Finally, Fractured Infinity located the headquarters of Dark Guild, managing to put an end to their ambitions once and for all. However, now they must contend with the ambitions of their former ally Kaito Kumon, now intent on destroying human civilisation and rebuilding it in his own image.

Now, the remaining 6 heroes left in this world were all that stood between Kaito and the last tachyon recreation generator. Other than the one around Momo's neck, which she realised the value of. "If we can call upon our allies, then we might stand a chance."

But before she could use it, Kaito zoomed over to her and grabbed the device from around her neck. "Like I'd allow you to use this." And then he shattered it into pieces by sheer force alone. "This isn't powerful enough to do what I want. Only the regular sized version will suffice."

"And we're going to stop you from getting there or die trying.", Hiroto announced.

It was then that Jum-Bowhale's Engine Soul burst out. "Boe! Hiroto, put me in Go-Roader GT so that I can help you fight."

Miu was hesitant. "But that drains your energy faster. What happens if we need to fight at giant size?"

"I don't think that will be an issue.", Naoto answered. "Because we're going to end this here, in this room."

"That's right!" Suddenly, a ball of light appeared, before shifting into an old man in a fur-lined robe, who proceeded to fight Kaito back, before turning to Yakumo. "Hey, boy. I hope you weren't planning to leave me out of this battle."

Yakumo smiled. "I could never leave you out of a thing such as this, old man.", was his response, as the two prepared to transform together. "Chozetsu Shuriken Henge!" The Henge! Yakumo spun his Shuriken as the old man merged with him, assuming his Chozetsu form. Chozetsu Ninja! "The Roaring Cloud! AoNinger Chozetsu!"

"Right, let's go for it.", Shinya announced as he took out his InLoader, pressing down on it. "Souchaku!" His armour partially formed around him, with the rest of it combining onto the Gant Slugger to form the Gant Rifle. "Justiriser! Gant, on stage!"

"Jum-Bowhale Soul, set!", Hiroto announced as he threw the wheel, which transformed into a human sized robot. "Go-Roader GT, Action Mode!" He and Miu then initiated their own transformations. "Change Soul, set! Let's Go-On!" Their suits formed around them, before their helmets appeared above their head, which they pulled down on. "'Met On!"

"Break the Limit, Go-On Gold!"

"Flying free, tricky! Engine Toripter!"

"Sparkling World, Go-On Silver!"

"The silver air master! Engine Jetras!"

"Everything about me is first class! Engine Jum-Bowhale!"

"Take Off! We are the Go-Onger Wings Unit!"

"Kaito, I'm going to put you down.", Momo declared, as she brought both halves of her Power Brace together. "Choriki Henshin!" A wireframe formed around her, onto which her Power Suit formed. "OhPink, Olé!"

"One for all and all for one.", Naoto nodded, as he yelled into his V Commander. "TIMEFIRE!" Now transformed, he drew his DV Defender. "Let's go, Kaito."

"Ha. Interesting.", Kaito whispered, as he drew Guronbaryamu. "Let's see which of us is truly strong." Everyone then charged into battle, with nobody giving Kaito an inch. Naoto delivered a flurry of icy slashes that Kaito struggled to dodge, while Yakumo, Shinya and Momo were still able to land hits on him with fiery Shurikens, electric blasts and Choriki energy.

Hiroto and Miu then managed to land their own hits, using simultaneous attacks. "Double Lightning Dagger!" Mission 3! The combined energy managed to knock Kaito out of his energy form, sending him rolling.

"Looks like I can't hold back.", Kaito decided as he pointed Guronbaryamu, generating a ball of fiery energy, that split into multiple smaller balls that struck everyone. "After all, you're coming dangerously close to hurting me significantly."

"Is that so?", Jum-Bowhale asked as he leapt in, grappling with Kaito. "In that case, allow me to keep it going."

"Don't forget me!" Shishioh broke off from Yakumo, delivering a fiery punch that sent Kaito flying into the wall, before recombining with his ally.

"We need a little more power.", Yakumo decided, crawling over to the generator and pressing some buttons. He smiled as a Shuriken appeared on his Gekiatsutou. Shuu Kyoku NinShuriken! "In fact, I'll hit you with the power of my allies. He pressed the third button on the sword. The Kinji! He spun the Shuriken, generating a copy of StarNinger who joined him in firing at Kaito. Irodori Issen! He then pressed the button again, repeating the process to create a copy of MomoNinger. The Kasumi! Yurameku Issen! The next copy to join his was ShiroNinger. The Fuuka! Hito Hira Issen! Then KiNinger. The Nagi! Kirameki Issen! Yakumo then spawned a copy of his normal power set. The Yakumo! Todoroke Issen! "It's time to finish this.", he stated as the process finished with AkaNinger joining him for his final attack. The Takaharu! Appare Issen!

"That's it.", Hiroto decided. "Yakumo. You need to provide us with the weapons of our allies."

"On it.", Yakumo began typing providing Hiroto and Miu with the weapons of the Go-Ongers, and Shinya with the weapons of the Justirisers. "What about you two?", he asked Momo and Naoto.

"If Kaito's calling himself the devil, then we'll need something that can kill a devil.", Naoto answered.

Yakumo input this. "There are three results. Beliarok, Vulcan Stick and Heavy Cyclone.", he informed the two. "I'll let you two choose." He then rejoined the battle.

Jum-Bowhale began to collapse from the exertion of fighting. "Energy depleted.", he managed to get out as his Soul ejected from Go-Roader as it shrunk down. But then Hiroto and Miu ran past, wielding the weapons of the individual Go-Ongers. "Good luck, you two."

Miu went first, wielding Go-On Red's Road Saber. "Saber Straight!" After managing to hit Kaito fast enough for him to be unable to dodge, she then pressed the attack with Go-On Blue's Garage Launcher. "Launcher Starter!" Finally, she pulled back Go-On Yellow's Racing Bullet. "Bullet Crash!"

Then Hirot entered the fray, with Go-On Green's Bridge Axe. "Axe Touring!" After landing this hit, he then moved onto Go-On Black's Cowl Laser. "Laser Highbeam!" Then he and Miu took out their own Rocket Daggers, launching their own attack. "Double Jet Dagger!" Mission 6: Full Power!

As Kaito reeled from these attacks, he came under fire from Shinya first launching attacks with his own weapon, before using Riser Glen's Glen Sword. "Raging Flame!" After landing a few slashes, he switched to Riser Kageri's gauntlet. "Phantom Crush!"

To the side, Naoto and Momo had selected their weapons, with the latter going for the Heavy Cyclone while the former went for the Beliarok. Much to his consternation, the sword could talk back. "Once you take me into your hand, what will you do?"

"Great, this thing's intelligent.", Naoto fumed. "If you must know, we want to defeat a guy who calls himself the devil."

"Heh. How interesting.", the sword responded. "I think I'll cut it." He leapt out of Naoto's hand, beginning to relentlessly attack Kaito, before the latter managed to lock the sword with his Guronbaryamu.

But by then, Momo had figured out the workings of the Heavy Cyclone. "Vulcan Cartridge!" This fired a flurry of shots that distracted Kaito enough for the Beliarok to land a decisive blow that slashed the Guronbaryamu in half. Momo then inserted a different cartridge before firing again. "Gel Cartridge!" This one froze Kaito in place momentarily. "Everyone, let's finish him off now."

"Right.", everyone nodded as they prepped their ultimate attacks.

Miu combined all three of her loaned weapons. "Highway Buster!" She then inserted something into the back. "Jetras Soul, set!"

"This is certainly an unusual situation.", Jetras noted.

Hiroto did likewise with his two weapons. "Junction Rifle!" He then likewise inserted his own partner. "Toripter Soul, set!"

"Time to repay those guys for standing in.", Toripter stated.

Shinya charged lightning into his weapon, before firing. "Thrust Shoot!"

Naoto charged up the Beliarok, before it launched its own attack. "Deathcium Claw!"

Momo then prepared the Cyclone Nova. "Loading EM Blade." She then aimed at Kaito and fired a burst of energy. "Cyclone Nova!"

Yakumo then placed the Chozetsu Shuriken on the Gekiatsutou. The Shoubu! "Let's unleash more power than before, old man."

"Right.", Shishioh's voice reverberated. "Finish him off."

Yakumo spun the Shuriken before leaping forward. "Chozetsu Gekiatsu Shuriken Zan!" Ichiban Shoubu!

All these attacks combined to hit Kaito at once. "It can't be!", he bellowed.

"He's going to explode.", Shinya pointed out. "And we won't get out of here quickly enough to escape the blast."

Yakumo then ran over to the console. "Yes we will." He pressed a few buttons, generating a portal. "Everyone. Hurry up and go through there." Everyone else headed through there, as Yakumo moved to join them, just before the explosion occurred.

In the city of Kyoto, as it had been months ago, outside of the historical district, a distortion in dimensions occurred, from which the members of Fractured Infinity emerged, reduced to their usual forms. "This had better not become a regular gimmick.", the tour guide sighed as he tried to lead the group away from the new arrivals.

"Where are we?", Miu asked. "It looks like… Kyoto."

"That's because it is.", Yakumo answered her. "It was on my mind, so I directed the portal to send us there."

"It's certainly appropriate." The broken pieces of Guronbaryamu flew forward, as the group turned around to see Kaito, standing there while people fled in fear. "After all, it's where our journey together began, Yakumo, Shinya. It's also where it's going to end."

"Is there nothing that can take this guy down?", Hiroto complained.

Kaito eyed the broken end of Guronbaryamu and came up with a thought. "Maybe there is." He then turned to Miu and Naoto. "Keep him occupied. I've got something I want to try."

"What about the rest of us?", Momo asked.

"Hiroto, get Toripter ready to take us away from here.", Yakumo instructed, as Miu and Naoto transformed, running in to grapple with Kaito. "Momo, I'm going to need to borrow something from you." He then went over to one of the pieces of Guronbaryamu, only to find it heavy to pick up. "Shinya, I'm going to need your help with something."

In the battle, Miu activated Go-Roader GT. "Toukon Soul, set!" It landed on its built in ramp in Wheel Mode. "Go-Roader Attack!" She knocked the wheel into Kaito, who struggled to hold it back.

"DV Blazer!" Naoto pointed and fired his DV Vulcan. This fiery energy surrounded the spinning wheel, making it more unbearable.

But Kaito was still able to pull through. "You fools! Like I said before, I'm a god. You can't hurt me with your weapons or power!"

"Then what about me?" A glowing ball of light appeared from the air, taking the shape of a humanoid figure who grabbed onto Kaito from the front.

"Kouta Kazuraba!", Momo recognised him. "He came to help us."

"Kazuraba, what are you-?", Kaito asked, as he felt a pain in his back. He then looked behind him to see Yakumo and Shinya, wielding the fragment of Guronbaryamu with Momo's Storage Crystal wedged onto the end of the handle.

"Don't try to regenerate yourself.", Yakumo warned him. "The Choriki energy will corrode your insides further than they already are." But then he realised something. "You aren't even trying to fight it off - you wanted this to happen."

""Which would mean - all that talk of destroying the world.", Shinya realised. "It was faked?"

"The feelings behind it were real enough.", Kaito explained as he reverted to his human form. "But I'd just given these people the freedom to make their own choices. It wouldn't have felt right to take that away from them. Yet I'd always be tempted by the prospect of doing so. So I used that, becoming a villain so that all of you would band together and defeat me. Congratulations, you are truly strong." And with that, he collapsed to the ground, dying from his injuries.

"So that's it?", Miu asked. "Is it all over?"

Hiroto looked back at the spectral Kouta, who vanished as quickly as he had appeared. "It's over."

Some time later, at the Urobuchi Estate, a doorbell rang, which Anabelle-Marie answered, revealing their guests. "Oh, welcome back.", she said, flustered. "I assume your venture was successful."

"Yes, yes." Airi entered the room, with Akira holding baby Manabu following close behind. "What happened with the Baranoia?"

"They're gone.", was Hiroto's answer. "Kugai, Dark Guild, Kaito… everyone that could threaten the stability of this world is gone." Everyone began cheering at this.

Manabu began to giggle. "Oh, that's the happiest he's been all day.", Akira commented. She then started stroking the baby, causing him to giggle more.

"What will you do now?", Anabelle-Marie asked.

"What we always planned to do eventually.", Yakumo answered. "We'll be heading back to our own worlds and our own lives."

"So that means this will be farewell.", Momo added.

"Not for me.", Naoto spoke up. "I'm dead back in my own world and I've already started over in this one. I might as well stay behind, make sure that this is still the safe place we've made it. And make sure that no-one else uses Kugai's equipment ever again."

"Well in that case, I'd better do this now.", Shinya decided, reaching out to shake his hand. "I've enjoyed serving with you, Naoto Takizawa."

"And I with you.", Naoto reciprocated. "Farewell."

Hiroto and Miu spoke with Anabelle-Marie. "Are you sure you can continue to help Naoto and Airi with fitting in?", Miu asked.

"We're still in the process of making a full set of social security numbers and employment records for the two former Youkai.", the maid explained. "And since Naoto actually has worked for the police for a while, it will be easier for us to create work records."

"That's good to know.", Hiroto said in response, before shaking Anabelle-Marie's hand. "Thank you for everything you've done for us."

"It's been my pleasure, sir.", Anabelle-Marie curtsied.

Yakumo meanwhile spoke with Airi. "I feel slightly bad about finding my own inner peace.", the latter admitted. "After all, I'm just a copy of the original Ariake no Kata."

"Nonetheless, you showed that the original does have the potential to change her ways.", Yakumo pointed out. "And even if the original returns and refuses to show it, you'll always be the better version of Ariake no Kata."

As the goodbyes concluded, Tsukasa appeared, standing behind them. "Come on, you 5. It's time you went home." He gestured, generating a dimension wall.

"Right.", Momo nodded. "Let's go, everyone." She, Shinya, Hiroto, Miu and Yakumo then walked through the portal with Tsukasa, which closed behind them.

"Goodbye, my allies.", Naoto stated. "No, my friends. I won't forget you."

The group then appeared in the control room of the Black Bohdi Tower. "What's the big deal?", Miu asked. "You said you were sending us home."

"I am.", Tsukasa specified. "But I can't send you back directly, as your worlds will still be frozen. Only the device that brought you here can ensure the correct flow of events resumes." He then went over to the controls. "I'm also shutting down the time warp this world's been trapped in for who knows how long. Now this world will be able to move forward, without Kugai's micro-management."

"It's a shame that they're confined to this planet though.", Shinya pointed out. "After all, Kugai never recreated anything further than the Moon."

"Kugai, yes.", Tsukasa pointed out. "But I think you'll recall that Yakumo recently had to recreate this world."

"And I must've used my universe as a template for everything I couldn't picture from this world.", Yakumo realised.

"Well, that's the matter of this world's future sorted out.", Tsukasa stated. "Now then, I'll leave the matter of you sending yourselves home to you. I assume you know how." And with that, he vanished into another dimensional wall.

"He's right.", Hiroto answered. "Megumi told me that when the knob is spun twice, and then the green buttons pressed, the machine will charge up after 5 seconds, scan whoever or whatever is standing in the podium that doesn't belong to this universe, and then return them home, resuming the flow of time in that world."

"Then what are we waiting for?", Shinya asked. "Let's do it."

"There is a side effect.", Hiroto answered him. "We more likely than not won't remember anything when we return home. We'll be reset to the state we were in when we left."

"You mean… all of this… everything we've fought for… all we've accomplished… we won't remember it."

"Unfortunately not.", Hiroto lamented. "But the people we've helped in this world, along with Naoto and the other duplicates Kugai created for the heroes team in his experiments… they'll always remember the struggles we went though so that they could live as themselves."

"That's good enough for me.", Momo decided, before removing her Power Brace. "And seeing as everything we had in our arsenal in this world except for Yakumo's OtomoNin and the Wings' Engines are duplicates, we'd better leave it behind."

"Indeed.", Yakumo agreed, setting down his Ichibantou and NinShuriken. "Lion Ha-Oh is linked to the Chozetsu Brace and Seiryumaru is a part of me. They'll come back as long as I have those Shurikens."

Shinya and the Wings then laid down their InLoader and Wing Triggers, along with the Change Souls and Go-Roader GT. "we'll send everyone back in the reverse of the order they entered this world.", Miu decided. "Momo, you're up first."

"Right.", Momo nodded as she stepped into the podium as the buttons were pressed. "Goodbye, then. Serving with you has been fun, but I wouldn't like to repeat it." Then she was gone.

Then the two Wings stepped up. "Do you think you two can operate the controls easily?", Hiroto asked.

"I'm sure we can.", Yakumo answered.

"Goodbye then.", Miu waved. "Now then Ani, what were we up to before we-?" She and her brother were then teleported away before they could finish their conversation.

"I'm up next.", Shinya stated, as Yakumo began working the machine. "You have your allies to return to, as do I. But Yakumo, just remember that if they screw up, give 'em hell." He was then returned to his origin point.

"I will, Shinya.", Yakumo said quietly as he activated the controls one final time, stepping up to the podium. "Well, it seems that this whole exercise was easy, after all." And then, he vanished, leaving the room in silence once more.

OhrenTopia, 2001.

At the UAOH base at Lake Kutcharo, Momo burst in her, parka absolutely covered in snow. "Lieutenant Maruo, reporting in. I apologise for my tardiness."

"'Tardiness'?", Staff Officer Miura asked. "If anything, you've got here early. The deadline to get her and receive a promotion was tomorrow at noon. You're 16 hours early."

"Really?", Momo gasped. "It felt like a long time out there. But I'm just glad I managed to get here at last." She made sure to stare down at her Power Brace, before saluting. "Now, I can get some rest after a long time out there in the unknown."

Go-OnTopia, 2010.

Hiroto and Miu found themselves in their living room. "I feel like I've forgotten about something.", Hiroto commented.

"You too?", Miu asked. "Because I'm also feeling like, there's something important I'm overlooking."

It was then that their butler walked into the room. "Bochama, I have the guest list for the upcoming party this weekend." He handed a sheet of paper to Hiroto. "For you to review and amend, as you see fit."

"Thank you, Jiiya.", Hiroto nodded as the butler left. "Oh god, not another of these boring parties." He then looked over the list noting that there were more than few gaps he could put names in. "Hey, Miu. Do you also feel like inviting our allies from the Go-Ongers to this event? They might be the life of this party."

"I think we could probably get away with putting Sosuke and Saki on the list.", Miu pointed out. "As for the others, you might have to pull some strings with Mother and Father."

"I think I can manage it.", Hiroto decided as he went over to the table and took out a pen.

World of the ChouSeiShin, 2006.

Shinya found himself, standing in the middle of a crowd, shaking off the drowsiness he was feeling. "Shinya!" He looked up to see Shouta and Yuka running over to him. "You seemed pretty out of it there.", the former of the two pointed out. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine.", Shinya insisted. "I just felt like I was forgetting something."

"You certainly are, if you're standing there.", Yuka pointed out. "Our graduation from high school. It's been delayed by a few months, but we're not gonna have you miss it."

"Right, right.", Shinya smiled. "Let's go then." The trio then set off running towards the school building.

NinninTopia, 2017.

Yakumo disembarked the plane, looking around. "Yakumo-kun!" He looked over and saw Kasumi waving him over. "You're the first of the others to show up. Fuuka's currently meeting with a producer and Nagi's running late."

"So that leaves us to begin the battle with the Eastern Youkai.", Yakumo surmised.

"Indeed.", Kasumi nodded. "I consulted with Kinji-san on what they might be and he suggested that it was likely they were…"

"Manananggal, Tikbalang and Kuro Dwende.", Yakumo stated. "I've no idea where that came from."

"You must have consulted Kinji-san on their identities too.", Kasumi surmised. "Now then, we'll have to wait until they appear in order to ascertain their weaknesses."

"The waist, low endurance and dependence on luck.", Yakumo also recited. He then moved on.

Kasumi, confused by his knowledge, followed on after him. "I feel that I should've been the one to figure that out."

Experiment Log! Experiment 9 Conclusion: Despite their initial adversity, this group of heroes managed to rise beyond that, and become firm allies who managed to take on and defeat not just their own enemies, but a threat to the entirety of existence. This experiment isn't what Kugai expected, but it proved to be an unmitigated success.

So here we are at the end. The title is supposed to reflect that now, at the very end, everyone is no longer at each others' throats and the multiverse isn't in danger, they're not "Fractured" Infinity anymore.

I'd once more like to thank everyone on Tokunation that made the third arc possible: FateReiwa (as he's known here), gashatfreak, CircuSh (as he's known here), DreamSword, Fish Sandwich, Shishi_Leo and GA87.

And if anyone's wondering what happened to Ryuga in the plotting of all this… put simply, I couldn't think of a way for him to get defeated easily, so I simply wrote him out of the proceedings. What happened to him next is open to interpretation.