Everyone's day was interrupted by a surprise broadcast from Ryuya. "Greetings, people of this universe's Tokyo. "Now, you don't know me and won't be able to make sense of much of my following announcement, so I suggest you just go about your business. Now then, down to the matter at hand. Dark Guild, I'm sure that Buldont told you that I was dead and spun some fantastic cover story to explain it. But I'm alive, and I'm about to attempt my ultimate plan,w it's the last of my Londarz prisoners, Yorou. He will proceed with the destruction of this city shortly, that is, unless Fractured Infinity deigns to stop him. Good luck." As the message ended, the people on the street found themselves being shaken by explosions.

At the police station, the video had been observed by Takizawa. "If he's able to send this message from somewhere secure, then he must have a location where he can be undisturbed." He then took note of the surrounding background in the video, a pile of damaged crates with what appeared to be a body slumped against the wall. But upon closer inspection, he saw that the body was actually a Zenitt. "That's it." He stood up from the computer and headed out.

In the city, the explosions continued with Yorou, a green alien with an upside-down triangular head and a monocle over his left eye, beholding it all. "Yes! Burn this city to the ground. Watch the hypocrisy of this society burn itself into nothing!"

"Just a minute." He turned around to see Shinya, Hiroto and Miu appear before him. "We're not going to let your destruction continue.", Shinya stated.

"What, you think the three of you can stop this?", Yorou laughed. "I took down three whole cities in the 28th Century, before the Inter-city Police took me down. Here, I'm just getting started." He dropped bullets from his hand, summoning a group of Zenitts. "Get them."

The three heroes engaged the Zenitts in battle, with Hiroto thinking to hismelf. "Kaito, I hope your plan isn't going to bring us down."

He thought back to earlier, after the gathered members of their team had watched Ryuya's broadcast in the warehouse. "Shouldn't we conference Naoto in on this?", Momo pointed out. "Ryuya is his enemy."

"I already tried reaching him, but he said he'd handle it himself.", Hiroto answered. "But he did tell me to send the TRG to the warehouse district where Dark Guild used to be based."

"Did he explain why?", Miu asked.

"No, but I think I can guess.", Hiroto answered. "But that leaves us with 5 people to take on the Londarz, none of whom have any way to take him down non-lethally."

"Well, you're in quite the conundrum." Everyone turned around to see a familiar face entering. "Perhaps I've chosen a bad time to ask you for help."

"Kaito!", everyone said in shock.

"What brings you back here?", Yakumo asked. "I mean, you said you wanted help, but what for?"

"Despite our best efforts, part of the Black Bohdi Tree is still around to plague this world.", Kaito explained. "And one of them stole part of my power as an Overlord to commence a plot to turn most of the world into Inves. Which is why I need Yakumo and Momo to help me track their location."

"That doesn't seem like it'll be a problem.", Momo stepped forward. "With only two of us missing, the rest can presumably hold off Yorou until Naoto is able to use the TRG to call his allies." She then turned to Kaito. "I'm in for your mission."

"I guess I'll join too.", Yakumo added. "Not like Momo's left me much of a say."

"Thanks for your help.", Kaito stated. "Let's go."

Back in the present, Miu began cutting through Zenitts. "I just hope we can hold off long enough against these guys. Naoto-san, please hurry."

Naoto meanwhile had found his way to a harbour area. One that Hiroto had told him once housed Dark Guild's activities. And despite the fact it was supposed to be abandoned, the place seemed lively now, with Zenitts, Zargoal and Baros, all reanimated, patrolling the grounds. Naoto didn't have the option of stealth if he wanted to stand a chance, so he went for the more direct route. "TIMEFIRE!" Now transformed into TimeFire, Naoto's shout alerted the guards, leading to them attacking him. "DV Change: DV Vulcan!" He fired a few shots to take out a few of the robots, before shifting gears to deal with the rest. "DV Change: Defender Sword!" He now used the DV Defender to cut his way past the rest of the reanimated herd of robots.

"Bravo, Naoto Takizawa." He turned to see Ryuya approaching, clapping his hands. "You've done well to make it this far. I won't mince words, we both know why you're here." He presented his Chrono Changer.

"It's time to die, Ryuya.", Naoto stated.

Ryuya merely gave a mild laugh at this. "We'll see. Killing you is all I have left, after all. I've no superiors, no inferiors, no home, no allies." He then took out and pressed his Chrono Changer, transforming into TimeRed. "Let's go for this." He summoned the Chrono Vector and Assault Mobile, launching a slash manoeuvre at his foe, who deflected it, before delivering a slash of his own. He then combined his two weapons into the Assault Vector, which he used to fired a shot that knocked Naoto back.

In her lair, Reika Sawaki was in the midst of tuning herself into the dimension, trying to pull the Inves and Helheim fruits back into phase. Then Enter walked into the room. "My Maîtresse, that Baron fellow is searching for our location, aided by two others. A man and a woman in blue outfits."

"So, he's reconnected with Fractured Infinity.", Reika noted. "Take your partner and deal with them. I shall continue the work here."

"Oui.", Enter nodded as he made his exit, allowing Reika to continue her work.

Out in the street, Kaito and his gang were looking around in a certain street. "This is where I last saw them.", Kaito explained. "That woman opened a crack and disappeared into it, before I could follow."

"You really think we'll find a lead here?", Momo asked. "It doesn't look like they'll be coming back here."

As she finished talking, a crack opened, with Enter and Escape stepping out. "You just had to say it, didn't you.", Yakumo sighed.

"Ca va, all of you?", Enter asked. "Our Maîtresse has asked us to dispose of you so her plans will remain uninterrupted."

"You really think speaking a European language makes you look suaver?", Yakumo asked, as he took out his Ichibantou. "Well it doesn't. It just makes you look like a weaboo." He then inserted his NinShuriken and pressed the top button. The Henge! "Shuriken Henge!" He then set the Shuriken spinning. Aka-ja! Ao-ja! Ki-ja! Shiro-ja! Momo-ja! Ninja!

Momo meanwhile faced off against Escape, who presented her two handguns, starting with the one in her right hand. "This is Gog." She then kissed it, before presenting her other gun. "And this is Magog." She then put both down and then stood tall. "And I am Escape. I'm pretty good."

Momo was decidedly unimpressed. "So you named your guns. That doesn't make you 'good', only your fighting skills can indicate that." She then brought both half of her Twin Brace together, transforming into OhPink. "Choriki Henshin!"

Both Avatars were slightly impressed. "So, since you showed us yours, we'll show you ours." Both Enter and Escape assumed their Enter Unite and Escape Evolve transformations, with Enter drawing his rapier to engage in a sword duel with Yakumo, while Escape began swinging Gog and Magog towards Momo. In this confusion, Kaito made his way through the crack the villainous pair had come in through before it closed.

And on the other side, he burst in just as Reika's eyes opened, glowing green. "You're too late, Kaito Kumon. It's time we brought Helheim into this world." There was suddenly a blinding flash that enveloped the two.

Back at the harbour, Naoto and Ryuya's fight continued, with the latter having combined his two swords into one, locking it with the DV Defender. "You're good, Takizawa.", Ryuya admitted, before separating his two blades and slashing his foe back with one of them. "But not quite the expert of the two of us."

It was then that Toripter appeared above their head. "Hey, Naoto-san. Use this." He dropped off the mini TRG and then flew off. Naoto tried moving towards it, but an Elementary Inves appeared, knocking it away.

"What the-?", Ryuya gasped, as more Elementary Inves appeared, led by a Seiryu Inves. "Where did they come from?"

"I don't know.", Naoto announced as he leapt towards the TRG, grabbing hold and thinking the image he wanted to generate. With that done, he dropped the device and ran towards Ryuya, grabbing the Chrono Changer and pulling it off his wrist. "But I can use them to take this back. I won't be killing you, Ryuya." He then took a step back as the Inves marched towards the dark Time Red. "But as for them, I can't say anything."

"No, please!", Ryuya began begging, for the first time in his long life. "Help me! That's your job, to help those who can't." But Naoto was no longer listening, and the Inves managed to dogpile Ryuya, beginning to bite into his body to devour him. Ryuya tried to cry out, but no sound could be heard anymore. It was only once the Inves had finished with their meal, that Naoto threw the Chrono Changer back to its owner…

And owner who was standing by his side, and managed to catch it near perfectly. "Thank you, Naoto-san.", Tatsuya Asami smiled, as he donned the item, pressing the button to transform into TimeRed. "Chrono Changer! Alright, let's take these guys down."

"Right.", Naoto nodded as Tatsuya initiated his Chrono Access, summoning his Double Vector. The two then proceeded to cut their way through the Inves.

Back in the town centre, more Inves had appeared, these ones led by a Shishi Inves, who the three heroes had turned their main focus to, leaving Yorou and his Zenitts. "I don't know who these guys are, but they sure are convenient.", he laughed. "Now I can continue with the destruction of this -." He was then shot back, along with his army. "Who-?"

The answer soon revealed itself as the other 4 Timerangers, Yuri, Sion, Ayase and Domon, all fully transformed, appeared in front of him with their Vol Weapons. "Hold it right there."

"Timeranger? But I was assured that they'd-." Before Yorou could finish, both Tatsuya and Ryuya made their appearance, riding the Time Flyer, before leaping down to join the rest of the group.








Yuri then presented her badge to the Londarz. "You're under arrest for breaking the laws of time."

"We'll see about that.", Yorou declared, as he threw bombs at the group, who merely leapt forward.

"Naoto did it.", Hiroto stated as he and the others continued dealing with the Inves, managing to drive them off. "He got the machine working for him."

Ayase and Domon pointed at Yorou and aimed their weapons. "VolLauncher!"

"VolVulcan!" The two cannons hit Yorou in the chest, which he recovered from enough to run forward and slash his two attackers.

The other three Timeranger's then commenced with their attacks.

"Vector End: Beat 3!", Tatsuya announced.

"Beat 6!", Yuri followed up.

Sion then concluded the attack. "Beat 9!"

The three slash attacks left Yorou disorientated, enough for Naoto to run forward for his own attack. "DV Refreezer!"

The blade managed to hit Yorou's compression seal, causing him to grow to giant size. But this didn't slow them down in the slightest. "TimeJets, launch!"

"Come, V-Rex!"

Soon enough, their respective vehicles appeared, with Yorou continuing his onslaught, throwing bombs. "Take this!"

But V-Rex merely walked through the bombs, before Naoto had it attack. "Rex Laser!" After it fired a shot to weaken its foe, Naoto had it assume its humanoid form. "Voice Formation, V-Rex Robo!"

After the Timeranger clones had flown into their respective TimeJet using the Time Flyer, Tatsuya had them combine as well. "3-D Formation, TimeRobo Beta!" The 5 came together around TimeJet 1, with 2 and 3 becoming the arms, while 4 and 5 became the legs, creating a grey robot with blue highlights and elongated shoulders. "Flyer Magnum!" The Time Flyer became a handgun which the robot wielded to fire a shot at Yorou.

"Revolver Missile!" Naoto had V-Rex Robo fire its load of missiles at the Londarz, who tried and failed to dodge all of them. "Alright, let's finish him off. Reverse Formation, V-Rex!"

As Naoto's robot changed form, so two did Tatsuya's. "Change Formation, TimeRobo Alpha!" The robot altered the appearance of its chest, with the limbs rearranging so that 4 and 5 formed the arms, while 2 and 3 were the legs, with this new formation having a more normal appearance. "Jikuu-Ken!" The robot summoned its weapon before leaping onto V-Rex, which moved closer to the Londarz as he tried to get away. "Jikuu-Ken: Press Blizzard!" The robot delivered a slashing attack to Yorou, who was frozen in place. "Time Up!" The two blades on the side of the sword began to move towards the central blade, with Yorou exploding once the three blades had met.

From the flames of the explosion, Yorou reappeared as a tiny figurine, which Naoto used his badge to place in a freeze-compression capsule. "Freeze compression complete." That done, the copies of Timeranger dispersed, their purpose fulfilled.

Elsewhere, Momo's battle with Escape continued apace, with the former being able tor end her opponent's battle choreography and figure out her weaknesses. "She's not making anything resembling a coordinated assault. Her movements are totally wild. So much for being 'pretty good'." She took out her weapon, aimed and fired. "King Blaster!" She landed a shot that knocked Escape onto her back.

"Impossible!", Escape stated with disbelief. "You managed to hit me." She then got up and tried retreating.

"Oh no you don't.", Momo took out her Circle Defenser, charging it with energy. "Shippu: Choriki Defenser!" She then threw the shield at Escape, overloading her with energy until she exploded.

To the side, Enter and Yakumo's sword fight ended in a stalemate. "Not bad.", Enter commented. "But I think we could do to raise the stakes. Let's Morphin!" He then transformed into an armoured, snake-like form, with a sharper sword. He then ran towards Yakumo at super speed, cutting through him.

"I won't let you do this.", Yakumo stated as he placed his Goton NinShuriken on his Ichibantou. Ki no Jutsu! "Shuriken Ninpo: Tsurutsuru Shita no Jutsu!" Moku Moku Ja! Yakumo generated vines that held Enter in place, while he transformed. "Chozetsu Henge!" The Chozetsu! He set the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer spinning. Chozetsu Ninja! "Let's do this, old man."

"Right. Let us rampage together.", the voice of Shishioh echoed as Yakumo placed him on the Ichibantou.

The Shoubu! N, I! N, I! N, I! N, I! Yakumo set the Shuriken spinning, before swinging the sword back and forth. N, I, N, I, Nin Ninnin! N, I, N, I, Nin Ninnin! "Chozetsu Shuriken Zan!" Yakumo brought he sword down on Enter. Ichiban Shoubu! It made contact, fatally wounding the Avatar. "Au revoir."

"Tres bien.", Enter stated as he fell back and exploded.

Yakumo and Momo then regrouped with each other. "Hey, what happened to Kaito?", Momo asked. "Did you see where he went?"

"No.", Yakumo shook his head. "But he might've been too late to stop that remnant, wherever he went." He pointed to an approaching Kamakiri Inves as he said this.

"An Inves?", Momo said with confusion. "But how-?"

"Answer that later.", Yakumo said as he placed his Goton Shuriken on the Gekiatsutou. Kaen no Jutsu! "Shuriken Ninpo: Gekiatsu Kaen Abare Giri!" He then pressed the third button and spun the Shuriken before slashing at the Inves. The Hatsudou! Mera Mera Ja! Kyukyoku Issen! The Inves was hit by a flaming blade, exploding upon contact. Yakumo then reverted to normal. "If there's one Inves here, there'll probably be more popping up."

"Which means we'll have to be on alert.", Momo realised. "Especially if Dark Guild catches wind of this."

And at Dark Guild's lair, Dr. Zora returned, having procured a Helheim fruit. "My attempts to recreate these with the TRG are imperfect and unsuitable for my plan." She then held it up to her TRG, creating a pile of copies. "But now, I can truly proceed with my plan to seize control of this world, and defeat Riser Gant." She then placed the pile into a machine, which began to pulp the fruits, before she sat in a chair, which had tubes connected to her arms, injecting the liquified fruits into her body directly.

With the power of Helheim, Dr. Zora enhances herself into a super monster. With her new power, and control of Seth, Fractured Infinity are overwhelmed. Only Shinya can face her, with the aid of some old friends. Next time, look forward to Fractured Infinity Chapter 38: "Dr. Zora! The Final Confrontation!"