Following the end of the battle for reality, with Kaito having struck out and Naoto returning to the police force, the remaining members of Fractured Infinity returned to the Urobuchi Estate to check on the staff there. "I assure you, all of us were released from the hypnotic effect safely.", Annabelle-Marie told them. "Those of us who were moved overseas are currently being relocated, with the aid of the world's governments."

"Unfortunately for them, a lot of people were displaced thanks to Kugai.", Miu lamented. "It will be a while before your staff can fully be restored."

"But still, you saved all of us from a life as soldiers in a war we did not wish to fight.", a maid pointed out. "And all of you can continue to remain at this house for the duration of your stay here in our world."

"That may be a while.", Momo cautioned. "After all, we've no leads on where Dark Guild could've hidden themselves away, their base is still abandoned."

"Luckily for us, so was ours.", Shinya pointed out. He, Yakumo and Hiroto were walking in through the door. "Black Bohdi pretty much left it exactly as it was when they forced us to abandon it. They must not have thought it was worth the trouble."

"Which means that we still have a base.", Hiroto noted. "Which we'll need if we're going to continue this fight to the end."

At Dark Guild's new headquarters, Dr. Zora was analysing the Tachyon Recreation Generator. "This device will require some testing before I can use it to build up my armies. Perhaps something that could distract Fractured Infinity." She used the included computer to type in the keywords "non-threatening appearance" as a skill, to which several results came up. First was a bat like alien. "Not what I'm looking for at all." She then turned to a chibi dragonic creature that had no pupils on its eyes. "Too grotesque." Next she came to what looked like a mascot suit with a rubber insect tacked on. "Too specific." Then she got an image that interested her. "Perhaps I can make use of this one. With a few modifications. After all, the equipment is here."

"Please…", Seth begged. "Let me die."

"Silence!", Zora stated. "The only reason that you are still around is for my own research." She then began operating the controls to generate her tended target. "Come forth, Debo Kyawaeen!"

And elsewhere, at another off-books Dark Bo facility, Reika Sawaki was working with another Generator. "Thankfully, this backup facility existed to facilitate the event of one of the main ones being taken out beforehand." She was now working to find a warrior that could defeat Kaito Kumon for her. Unlike Dr. Zora's search, she found one example under her keyword: "Unbeatable". Soon enough, a young woman emerged from the machine. "Rise, Wakana Sonozaki."

The woman known as Wakana Sonozaki looked around. "Where am I?", she asked in shock, before turning angrily to Reika. "Who are you?" She lashed out towards her seeming abductor, with intent to cause harm.

But Reika merely brought a small light out of her pocket, flashing her target with it. "Easy there, Wakana-hime." Her target instantly became more docile. "This device has fixed the mental instability caused by your use of a tampered Memory Driver. And I can do more than that for you."

Wakana became intrigued by Reika's offer. "What can you offer me? I don't have much to live for. My whole family is dead. Even if you were to resurrect them, they'd still not be what I want. My brother didn't remember me, my sister hated me, my mother wanted nothing to do with the family and my father…", she faltered when talking about him.

"I can bring them back.", Reika assured her. "And I can fix them, just as I was able to fix you. You can get your family back, restored to the way you want them to be." She then generated an image of Kaito Kumon. "And all you have to do, is avenge the one person who cared for me, be eliminating this man."

Out in the town, Yakumo was wandering the streets. "Dark Guild will have to attack at some point.", he noted to himself. "And then I'll be able to get a lead on their location." He then looked around, eventually catching sight of what was undeniably a familiar face. "It can't be… Kaito!" Kaito seemed to hear him, running off in the opposite direction. "Wait!" Yakumo set off running after him, managing to keep up his pursuit for a while before bumping into someone. "Ah, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry, it's easy to not look at what's in front of you." Yakumo looked and could now see that he had bumped into an attractive woman who was wearing a business suit and had blonde hair. "My name's Sora, though everyone calls me 'Sky'."

Yakima was shocked by his, but got over it. "I'm Yakumo, though I also go by 'Cloud'."

"That's funny, isn't it?", Sora giggled. "'Sky' and 'Cloud', like we're a…"

"Perfect match.", Yakumo concluded, now smitten with this girl, to the point he fell into her arms. As he lost consciousness, she smiled, the first of her targets having been secured.

Elsewhere, Kaito was sure that he had shaken Yakumo, but knew that he wasn't quite alone. "I know you've been watching me for a while.", he stated. "You can show yourself."

Wakana made her appearance, clapping. "And here I thought you'd be easy enough to take out. Looks like I have a challenge ahead of me." She took out her Gaia Memory, a USB type item with a skeletal pattern, pressing the button on it. Claydoll! She then inserted the Memory into herself, transforming into a creature made of clay. Claydoll! "I've been tasked with taking you out, by any means necessary."

She pointed her arm forward, firing a ball of clay that Kaito dodged narrowly. "Then I'm sorry to disappoint you." He placed his Sengoku Driver on his waist and took out his Lockseed. "Henshin!" Banana! He inserted it into the Driver, cutting it open. Lock On! Come On! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear! "But I can't allow you to take me out." He then slashed at her chest, creating a hole in it, which quickly healed up. "How interesting." He pressed down on his belt three times. Come On! Banana Sparking! He then slammed the Banaspear into the ground, shattering her when an energy banana rose out of the ground.

But Wakana promptly reformed from this. "Looks like I can't hold back against you." Her body then glowed with a green energy, as her general appearance changed from a young girl in a uniform that was two sizes too big to a woman in an eloquent dress. "XTREME!" Now speaking with a deeper voice, she reached out a tendril from her shoulder that wrapped around Baron. "Now then, it's time to figure out what Reika Sawaki considers you worth killing for?"

At Dark Guild's new base, Mangetsu smashed some crates with his sword. "I'm tired of being cooped up in here!", he growled, before pushing Ariake out of the way. "I'm going out to get a piece of some action." He then walked out of the door.

"Mangetsu.", Ariake lamented, not noticing a mysterious spirit appearing behind her, laughing.

Sometime later, Mangetsu had begun attacking the town centre, sending people running. "Garyudo: Mangetsu Zan!" He summoned 5 copies of his sword, which he combined with the power of the original to deliver a more powerful attack.

"Hey!", Hiroto and Shinya both showed up, having been searching for Yakumo. "Haven't you heard? Buildings can't hit back.", the latter commented.

"So, you're those Fractured Infinity guys who've been giving my old lady and her pals a rough time.", Mangetsu noted. "Let's see what you're capable of."

"I agree.", Hiroto nodded, as he inserted his Change Soul, at the same time as Shinya closing his InLoader. "Let's go." The three then ran towards each other, engaging in a close quarters brawl, with Hiroto and Mangetsu locking blades. The two then pulled back, before launching their slash attacks. "Shining Dagger!" Mission 4!

"Garyu-do: Dai Mangetsu Giri!" This time, he summoned nine copies of his sword to combine with his main one.

The two attacks ended up being evenly matched, until Shinya joined the fray. "Gant Buster: Versus Cannon!" The force of the shot managed to knock Mangetsu back, before Hiroto moved in closer for another attack. Mission 1!

Mangetsu was knocked back by the force of the combined attacks. "Not bad.", Mangetsu mused. "But I'll still crush you."

"Just a minute." The fight was then interrupted as everyone saw a beautiful woman, dressed in a sleeveless red dress with her hair let down, appeared nearby to them, with all three of them dropping their weapons and going over to her. "Now boys, don't fight over me. I'm sure you can all wait your turns."

But her spell hadn't affected the two Engines who's Souls were inside Hiroto's belt buckle. " This is bad! Aniki's completely under that woman's spell.", Toripter lamented.

"I can go and get the others to help out.", Jum-Bowhale stated, leaping out and getting away.

"Do you guys love me?", the woman asked. "Do you want to spend all of your time with me?"

"Yes!" All three of them said, as they were turned into plush dolls.

The woman started laughing as she pinned them to the same belt on which a plush of Yakumo was hanging. "Now I've got rid of all the males of Fractured Infinity, along with one of Zora-sama's rivals. Quite a good haul, if I do say so myself." She then reassumed the form of Bad Kyawaeen. "Now I just need to destroy those two women as well."

In a back alley, Kaito was still being dragged along by Wakana. "Can't you fly any higher?", he asked.

"With your weight? Not a chance.", Wakana informed him. "And you're too valuable for me to bring back fully damaged."

"Ah yes, you mentioned you were working for someone.", Kaito noted. "Might I ask why?"

"Because she promised me that she'd help me get my life back.", was Wakana's answer. "My real life. Not the one my father forced upon me."

"I see.", Kaito commented, before he effortlessly phased out of Wakana's grip using his Overlord powers, before appearing in front of her in his Lord Baron form. "Then this time, I'm not going to hold back in seeing what you want." He plunged his sword forward, piercing her skin, before blasting her back with a bolt of energy.

"That's impossible.", Wakana commented as she saw her skin cracked. Nothing should've been able to penetrate Claydoll Xtreme. But the damage soon healed. "Why you-!" She fired bolts of energy at Kaito, who phased himself out of the way.

Back at the warehouse, Miu and Momo were trying to hail the others on their phones. "Come on, Yakumo! Pick up!", Momo urged.

"Don't go ghosting me, Ani.", Miu practically yelled. "Surely you can take the time to pick up your phone."

"Boe!" It was then that Jum-Bowhale came flying in, narrowly avoiding a collision with Momo. "Sorry about that, but I was in a hurry to share this news."

"News? What news?", Momo asked. "Do you know what happened to the others?"

"They were kidnapped by some kind of new monster.", was Jum-Bowhale's answer. "She turned them into a set of plushies, along with some new enemy I didn't recognise."

"Looks like we've got a situation on our hands.", Miu realised. "And so soon after we dealt with Kugai."

"It was always going to come.", Momo pointed out. "And they had time on their side from the start."

"Right.", Miu nodded. "Instructor Bowhale, where did you last see this monster?"

Out in the city, Debo Kyawaeen was using her Kyawa Whip to cause destruction to several vehicles and street lights. "Come on out, ladies.", she blurted out. "I've got something special in store for you."

It was then that Miu and Momo leapt forward. "So, you're the monster we're dealing with this time.", Miu commented. "I have to say, you don't look like anything we've faced before."

"I am the Debo Monster, Deb Kyawaeen!", Debo Kyawaeen introduced herself. "I was created to battle the Kyoryugers, but now I've been given som mods and tasked with taking on you guys." She then jumped into the air. "Let's see how you deal with me…" she then flipped upside down and assumed the form of a giant baby. "When I wook wike thish."

While Miu stayed straight faced in the midst of the development, Momo didn't. "Oh my god, she's so cute." She ran over and started stroking the baby with her finger.

"You can't seriously be buying this.", Miu sighed, walking over and putting her hand on her friend's shoulder. "She transformed right in front of us."

But Momo, now sporting an angry glare on her face, looked up swiftly and punched Miu back. "You won't hurt my child. I won't let you.", she stated.

"What?", Miu gasped. "Your child?"

"That'sh wight.", Debo Kyawaeen nodded. "She'sh been bwainwashed into thinking she'sh my mama." She then blasted Momo, causing her to gain a maid's outfit and wireframe glasses. "And wike your fwiends, you'll need to beat me to fwee her."

"Challenge accepted.", Miu nodded as she took out her Wing Trigger. "Change Soul, set!" She inserted the item into her transformation device, before posing and pressing the button. "Let's Go-On!" In a flash, Miu was transformed. "Sparkling World, Go-On Silver!"

"Wet's go! Rattle Beam!", Debo Kyawaeen started by firing her attack, which Miu countered with one of her own. Mission 3! The Lightning Dagger cancelled out the Rattle Beam, before Miu flew forwards and slashed her foe into falling over. Mission 6: Full Power! Kyawaeen assumed her Bad Kyawaeen form. "Mou! Now I have to actually fight you."

"Good.", Miu stated. "Kankan Bar!" She summoned their latest weapon acquisition, using it to slash her foe down, before taking out her two Engine Souls. "Jetras, Jum-Bowhale: Soul set!"

"Let's go, Buddy.", Jetras announced.

"First class full-force.", Jum-Bowhale commented.

"Crossing Stopper: Lovely Sensation! Go-On!" Miu then brought the weapon down, creating energy projections of the two Engines that crashed into Bad Kyawaeen, wounding her.

Knocked backwards, Kyawaeen's victims all returned to normal. "What happened?", Yakumo asked. "Where am I?"

"That monster used her power to enthral us.", Momo pointed out. "But we're free now."

"Why that little-!", Mangetsu fumed. "I want to crush her but something tells me you could get the job done quicker." He then turned around and left.

"Mangetsu. So you're alive again.", Yakumo noted before carrying on. "You manipulated me for your own ends, Monster-chan. Unforgivable." Yakumo then placed his NinShuriken on his Ichibantou. The Henge! "Shuriken Henge!" Ao-ja! Ninja! "The Roaring Cloud, AoNinger!"

"Let's Go-On!", Hiroto inserted his Change Soul into his Wing Trigger, transforming. "Break the Limit, Go-On Gold!"

"Souchaku!", Shinya closed his InLoader to generate his armour. "Justiriser! Gant, on stage!"

"Choriki Henshin!" Finally, Momo United the two halves of her Power Brace to generate her Powered Suit. "OhPink, ole!"

"Let's go.", Yakumo stated as he pressed on his Ichibantou. The Waza! "Nin-Retsu-Zan!" He ran forward to deliver a slash attack. Ao-ja! Ninja! Ninja Issen!

"Attention!" Hiroto announced as he assembled his Wing Booster. "Toripter Soul, set!"

"Let's go, Aniki!", Toripter commented.

"Wing Booster, Boost Up! Go-On!" Hiroto fired at Kyawaeen with a spectral image of Toripter.

"Gant Rifle!" Shinya merged part of his armour with his weapon, before aiming and firing lightning at his foe. "Thrust Shoot!"

"Senkou: Miracle Hikkoudan!" Momo fired a ball of energy, which combined with all the other attacks to mortally wound Kyawaeen.

"Kyawaee!", Debo Kyawaeen cried out as she fell backwards and exploded. Everyone began to celebrate this.

Nearby, Kaito's battle with Wakana was reaching its climax, as he had managed to chip into her skin greatly. "Time to finish this." He dissolved his body into energy and penetrated his foe's skin, causing her to shatter to pieces, as her human identity was knocked back, with her Gaia Memory landing nearby, broken. "It's over."

"It can't be?", Wakana blurted out. She then got up and walked off. "Guess I'm not going to be able to get my family back. Well, it was worth a shot."

"Wait. Was that all this was about?", Kaito asked as he returned to normal. "If so, then perhaps I can send you somewhere that you can get that." He opened up a crack, leading to a Tachyon Recreation Generator. "You can use that device to create the world you want to go to."

"Thank you.", Wakana smiled. "I'm not going to forget this." She went through the crack, which closed.

" ow then, that's dealt with.", Kaito thought as he continued walking on. "But that just leaves one question: Who employed her to target me?"

In her makeshift lair, Reika had viewed everything and was angry. "Looks like I need to think bigger than one broken young woman to help me.", she decided, typing in "powerful" into her Generator, producing at least 6 results. "Ah, these will do quite nicely."

At Dark Guild's headquarters, Ryuya went into a room he had been called into by Buldont and Malthiua. "You wanted to talk to me?", he asked.

"Yes.", Buldont stated. "Namely, I felt we should take the time to discuss your blatant act of insubordination."

"Wh-what?", Ryuya gasped. "What's all this about?"

"Don't try to deny it.", Malthiua stopped him, before replaying footage of him riding the Time Shadow into battle against Alexis Kerib. "After we explicitly told you not to fight that creature, a little bird caught footage of you fighting against it. Could you dare to explain why?"

"Who needs an explanation?", Buldont asked. "It's simple. He wears the same kind of suit as our enemies, so it stands to reason that his real loyalty has been to them the whole time." He then pulled out his sword. "And perhaps we should dispose of him now."

"I'd like to see you try.", Ryuya stated as he transformed into TimeRed, summoning his swords to lock with Buldont's. They ended up evenly matched with each other, before Malthiua fired one of her arrows at her husband's foe, weakening him enough for Buldont to knock him out of his suit and send him flying out a nearby window with a series of slashes.

"Thanks for your aid, darling.", Buldont nodded. "We've dealt with one of these nuisances. Now it's time we move on to disposing of all the others."

"I'm Engine Toripter. This isn't usually my gig, but next time is something special. Aniki and Miu-neé-san are fighting Yogosmacritein in a final battle. And then, you guys show up!? Fractured Infinity, Chapter 36: 'Ministerial Revolt!' Go-On!"