Visor to trigger the effects of his deck. He simply inserted the Cards into himself. Sword Vent! Asakura tore his own tail from his body, swinging it at his foe. "Asakura, what's Kugai done to you?", Tezuka asked.

"What he's done is give me real power.", Asakura hissed, as he inserted another Advent Card. Strike Vent! Metalegas, Asakura's other Contract Monster appeared, with its master pulling its head off and mounting it as a gauntlet on his hand, which he began swinging.

"I can't defend forever.", Tezuka realised, using one of his own Advent Cards. Swing Vent!

But as his whip appeared, Asakura laughed. "Like I'll allow that to happen." He then inserted another Card into himself. Confine Vent! This stopped the whip from leaving the Mirror World. "You can't fight me now."

"Don't be too sure.", Tezuka insisted as he inserted another Advent Card into his Visor. Copy Vent! Using the effect of the previously activated Confine Vent, dispersing Asakura's Strike Vent. He then went forward and began punching Asakura back.

It was then that Kouta had begun to edge closer to the Orange Lockseed, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Asakura. "If I can't beat you, then I'll just take out your friend.", he decided, inserting a certain card into himself. Final Vent! He sprayed venom from his body and sucked it into his leg, before leaping towards the amnesiac Kouta.

"Watch out!", Tezuka called out as he ran forward, letting himself take the blow for a worried Kouta. His armour being designed to allow for lethal blows, the attack was fatal. "Just like I predicted.", he whispered.

"Tezuka-san!", Kouta cried out. "Why did you save me? I barely know you, and yet you saved me."

"I'm not important in the grand scheme of things. Just another face in the crowd. An echo of a dead man, carrying on his pain, like Kaito.", was Tezuka's answer. "But you, Kouta - you have to live on. Your power, the power of an Overlord, is our best chance of stopping Kugai." And with that, he dissolved away, leaving nothing behind.

Asakura looked down at this and laughed. "Well, well. Even killing him again is really boring. And I didn't think he could get a more sappier death scene."

Kouta was enraged by this. "You bastard!" He ran and grabbed the Lockseed, clicking it open. Orange! Suddenly, a flash of images entered his mind, of his elf using this to fight. "Henshin!" He placed it on his Sengoku Driver, clicking it in place. Lock On! As a crack opened to reveal a giant orange, he cut open the Lockseed, causing the orange to fall on him, opening up to reveal his suit. Soiya! Orange Arms! Hanamichi, On Stage! "This is my stage now!"

The other three Armoured Riders stopped in their battles to take notice of this. "Kazuraba!", Kaito said, shocked. "You're back."

"Well, not quite.", Kouta admitted. "I seem to have only regained memories relevant to this Arms. I can only gain brief glimpses of everything else." He then put his hand out for a shake. "Hey, Kaito-san, mind helping me take this guy down?"

"You know it.", Kaito nodded.

"Hey, what about us?", Jonouchi asked. "What're we supposed to do?"

"I think I've found Dark Guild's entrance." It was Hase who called this out, as he revealed a hidden door, painted to look like part of the wall. "We could go inside and try to find a computer."

"You and Gridon do that.", Kaito called back to him. "Gaim and I will take down this guy."

"Try if you can.", Asakura laughed as he held up a Contract Card, which soon depicted the likeness of Tezuka's Evildiver. This created a new Advent Card, that he inserted into himself. Unite Vent! He then morphed into a creature with hands and feet akin to a rhino and it's paws, a tail resembling a manta ray and his cobra head. "Now, I have become the ultimate life form!" Return Vent! His hand then mutated to resemble a rhino's head, which he thrust towards the pair of opponents in his way, who both moved out of the way. "Not bad. But let's see you try this." Swing Vent! Sword Vent! His rhino horn then extended, as his other arm transformed into a whip.

"That won't stop us.", Kouta announced as he pulled on the back of his Musou Saber, firing a few bullets to buffet the creature. "We're not going to go down that easily."

"Right.", Kaito nodded, as he pressed on his belt three times. Come On! Banana Sparking! He jammed his Banaspear into the ground, creating energy bananas that held Asakura in place. "Kazuraba, do it now!"

"Right.", Kouta nodded as he combined his Musou Saber and DaidaiMaru into the Naginata Musou Slicer, before removing his Orange Lockseed without closing it. Lock Off! He then reinserted it onto his weapon. Lock On! 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000! He then swung it around, before pressing the trigger. Orange Charge! He delivered several slashes that trapped the Ouja creature in a sphere of energy, before slashing through it with his DaidaiMaru, mortally wounding his opponent. Ouja exploded, with his human form being blown clear of the blast, with fragments of his Advent Deck falling nearby.

"No!", Asakura cried out as he saw his hand begin to dissolve. "I won't let it end like this!" But it did, and his body completely dissolved.

The battle over, both Kouta and Kaito undid their transformations. "Hey, Kaito. Thanks for helping me out.", Kouta said, a smile forming on his face for the first time since his amnesia. "With my current power, I doubt I would've defeated that guy."

"Don't mention it.", Kaito assured him. "We currently have a job to do." As he said that, Hase and Jonouchi came out of the wall, carrying a computer and a monitor. "I trust the mission was a success."

"We managed to get one of their computers.", Hase informed them. "But they're not on our trail."

"Then there's only one thing left for us to do.", Kouta stated as he took the monitor and threw it at their pursuers, knocking them back. "Now, let's get out of here." He took out the recall switch and pressed the button, causing all 4 of them to be returned to their home base.

And at Kugai's base, the captain of the London outpost called in. "Kaito Kumon and Kouta Kazuraba broke into this facility, damaged most of the Sengoku Drivers, killed Ouja, caused major damage to our infrastructure and escaped with a computer and the Lockseed. And there was something else. They had help."

"Help?", Reika asked. "Help from whom?"

"These people." The commander showed three images, that Kugai recognised immediately.

"Ryoji Hase, Kamen Rider Kurokage, Jounouchi Hideyasu, Kamen Rider Gridon, and Miyuki Tezuka, Kamen Rider Raia. All of them were in previous iterations of the experiment.", Kugai noted. "What happened to them?"

"Kurokage and Gridon escaped with Gaim and Baron, while Raia was killed in battle by Ouja.", the commander explained. "The damage they caused will take us some time to recover from. This is London Base, over and out." He then closed the communication.

"It's not just London Base that's reported these types of intrusions.", Reika pointed out. To demonstrate, she brought up images from the other bases, depicting Metalder, Gokai Red, Kamen Rider Valkyrie, Kamen Rider OOO, Kuuga, Kamen Rider Zero-One, Princess Shinken Red, Chameleon Green, Valorous Ninja Reiha, PatrenSangou, Kamen Rider Zi-O, Blue Dolphin, Gridknight, Gosei Knight and the first Kamen Rider Mage alongside the members of Fractured Infinity. "All of them are from former experiment iterations. It seems that they escaped us disposing of them and have formed an organised resistance, moving against us."

"For now, they've only managed to take down one base and one of our vast membership.", Kugai noted. "For now, let's see just how much they can achieve. Though just in case, I still have a secret weapon in store."