In the "aliens" mess of Dark Bo's main headquarters, Dr. Zora's Zargoal went around, grabbing pieces of technology from all over. Including Evolt's Evol-Trigger, much to his annoyance. "Hey, who said you could take that?"

"Kugai did.", Dr. Zora informed him. "In order to increase the output of the tachyon recreation generator, we've been given permission to requisition any technology we think is necessary for expansion."

"Oh pull the other one, you just want to study the technology of my Blood Tribe.", Evolt laughed. "I'm far smarter than you've given me credit for, lady." He snatched the device from the hands of the robot soldier… and then replicated it. "But, since creating matter is still pretty much how that machine works, I suppose I could loan you my technology to adapt it in there. Just so long as I receive all due credit."

"You'll be rewarded handsomely.", Dr. Zora assured him as she took the copy. "I hear your friend Ark is also helping by supplying Kugai's soldiers with alternate transformation gear."

Sure enough, at the Kyoto, Paris and Rome bases, Dark Bo's soldiers received delivery of RaidRisers and Invading Horseshoe Crab Progrisekeys that they used to transform. "Jisō!" RaidRise: Invading Horseshoe Crab! Heavily produced battle armour equipped with extra battle specifications.

"Huh, I don't care what you look like." Dayuu, the leader of the Kyoto branch commented. Her mutation at the hands (or vines, as it were) of Helheim had given her messy hair, prominently exposed teeth, a tattered kimono and prominent claws. Her shamisen had also undergone a mutation, becoming a hybrid sword/crossbow. She had also had her physical body altered to have three Genesis Cores implanted. "As long as you do your job guarding this base."

One of the troops decided to speak his mind concerning her new feature. "Excuse me, Lady Dayuu. Can you explain what the significance of your three new decorations is?"

"I'm glad you asked.", Dayuu nodded as she took out all three of the Energy Lockseeds she had been entrusted with. "With these," Lemon Energy! As she spoke, she inserted an Energy Lockseed into a Genesis Core. "Kouta Kazuraba can take back his powers." Cherry Energy! "Provided he can take it back from me in battle." Peach Energy! She then took out a black box and an ornate disc, both items that had been intended for Kaoru Shiba's use during her ultimately abortive experiment. "Plus, I can give that little girl a taste of her own power." She inserted the disc into the box, pressing the button to generate an ornate, crimson jinbaori over herself. Kyoryu Disc!

Elsewhere, Team 4 were keeping an eye on the stragglers in Kyoto, who were convening in an alleyway. "There don't seem to be that many of them.", Hammie noted sadly.

"Perhaps not.", Reiha nodded. "But if we can free their friends and family from Dark Guild's control, then they will be fine."

"Right now, I'm not concerned as to how they're doing.", Yakumo stated, as he took a long look at a young girl. "There's only one person here I'm concerned for and at least she's okay."

"Well, now that you've seen her, I hope you can focus on proceeding with our mission.", Kaoru said to him. "Now then, Hammie-san, Reiha-san, have you fully mastered the working of the Sengoku Drivers we stole?"

"We"re good to go.", Hammie informed her as she donned the belt she had been given, while Reiha did the same. "Now we just need to transform and push you guys towards the base, then the four of us can get in."

It was at that moment that a dimensional wall opened, with Kouta stepping out. "Hey, I'm here to help you guys get my Lockseeds back from this base. Is that okay?"

"I think it will be.", Kaoru stated. "We intended on having a Trojan prisoner gambit and your arrival hasn't altered that. In fact, there's little in the way of adaptation needed for its success."

At the Kyoto headquarters of the Black Bodhi Tree, Dayuu had the troops bring several women, some brainwashed by the Sengoku Drivers, some not, in front of her. "These are all the married women we could ascertain, Mistress."

"It's alright. I can make do with these lovely ladies." Dayuu released threads from her garment into her bow, which she launched at the women, causing them to have dresss formed around them that covered every inch of their bodies save their fingers and gave them veils over their faces. "They will become the first of my handmaidens in hell. And then when I have enough, their grief will allow me to recreate my lost love to spend an eternity with him."

It was then that a female Battle Raider came in. "Lady Dayuu!" She removed her Progrisekey, reverting to normal. "Two Kurokage Troopers have captured Kouta Kazuraba, Yakumo Kato and Kaoru Shiba. Why will we do?"

"Have them brought to us.", Dayuu said to another trooper, who nodded before leaving. "We'll make an example of them. And as for you…" She shot another of her threads at the hapless Raider, who was soon turned into another handmaiden. It was then that the train of Dayuu's outfit began to grow outwards as the handmaidens moved to hold it up. "I think the rest of the Black Bohdi Tree will want to see this."

Sometime later, screens came on in every area of the mess at Dark Bo's headquarters, showing Yakumo, Kouta and Kaoru tied to crosses, with two Kurokage Troopers and two Battle Raiders standing either side of them, both armed. Dayuu then stood in front of the camera. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Black Bohdi Tree, today, we have quite the surprise for you…"

At the moon base where the test subjects had convened, while Hiroto and Daichi were working on the stolen computer terminal, it started beeping, with a red light glowing. "What's that?", Daichi asked.

"I don't know." Hiroto gave his answer, before taking out a connector cable. "Let's try plugging it into a monitor."

He placed the cable in the computer, before connecting to a monitor. In an instant, the image of Dayuu burst onto the monitor. "We have captured three members of Fractured Infinity, including Master Kugai's greatest threat, Kouta Kazuraba. To make an example of those who would stand against our might as we conquer every world."

From the demons mess, Ariake noticed something amiss. "That doesn't seem to be the same Dayuu-chan I was talking with earlier."

"I concur." This response came from Kirika, the Wandering Bōma. She resembled a normal teenage girl, but was wearing blue and silver armour over her body, leaving only her face exposed. "I think she's had her mind taken away from her." She then felt a headache, wondering how she could know about that. She had never lost control of her body. Had she?

And in the main control room, Kugai and Reika observed the scene with pride. "It seems that the brainwashing agent in those Helheim vines we used to empower Team 4's enemies has taken to Dayuu at a greater level than it has with the others.", the former commented. "It's also made her far craftier than I could've imagined."

And back at the moon base, Hiroto and Daichi were continuing to watch the whole thing. "Shouldn't we try to get help?", Daichi suggested.

"No, look at Yakumo's face.", was Hiroto's response. "He's too calm to be in any real danger. Any magician is like that, no matter how good an actor they are."

"Now then, commence with the execution.", Dayuu commanded the troops.

"Yes.", the Battle Raiders nodded, as they pressed on the sides of their RaidRisers. Invading Bolide! They pointed their machine guns, which began to generate large spheres of energy.

The Kurokage Troopers nodded, before pressing down on their Sengoku Drivers. Soiya! Matsubokkuri Squash! Their Kagematsu charged with energy, before they pointed them at the prisoners… before using them to cut their bonds so they could leap down and knock the Battle Raiders away. "Exactly as we planned.", Reiha noted as she undid her transformation, with Hammie doing likewise.

"Impostors!", Dayuu called out. "You tricked us!"

"How else do you think we were able to get inside this facility?", Kaoru asked her. "Now then, let us do this. Shodophone!" She took out her transformation item, converting it into a paintbrush and righting the kanji for "Flame" in the air. "Ippitsu Soujou!" She then knocked the completed Kanji, causing it to merge onto herself. "Shinken Red, Shiba Kaoru!"

Yakumo took out his Ichibantou and NinShuriken, connecting them together and pressing the appropriate button. The Henge! "Shuriken Henge!" He set the Shuriken spinning to form his own suit. Ao-ja, Ninja! "The Roaring Cloud, AoNinger!"

Hammie donned her transformation item, the Seiza Blaster, before inserting a green globe into it. Chameleon Kyutama! She pushed it forward. Seiza Change! "Star Change!" She folded down the handle, firing to create a star logo and an image of the Chameleon constellation appeared, followed by a spectral chameleon that fused with her to form a suit. "Shinobi Star, Chameleon Green!"

Reiha took out her ninja suit and helmet, donning them quickly. "Inheritor of the Yagyuu-Ryu Ninpo, Reiha!"

Finally, Kouta donned his Sengoku Driver and took out his Lockseed. "Henshin!" Orange! He placed it in his Driver, cutting it open. Lock On! Soiya! Orange Arms! Hanamichi, On Stage! "This is our stage now!"

On the moon, the crowd that had gathered to view Hiroto's inadvertent broadcast cheered at this. "Go for it, guys!, Kotaro Minami cheered. "Don't let Dark Bo win!"

"Take them down.", Spielban called out.

"We should've charged admission.", Hiroto sarcastically commented to Daichi.

Down on Earth, the fight began in earnest. Hammie went over to the Battle Raiders and leapt up to throw a kick to one of them, before pulling out a handle weapon and pulling out a hidden blade, flipping the weapon upside down. Kyu Rapier! She slashed down a few more of them, before placing her Chameleon Kyutama on the hilt. Galaxy! "Hameleon Impact!" As her blade glowed with energy, she swung it around, causing it to extend and hit all her opponents, knocking them out of their transformation. "Good luck!"

Yakumo faced a group of Kurokage Troopers, clawing several of them down. "Karakuri Hengen: Tsume!" He then pulled out another weapon. "GamaGama-Gun!", he announced as he fired off several shots. He then placed his AoNinger Shuriken onto it. The Gama! "GamaGama Shoot!" He pulled the trigger, unleashing a long tongue of energy which he used to shatter the belts of all his opponents. Bang Bang Bang! Ninja Ichigeki! "That was easy."

"Rekka Daizantou!" Kaoru transformed her Shinkenmaru into a giant zweihander, which she swung at her foe. "Hyakka Ryoran!" She locked blades with Dayuu's weapon. "Dayuu, you were once an ordinary human motivated solely by your lost love? Why would you grow yourself in with Kugai?"

"Pah, I don't care about what my past self cared about.", Dayuu stated, as her body pulsed with energy, throwing her opponent back. "In fact, I'll turn you and your allies into my servants so you won't continue to bother me." She fired thread from her body at the female members. Reiha was unlucky enough to be hit with one of the threads, being turned into one of Dayuu's handmaidens.

But Hammie was quicker on the draw, making sure that the one aimed at her only hit her decoy. She then inserted a new Kyutama into her Seiza Blaster and knocking it to the side. Saidan(Altair) Kyutama! Seiza Attack! She pressed the button on her gauntlet, setting herself a blaze enough that the threads incinerated on contact. "Awesome! I'm on fire!"

"What the-?", Yakumo noted as he cut back more of the threads, before inserting his Goton NinShuriken. Kaen no Jutsu! "Shuriken Ninpo: Kaen Abare Giri!" Mera Mera Ja! He brought the flaming sword down on the threads, causing a fire that spread all the way back to Dayuu, knocking her back and sending the Kyoryu Disc, the InroMaru and the Peach Energy Lockseed flying away from her. This also had the effect of causing all the dresses to disintegrate, leaving a few confused women standing around.

"What just happened?", Reiha asked.

"No time to explain.", Kouta answered her as he caught all three items. "Just get these women out of here." Reiha nodded, throwing a smoke bomb to make all the women vanish.

Kouta then threw the InroMaru to Kaoru. "Thank you very much, Kouta-san.", she nodded as she took a disc out from her belt buckle, inserting it into the box and pressing the button on top. Super Disc! A cascade of energy appeared on her body, forming a white vest, after which she placed the item on her Shinkenmaru and the Super Disc on the handle of the sword itself. "Now, let's go."

"Ha, like I'll allow you to hit me!", Dayuu bragged, summoning a cloud of smoke, which surrounded her, Kaoru and Kouta, leaving Reiha, Hammie and Yakumo to face the remaining Battle Raiders and Kurokage Troopers.

Inside the cloud, Kouta removed the faceplate from his Sengoku Driver, replacing it with a Genesis Core. "She's got to be here somewhere." He then activated the Energy Lockseed he had reclaimed. Peach Energy! Doing these two things caused the Orange Lockseed to close, with the lock releasing. Lock Off! As his Arms folded itself back into an Orange and floated into the sky, Kouta placed the Peach Energy Lockseed into the Genesis Core, summoning a peach that combined with the orange to greate a larger black orange, as Kouta closed both Lockseeds. Lock On! He then cut them open with the knife, causing the black orange to fall on him, opening to reveal a more intricate, black-coloured version of Orange Arms with a peach pattern down the pecs and a silver head crest. Soiya! (Mix!) Orange Arms! Hanamichi On Stage! Jimber Peach! Ha-Ha!

Using his form's enhanced senses, Kouta heard footsteps and turned around to use his Musou Saber together with a Sonic Arrow to slash at an approaching Dayuu. "How did you find me?", she asked.

"This Arms enhances my hearing.", Kouta explained as he used the Sonic Arrow to shoot at her, before pressing down on his belt. Soiya! Orange Squash! Jimber Peach Squash! Dayuu was trapped in an energy peach, which was then slashed through by use of his Musou Saber, showering his opponent with orange juice.

Kaoru then came running, inserting something into the InroMaru. Shishi Disc! "Super Shinkenmaru: Shin Kaen no Mai!" Kaoru then delivered a flaming slash to her opponent.

The smoke then cleared, with Dayuu falling backwards and dropping another Energy Lockseed, which Kouta picked up and locked into his Genesis Core. Cherry Energy! Lock On! Mix! This time, his armour had a pattern resembled a cherry. Jimber Cherry! Ha-Ha! He then began slashing at Dayuu at high speed.

"Yakumo-san, use this.", Kaoru stated as she threw the Kyoryu Disc at Yakumo, before taking out a new weapon and firing at Dayuu with it. "Mogyuu Bazooka!"

"Thank you.", Yakumo nodded as he placed the disc on the blade of his Ichibantou, gaining a red vest over himself. "Hyper AoNinger!" He charged his weapon with energy, creating a spectral blade resembling the head of a T-Rex. "Igasaki-Ryu/Shiba-Ken Gattai Ougi! Kyoryu Nin Retsu Zan! He swung the sword as his opponents, breaking their belts. He then set his Goton Shuriken, before throwing it to Hammie. Kin no Jutsu! "Hammie, let's swap."

"Right.", Hammie nodded as she set the Shuriken on her Kyu Rapier. Galaxy! "Chameleon Gattai Ninpo: Metal Impact!" She pulled the trigger, causing metal pots to fall and hit all of her opponents. Kin Kira Ja! She then took another Kyutama out of her buckle, throwing it to Reiha. "Let's keep this up."

Reiha caught the item, flipping the Mawa Slider to reveal the constellation and placing it against her sword. "Perseus-san, lend my your power." The Kyutama glowed, transferring its energy to her sword. "Perseus Ittou!" She brought her sword down on several of her foes, breaking their belts. "You've been freed from their control. You can go now."

"You fool.", one of them stated, as he punched her back. "Not all of us are controlled thralls.

Orange Sparking! Jimber Cherry Sparking! With a series of high-speed slashes charged with two kinds of energy, Kouta slashed Dayuu back as he grabbed the last of his Energy Lockseeds. "Time to use this." Lemon Energy! He placed it in his Genesis Core, opening it by pressing on his Driver, creating a new armour with a lemon pattern. Soiya! (Mix!) Orange Arms! Hanamichi On Stage! Jimber Lemon! Ha-Ha!

"You think changing colours again will help you?", Dayuu growled as she charged forward.

Kaoru combined her Super Shinkenmaru with the Mogyuu Bazooka, inserting another Disc into the InroMaru. Saishu Ougi Disc! "Gedou Fukumetsu!" She aimed and fired.

Kouta meanwhile pressed down on his belt twice. Soiya! Orange Au Lait! A set of orange slices appeared between him and Dayuu. Jimber Lemon Au Lait! A set of lemon slices joined them as Kouta's Musou Saber, glowing yellow, was used to cut through the slices, heading towards Dayuu.

The two attacks hit the Ayakashi-human hybrid at the same time, fatally wounding her. "Impossible! How could the two of you defeat me?" She then exploded.

Before either of the two could celebrate, Kaoru was hit on the back by one of the Black Bohdi Tree members. "Don't try to struggle. You've been hit by one of our dimension replacement discs. Once it's been attached, it can't be stopped. You'll be going back home, Princess. And you won't even know you've been gone." Having done this, he then observed as Dayuu grew to giant size. "I'll leave my friend to deal with you. This base is lost." He and his cohorts then teleported out.

"That's impossible.", Kaoru managed to say. "Dayuu is only a Gedou. She shouldn't have a second life." And with that said, she completely vanished.

"I have divested myself of my humanity.", Dayuu announced. "And become a superior engine of destruction!"

As everyone else at Dark Bo's main facility cheered, Ariake was sitting there, confused. "She gave up her humanity completely… but at what cost?"

Back at the site, Yakumo and Hammie decided to take action by summoning their two most easily accessible robots. Lion Ha-Oh!/Orion Battler! "And now for me to add my own touch to this.", Hammie commented as she pressed her Chameleon Kyutama to the other side to the "Seiza Attack" setting. Seiza Go! She pointed forward and pulled the trigger. Chameleon Voyager! As the ship in question appeared in front of her, she pressed it to the side again. Seiza Docking!

The Orion Voyager that made up Orion Battler's arm detached and was replaced with the Chemeleon Voyager. "Orion!", the robot announced.

"You think a new arm will save you?", Dayuu asked as she pulled her sword and charged forward.

"Orion!" Orion Battler extended its tongue, grabbing the weapon and swinging it back and forth like a yo-yo, slashing at Dayuu.

"Let's go!", Hammie called out as she had Orion Battler use its other arm to throw a punch, before using the yo-yo blade to land another attack.

"Ha-Oh Shuriken!" Yakumo combined both of Lion Ha-Oh's weapons into one, before sending them spinning into the enemy, wounding her further. "Hammie-chan, let's finish her off."

"Right.", Hammie nodded. "Orion Big Bang Cannon!" The robot converted back to its ship mode, before the Orion Voyager mounted the top of the ship, with Lion Ha-Oh and the Chameleon Voyager stood behind it.

"Ryuha Choetsu: Nintality Bakuretsuha!", Yakumo exclaimed as the two channelled their power into the weapon, firing a large beam at Dayuu, weakening her to the point of death. "Alright."

"Awesome!", Hammie called out.

"It can't be!", Dayuu cried out. "I gave up my humanity for greater strength. How could you peons still overpower me?" And with that, she fell down and exploded.

At the moon base, everyone watching this began to celebrate. "Well, I wasn't expecting this level of applause.", Daichi commented. "We still managed to lose one of our own. And it was a fairly small victory."

"Oh that's simple.", Tsukasa informed him. "By seeing 5 of our own tear down a Dark Bo base and kill one of the enemies they've summoned, any losses don't matter. It's the first ray of hope any of them have had since I brought them here. They're now assured that if they put in the effort, we can win this war."

"Let's just hope it isn't false hope.", Hiroto mused. "After all, we still have two more of Kouta's Lockseeds to retrieve, if what Kaito told me is true. And they're the two most powerful of the lot. Let's just hope Kugai's servants don't think to weaponise them like Dayuu did."

At Dark Bo's headquarters, Kugai punched the Kyoto base Commander into a room with his troops. "Please, Master Kugai. I was only…", he begged pathetically.

"You we're trying to save your own hide over protecting the base.", Kugai snapped, as he slapped the man again. "And because of that, we not only lost an outpost, but Fractured Infinity and their ilk are one step closer to restoring Kouta Kazuraba. Your actions have endangered the great purpose, thus you have become expendable." He then turned and left the room, closing the door. "Play the first track.", he entrusted the nearby technician.

Inside the room, a sinister laughter filled the air as a pair of imposing figures approached. "Well, it seems I'm being spoiled.", Daguva commented. "A whole group of you pathetic humans to destroy."

"Humanity will be destroyed.", Ark declared.

The extent of the following carnage remained unknown, as the screams were drowned out by Bach: Sonata #1 by Itzhak Perlman playing in G Minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1001 - 1. Adagio. Meanwhile, Kugai was approached by one of his technics. "Sir, we've had one of our missing computers from London Base come online. We think it might be Fractured Infinity."

"How interesting.", Kugai smiled. "Where does the signal reach to?"

"It goes to… the Moon.", was the technic's response.

Kugai got a chuckle out of this information. "All this time we've been scouring the globe… and they've been off the planet all along." He then escalated into a full on laugh. "Oh this is just great."