Author's Note: TRIGGER WARNING. This story will be gruesome. It is focused on sexual assault/rape and the aftermath. No one under 18 should be reading this story.

Blood Moon, or Red Moon, refers to the glow of red the moon possesses during a total lunar eclipse. During an eclipse, the red wavelengths from the sun are reflected off the Moon's surface to create this effect. This story occurs immediately after New Moon – hence a title referencing an Eclipse. The story is dark, masked in blood – past and present.



My heart flutters painfully against my chest. Short breaths that barely subdue the need for oxygen escape my lips. My whole body ached with the pain of haunted memories flurrying across my vision.

"Bella, I'm right here." Edward's voice is a quiet murmur beside my ear. His lips brush at my skin.

I flinch. He wasn't there. Not before.

Icey fingers wrap around my palm, pulling it away from my throat.

"You can breathe, love. There's air here."

The air he spoke of felt damp and hot and heavy. I was keenly aware of the shower, spraying a mist of hot water that warmed the entire bathroom. I was shivering. Each convulsion of my shoulders trimming the space where my lungs could expand.

Edward's dark eyes are in front of me, peering deeply into mine. His hand is squeezing mine.

Could he squeeze the sanity back into my body? Or at least some oxygen? Maybe he could put his hands on my head and squeeze the memories out of my brain forever.

Carlisle told me memories could be a prison. They keep you in the past, keep you from living in the present and cloud your thinking of the future. I yearned to be Alice Cullen. To be free of the past. She was luckier than she ever knew.

"You'll survive this, Bella Swan." Edward whispers, his hand cupping my cheek. "I know you can."

"Make me forget, Edward." The words are strained between my gasps. I peer at the vampire through blurred vision. "Just make it go away."

"One day, Bella," he whispers, putting his forehead against mine. He exhales against my face, and I suck up the cold air. "you won't be locked in this grief anymore."