In the former Black Bohdi base in Akiba, Buldont and Malthiua were looking over their massive invasions force, consisting of an army of 500 Baros, a fleet of 100 Takonpas with a Baractica as the flagship. "This isn't much of an army.", Buldont stated.

"But it will serve its purpose, Bulpie.", Malthiua pointed out. "In 12 hours, this planet Earth will be under our control."

"And from there, we can then get what we need to return to an conquer our entire universe, Malpie.", Buldont nodded. "And not even Fractured Infinity will be able to stop us on our path of conquest."

As he finished talking, a motorcyclist wearing a pendant burst through the door and crashed their bike into a few of the Baros, leaping off to reveal that under her helmet, she was actually Momo. "So, you are alive again, Buldont. But it doesn't matter. You and Baranoia will die here."

"Impossible!", Malthiua gasped. "OhPink, how did you discover the location of our hidden base?"

"You can credit that to your former ally, Ariake no Kata.", was the answer. "After we helped her find a second chance at life, she gladly told us your location so we could stop you."

"That Youkai, I shouldn't have been so lenient with her.", Buldont fumed. "But it doesn't matter at all. You can't do anything to thwart our invasion by yourself."

"Who said I was by myself?" As Momo said this, Yakumo, Shinya, Hiroto, Miu and Naoto crashed through the ceiling onto the ships, hitting them with enough force to cause them to explode, scattering the Baro army. She also held up her pendant, revealing it was the mini Tachyon Recreation Generator that Fractured Infinity had been using. "And while I may see these guys as my allies more than I did when I first got here, I still want no-one short of my comrades by my side for this." She held onto the TRG tightly, summoning forth the other members of Ohranger, before initiating her transformation. When the process completed itself, she was surrounded by copies of her allies, Goro Hoshino, Shouhei Yokkaichi, Yuji Mita, Juri Nijou and Riki. They then did their introduction.







And then Captain Goro led them in concluding the roll call. "Choriki Sentai…"


Buldont and Malthiua were now furious. "Our army may have been crippled, but we can rebuild.", the former growled.

"But first, we'll eliminate the biggest threat to our plans by killing you.", Malthiua commented as she pulled back on her arrow, firing as their opponents leapt forward, with the males fighting Buldont, while the females went for Malthiua.

Riki was the sole exception, leaping into the battle with the Baros, to take over from Momo's other team. "I can handle this.", he said to them. "You go on and destroy their Tachyon Recreation Generator."

"Is that really all we came here for?", Miu asked. "Breaking the big bad's machine?"

"It is important we take it out.", Naoto pointed out. "If we do, then Buldont and Malthiua still lose, even if they manage to walk away from this. Now come on." He led the others further into the complex, as he fighting continued behind them. The male Ohrangers used their King Blasters to shoot at Buldont, but he deflected it with his sword. At the same time, Malthiua turned her bow into a rapier, that she locked with Juri and Momo's Battle Sticks.

Back at the Urobuchi Estate, Airi was carrying the plate on which her latest meal had been eaten off into the kitchen, when a crack opened. Emerging from the crack was Kaito, with an army of Inves. "You! The others warned me you were a threat now.", Airi announced. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to eliminate 'the others', before they can pose a threat to my plans.", was Kaito's answer. "Now then, if you tell me where I can find them to end this quickly, I may spare you."

"They're not here.", Airi stated. "They've gone to fight the last of Dark Guild at Kugai's safe house in Akiba. There's a tachyon recreation generator there they want to destroy."

"Thank you.", Kaito said, with no emotion. He closed the crack behind him and opened up a new one. "I think I know you. You were that Youkai lady who Yakumo was fighting. What happened to you?"

"I gave up my power.", was Airi's answer. "For the sake of my family, I opened up my heart and was able to begin again."

"'Family'?", Kaito tutted. "I don't have a family to fight for, all I have is the power I have attained." He then entered the crack with his army, as it closed behind him.

Back at said facility, Ohranger were pulling out all the stops in their fights with their enemy. Captain Goro led Shouhei and Yuji in summoning their weapons. "Star Riser!"

"Square Crusher!"

"Delta Tonfa!"

Buldont laughed at this. "Your weapons won't help you defeat me." He charged forwards, locking swords with Captain Goro, before being knocked back, followed by his opponent slashing him, before all three initiated their special attacks.

"Hikken: Choriki Riser!"

"Denkou: Choriki Crusher!"

"Inazuma: Choriki Tonfa!"

The three attacks hit Buldont, managing to knock him back. "Alright.", the three of them celebrated.

To the side, Malthiua was facing the two female members, who likewise took their weapons out when she brought her sword down. "Circle Defenser!" Momo blocked the blow, before knocking their foe back. "Juri, do it now."

"Twin Baton!" Using her nunchaku, Juri first knocked the sword out of Malthiua's hands, before knocking her hand towards the wall. "All according to plan."

"Just don't forget who came up with the plan.", Momo remarked. She then charged her weapon with energy, launching her attack. "Shippu: Choriki Defenser!"

"Sakuretsu: Choriki Baton!"

The two attacks hit Malthiua, knocking her over to join her husband. "Bulpie!", she cried out. "We need to coalesce our powers."

"Right, Malpie.", Buldont nodded, as the two combined their weapons. "Love Love Pair Attack!"

The resulting beam knocked all of Ohranger back, but Captain Goro immediately got up. "We won't give up that easily.", he declared, before helping everyone back up. "Everyone, counterattack."

"Right.", they all nodded, as Momo led them in launching their individual attacks, starting with her firing a beam. "Senkou: Miracle Kikkoudan!"

Following this was Juri, using a flurry of martial arts hits. "Kousoku: Splash Illusion!"

Next up was Yuji, who spun around before crashing into Buldont and Malthiua. "Gekitotsu: Rolling Bomber!"

After that hit their two targets, Shouhei went next in attacking. "Bakuretsu: Mirage Knuckle!" He threw a flurry of punches at the evil pair.

Finally, Riki joined in after defeating the Baros. "King Stick!" Summoning his weapon, Riki channelled his power into the weapon, before crashing into the pair. "King Victory Flash!"

With Buldont and Malthiua sufficiently weakened, Captain Goro combined the weapons of the 5 created by UAOH into one. "Big Bang Buster!" He took aim and fired, weakening the two further.

But Buldont and Malthiua both managed to survive. "If that's how you want to play it, then we'll combine our powers as well." The two put their arms together, transferring energy between the two. They then enlarged to such a size that they burst through the roof of the building, before leaping over to the city.

In the bowels of the complex, Yakumo's group had found the object of their search. "The Tachyon Recreation Generator.", Shinya surmised. "Hard to believe that this thing continued to cause trouble, even with Kugai dead."

"If we destroy this, then all of this will be over.", Yakumo stated, taking out his Ichibantou.

"I can't let you do that." Everyone was blasted back as Kaito emerged from a crack, flanked by his Inves army. "I've gathered an army of the strongest Inves that were created on this planet, but it isn't enough.", he explained. "If I use this machine, I can recreate an army of them from an earlier version of Helheim."

"And then what?", Hiroto asked. "You'll have them wipe out humanity except for those you choose?"

"Exactly.", Kaito stated. "Humanity as it is is decadent, ruled over by those who have the strength to change the world, but use it to oppress the weak. I intend to change that, and I've made that clear since the day we met."

"You may have a point that the world is governed by apathetic fat cats.", Naoto told him. "But that doesn't mean we can force change overnight. We have to make it happen overtime."

"In short, we won't let you get to this generator.", Miu surmised. Kaito merely laughed at this. "What's the joke?"

"It's funny that you think you can dictate that. To these Inves, I am a god. No, a devil." He pointed at his former allies. "Tear them apart."

But as the Inves approached, the figures of Go-On Red, AkaNinger, Riser Glen and TimeRed appeared to slash into the Inves. "Let's finish this at Mach speed."

"I'm on fire!"

"You shouldn't have kept talking.", Yakumo informed Kaito. "It gave me time to use the machine to duplicate our strongest allies in order to keep your Inves army at bay." He then took out his NinShuriken. "And that allows us to focus solely on stopping you from using this thing." AoNinger Shuriken!

"Oh, you actually think you can defeat me?", Kaito asked, as he took out his Lockseed, summoning his Sengoku Driver. "This should be an interesting match up." Banana!

"We're in on this too.", Hiroto and Miu stated together, as they prepared their transformation. "Change Soul, set!" Shinya and Naoto also joined in preparing their transformations.

"Henshin!" Lock On! Come On! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear! "Armoured Rider Baron!"

The Henge! "Shuriken Henge!" Aka-ja! Ao-ja! Ki-ja! Shiro-ja! Momo-ja! Ninja! "The Roaring Cloud, AoNinger!"

"Souchaku! Justiriser! Gant, on stage!"

"Let's Go-On!"

"Break the Limit, Go-On Gold!"

"Sparkling World, Go-On Silver!"

"Take Off, Go-On Wings!"


Now, everyone stood transformed, engaging in battle. Shinya was the first to attack. "Gant Slugger!" He pointed his weapon, firing a flurry of shots. Kaito merely phased through them, before moving closer and kicking his former ally back. Come On! Banana Squash!

Hiroto and Miu then took the initiative to slash at him with their Rocket Daggers. "Burning Dagger!" Mission 1!

"Shooting Dagger!" Mission 5!

Both attacks hit Kaito, but he merely shrugged them off, after getting back up. "Looks like I need to up my defence.", he decided, taking out another Lockseed. Mango! He then inserted it into his belt, changing. Mango Arms! Fight of Hammer! He then swung the Mango Punisher to knock the pair back.

In the city, Buldont and Malthiua commenced destroying the buildings. "We don't need an army to destroy this city.", Buldont announced. "We can do this ourselves, right Malpie?"

"It's good to do these kinds of activities together, Bulpie." Malthiua giggled.

As they were laughing, the 5 Blocker Robots appeared, landing opposite the pair. "Stop right there!", Captain Goro announced as he fired a beam from the head of Red Blocker, which Buldont narrowly blocked with his sword. Yellow Blocker then initiated a spinning kick that was also deflected.

"We can't hit Buldont separately.", Momo informed them. "You'll need to combine the Blocker Robots to beat him. Malthiua's all mine." She then leapt out of Pink Blocker, speaking into her Corresponder. "Red Puncher, come!" The robot came flying, and Momo flew into it, before landing next to Malthiua, managing to punch her away from her husband.

"Choju Gattai!" At Goro's command, the 5 Blocker Robots came together, with Pink Blocker and Green Blocker breaking apart, Blue Blocker folding a pair of black bars out of where its head would be, Red Blocker folded back into its star shape and the top half of Yellow Blocker folded outwards, with a large head folding onto the lower half. The pieces then came together into a humanoid body, with Blue, Green and Pink becoming the waist, legs and feet, while Yellow and Red formed the upper body. "OhBlocker, Olé!"

The newly formed OhBlocker summoned its twin Blokken swords, using them to slash at Buldont. While he managed to block one with his own sword, the other made contact, knocking him down. "Unforgivable!", Buldont declared as he zapped the robot with energy, knocking it back.

To the side, Malthiua was taking a relentless beating from Momo, who wasn't letting her get a word in. "This is for everything you've done to hurt people. Both in this world and ours. It's time I get you out of my life. Star Visor Blast!" She took a shot that paid off, knocking Malthiua back.

Back in the fight with Buldont, Shouhei had an idea. "Captain, he can't possibly take us down if there are two of us to hit."

"What are you saying?", Juri asked.

"No, I get it.", was Goro's response. "Both of you, go for it."

"Ok.", Yuji nodded, before speaking into his communicator. "Choriki Mobiles, launch!" In a flash, Sky Phoenix, Gran Taurus and Dash Leon appeared, the latter two pulling Dogu Lander and Moa Loader behind them. "Choriki Gattai!" The tops of Dogu Lander and Moa Loader detached, as Gran Taurus' hind legs folded into its front legs, plugging into them. Dash Leon then unfolded its hind legs, with the claws folding down to turn the feet into hands, while the front legs folded up. As it plugged onto Gran Taurus, Sky Phoenix flew towards the hollow backside of the combination, folding up the avian head to reveal a humanoid head as it connected. Finally, a red helmet came down to connect to the head. "Ohranger Robo, Olé!" Yuji then operated the controls to put hismelf at the centre, while the helmet swapped out for a pyramid shaped one. "Graviton Head Change!" The robot then approached Buldont, before blasting him with a beam. "Choriki Leon Beam!"

Buldont was lifted into the air by this, held in place. "Good work, you two.", Captain Goro complimented, before he had OhBlocker combine its two weapons into one. "Twin Blokken Crash!" The combined blade was knocked into Buldont, knocking him to the ground. Goro and Juri then joined their allies in Ohranger Robo, with Goro taking the centre, restoring the robot to its main form. "Wing Head Change!" Now back in its base stated, the robot summoned its weapon. "Super Crown Sword!" Ohranger Robo then charged the weapon with energy, before bringing it down on their foe. "Crown Final Crash!"

The blow hit Buldont, crippling him fatally. "It can't be!", he exclaimed. "This was supposed to be my moment! How could I lose to you again?" With that said, he collapsed and died, his body exploding.

This was witnessed by Malthiua from the side. "Bulpie! Nooooo!" She then turned back to Red Puncher, stabbing it with her sword. "Damn you, Ohranger! First my pet, then my kingdom, then my precious baby, and now my husband. IS THERE NOTHING YOU WON'T TAKE FROM ME?"

"Captain, she's become more powerful.", Momo cried out as Malthiua removed her weapon, slashing Red Puncher twice, before kicking it backwards into a building, demolishing it. "Her anger's giving her strength. We need to combine our powers."

"Right.", Captain Goro nodded. "Chou Hougeki Gattai!" The two robots stood back to back, with Red Puncher folding its arms backwards onto Ohranger Robo's shoulders, before spinning its head around to become a helmet, as Momo reappeared in the cockpit. "Buster Ohranger Robo, Olé!"

"Why you-!", Malthiua hissed as she returned her weapon to its bow mode, firing arrows, that buffeted the combination.

"We need to hit her quickly.", Goro urged. "Big Cannon Burst!" But before they had time to finish charging up the necessary energy, Malthiua struck again, blowing the combination apart.

"You're finished!", Malthiua stated as she picked up Buldont's sword, wielding it along with her own. "Say your prayers, Ohranger!"

"Super Burn Wave!" Riki appeared in his mecha, the spacecraft King Pyramidder, launching a beam from the tip that knocked Malthiua back. "Everyone, let's coalesce our powers."

"Right.", Goro nodded. "King Pyramidder: Carrier Formation!" King Pyramidder unfolded a platform from its side, along with a perch that covered the top of the pyramid which the Choriki Mobiles all placed themselves on, while Red Puncher landed on the other side of the pyramid. All of them then launched a barrage of attacks the Malthiua barely weathered.

"You think you can defeat me with the power of these beasts?", Malthiua growled, as she readied her bow, firing her husband's sword from it to knock all the individual Choriki Mobiles off to the side.

"She's weakening, Captain.", Juri noted. "But with the Choriki Mobiles taken out, there's not much we can do."

"Yes there is.", Momo pointed out. "OhBlocker is still functional. We can use that to win."

"Alright.", Captain Goro nodded. "Everyone, let's go." The main 5 members of Ohranger climbed out and teleported into OhBlocker. "Alright, Riki. Let's do this."

"Okay.", Riki nodded, before initiating the motions. "King Pyramidder: Battle Formation!" The far ends of the deployed platform rotated, straightening the mecha to the point that one of the edges of the pyramid had clearance to fold out into a platform. The tip of the pyramid folded outward, revealing both a red gem and the kanji for 'king', as a head came out one of the sides, while the other two converted into arms. OhBlocker then entered the hollow space, as the platform folded out, giving Red Puncher space to perch, as its cannons folded outwards.

"What the-? This again?", Malthiua gasped as she saw the humongous robot towering over her.

Inside it, the 6 Ohrangers went through the motions of gathering all their energy. "Super Legend Beam!"

King Pyramidder unleashed its full power on Malthiua, managing to finally deal her a mortal blow. "Bulpie! I'm sorry I wasn't able to revive our dream." She then managed to step forward and raise her arms in the air, blurting out "Glory to Baranoia!", before she spontaneously combusted.

"It's over.", Momo stated as she leapt out of the disappearing King Pyramidder. Even Pink Blocker and Red Puncher disappeared, but she wasn't that perturbed. Tsukasa had informed Hiroto that any equipment of theirs that wasn't sentient was simply one of Kugai's replicas. Even their transformation devices. Before she could ruminate on this, her Corresponder began beeping - Hiroto had recently succeeded in modifying their communications so they could speak without their mobile phones - which she responded to. "Hello?"

"Momo, we're going to need you down here.", Naoto's voice came through the other end. "It's Kaito. He's trying to use the generator to destroy the world. We'll need your Choriki to defeat him."

"I'm on my way.", Momo nodded as she set off.

At the Urobuchi Estate, the battle that had taken place had just been witnessed by Anabelle-Marie and Airi, who were in he process of drinking tea. "They've defeated the last active member of Kugai's army.", Anabelle-Marie noted. "It's over."

"Dark Guild may be over.", Airi pointed out. "But that boy - Kaito. Something tells me that as long as he's around, things won't be over."

Back in the storage room for the generator, Kaito launched an attack that knocked Hiroto and Miu back. Come On! Mango Au Lait! "You really think this will make a dent in me?", he asked as he raised his weapon.

But then it was shot out of his hands by Naoto. "No, but I think that without your weapon, you're stuck on defence."

"You're right.", Kaito stated, as he changed his Lockseed. Ringo! Lock On! As the Arms descended, Naoto tried shooting at Kaito, who merely phased out of the way before appearing behind the giant Apple, punching it into his opponent before it bounced back onto him. Come On! Ringo Arms! Desire Forbidden Fruits! He then used the Sword Bringer to knock Naoto down.

"Versus Cannon!" Kaito was shot from behind by Shinya, but he was able to turn around and use the Apple Reflector to block the shots, before launching his own slash attack. Come On! Ringo Sparking! The attack knocked Shinya back several feet, crashing him into the wall. "This power! It's incredible."

"In that case, we'll have to hit back with more power.", Yakumo stated as he took out the Gekiatsutou, using it to slash at Kaito. He then took out something unexpected. His ally Kinji's Furai NinShuriken. "Kinji-san, I hope I that I can put this to good use."

He thought back to how he had acquired it. Immediately following their defeat of the three Eastern Youkai combination, Yakumo had decided to recover what he needed from his allies before they faded, such as the Chozetsu Shoubu Brace and the Gekiatsutou. But Kinji had given him something else as well. His Furai Shuriken. "Yakumo boy. I think that guy Kaito will prove to be a bother to you in the future. You'll probably have a better need for this than I do."

"I've got it.", Yakumo had nodded as he took it.

Back in the present, Yakumo attached it to the Gekiatsutou, changing the setting. Kaze Magic! He then inserted his Goton Shuriken onto his Ichibantou. Mizu no Jutsu! "Gekiatsu Joukyuu Shuriken Ninpo: Senkai no Jutsu! Mizu no Jutsu/Kaze Magic: Mix!" He set both Shurikens spinning. Jabu Jabu Ja/Hurricane Ja!

A whirlpool was formed sucking in both Yakumo and Kaito, the latter of whom struggled to get out, with his movements being blocked by the direction of the wind. "So I can't get out, that doesn't change anything.", Kaito pointed out, as he tore off his Sengoku Driver to don his Genesis Driver. "You're just as trapped in here as I am." Lemon Energy! He then inserted the Energy Lockseed, initiating his transformation. Lock On! Soda! Lemon Energy Arms! Fight Power! Fight Power! Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, F-F-F-F-Fight!

"That's true, but you're forgetting that only I can disperse this.", Yakumo pointed out as he attached his own NinShuriken to the Gekiatsutou, pressing the first button. The Gekiatsu! "Igasaki-Ryu Magical Ninpo Ougi: Blue Snake Venom!" He spun the Shuriken twice before launching his attack, while Kaito removed his Energy Lockseed and placed it on his Sonic Arrow, before launching his own slash. Lemon Energy!/Chou Gekiatsu! The two attacks clashed for a moment, before the energy snake broke through and struck its target. "Now's my chance. Karakuri Hengen: Tsume!" Yakumo placed his Shuriken on the Karakuri Hengen. The Karakuri! He then launched an attack towards the Genesis Driver, managing to engulf it and its user in smoke. Tsume Karakuri Retsu!

The whirlpool then dispersed to reveal Yakumo standing there. "Is - is it over?", Miu asked.

"Somehow I doubt it.", Yakumo answered. Sure enough, a wave of energy came from behind him, knocking all of them down.

Then Kaito reappeared. "You've been holding back.", he admonished them. "And for that matter, so have I. It's time I stopped doing that." He transformed into his Overlord form, sending another energy wave towards the group with his Guronbaryamu, that knocked them out of their suits. "From now on, I'm playing for keeps."

"I always play for keeps." Kaito was hit from behind by a blast of energy from Momo, who ran forward to engage him in close combat. "And I hope you haven't forgotten that my Choriki is anathema to Inves."

"I haven't forgotten.", Kaito answered as he pushed her against the wall, before delivering a slash directly to her, that knocked her over to the others while dispersing her suit. "Now I have the chance to kill all of you together, the final impediments to my plan."

"We won't let you do that.", Hiroto stated. "Today, in the name of love, peace and freedom for everyone on this planet, we're going to put you down once and for all." The two sides stared each other down, ready to begin the ultimate showdown.

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Kaito has fully given into his Overlord nature, aiming to destroy the world. His former teammates face him, trying to stop him at all cost. But, things soon go beyond their ability to control. Fractured Infinity, Final Chapter: "Farewell, Infinity".