In her secret lair, Reika Sawaki had gathered a group of the people who had matched her specifications, having assembled them before her and compiled a dossier similar to the one that Kugai had composed for his subjects.

Name: Jun Kazu.

Transformation: Utopia Dopant.

Enemy to: Kamen Rider W

Affiliation: Foundation X

Arsenal: Utopia Gaia Memory, cane.

Abilities: wish granting, aspiration absorption. Quark elemental abilities.

Name: Shinji Kido (Mirror World)

Transformation: Kamen Rider Ryuga

Enemy to: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Affiliation: Himself.

Arsenal: Contract Monster Dragblacker.

Abilities: Indestructibility, Doppelgänger morphing, Mirror World immunity, Possession.

Finishing move: Dragon Rider Kick.

Name: Abrella.

Enemy to: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Affiliation: Space Criminals Alieniser.

Arsenal: cape, Kaijuuki models.

Abilities: Fulgurkinesis, heightened reflexes, bat swarm transformation, energy whirlwind, enhanced healing, suspension, flight, expert manipulator, expert tactician.

Name: Xaviax.

Aliases: Frank Taylor, Walter Conners, Race Mattock, Charlie Feathers, Special Agent Simons, Unnamed mob boss, Eubulon.

Transformations: Karshian Armour, Fake Advent Master.

Enemy to: the Ventaran Kamen Riders.

Affiliation: Himself.

Arsenal: Advent Deck.

Abilities: Possession, transformation.

Name: Yugande

Enemy to: Denji Sentai Megaranger.

Affiliation: Jaden Kingdom Neziregia.

Arsenal: Dark Crisis.

Names: Enter and Escape

Enemies to: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

Affiliation: Vaglass

Arsenal: laptop, portable Enertron storage pack (both) unnamed sword weapon (Enter), Gog and Magog (Escape)

Abilities: Resurrection, cable launch, explosive teleportation (Enter)

She now stood before all of her chosen candidates. "Can I trust you to see through the mission of eliminating Kaito Kumon?", she asked.

"Oui, madamoiselle.", Enter answered her. "This Baron character will be dealt with."

"Excellent.", Reika nodded. "Now then, let's go."

At Dark Guild's hideaway, Buldont had called their remaining members into the control room. "What happened to Ryuga?", Dr. Zora asked. "Shouldn't we wait for him?"

"The human is deceased.", Malthiua explained. "He went out to try and fight off that hybrid creature that Fractured Infinity and their army fought a few days ago. We won't be seeing him again."

"Now that that's settled.", Buldont stated, not really caring that nobody seemed at all convinced of his honesty. "Now it's time that we move on to resuming our main business. Disposing of Fractured Infinity, and subsequently conquering this world."

"Hold up!", Yogosmacritein demanded, slamming his staff into the ground before thrusting it towards Buldont. "Who put you in charge? I've been leading us pretty well so far."

"You mean like the time your robot allowed Go-On Gold to find our original headquarters.", Malthiua asked. "Or how you failed to stop his corruption of our troops and he loss of our second hideout."

"You're just as responsible for both of those, Malti-chan.", Ariake pointed out. "It was your robot's failure to eliminate him that allowed them to enact the plan to locate our base. And it was your soldiers who were first infected by the virus."

"Enough of this bickering!", Mangetsu yelled. "How about I just kill all of you and then take care of AoNinger myself?"

"I'd like to see you try and defeat me, you whelp.", Dr. Zora stated to him.

"Everyone, please conduct yourselves.", Buldont insisted. "It's clear we all have tensions over who should lead. Which is why I suppose we put it to a competition. Each of us will take turns at trying to defeat Fractured Infinity. And whoever's scheme either succeeds, or comes close to succeeding, will be made our new leader. What do you say?"

Everyone was intrigued by this. "And what will we be allowed for this 'competition' you're suggesting?", Mangetsu asked.

"You will all be given a copy of the Tachyon Recreation Generator.", Buldont explained. "Which you can use in any way you wish. As for who's going to get us started, then why not start with our long time leader and the most seasoned among us." He turned to Yogosmacritein. "What do you say, Oji-san?"

The response was a growl. "I'll take you up on your offer. Even if you are trying to condescend me."

"Good.", Buldont nodded as he pressed a button, revealing the copies of the Generator, all of which had been miniaturised. "You need simply to think, and these improved models my science has created will create what you-." But Yogosmacritein simply grabbed one of them and walked off. "Well, it's nice to see that you're getting straight to work."

Sooner or later, an entire army of large, glider like ships appeared in the skies, with several of them sprouting legs to jump over the building, with all of them firing lasers to cause destruction. These were Gaiark's Bandouma fighters. On the ground, an army of Ugutz appeared, causing similar destruction, along with a group of miscellaneous BankiJuu.

It didn't take long for Fractured Infinity to take stock of the situation. "Friends of yours?", Shinya sarcastically asked the Sutou siblings.

"Very funny.", Hiroto responded dryly. "Looks like Yogosmacritein has made great use of the TRG he took from that facility. This looks like a full scale invasion."

"But to support it, he'll need a Deus Haguru Magia, which means he'll be operating out of a fortress similar to Hellgailles Palace.", Miu pointed out. "Ani, you and I will have to focus on taking that out."

"We'll go with you.", Momo insisted.

"No. You all need to stay here and deal with these guys.", Hiroto insisted. "Even if we can stop these guys from appearing, that doesn't mean the ones already here can't do major damage."

"Understood, we can deal with the Ugutz while you go on.", Yakumo nodded. "We can do this."

"I hope so.", Hiroto nodded as he and Miu stepped forward. They then took out their Wing Triggers and went through the motions of their transformations. "Change Soul, set! Let's Go-On! 'Met On!" After transforming, Hiroto pressed a button on his Wing Trigger, summoning the Engine Casts.

"Toripter Soul, set!" Hiroto was first to restore his partner Engine to his body.

"Toripter!", was the bird-helicopter's statement.

Miu went next. "Jetras Soul, set!"

And again, the response from her partner was short and to the point. "Jetras!"

Both then leapt into their vehicles and flew off, as the others found themselves facing a horde of Ugutz. "Looks like it's up to us to face off against them.", Yakumo noted.

"You and me." Some of them were blasted back by an unseen assailant, before the heroes heard the sound of a gun being tapped. "You didn't think I'd sit this out, did you?"

Everyone turned to the source fo the voice. "Naoto!", Momo cried out in relief.

"Okay everyone, let's do this.", Naoto suggested as he leapt down onto the street level, with everyone nodding in agreement and transforming, before running in to fight off the Ugutz.

From the sidelines, Ryuya, crippled but alive following his being literally thrown out of Dark Guild, observed the fight in progress. "So I see Yogosmacritein saw fit to go ahead with a full invasion. And Fractured Infinity are moving to stop him." He turned away and leapt walking, clutching his injured shoulder. "That gives me enough time to retrieve my assets."

And nearby, Kaito also found himself fending off the Ugutz, as he was also a target. "There's a lot more of these guys then I'd expect.", he noted. He then inserted a Lockseed and transformed. Mango Arms! "But I'll take them on without Heisei's power." He pressed down on his belt twice, launching several smaller projectiles towards the enemy grunts, destroying them. Come On! Mango Au Lait!

Almost as soon as he was done with them, he found himself being attacked by a black armoured figure who leapt out of a puddle, summoning a weapon. Sword Vent! He landed a few slashes on Kaito, before he found himself being lifted into the air and bombarded with fire and thunder. Utopia! "Bien. It would've been a tragedy if you had been too damaged." He saw a man in a pair of asymmetrical goggles, a scarf and an overcoat approaching, accompanied by a woman in a waistcoat with two large machine guns, a golden creature with no symmetry to its appearance, a humanoid bat in a spacesuit, a black wireframe creature with a mechanical arm and a figure in a distinctive armour design. "Especially when we need to deal with you for our Maîtresse."

"Shame we have to do this.", the female of the group stated. "I hoped to see if he was any good."

"I'm guessing you're working for the same person who sent that Clay-doll girl against me.", Kaito surmised. "But what I'd like to know is who she really is under all this cloak and dagger."

"Wonder no longer." Reika appeared from a portal, carrying a device in her hand, with two cables with large pikes on them. "Now that I have you where I want you, I can stop hiding myself."

She went over and removed the Mango Lockseed, reverting Kaito to normal. "I know you.", he commented. "Kugai's little lapdog."

"Exactly. And you and your friend Kouta Kazuraba killed him.", Reika said scornfully. She then slotted one of the pikes into his chest. "But in order to kill you, I need your own power, so I had to find someone who could defeat you in order to take it." She inserted another of the two pikes into herself. "Soon, you'll just be a regular human, lying dead at my feet. And I'll be the Overlord, ruling over this and all other worlds."

Kaito laughed at this. "And how do you plan to do that? Ruling over 7 billion people doesn't seem like the easiest job when there's only 7 of you. How do you intend to rule EVERY world?"

"Oh that's simple.", Reika explained. "Your Overlord friend spent some time in Helheim during the period he wasn't fighting you. He brought some Inves and Helheim plants back with him, but Master Kugai had them moved out of sync with this world, so they wouldn't affect the experiment. But I can bring them back in, and then have the Helheim fruits appear in the right places to turn this entire planet into a world of Inves. And then I'll repeat this process on every universe, creating a multiverse of animals, under my guiding hand to become the ultimate life form." She turned to her minions. "Enter, initiate the transfer."

"Oui, my Maîtresse."

Elsewhere, Hiroto and Miu sighted their target, a replica of Hellgailles Palace located at the harbour. "Ani.", Miu pointed out.

"Right.", Hiroto nodded. "Let's attack it."

Their two Engines thus commenced their attacks. "Missile Battery Out!"

"Jetras Tomahawk!"

The two attacks hit the structure, breaking a hole in the roof and blowing the doors off their hinges. "Alright, let's go. Miu." The two leapt out of their partners, who reverted to their smaller modes to conserve energy, landing within the palace.

It was then that Yogosmacritein appeared in front of them, now wearing the TRG on his chest. "I knew you'd show up here eventually, Go-On Wings. And that you intend to destroy the Deus Haguru Magia at the centre of this structure. But it will do you no good. For I can simply recreate it with this device on my chest, a miniaturised version of the device Kugai gave us to create our armies."

"That thing has this much power?", Miu said with shock.

"In that case, I have an idea.", Hiroto decided. "Let's go, Yogosmacritein!" He took out his Rocket Dagger and ran in to attack. "Lightning Dagger!" Mission 3!

But the evil Prime Minister countered with an energy attack of his own. "Killer move: Fixed Payment Shot!" As the two attacks made contact, Hiroto and Miu emerged from the smoke to hit Yogosmacritein with consecutive attacks. Mission 1! Mission 2!

As he was knocked back by these two attacks, Yogosmacritein felt Hiroto reaching forward to grab onto the TRG, pulling it off and into his hand. "Miu, find that gear and destroy it.", he urged. "I'll put this machine to some good use at last."

"Right.", Miu said as she ran off further into the bowels of the structure.

"You fools.", Yogosmacritein stated as he stood up, crackling with energy. "I still have enough energy left to unleash my full might."

"It won't be enough.", Hiroto declared as he charged up the generator, concentrating on what he wanted to create.

Out in the city, the various Bandoumas all stopped and were merged into a larger single robot, which began smashing its way through the city. "Big Douma!", it declared.

On the ground, the members of Fractured Infinity ceased fighting and beheld this creature momentarily. "What is that thing?", Momo asked.

"If you want my opinion, it's trouble.", Naoto said in response. "But right now, we still need to deal with these guys." He indicated the massive army of Ugutz, which was still incoming.

"Axe Touring!"

"Laser High-beam!"

Two new combatants, one glowing with green energy, the other with purple, appeared and slashed and shot at several fo the Ugutz, before inserting two items into their weapons. "Go-On Cannonball!"

They fired a set of bullets from their weapons that took on the forms of large vehicles resembling animals. Both of which had their own battle cries. "Baru Baru!"

"Ganga Gan!"

As these two made contact and destroyed the enemy, the two combatants made themselves scarce as quickly as they came. Though Yakumo did have the chance to note something. "Those attacks… they were a lot like…" But he soon dismissed it.

Back at Hellgailles Palace, Hiroto was still brawling with Yogosmacritein. "You fool. I can still have Big Douma destroy your city, even if you defeat me here. And your friends barely overpowered me with three of them. What chance do you have? Finishing Move: Steamroller Voting!"

Before he could finish launching his attack, a pair of poles extended forward and knocked his staff back. "Go-On Thrust!" Then he found two separate attacks heading towards him.

"Launcher Starter!"

"Bullet Crash!"

As Yogosmacritein recoiled from these two attacks, he was unable to block the next attack from Hiroto. "Dagger Acrobat!" Mission 6: Full Power! With the evil Prime Minister dealt with for a while, Hiroto turned to his rescuers. "Nice to see you appeared at the right time. Now then, let's go find Miu."

Meanwhile, Miu had found her way to the room with the Deus Haguru Magia. "Alright, now I just need to destroy this thing and the invasion will be over. Kankan Bar!" As she pressed on her buckle, and summoned the weapon, a group of Ugutz burst into the room, forcing her on the offensive. "Oh no, don't tell me I have to deal with these guys as well."

As she said this, she heard a familiar voice cry out. "Saber Straight!" Sure enough, a red blur came out of seemingly nowhere and cut through the enemy grunts. The blur then cleared up to reveal what appeared to be Miu's old ally Sosuke Esumi, transformed into Go-On Red. "Hey Miu, I think you'll be needing this." He took his Mantan Gun from its holster and threw it towards her.

Miu was too shocked to question his presence, but gratefully accepted the gift. "Th-thank you." She then combined it with the Kankan Bar for more power. "Kankan Mantan Gun!" She then began inserting Engine Souls, putting Toripter and Jetras in the Kankan Bar portion, followed by Jum-Bowhale in the Mantan Gun. "Everyone, let's put all of our power into this."

"Alright!", all three stated.

"Kankan Mantan Express: Wings Version!" Miu aimed at the giant gear and fired, creating a spectral rail line along which the three Engines rode to attack the Deus Haguru Magia, destroying it in an instant. But doing this introduced it's own problems, as the building started to collapse. "We've got to get out of here." She grabbed onto Sosuke's arm and set off running out of the room.

Soon enough, both had made it outside the palace before it collapsed onto itself, to be greeted by Hiroto, who was accompanied by 4 other familiar faces. "Renn, Saki, Hant, Gunpei! When did you all get here?"

"They didn't.", Hiroto explained. "I simply got my hands on the device Yogosmacritein was using to generate his invasion force, and decided to use it to create some allies for our side to turn the tide. They won't last long though, since they're based on the human memory, as imperfect as it is."

"We'll last long enough to deal with that thing, hopefully enough.", the copy of Gunpei stated as he pointed at Big Douma, who was continuing his rampage.

"Eh? But we got rid of the Palace and the gear. Shouldn't he have disappeared by now?", Hant's copy asked.

It was Renn who came up with a reason for this. "Just. Given how many Bandoumas must be comprising its body, Big Douma may have a larger energy source, and thus, can stay in its giant form for longer."

"But don't worry, we can handle this thing, after everything we went through.", Saki went over to Hant, and gestured pulling his lips into a grin. "Smile, smile."

"Alright then, let's take him down at Mach speed.", Sosuke stated, as everyone of the copies pulled out their partner's Engine Casts, inserting their respective Souls. "Engine Soul, set! Go-On!"

Soon enough, all 9 main Engines appeared, with everyone initiating their combinations, before proceeding with roll calls. "Engine Gattai!"

"Mach Full Force, Go-On Red!"

"Full tank of courage! The highway star! Engine Speedor!"

"Just Correct, Go-On Blue!"

"The chic and gallant safe ride! Engine Buson!"

"Smile Blooming, Go-On Yellow!"

"The loving and compassionate tough girl! Engine BeaRV!

"Engine-Oh, Tune Up! Go-On!"

"DokiDoki Delight, Go-On Green!"

"The easygoing dreamer! Engine Birca!"

"Dash Dynamic, Go-On Black!"

"The hard emergency dispatch! Engine Gunpherd!"

"The giant star! I am Engine Carrigator!"

"GunBir-Oh, Tune Up! Go-On!"

"Racing down the road of justice! Engine Sentai Go-Onger!"

"Break the Limit, Go-On Gold!"

"Flying free, tricky! Engine Toripter!"

"Sparkling World, Go-On Silver!"

"The silver air master! Engine Jetras!"

"Everything about me is first class, Engine Jum-Bowhale!

"Seikuu-Oh, Tune Up! Go-On!"

"Take Off, Go-On Wings!"

The three robots, now fully formed, landed to face Big Douma, whose first instinct was to unload his large amount of weapons at the enemy. But all three were able to deflect the blows with their own weapons. "V Shield!"

"Bircutter Storm!"

"Toripter Rotor!"

After deflecting the giant robot's attack, both Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh proceeded to launch their main attacks. "Engine-Oh: Go-On Grand Prix!" The robot summoned its Go-On Sword before charging forward to deliver a slash attack.

"GunBir-Oh: Ganbaru Grand Prix!"

"Unlimited Rigidity!", Carrigator announced as GunBir-Oh slashed at Big Douma with both of its arms, before biting down with its chest.

Pushed back by these attacks, Big Douma fired some shots to buffet the two robots, before deploying a set of wings and leaping into the air. But there, it was met with Seikuu-Oh, who punched it back, before commencing its own attack. "Seikuu-Oh: Seikuu Impulse!" It downed the enemy giant with a bow and arrow of energy.

"Alright, now let's all come together.", Hiroto stated as he entered the code '7*9' into his Wing Trigger. "G9 Formation: Engine Gattai!" All of the robots then formed around Engine-Oh, who folded up its arms to allow Toripter and Jetras to form the shoulders, while Birca and Gunpherd formed the arms. Then Carrigator split in half to become the feet, while Jum-Bowhale became a backpack for the formation, granting it a set of wings. Finally, Toripter's tail and Jetras's bow formed a chest plate and a faceplate respectively. "Engine-Oh G9, Tune Up! Go-On!"

"Setting Off!" The main 5 Go-Ongers removed their steering wheels, which they converted into cannons. "Change: Handle Blaster!"

The Wings did a similar conversion to their steering apparatus. Namely, their Wing Triggers. "Attention: Wing Booster!"

Everyone then set a special Soul into their weapons. "Blaster Soul, set! G9 Grand Prix!" Everyone fired, after G9 had built up enough speed to leap into the air, bombarded Big Douma with energy that took on the form of the 9 Engines, destroying him. "Go-Onger, Checker Flag!"

Elsewhere, the transfer of energy from Kaito to Reika was underway. "We've already transferred over 9 percent of his power, my Maîtresse.", Enter reported. But then the machine started sparking. "This can't be!"

"His power… the machine can't hold it in.", Reika realised as the device exploded, giving Kaito a chance to pull the pike out of his chest. "No! This isn't how it's supposed to be!"

"You clearly underestimated me.", Kaito stated as his wound healed, and he assumed his Overlord form, to thrust his sword at her.

"Take care of him!", Reika commanded, deciding to focus on getting out of there. To her surprise, she saw a crack appearing in front of her, to her surprise, as she also noted the hole in her chest healing itself. "Looks like I've managed to get something from this." She entered the crack, which closed behind her, as Enter, Escape and Ryuga also left the scene.

Of the three villains who remained, Yugande was the first to go up against Kaito, launching an electric attack, which Kaito phased his way out of the way off, before cutting him down. He then proceeded to deflect shots from Kazu, before stabbing him in the chest. And then, when Abrella flew in to attack, he managed to be defeated quickly. "Weak. Can none of you pose a challenge to me."

"I can certainly try." As Kaito turned around, Xaviax teleported in to slash at him with a lance, before grabbing onto him and teleporting out into space. As Kaito tried reaching out, wrapping part of his arm around Xaviax's, the evil General simply cut the arm off from the body, before propelling Kaito towards the sun with his lance. "Farewell."

But then Kaito simply reformed from the arm that had been wrapped around Xaviax. "You fool." He then took out his Genesis Driver, and inserted his Energy Lockseed. "Henshin!" Lemon Energy Arms! He then pointed and aimed his Sonic Arrow at Xaviax, shooting him with enough force to knock him into the Sun. He hen returned to Earth, with only one thing on his mind. "Reika Sawaki!"

And elsewhere, as the copy Go-Ongers faded away, Hiroto and Miu returned to their friends with their new acquisition. "We wouldn't want to seem like spoiled brats, so we're letting all of you have a crack at using this.", Miu explained.

"That way, you can call upon your allies for help, just like we did." Hiroto added.

"Thanks.", Yakumo nodded. "After all, our enemies are still out there, even if yours has been defeated. And who knows what they're planning?"

At the ruins of Hellgailles Palace, Yogosmacritein climbed out of the rubble, damaged, but functional. "You think this has slowed me down!", he growled. "I shall return with an even larger force to crush this world, Go-Ongers! And every other like it! I-."

But he was stabbed through the chest by an arriving Buldont. "You'll die, Yogosmacritein. Like the decrepit wreck you are. You should've stepped down long ago, even my father knew when to give up and die, leaving it to the next generation."

"My son was worthless.", Yogosmacritein growled. "I am Gaiark's Prime Minister!"

"So your last words are those of a madman? Pathetic." Buldont then pulled Yogosmacritein's head off his body, which he then cut in half. "But don't worry, I'll avenge your defeat. Along with my own." He picked up the Machine's Soul, crushing it between his hand before leaving.

And elsewhere, Ryuya had made his way to the former headquarters of Dark Guild, which was mostly the same as it had been when in use, save for the massive amounts of robot corpses strewn around the floor. But he wasn't here for them, instead making his way to the laboratory where Dr. Zora had worked on her experiments, including the replication of the Sengoku Driver. Of the items he had come for, most of them had been killed, their containers shattering and impaling them. But one was still intact, one that could definitely be useful in the near future…

Next, Fractured Infinity!

Ryuya: My final Londarz prisoner shall destroy this city.

Naoto: I have to stop him, before it's too late.


Fractured Infinity, Chapter 36: "Time is Running Out".