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One-Shots after Bella, the Cullen's, Denali's, Volturi and the Pack. Ones that I have already done and new ones. Showing their siblings relationship, love, comfort and so on…Ratings and Warning will be up the top of each One-Shot...

Chapter 1: Letting Go

Edward run out of the house as soon as he realized what he was doing. He was falling in love with another and the other wasn't Bella. His family all hated the idea that he was moving on. But he couldn't help it. He was falling for her hard.

Edward runs hard and before he knew it, he realized that he had run to Forks. The sun had just set over the horizon. Edward realized that he had to see Bella. He had to make sure she was happy. He made his way to the old Swan house to find it completely re-done. He stood out of sight looking at the window. He saw an older version of Bella laughing with a man's arms wrapped around her waist. She was laughing at something she had said. She looked happy. Edward sighs what was he to do?

Fall in love with his new girl or make his family happy and be back with Bella?

Bella laughs in her kitchen with her husband Jack. After Edward left Jack moved to Forks and picked up the pieces of her broken heart. Now they had been happily married for twenty years and had 8 kids. Bella sensing someone is watching her looks up out of the window. She sees Edward by the trees head bowed. She knew that look. She had that look when she was deciding to move on with Jack. She never blamed Edward for leaving her. A long time ago she accepted that they weren't really mates and she moved on. To her it looked like Edward had come to a crossroad. A crossroad she herself had been at 20 years ago.

"Jack put the kids to bed. I'll be up there soon", Bella says.

Jack kisses his wife and moves to put the kids down to bed. Bella turns around and opens the back door and makes her way over to Edward.

Edward freezes when he hears the back door opening.

"Hey Edward", Bella says with a soft smile.

"You have changed", Edward says looking at her.

Bella laughs, "Humans do tend to do that. You on the other hand look the same as ever"

Edward just shrugs.

"What's the matter?" Bella asks.

"Are you happy?" Edward asks ignoring her question.

Bella smiles sadly at him, "Yes Edward I am"

"When did you get married?" he asks.

"20 years ago, this November", Bella replies smiling.

"I am happy you have moved on", Edward says.

"The question is have you moved on?" Bella asks looking at him.

"I have meet someone, but I don't know what to do", Edward replies.

"Do you love her?" Bella asks not bothered by the question at all.

Edward looks Bella and the eye and says, "I think I do"

"Then what is holding you back?" Bella asks.

"You", Edward replies simply.

"I forgave you and your family long ago. Move on. Be happy with your life. I am glad you have meet someone that can make you happy", Bella replies smiling.

"The family don't like her because she is not you", Edward reveals looking sad.

"Is she human or vampire?" Bella asks curiously.

"Vampire", Edward replies.

"Well, your family is just going to have to get to know her as her and not as me. I long ago accepted that you and I weren't mates. The way you talk about her I know that this one is your mate", Bella replies, "And the one your destined to be with for the rest of your existence"

"Thank you Bella", Edward says smiling slightly.

"Anytime", Bella replies.

"Does he know?" Edward asks looking at the house.

"No", Bella replies.

"Do your children know?" Edward asks.

"Some secrets are better off un-said", Bella replies.

"Thank you Bella for everything", Edward says.

"Not a problem", Bella says giving Edward a hug.

Edward hugs back just as tightly. Bella pulls back and smiles.

"Go back to your family Edward. And tell them to be happy and that I'm happy and that I will love all of them to the day I die", Bella says turning to walk away.

"I will Bella. Live a happy life", Edward says.

Bella turns and says, "Live a happy eternity"

Edward smiles and watches her walk inside. He watches the house for a minute.

"Goodbye Bella", Edward says turning and running away.

Edward after 30 years felt free. There was no guilt only love. He pushed himself faster wanting to get home to his mate. His mate. He liked the sound of that…

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