Out in the wilderness of Andalusia, Coolgin was flexing with his sword. Following his Helheim-induced rebirth as a Semi-Inves, it was now integrated into his arm. And as opposed to being armoured, as he was before, his body had been reconstructed as entirely metal. While the others had reacted rather negatively to having their bodies changed against their will, Coolgin, a genetic clone of God Neros created to serve as his kagemusha, had no objection to it. After all, his body wasn't his own, he had no say in how it was arranged. And besides, having been denied the chance to settle the score with Metalder for dishonouring him by his Lord Neros' orders to destroy Ghost Bank, he revelled in the opportunity to settle the score. He turned to his soldiers, the Light Fighter Shadows, delivering orders. "You! Straighten yourselves. Our enemies will be present shortly and we must be prepared."

His soldiers, showing him respect as a Victorious Saint, stood up straight. "Well, you certainly have a knack for commanding the loyalty of your troops." Coolgin turned to see Reika arrive, transformed into her new Rider form and carrying a large crate. "They'll certainly be of some aid in the coming battle."

"You.", Coolgin stated. "What are you doing here?"

"London Base has fallen.", Reika informed him. "Master Kugai has posted me to help reinforce Seville Base, and gifted me with a weapon to help deal with the problem of the enemy." She took out a Lockseed, specifically the Blood Orange Lockseed. "Now then, come. We should fortify the base."

"Right.", Coolgin nodded as he gestured for his soldiers to follow him.

Elsewhere, in an olive grove, Team 2, consisting of Ryusei Tsurugi aka Choujinki Metalder, Shinya Hiraga aka Riser Gant, Captain Marvelous aka Gokai Red and Yua Yaiba aka Kamen Rider Valkyrie, had all stopped to catch a rest. "How long do you need to rest here for, Ryusei-san?", Shinya asked.

"I didn't stop to rest for my benefit.", he explained as he pulled his sleeve up, removing his skin briefly to reveal a collection of circuits and wires. "You humans will need to conserve your energy for the coming confrontation."

"Oh, I see.", Marvelous noted. "So you're a robot who's looking after us humans."

"No.", Ryusei stated. "I am a Choujinki. An existence that transcends man and machine. My creator Dr. Koga was told to build me for war, but he instead programmed me to never harm another human being. He didn't want me to be a killer."

"War?", Yaiba questioned. "In our world, programming AI for fighting in wars was exactly how I ended up where I was when I was brought here. A madman created a type of Humagear programmed to be soldiers following a hive mind, but his attempt to create a threat for them to fight ended up liberating them to make their own decisions. When I tried to stick up for them, my superiors fired me for speaking out against them and not doing my job. They wanted someone who saw Humagear as tools to be decommissioned, but I saw them as important allies."

"Allies…", Ryusei commented as he thought back to his friend, the Violent Spirit Topgunder. How after everything they had gone through, after the former Neros warrior had saved his life, how Ryusei had vowed to always be his friend, how Neros had struck down his ex-servant as they had seemed to triumph. "Everyone, we need to make sure that we don't suffer any casualties in our coming battle. We need to be constantly on our guard."

"Right.", Yaiba nodded. She also had someone who the loss of weighed heavily on her mind. Her subordinate Isamu Fuwa, who had thrown away his life, and his family, to stop a threat that could likely have been defeated without any causalities. If she hadn't been hospitalised at the time, she might've been able to save him. "We need to be sure that nobody dies."

"Huh. A pirate doesn't care who lives or who dies.", Marvelous spoke for the first time since they arrived. "He just takes what he wants, regardless of what goes wrong."

Shinya's reaction to this was to grab him by his jacket's lapels. "You…! Are you saying we're all expendable to you?"

"No, no!", Marvelous assured him. "I'll play along with your bizarre 'no casualties' rule. Even if I don't really agree with it."

"Good.", Shinya let him go. "Because I get the feeling that all of us might not be coming away from this."

Back at the moon base, Team 1 returned from London. "Welcome back, everyone.", Riki Honoo, aka Red Turbo greeted them. But then he noticed something. "Hey, weren't there 5 of you when you left?"

"Tezuka sacrificed himself." Kouta barely concealed the regret in his voice. "He did it so I could get the first of my memories back."

"We'll be sure to honour him later.", Daichi Oozora, the human host of Ultraman X responded to him. "Right now, we still have some work to fighting our way through the other Dark Bo bases."

Kaito was intrigued. "None of them have made it back yet?"

"No.", Daichi assured him. "In fact, Team 2 is about prepare for their attack as we speak. Right now, you can either help train everyone else to prepare for when we launch an attack directly at Kugai's brain centre."

"Speaking of which.", Hase spoke up, presenting the computer terminal he had brought back with him. "If someone could decrypt this…"

"Say no more.", Daichi said as he took the terminal. "I can take this apart to find the memory card. It'll give me something to do. While I'm waiting…"

Daichi bought back to the moment that Kugai had appeared at the door of the warehouse he and his group - Marvelous, Sougo, Tsukasa and Akagi - to tell them what he considered bad news. And it certainly was. "Unfortunately, you cannot give me the results I desire through your battles. Your experiement has been terminated." Daichi tried to react by pulling out his X-Deviser, but it was shot out of his hand and damaged.

"Watch out, Daichi!" X's essence left the damaged device, leaping into the body of his host in an attempt to shield from the encroaching beam. But it was futile, as the beam made contact, with Daichi and the others vanishing into a white light…

But soon that cleared to show that Daichi on the moon, with Tsukasa looking at him. "Well, I almost thought I'd lost you back there. I guess you can't always believe your eyes."

"Tsukasa?", he had asked. "How did we get here? Where are the others?"

"As of right now? Currently, they're going through another experiment, but we've been replaced with two girls and a high school kid.", Tsukasa explained. He then handed his ally a white gun and what looked to be a fancy white USB. "I saw your X-Deviser take some damage back there. I think you'll need to use this in the future."

But since then, Daichi had been unable to crack the secrets of either. The gun could open into a magic wand of some kind and had a logo for "GUTS-Select" on it. And while he could insert the USB into the gun, the only sound it produced was "Blank Key" and he couldn't make the gun work otherwise. So for now, he just took the computer so he could get to work on it.

"So, what do we do now?", Jonouchi asked. "Beside his suggestion that we help train with the others."

"I think I should focus on helping get my Lockseeds back.", Kouta decided. "I'll see if I can get Tsukasa to send me to Spain."

"You do that.", Kaito decided. He could sense something familiar appearing in that area, so he thought that he'd try to get his hands on it, without it being obvious. "I have my own thing to get on with." He then turned and walked away.

Back down in Spain, Team 2 had made it to the city as the sun was setting. "Well, we're too late to try any of the restaurants here.", Marvelous noted, observing the empty seats. "All of them are beginning to close up."

"Not that one.", Shinya said in response. He pointed to a restaurant with the name "Las Cadenas", which still had a few people sitting outside of it. "Either that place is one of the best in the city or…"

"Or Dark Bo uses it as the cover for their base here.", Yaiba concluded. "But we should be sure." She went over to the people, and took out her main Progrisekey, pressing it. Dash! As if on cue, everyone sat down stood up, and took out their Lockseeds as they revealed their Sengoku Drivers. Matsubokkuri! "I knew it."

"Yes, and you've blown our element of surprise.", Shinya commented as he took out his InLoader. At the same time, the people all initiated their transformations. Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! Ichigeki in the Shadows!

"That's no trouble.", Marvelous commented as he took out his Mobilates and Ranger Key. "That just lets us have some more fun." He proceeded to open both. "Gokai Change!" He inserted his Key into the device, turning it to initiate his transformation. Gokaiger! "Gokai Red!"

Shinya closed his InLoader. "Souchaku!" In a flash, he was transformed. "Justiriser! Gant, On Stage!"

Yaiba then took out her own transformation item, the A.I.M.S ShotRiser, which she placed on herself. "Henshin!" She placed her Progrisekey into the device. Authorise! Kamen Rider! Kamen Rider! She then pulled the trigger, creating a cheetah shaped bullet that made contact with her body, transforming her. ShotRise! Rushing Cheetah! Try to outrun this demon to be left in the dust! "Now commencing destruction of targets."

As the three engaged the Kurokage Troopers in battle, Ryusei stood back, observing the opponents and scanning them. "Everyone, their brainwave activities are low. They're not in control of their actions."

"I could've told you that.", Shinya stated, as he shot one of his opponents in the waist area, breaking the Driver and forcing them back. "Those belts are injecting something into their bodies that makes them Kugai's thralls. We need to destroy them."

"Oh, you're no fun.", Marvelous groaned as he changed an intended blow to the chest to a diagonal slash, breaking the belt of his opponent. "But, if that's the rule."

"I've dealt with these kinds of enemies before.", Yaiba commented as she fired a shot at one, before pressing the button on her key. Dash! Charging herself with energy, she pressed the trigger and immediately set off running at high speed, breaking all of the Sengoku Drivers for the Kurokage Troopers attacking her. Rushing Blast! Fever! Within a few seconds, all of them were blown back by explosions that damaged their belts. "Todos, sald de aquí." Everyone nodded and ran away.

It was then that Coolgin appeared, applauding the heroes. Ryusei could now see the full extent of his new mutation. His body was entirely metal, save for a tattered clock. And while he retained his old helmet, it had cracked to reveal his secondary helmet. "Bravo, all of you. You managed to defeat our first wave of soldiers."

"Coolgin!", Ryusei gasped. "What happened to you?"

"He has become a superior life form." The answer came from Reika as she walked in. "The kind Master Kugai intends to create."

Shinya recognised her. "You're that girl who's always trailing Kugai."

"More than that now.", Reika responded as she donned her Sengoku Driver. "I too have been blessed with the power to become a superior life form." She took out her Lockseed, clicking it open. Hells! She then placed it on her Driver, clicking it as a crack opened to reveal Helheim plants that began to wrap around her. Lock On! "Henshin!" She cut the Lockseed open, forming her suit. Soiya! Hells Arms! Shinryaku no Kajutsu! "And now, to give your soldiers the same boost, Coolgin." She waved her hand to scatter seeds that grew into Helheim plants. The Light Fighter Shadows took their helmets off and ate the fruits that bloomed from them, clutching in pain, before transforming into Inves.

"You witch!", Coolgin snarled at her. "Why did you do that?"

"I wanted to at least even our chances.", Reika explained. "Sure, they lose their humanity and intelligence, but they've become much stronger fighters."

Ryusei saw this, a scowl developing on his face. His anger was about to explode from such a callous disregard for humanity. "Ikaru!" Electricity coursed through his body as his energy levels hit their peak, causing him to discard his human appearance to transform into his true form, Choujinki Metalder. When he spoke, his voice had become deeper and more confident. "Let's go!"

He charged in, trying to hit Reika, only to be blocked by Coolgin. "Metalder. You and I will settle our feud today.", he announced as he summoned 5 blades from his arm, firing them at his foe, who was hit by everyone of them. But Metalder persevered, throwing a punch at his foe, who barely reacted. "Fool! My whole body is now made of the metal I wear around myself." He then began punching his foe back.

"If he's metal, then we can simply use electricity to defeat him.", Shinya decided, fusing his armour with his weapon. "Gant Rifle."

"Right.", Yaiba nodded as she took out another Progrisekey. Thunder! "He shouldn't be able to resist this shock." She inserted the key into her ShotRiser, pressing the button on top. Thunder! She then took aim and fired. Lightning Blast!

"Thrust Shoot!"

Both attacks made contact. But Coolgin felt nothing. "You fools. Don't interfere." He turned around and shot more knives at them to knock them back.

It was then that Reika leapt in to start hitting the two with her weapon, the Hells Cane. "Your opponent is me.", she stated as she pressed down on her Driver three times. Hells Sparking! She charged her weapon and stabbed Shinya and Yaiba with it in succession, blowing them back.

"You seem to be forgetting something." Reika then turned around to see Marvelous delivering a slash with his Gokai Sabre, which had a Ranger Key inserted. Final Wave! He struck his opponent, weakening her. "One side is outnumbered."

"I agree.", Reika noted as her eyes glowed, signalling for the Inves to come forward and begin attacking. "And to give myself even better odds, time for me to call my star player." She took out another Lockseed, opening it. Blood Orange! A crack opened, but instead of an Inves, it was an anthropomorphic nepenthes creature. "Now, get them."

"Yessir.", the creature announced as it opened its mouth, shooting tendrils at the heroes to wrap them up, before shooting balls of fire from its mouth to knock them back.

"So, that's how you want to play it, huh?", Marvelous commented as he took out another Ranger Key, using it to transform. "Gokai Change!" Magiranger! A magic circle appeared, transforming him into MagiRed from Mahou Sentai Magiranger. "The best way to defeat a plant is to burn it. MagiStick Sword!" Taking out the form's weapon, he ran forward to slash at the creature, who generated a set of claws so it could fight back against its foe.

"Looks like this thing's trying to claw its way to the top.", Yaiba commented as she took out an entirely orange Zetsumeriskey. "But let's see who has the sharper claws." Serval Tiger! She inserted the key into her Riser. Warning! Kamen Rider! Warning! Kamen Rider! Warning! She then fired, despite the pain she was feeling. ShotRise! In a flash of moving parts, she had transformed into her Justice Serval form. Serval Tiger! Blades spun by justice that saves lives!

As Yaiba, Marvelous and Shinya continued grappling their way through the Inves and the creature, Reika took her leave. "Now, time to test Master Kugai's weapon."

Out in the outskirts, the battle between Metalder and Coolgin continued, with neither side giving the other an opening. "G Kick!" Metalder leapt up, with Coolgin firing his swords his way. Metalder altered his trajectory slightly enough so that while his super gravity generator took a significant hit, his body was fine enough to make contact. As Coolgin took a blow, Metalder prepped his ultimate attack. "Laser Arm!" Charging his arm with energy, Metalder managed to land a karate chop on a still dazed Coolgin, causing him to slump to the floor.

"You won, Metalder.", his foe stated, pulling himself up. "My honour is satisfied. You may take these back." He took out the Pine and Ichigo Lockseeds, throwing them towards Metalder. "Now, I will commit seppuku."

"Coolgin.", Metalder called out, stopping him. "You aren't bound to follow Neros anymore. Especially after how he sacrificed you for his own selfish desires. And Kugai is doing the same. Here, you can be your own man, following no-one."

"My own… man?", Coolgin repeated, confused by the statement.

Before Metalder could elaborate, he was stabbed in the back by an arriving Reika. "I'm sorry, Metalder. But your usefulness ended long ago and it's time to ensure you don't stick around this time." She removed her weapon. "That strike damaged your gravitational energy core in a similar way to the destruction of your original." She then planted a device on him, that caused him to glow blue before fading out. "And this dimension replacement disc will restore you to your origin point, your memory of all of this erased." As she finished saying this, Metalder completely disappeared, the Pine and Ichigo Lockseeds dropping to the floor.

"Why you…!", Coolgin growled as he pulled himself upwards, trying to attack.

But he was stopped in place by Reika pointing her hand forward. "And you, clearly the power of Helheim within you is insufficient, if you still managed to lose. Clearly I need to draw even more of it out of you." His armour then broke off partially to reveal a humanoid creature, with its face snarling and fragments of wires and circuits all over parts of its body. "Now then, we'll have you subdue the others so I can send them back."

"That's not going to happen!" Soiya! Orange Squash!/Come On! Banana Squash! Kouta and Kaito then appeared, launching their kicks to knock her back. Kouta then went and picked his Lockseeds up. "We'll also be taking these back."

Reika was annoyed. "Coolgin, change of plan. You deal with these two, I'll let the Inves take out the others." With that said, she disappeared into a portal.

"Kaito, go and help the others.", Kouta called out. "This guy is mine." Pine!

"Alright.", Kaito nodded as he moved on. Kouta then inserted the Pine Lockseed into his Driver, cutting it open. Soiya! Pine Arms! Funsai Destroy!

"This is my stage now!", Kouta declared as he faced down the mutated Coolgin. The creature ran towards him, but he used the Pine Iron to knock him back, before pulling out his Musou Saber to run forward and slash his opponent, before shooting him with the same weapon. He then pressed on his belt. Soiya! Pine Squash! Kouta wrapped Coolgin up using the chain, before delivering a slash to knock him back. "Now let's switch things up." Ichigo! He swapped out the Lockseeds. Lock On! Soiya! Ichigo Arms! Shushutto Spark! His armour changed from a pineapple shape to a strawberry shape. Coolgin tried to shoot him using his projectile blades, but Kouta was able to run forward, using his twin Ichigo Kunai to knock them aside, before slashing his foe with them several times. "Coolgin, I'm going to end your suffering." He removed his Lockseed, placing it in his Musou Saber. Lock On! 1, 10, 100! He then pointed and fired. Ichigo Charge!

He shot a barrage of Kunai that buffeted Coolgin, managing to wound him fatally. "Thank you, Kouta Kazuraba.", a Coolgin wheezed out. "For freeing me from this curse." He then collapsed backwards, exploding.

Elsewhere, Marvelous and Yaiba had managed to overpower the Nepenthes creature, with the former reverting to normal. "Oh no.", the creature cried, as the two took out their respective firearms, preparing their final attacks. Final Wave!/Progrisekey confirmed: ready to utilise! Jackal's ability! Fighting Kaban Shot! Both unleashed their shots at the creature, destroying it.

Meanwhile, Shinya took aim at the Inves with his weapon. "Gant Buster: Versus Cannon!" He fired on all of them, blowing them up.

It was then that Kaito appeared, undoing his transformation. "Looks like I've missed out on the fun."

Everyone present all reverted their own transformations. "What're you doing here?", Marvelous asked. "And what happened to Ryusei?"

"Don't get antsy.", Kaito said to him. "And if Ryusei was the red and blue robot, then some female Armoured Rider sent him back to his own world using some kind of device. But my ally is dealing with his opponent."

"Ryusei…", was all Yaiba could say, feeling sorry that she couldn't save him. "For now, we should destroy these fruits so that no-one innocent can be turned into a monster with them."

"I can handle that.", Kaito assured them. "Kazuraba has my way back anyway. You go on ahead." All of them nodded and used the recall switch to return to the moon base, leaving Kaito alone with the fruit, one of which he picked, willing it to turn into a Lockseed. A specific Lockseed.