Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, the third team of displaced heroes, consisting of Yusuke Godai, Eiji Hino, Aruto Hiden and Momo Maruo, was making its way through the area, in search of Dark Guild's secret base. Cutting through the hanging branches with a machete, everyone came to a clearing, in which they sat down to catch their rest. "They must've gone as deep as possible when they built this base.", Momo commented. "It could take us days to find it."

"Right. To find it, we'll have to go through more of this forest (mori).", Aruto declared, in a rather over the top manner. "And that's Aruto!" As he had by now become used to, nobody found the gag particularly funny.

"Was… that supposed to be a joke?", Godai asked.

"I think so.", Eiji answered him. "But I'm not sure it was a very good one."

Aruto sighed. "Looks like my dream is still far from becoming reality."

Momo was the next to speak. "So, since you're obviously not a comedian, then what do you do for a living, Aruto-san?"

"Oh, I'm the President of Hiden Intelligence, my grandfather's company dedicated to creating AI technology.", Aruto explained. "And I'm also a Kamen Rider." He took out his 01 Driver to indicate this.

"As for me, I'm just a man, travelling the world.", Godai also chose to answer her question. "In search of archeological truths unknown to man." He then summoned his transformation item, the Arcle, onto his waist. "It's how I stumbled across this."

"As for me, I just go wherever I can, trying to help as many people as I can.", Eiji contributed. "While also searching for a way to bring someone special back to me." He took out two pieces of a broken medal, stealing intently at them.

"You mean… you don't have a job, Eiji-san?", Godai asked.

"Hey, as long as I have tomorrow's pants, I'm satisfied." He took out a pair of boxer shorts to demonstrate this, which only creeped Momo out. "But what about you, Momo-san? What do you do?"

"I'm a soldier serving the whole world, protecting it against otherworldly threats.", was her answer. Everyone else seemed intrigued by this, but she wasn't in any mood to answer their questions. She climbed into the tent she had brought with them and went to sleep.

Further into the forest, Uva was testing out his new abilities. With his Helheim enhancements, he now had a prominent fanged mouth, cracks throughout his exoskeleton, forming a skull pattern on his chest and a large claw on his left arm. He hated his new body though, due to the pain it had dragged him through in his creation. The medals that comprised his body had melded together into large clumps of metal, which now made up most of his body. Even his Cores had melded in with this, making him vulnerable to being destroyed for real. It was then that Amante, the Kamen Rider that Kugai had created from some old lady appeared. "What do you want?"

"Kugai has instructed me to present you with these." The lady opened up a chest to reveal the Core Medals for his fellow Greeed, Kazari, Mezool, Gamel and Ankh. "An apology for inflicting this condition upon your body."

"Thank you.", Uva wheezed as he picked up the Medals with his claw hand, inserting them into himself. "Now then, I can kill OOO with the full power of my kind."

"About that.", Amante then presented him with one of the chips that Reika had used on Metalder. "You are simply to take OOO's Core Medals and then plant this on him and the others. Provided you can do that to at least one of them will be a success, even if they reclaim the Lockseed."

"Oh, that second part won't be an issue." Uva picked up the Suika Lockseed and applied pressure to it, causing it to shatter into pieces. "I'd like to see them complete their set without this."

Up in the moon base, Kaito went over to Kouta, who was preparing to depart for the Amazon. "Kazuraba, I think you could do to take this." He presented his ally with his Suika Lockseed. "Who knows what Dark Bo might do? Especially since they could use your Suika Lockseed as easily as you can."

"Thank you.", Kouta nodded. "But don't you need this?"

Kaito insistently placed the Lock in Kouta's hand. "No, I don't use it that often." He then turned around and moved to walk off, staring at a new Lockseed. As he did this, he was observed by Takumi Inui, who moved to follow him.

Back in the Amazon, the sound of a bird screeching woke Team 3 from their sleep. "Good morning." Godai, Eiji and Aruto saw that Momo had made an effort to prepare their breakfast using the berries from the trees. "I thought that if we're going to get an early start, then I should make sure breakfast is prepared for all of us."

Everyone sat down to eat what had been prepared. But all of them needed only to take one bite to figure out the verdict. "It's… certainly unique.", Aruto got out through gritted teeth as he did a false smile.

Godai didn't bother with the pleasantries, spitting it out. "Too much baking soda.", he said to Momo.

"Momo-san…", Eiji asked as his stomach began grumbling. "Have you ever cooked before?"

"Honestly no.", Momo answered meekly. "I just thought it might be nice to try something new."

It was then that Kouta made his appearance. "It's a good thing I thought you might be hungry." He opened his backpack to reveal some food he had brought with him. "Here, dig in." Everyone immediately lunged for the food.

And after everyone had fully eaten, Momo asked the question on everyone's lips. "Hey, Kazuraba-san. What're you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be with Team 1?"

"Oh they already finished their mission, as did Team 2.", Kouta explained. "Now, I'm making my way through the others to recover my Lockseeds. I'm assuming that Dark Bo have stepped up their attempts to hide themselves, otherwise other groups would've come back by now." He looked up at the skies. "I can only wonder how they're doing."

Over in Kyoto, a pair of Kurokage Troopers were walking through the streets, patrolling for any stragglers to their will. While most of the population had been subjugated, others had proved either smart enough to not put the belts on, or strong willed enough to resist the signals being beamed into their brains. While most had simply tried to carry on, to which they had been allowed to do so, others had chosen to form resistance movements against them, which they were searching for. "Hey, stop it!" Responding to that yell, they moved to the alleyway they heard it coming from.

There, they saw a teenage girl in a school uniform being held in place by a pair of policewomen. "Is there a problem, officers?", one of the Troopers asked.

"Not much.", one of the policewomen answered. "We just caught this girl skipping school to try and steal from a local corner shop."

"Shut up, old lady.", the girl announced. "Is it really bad to want a few apples for my old lady?"

"If you want to buy fruit, then you can pay for it like everyone else.", the other policewoman scolded her. "And you wouldn't do it during school hours."

"Keep up the good work, officers.", one of the Troopers said as he and his partner turned to leave.

But before they could leave the alleyway, something zoomed passed them, grabbing both of their Sengoku Drivers and pulling them off. As the two collapsed to the ground, returned to normal, Yakumo made himself known, removing the control chips from the two Drivers. "That was a good job of fooling them you just did, ladies."

Smiling, Hammie, Reiha and Kaoru all removed their disguises. "I have to admit, acting is not something to which I am well accustomed.", Kaoru stated. "I was certain I would be unable to act the part of a delinquent."

"Well you managed to do it perfectly well.", Hammie assured her. "I would've done it myself, but you were closer age-wise."

"Regardless, we got hold of our objective.", Reiha noted as she took one of the Sengoku Drivers from Yakumo. "We have a trophy."

"More than that.", Yakumo informed her. "By ourselves, we wouldn't get very close to their base." He equipped the Driver he had left onto himself, before inserting the Matsubokkuri Lockseed and cutting it open. Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! "But as prisoners and escorts, we might be able to avoid raising alarms."

"I see.", Reiha nodded. "Now then, we just need to decide who we're going to turn in."

Back at the moon base, Kaito had entered a large empty room in the moon base. This room was ostensibly a training centre, but he hadn't seen anyone really use it as such. It seemed like the best place to test his new power. "You can stop hiding now.", he called out behind him. "I know you've been following me since I left the main area."

It was then that Takumi made himself known. "Then I can be assured you know why I'm following you.", he stated. "You've got your hands on something powerful you think you can control. I've seen that look in your eyes before."

"Oh I don't think I can control this power.", Kaito announced as he took out the Lockseed in question, in the shape of an apple with the designation "LS-Taboo". "I've used it before and know I can control it." He then clicked it open. "If you want to see for yourself though…" He clicked the lock open. Ringo! He then inserted it into his Driver, cutting it open. Lock On! Come On! Ringo Arms! Desire Forbidden Fruit! His new form had armour identical to Kugai's Golden Arms, but with lighter colours. It was also armed with a shield in addition to the sword that Kugai had been granted.

"In that case, I'll oblige you." Takumi took out his Faiz Phone and Faiz Blaster, placing the two together and dialling the code "5-5-5". Standing By! Takumi donned the Faiz Driver and posed with his weapon. "Henshin!" He then pressed the "Enter" button. Awakening! He was then transformed into his strongest form Faiz Blaster, after which he entered the code "1-4-3" and pressed "Enter". Blade Mode! The weapon transformed into its Photon Breaker form, which Takumi used to lock blades with Kaito's Sword Bringer, a match that proved even. Faiz then pulled back and switched modes to the Photon Buster using another code. 1-0-3. Blaster Mode! He took aim and fired, but Baron's Apple Reflector protected him from the brunt of the damage, before the other Rider ran in to slash Takumi down.

Back in the Amazon, Team 3 moved into a clearing where they saw a group of Kurokage Troopers in the distance. "Looks like that's their base in this area.", Momo noted. "And with it, our directive."

"Right, we just have to get in there, wreck the place up and get back the Suika Lockseed they took.", Aruto nodded.

"You mean this?" Everyone turned around to see Uva drop the broken pieces of Kouta's Suika Lockseed. "I'm afraid your journey here is a wasted one. Because I'm going to destroy you before you can even infiltrate that base." He then glowed with the energies of the three bird medals, using them to generate a pair of wings which he used to blow the 5 back.

"That was… Ankh's power.", Eiji realised. "How does he have it?"

"I doubt he'll let us live long enough to find out.", Kouta answered as he took out his Lockseed, clicking it open. "Henshin!" Orange! He placed it on his Sengoku Driver, cutting it open. Lock On! Soiya! Orange Arms! Hanamichi On Stage!

Godai then summoned his Arcle, pressing the red button and doing some poses. "Henshin!" He then pressed on the side, shifting into Kuuga.

Jump! Aruto placed the Progrisekey he had taken out against his Zero-One Driver. Authorise! The belt projected an energy grasshopper, as he opened the key. "Henshin!" He then inserted the key into the belt as the grasshopper merged onto him. Progrise: Initialise! Realising Hopper! A rider kick to the sky turns to take off toward a dream.

Eiji placed his OOO Driver onto himself before taking the three Core Medals in his holder - Taka, Tora and Batta - and inserting them into the buckle, before rotating it and using the OOO Scanner to read all of them. "Henshin!" Taka, Tora, Batta! TaToBa! TaToBa, Ta-To-Ba!

Finally, Momo brought both halves of her Power Brace together. "Choriki Henshin!" A wireframe formed around her, onto which her Powered Suit was deposited. "Let's go."

All 5 then ran into battle, with Uva calling upon the power of Gamel to throw a punch, knocking them backwards. He then called upon Mezool's power to extend his insect legs as if they were tendrils. "You're not just facing me.", he declared as he wrapped his tendrils around everyone, before throwing them all over the place. "You're facing the power of all the Greeed in one body."

"What the-?", Eiji called out. Uva then called upon Ankh's powers once more, leaping into the sky and shooting fireballs at them.

"In that case, it's Tori-chan's turn.", Aruto announced, taking out another Progrisekey. Wing! He pressed it against his Driver and placed it in the belt to replace Realising Hopper. Progrise: Fly to the sky! Flying Falcon! Spread your wings and prepare for a force! With his new power, Aruto leapt into the air to throw a supersonic punch to Uva to knock him to the ground, before changing keys again. Flaming Tiger! "Eat this!" Aruto launched a ball of fire at his foe to buffet him.

It was then that a few Kurokage Troopers from the nearby base appeared to attack. "Leave these guys to us.", Godai called out, as he, Kouta and Momo ran forward to engage them in battle. He pressed the blue button on his Arcle, before grabbing the Kagematsu off one of them, transforming into his Dragon Form while the stolen weapon became his Dragon Rod. He then proceeded to hit all of his foes in the belts, breaking them and reverting them to normal. He then noticed that Momo was using her Battle Stick to do likewise, as was Kouta using his Musou Saber's gun function. "Hey, guys. Can I borrow one of your swords?"

"Here, catch!" Kouta threw his Musou Saber to Godai, before continuing to do battle with his DaidaiMaru. Godai pressed the purple button on his Arcle, transforming the weapon into the Titan Sword while he became Kuuga Titan Form. He then began to slash at more of his opponents, moving inside the base with Momo while Kouta stayed outside.

Back at the moon base, the battle between Kaito and Takumi had reached a point where the latter entered the code "5-5-3-2", while the former pressed down on his Sengoku Driver twice. Exceed Charge!/Ringo Au Lait! The two attack collided, creating an explosive feedback that knocked both of hem out of their Rider forms. "So, it seems you can't beat me.", Kaito noted. "So don't think to get in my way."

"I may have lost as a Rider.", Takumi stated. "But that's not all I have." He then transformed into his true form, the Wolf Orphnoch. He then ran towards Kaito, slashing at him with his fingers.

"Oh, how interesting." Kaito remarked, as he surrounded himself in Helheim plants, which dispersed to reveal his Overlord form, Lord Baron. As Takumi tried attacking again, he dissolved into red smoke similar to Demushu, avoiding his shots while also landing several consecutive hits on him. He then rematerialised to attack with his sword, the Guronbaryamu, delivering several slashes.

Back in the jungle, Eiji scanned his Core Medals again, before charging at his enemy. Scanning Charge! A set of energy rings appeared between Eiji and Uva, which the former charged through with his claws outstretched. "Seiya!"

"I won't take that.", Uva declared as he summoned up Kazari's power, using it to blind Eiji and then strike at him, grabbing his three Cores and absorbing them in the process. He then knocked Eiji back. "As much as I'd love to gut you, I've been told to place one of these on you." And thus, he placed a dimension replacement disc on Eiji, causing him to begin to disappear.

"I'm sorry, Ankh.", Eiji said to the broken medal he carried around with him. He then turn to Kouta and Aruto. "Looks like it's up to you two now." And with that, he completely disappeared.

"Eiji-san!", Aruto called out.

"That was surprisingly satisfying.", Uva stated. "And you're… yuo're…!"

Before he could finish his sentence, his body began to convulse and expand, turning into a large mammalian creature with insect -esque features, bird-like wings, tentacles similar to an octopus and feline claws. "He can't control the powers he's been given.", Kouta realised. "He going out of control."

"In that case, there's only two people who can stop him.", Aruto stated as he took out and pressed a new Progrisekey. Press! "Us." He then placed his new key against his Driver. Authorise. He then inserted it into his belt, causing a giant satellite to descend from the sky and envelop him, becoming a set of mammoth themed armour. Progrise: Giant Waking! Breaking Mammoth! Larger than life to crush like a machine.

Kouta was momentarily surprised, but composed himself. "Looks like I should get in there." He took out the Lockseed he had borrowed from Kaito. Suika! Though it wasn't his own, activating it brought back the memories related to that Arms. He hen placed it on his Sengoku Driver, cutting it open. Lock On! Soiya! Suika Arms! Odama Big Bang!

Aruto was shocked to see the object descending from the crack and enveloping Kouta. "Whoah! A giant watermelon!" He was even more shocked when it transformed to a samurai-esque humanoid form. Yoroi Mode! "It turned into a warrior!"

"This is our stage now.", Kouta stated as he and Aruto charged into battle with the chimera. They both managed to land a flurry of hits on the creature, before pulling back as it launched a fireball from its mouth. Aruto then pressed on the side of his Progrisekey. Breaking Impact! The robot launched one of its arm guards, which resembled the Progisekey for Breaking Mammoth, into the air. Once there, it expanded in size as the armour converted into a jet, flying into the air and reassuming its robot mode to land on the giant key, propelling it towards Earth. Meanwhile, on the ground, Kouta pressed down on his Sengoku Driver. Soiya! Suika Squash! He trapped the chimera in a giant energy watermelon, before slashing it with his Suika Soujinto at the same time Aruto's attack made contact. The combined force of the attacks destroyed the creature, reducing it to a handful of small silver medals. Both Roders then reverted to their human appearances. "Another member of Dark Bo's army down."

"If only it wasn't at such a great cost.", Aruto lamented.

It was then that Godai and Momo exited the complex. "We've managed to wreck their operation here enough that it will take them months to return to operational status.", Momo informed them.

But then Godai noticed the elephant in the room. "Where's Eiji?"

"He's gone.", was all Aruto said as he took out the recall switch. "Let's go back to base." He pressed the button, returning everyone to the moon base.

And at the moon base, the fight between Takumi and Kaito in their monster forms reached a climax when Kaito opened a crack, summoning a pair of Inves to attack his foe, before dashing forward to slash him down, causing Takumi to revert to his human form. Kaito then threw the Inves back through the crack before reverting to his own human form, which had vines covering the arms, which he covered up by unfolding them. "Now then, you've seen what I'm capable of.", Kaito said to Takumi, his voice now much raspier than before. "It would be wise of you to stay out of my way." He turned and walked off.

"That power might just be able to stop all of this.", Takumi reluctantly admitted. "But at what price?"

Meanwhile, at the Black Bodhi Tree's main headquarters, Insarn, Dr. Banno, Dr. Gill and Dr. Zora had been called into Kugai's main control room. "As of right now, Fractured Infinity and their new allies are proving a hindrance.", Kugai informed them. "They've already destroyed three of our outposts and destroyed three of our members. While we have eliminated three of their members, it is but a fraction of the ones we could've eliminated."

"That's unfortunate for us.", Banno commented. "But how does this concern us in particular?"

"I have a task for you.", was Kugai's answer. "You will increase the output of the tachyon recreation generator that I used to revive all of you."

"Increase it how?", Dr. Gill asked, confused.

"Normally, it can only create a copy of one being at a time.", Kugai explained. "But I hope that you can improve it enough to create multiple figures at a time…"

"…so we can recreate our armies and crush our enemies before they can stop us from launching our invasion.", Insarn finished. "I like the idea."

"But there might be some technology I need to acquire before we can begin work.", Dr. Zora chimed in. "Specifically, from one of our other members."

"You have my permission to requisition what you need.", Kugai stated. "Just ensure this machine can create a large army. If Fractured Infinity and their allies want to push against us, then we need to push back."