The Elder Scrolls: Ultimate Dragonborn

A Ben 10/Elder Scrolls crossover

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

The College of Winterhold.

The Dragonborn sliced through another magical anomaly with his sword. The anomaly seemed to scream in pain as it was bisected in half by the blade of his sword, and it fell to the snow in a pile of steaming magical goo. The warrior panted slightly and took a moment to observe the battlefield briefly. Members of the College, both novices and masters were engaging the magical anomalies in battle, blasting out streams of fire, lightning and frost at the anomalies that flew about, slamming their eldritch bodies into the college members. This had all started when Ancano, the Thalmor advisor (read: toady), had taken control of the Eye of Magnus and was using the artefact's insurmountable power for his own ends.

The Psjic Monks had informed the Dragonborn that he was the only one who could stop what was happening. A meeting with the Augur of Dunlain had the warrior travelling to Labyrinthian, the ancient Nord city ruin nestled deep in the frozen mountains, to recover the Staff of Magnus that would have the power to close the Eye before it could potentially destroy the world.

After a long battle with legions of undead and the Dragon Priest Morokei who commanded them, the Dragonborn had recovered the Staff and immediately made his way back to the College. It had devolved into pandemonium as Ancano's reckless misuse of the Eye had caused magical ruptures to split the borders between realms, spilling forth magical anomalies that had begun attacking everything in sight.

The warrior participated in the battle, helping his fellow college members as best he could, slicing apart the anomalies with his sword and providing healing and magicka potions to anyone who was injured in the battle against the anomalies. Mirabelle Ervine urged him to end the insanity and that was what the warrior intended to do.

Tolfdir volunteered his services to aid the Dragonborn in reaching the College and the warrior gratefully accepted the offer of the elderly but powerful wizard's help. Once the anomalies in the town had been dealt with, the pair then traversed the walkway leading to the college and they soon reached the magical barrier that barred the way. Pulling the staff of Magnus from his back, the Dragonborn raised the eldritch staff in front of him and unleashed the power of the staff onto the magical barrier barring entry.

Immediately eldritch energy shot forth from the crystal head of the staff and the stream of magic collided with the barrier in a shower of magical sparks and arcs of lightning. There was a great screaming sound as though the barrier itself were in pain but that didn't stop the warrior as he focussed on bringing the barrier down. Finally, after a tense nerve-wracking moment, the barrier was brought down, and it cracked and broke like splintering glass as 'shards' of magic fell around the College like broken glass.

Putting the staff away, the Slayer of Alduin then charged into the college with his sword at the ready and Tolfdir following closely, his hands wreathed in arcane flames.

Barging through the large oak and iron bound doors, Dragonborn and the Tolfdir entered the Hall of Elements where they found Ancano standing before the Eye of Magnus, his body enveloped in arcane magic.

"Ancano! Stop this madness! You don't know what you're doing!" the Dragonborn shouted. Ancano turned around to sneer dismissively before he replied.

"Foolish whelp! I know exactly what I'm doing!" boasted the Thalmor agent. "With the Eye at my command, the Thalmor has all it needs to wipe out both the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion from the board!" he declared.

"Ancano, please! Listen to reason!" Tolfdir cried "There are magics we were never meant to meddle with!" he yelled.

"Pathetic old man!" Ancano sneered, "I tire of your prattle!" Ancano then waved a hand and Tolfdir fell to the ground paralysed.

"No! Damn you!" shouted the Dragonborn as he blasted out a stream of lightning at Ancano but the magical aura surrounding the Altmer easily absorbed the lightning. Ancano waved another hand and it was only lightning quick reflexes that saved the Dragonborn from being struck by a paralysis spell. The hero of Skyrim then drew the staff of Magnus from his back. Ancano's eyes flashed with recognition as he saw the staff in the warrior's gauntleted hands.

"The… Staff of Magnus? You found the Staff of Magnus?!" screeched Ancano.

"I did!" the Dragonborn declared "And with it, your schemes are over!" he said as he pointed the staff towards the Eye and blasted a stream of energy at the Eye. The stream of energy collided with the Eye and the Eye closed. As the Eye closed, Ancano's magical aura faded away leaving him vulnerable. Almost immediately, the warrior was upon the Thalmor agent, his sword flashing. Ancano barely dodged each strike, trying to raise his hands to cast a spell.

The Dragonborn kept to trying to get in close so that the Thalmor lackey wouldn't be able to use any magic. Ancano in an act of desperation drew his dagger and slashed at the man who blocked the strike with his sword, but this provided Ancano with enough time to hit the Dragonborn with a telekinetic pulse which forced him back. Ancano then stretched his hand towards the Eye and cast a spell on it. The Eye opened and Ancano was then covered in magic once again.

Ancano then began throwing lightning bolts and fireballs at his foe for all he was worth. It took all of the Dragonborn's agility to avoid being hit by the destructive spells and he aimed the staff at the Eye and cast the magic of the artefact into the Eye. The eldritch magic of the staff collided with the Eye, and it began to close again. Ancano screamed in rage as he cast a counter-spell at the Eye for it to remain open. But as Ancano's counter-spell hit the Eye, it began to froth with energy and arcs of energy and lightning lashed out and there was a great cracking sound as above the Eye a tear in the fabric of reality opened and began to suck everything in.

Ancano was the first to be sucked into the blackhole and the Thalmor agent screamed in desperation as he scrambled to hold onto solid ground. The Dovahkiin acted quickly; he used his Thu'um to Shout Ice Form to anchor Tolfdir to the floor ensuring he wouldn't be sucked into the blackhole. The Dragonborn then thrust the blade of his sword deep into the ground and held on tight. The warrior's body was raised into the air as the blackhole sucked everything in the room into its gaping maw.

The Slayer of Alduin held on as tightly as he could but before he could react, his sword came free of its from its anchor and the warrior was sucked into the blackhole. The Dragonborn yelled in frustration as he was sucked into the wormhole and he struggled to try and make his way back to the Hall of Elements but as he was sucked into the blackhole, the tear sealed itself. The Dragonborn roared in disbelief as he was now cut off from his own world.

It was then a whirlwind of colours and images and places the warrior had never seen and he desperately wished that he was somewhere on solid ground. And it seemed the Divines had heard the Dovahkiin's prayers as he landed with a thump on solid ground. After a moment of laying still on the ground, the warrior sat up, groaning in pain slightly as he rubbed the back of his head and his back. Satisfied he hadn't broken or fractured any bones, he slowly sat up and observed his surroundings.

Mr Smoothie, Bellwood.

It had been a fairly normal day for Ben Tennyson and his cousin Gwen and her boyfriend/Ben's best friend, Kevin Levin. So far, they had stopped an attempted bank robbery by the Vreedle Brothers. Then they thwarted an arms deal between some gangsters and Forever Knights.

Of course, you may be wondering what kind of normal day this was. Truth be told, Ben Tennyson was far from an ordinary teenager. Upon his left wrist was a device known as the Omnitrix that stored the DNA of tens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of alien species throughout the galaxy and beyond. By simply selecting which alien on the Omnitrix and pressing the dial allowed Ben to assume the form and by extension powers and abilities of the chosen alien, Ben could be called a superhero in his own right.

Gwen on the other had no such device to allow her to transform, instead, she wielded the forces of Mana, or a simpler term would be magic. Through their paternal grandmother's side, Gwen was part Annondite, a race of beings made of pure Mana and perhaps the most powerful force to be seen.

Kevin had powers of his own. Originally when he was but eleven years old, he had absorbed the energy of the Omnitrix when trying to take it from a then ten-year-old Ben. The resulting energy had transformed Kevin in a chaotic amalgamation of ten aliens. But those days were long past, and Kevin was now human and firmly on Ben and Gwen's side and even started a relationship with Gwen herself. Kevin had powers of his own; he could absorb energy although such an ability affected his rationality. Instead, Kevin used his power to absorb solid materials such as metal, wood or stone to cover himself in a layer of armour which granted him both superhuman durability and strength. That, combined his own alien tech enhanced muscle car and his numerous contacts in the seedy business of illegal alien hardware, gave Kevin a unique set of skills that proved beneficial for his friends.

Over the years, Ben had thwarted many attempts by villains, both earthly and alien, in various plots to control or even destroy the Earth. And it had been in recent years that Ben's identity had been revealed to the public which had consequences to it.

But today had been normal for Ben and his friends and currently they were enjoying some downtime at the Mr Smoothie enjoying some of the new flavours of smoothie available.

Ben was slurping his smoothie through a straw, a look of pure contentment on his face as he enjoyed the new smoothie flavour. Gwen had already finished her own smoothie while Kevin was looking over some minor dings to his beloved car. A frown was on Kevin's face as he grumbled about the small scuffs on the painted metal of the vehicle.

"Gonna take me ages to buff these out," the former criminal muttered as his dark eyes picked over the scratches and scuffs on the hood of his car.

"C'mon, Kevin, you can't be that mad about a few small scratches," Ben said to him as he sipped his drink.

"Yeah, I can!" Kevin snapped at him. "You know much a new coat of paint costs me?" he said and he did not wait for Ben to answer as he added, "Costs me a bucketload of cash to get the paint I needed and then its upwards of an hour or more to put it on!"

"Relax, Kevin. It's gonna be alright," Gwen said to her boyfriend soothingly. "Besides, it's been a quiet day for us. Let's enjoy it while we can," she added.

Then Ben's Plumber Badge started beeping and Ben held the device in his hand and a holographic image of Ben and Gwen's grandfather, Maxwell Tennyson showed up.

"You were saying?" Ben smirked at Gwen who glared at him. Ben looked at the hologram of his grandfather and asked, "What's up, Grandpa? Something wrong?"

"You could say that, Ben," the hologram of Maxwell said grimly. "Our sensors have picked up some odd energy readings over at Los Soledad. You three are the closest to it, would you mind checking it out?" he asked.

"Los Soledad? Why is it always Los Soledad?" Ben said faintly.

"We'll get right on it, Grandpa," Gwen answered for them and Maxwell nodded his thanks before hanging up.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Ben said as he finished off his smoothie and paid his tab before they all climbed into Kevin's muscle car and drove off for Los Soledad.

"So, what are we betting on this time?" Kevin asked as he drove the car down the highway into the desert towards the old defunct military testing base known as Los Soledad. "Highbreed?" he wagered.

"Nah, the Highbreed are good guys now that I fixed their problems," Ben said. "I'm betting Forever Knights," he added confidently.

"Maybe it's just some poor lost and confused alien that's landed there?" Gwen suggested.

Ben and Kevin glanced at Gwen before looking at each other and shaking their heads in apparent agreement. Gwen pouted in her seat as the car sped down the highway.

It was nearing early afternoon as they reached Los Soledad. Parking just outside the rusted gates to the abandoned military base, Ben and his friends got out and prepared to go inside. Ben looked at his selection of aliens on the Omnitrix and said, "Which alien do you think I should go for this time? Humongosaur? Fast-Track?"

"Heh, why not Grey Matter?" Kevin joked as he absorbed some metal from his car to armour himself up.

"Ha-ha," Ben said sarcastically as he selected an alien. "This will work!" he declared as he slammed the dial of the Omnitrix. In a flash of bright emerald green light, Ben's human form changed to that of Rath, an Appoplexian alien that was known for its extremely aggressive temperament, sheer strength, agility and combat prowess.

"RRRAAAATTTTHHHH!" Rath bellowed out in a war-cry.

"Oh, great, we got this guy," Gwen lamented despairingly and even Kevin nodded in agreement as they had seen firsthand at how negotiations more often than not went sideways when Rath was out.

"Lemme tell ya something, Gwendolyn Tennyson!" Rath snarled out. "You should be thankful that Rath is here, because Rath knows when a fight is gonna happen!" he boasted.

"Let's just get this over with," Gwen muttered as her hands glowed with mana spheres as she walked into the ruined army base with Rath and Kevin following her.

As the trio headed deeper into the decrepit ruins, the smell of ozone filled the air around and Gwen's mana spheres sparked and crackled. "Something's definitely here!" Gwen whispered as her eyes glowed violet. "Something powerful!" she hissed.

Rath then bellowed out, "Hey! Whoever's out there, come out and fight, we know you're there!"

"Ben!?" Gwen gasped at the audacity of Rath and Kevin had to suppress a groan of frustration.

Then walking into view was a black armoured knight. Kevin, Gwen and even Rath's eyes widened as they saw the curious sight.

"Huh, looks you were on the money, Ben," Kevin said offhandedly.

The black knight looked at the trio, his gauntleted hand holding up a sword with a dark and smoky blade. Rath growled threateningly, his claw spikes extending from his fists.

"Wait!" Gwen cried out. "Doesn't this seem a little…?" she didn't get to finish when Rath gave a roar and leapt towards the knight who shouted three loud unintelligible words.


A pale blue tinted cone of near invisible energy was expelled from the knight and hit Rath square in the chest and sent him flying into a nearby building, smashing it into splinters. Kevin charged forward, shifted his metal covered hands into large blades. Swinging his blades at the knight, Kevin hoped to overwhelm his opponent.

But to Kevin's dismay, the knight easily parried his strikes before making one of his own. The smoky blade of the warrior's sword sliced a thin, clean line through the chest of Kevin's armour. Kevin stumbled back in surprise and the warrior smashed his free fist into Kevin's jaw, knocking him to the ground in a spray of dirt and dust.

Gwen gritted her teeth as she conjured tendrils of mana to wrap around the knight's arms and legs, hoping to restrain him. She was successful as the tendrils of mana energy wrapped around the warrior's arms and legs, spreading them apart. The warrior's helmeted head tilted to the side as if confused before lightning crackled from his body and in an explosion of light, the tendrils that restrained his arms and legs broke apart. The knight then walked over to Gwen with an air of calmness. Gwen flung some mana spheres at the knight who simply deflected the projectiles with his sword before he stood right before Gwen who stared up at the knight.

Gwen was slightly afraid of what might happen next. This Forever Knight had easily taken out Rath and an armoured-up Kevin and appeared to have magical ability of his own. It was hard to tell what the knight was thinking as the onyx helmet on his head concealed his very face and thus prevented Gwen from seeing it.

The knight stared down at Gwen making her realise with a start at just how massive the man was, if he was even a man. The knight raised his free hand to touch Gwen's temple and Gwen had to stop herself from flinching as the metal covered fingers of the knight's gauntleted hand touched her temple.

Suddenly a spark of electricity jumped from the knight's fingers into Gwen's skin, and she was inundated with images of people, places and creatures she had never seen before. Then the images stopped, and she looked up at the knight was astonishment on her face. Before she could open her mouth to speak, Rath tackled the knight to the ground.

"RAAARGH! Lemme tell ya something, Mr Forever Knight! Nobody knocks Rath into a building without getting a major beating!" Rath roared as he tried to twist the knight's ankle. A small grunt of pain came from the knight as he swung his sword at Rath and made a small gash on the Appoplexian's left pectoral. Rath bellowed out, more from rage then pain.


"Ben, wait!" Gwen called out desperately. "He's not our enemy!" she shouted but Rath wasn't listening as he tried to punch the knight who was giving as good as he got.

Kevin by then had recovered and got to his feet. "What happened?" he mumbled as he stood to his feet.

"C'mon! Help me stop Ben from killing that guy!" Gwen told her boyfriend.

"Why?" Kevin asked cluelessly as he watched Rath and the knight fight. Kevin had to admit that the knight was skilled as he avoided most of Rath's punches and scored a few of his own. Rath was almost foaming at the mouth as small gashes and cuts made their way onto his body.

"He's not a Forever Knight! He's from another dimension!" Gwen quickly explained.

"Oh," was Kevin's response before he and Gwen moved into to restrain Rath and the knight.

"Ben, stop! He's not a Forever Knight!" Gwen shouted to her cousin but in his Rath form, Ben wasn't listening.

"Someone needs a time-out!" Gwen said angrily as she cast a mana sphere around Rath who snarled in anger and tried to punch his way out of his confines. Kevin got in front of the knight and pushed him back away from Ben.

"Ben, calm down!" Gwen cried out to her cousin.

"Rath is calm!" Rath yelled as he tried to punch his way out. "Rath knows a Forever Knight when he sees one and this one drew first blood!" he howled.

The knight raised his empty and a small sphere of blue light flew from his fingertips and hit Rath in the head. A dopey look came over Rath's face as he slowly stopped trying to punch his way out of the sphere Gwen cast over him. Then Rath lay on the ground and began to snore.

Gwen dispelled the mana sphere around her cousin and looked at the knight who sheathed his sword over his back. "How did you…?" she tried to ask when the knight spoke in a deep baritone voice.

"A simple spell of calm," he said, his voice echoing slightly in his helmet. "What manner of beast is that? Is it a Khajiit of some kind?" he asked curiously as he regarded Rath who was still snoring.

"An Appoplexian," Kevin said. "What's a Khajiit?" he asked stupidly as he reverted to his flesh and blood form.

"One of two of the Beast races of Nirn; a cat people hailing from the Badlands of Eslwyr," the knight replied. "What manner of being are you?" he asked as he looked at Kevin and Gwen.

"I'm human. Mostly," Kevin said in a small voice. "Who are you? A Forever knight?" he asked.

"I may wear the armour of a knight, but I have never been knighted," the warrior replied. "I am called the Dovahkiin. Dragonborn in the mortal tongue," he said.

"I'm Gwen and this is Kevin," Gwen said to the warrior. "That's Ben over there," she added as she pointed to Rath who disappeared in bright green light back into Ben Tennyson, still asleep.

"A shapeshifter? Is he some kind of Daedra?" the Dovahkiin asked as he prepared to draw his sword.

"No, he's human," Gwen quickly said.

"But he just changed forms. Was it magic of some kind?" the Dovahkiin asked.

"No, he used the Omnitrix to change forms," Gwen explained.

"Omnitrix? What is that?" the Dragonborn asked.

"I think this needs to be taken to somewhere else," Gwen said looking at Kevin who nodded in agreement as he pulled out his Plumber badge and prepared to call for Grandpa Max to come help.

Plumber HQ.

Half an hour later, the Dovahkiin was sitting calmly in a holding cell under heavy guard while Ben and his friends spoke with Grandpa Max. Ben was a little ticked off that he had been beaten by a simple spell and was glaring at the monitor of the Dragonborn darkly. Max was speaking with Gwen.

"So, our new friend is from another dimension, you say?" the veteran Plumber agent asked his granddaughter.

"Yeah, the images he planted into my head showed me as much," Gwen said with a nod of her head.

"What if that was just some kind of tactic to put you under his control?" Ben asked playing devil's advocate.

"You're just mad that you lost the fight against him," Gwen said snippily.

"I am so not!" Ben protested. "What if this guy is part of a group of Forever Knights from another dimension?" he then said.

"He doesn't have any advanced tech on him," Kevin stated. "And I doubt he's an alien," he added.

"I thought you were on my side?" Ben said to his best friend.

"It may be possible that Mr Dovahkiin is part of a group of Forever Knights from another dimension," Max said seemingly agreeing with Ben's sentiment. Looking at Gwen, he asked, "Did the images he implanted in your mind show you anything related to the Forever Knights?"

"Not that I could see," Gwen replied. "I saw images of men wearing armour, but they looked more like Roman Legionnaires than knights," she said.

"Could he be a time traveller? Like Professor Paradox?" Kevin asked.

"If Professor Paradox were here we could ask him," Gwen said. "But somehow I don't Mr Dragonborn is a time traveller. Some of the images showed what I think were elves," she added as she wracked her memory.

"Elves? As in Santa's Little Helpers?" Ben joked.

"No, more like fantasy-Dungeons & Dragons elves. Orcs and dragons too," Gwen said.

"Well, I suppose we won't know until we ask our friend where he's from," Max said and he turned to give some Plumber agents an order.

Five minutes later, the Dovahkiin was brought to them. So far, the warrior had cooperated with them and hadn't even resisted once. His weapons had been taken which earned a slight head tilt, but otherwise no discernible reaction.

The warrior was sat down on a chair, energy cuffs on his wrists and he sat in his seat calmly.

Maxwell stared at the black armoured warrior firmly, his gaze unrelenting. Ben glared heatedly at the Dragonborn who did not so much as glance at him. Gwen and Kevin watched as Maxwell began to speak to the warrior.

"So, mind telling us who you are and where you're from?" Maxwell asked his voice steady, calm and measured.

"I am called the Dovahkiin or Dragonborn and I hail from the land of Skyrim," the warrior replied calmly.

"That's it? No first or last name?" Max raised an eyebrow.

"No. I am an orphan found on the steps of the Imperial City Orphanage as a baby," the Dragonborn said. "They didn't bother to give me a name," he added.

Gwen a put a hand to her mouth to stop the gasp of shock and disbelief that threatened to escape her. Kevin had an angry look on his face; angry that those who had taken the Dragonborn in didn't bother to give any sort of name. Ben looked shocked and little sympathetic.

Maxwell was fighting his own feelings of sadness at this titbit the Dragonborn had given them and pressed on. "So how did you get the name Dragonborn then?" he enquired.

"I slayed a dragon and devoured its soul," the warrior said simply.

"Devoured?" Ben asked looking a little confused and disgusted. "Are you some kind of soul eater?"

"I don't consume the souls of the living or dead to sustain myself, but whenever I slay a dragon I absorb it souls, its lifeforce, its essence to fuel my own," the Dovahkiin explained.

"So, you can use magic then?" Gwen asked. "Like what you did to Ben earlier?" she further asked.

"Correct," Dragonborn said with a nod of his head.

Maxwell nodded at this and continued. "So, how is it you ended up in our dimension?"

"I was at the Mages College of Winterhold, trying to stop Ancano from misusing the Eye of Magnus," the Dovahkiin and he proceeded to tell them the story of the Eye of Magnus and its sheer power and how the Thalmor agent Ancano had begun to recklessly misuse its power that threatened to destroy the world.

"I managed to close the Eye, but something. A rift opened and I was sucked into it," Dragonborn said as recounted those last moments. "I fell through a void and I landed here, in your dimension," he added.

"Could you go back?" Ben asked.

"I don't know," the Dovahkiin said simply. "My studies into magic did not cover travelling between dimensions," he added with a minute shrug of his shoulders.

"So you're stuck here for the time being," Maxwell said rather than asked.

"It would appear so," The Dragonborn agreed.

"Well, first meetings aside, I suppose we can give you the benefit of the doubt," Maxwell said with a sigh as he stood from his chair and walked over to the warrior and deactivated the cuffs. "You mind taking your helmet off, young man? Like to see who I'm talking to."

The Dragonborn was silent before saying, "Very well." Lifting a hand underneath his helmet to loosen a leather strap, the Dovahkiin put his hands to his helmet and lifted it off and held it to his hip. Everyone gawked upon seeing the Dragonborn's face for the first time.

He pale ivory skin with deep and dark blue almost purple eyes with platinum white hair cut short and a close-cropped beard covering a square anvil like jaw. A long jagged scar crossed diagonally over the warrior's face starting from the bottom left side of his jaw, going over the bridge of an aquiline nose and ended just above the dark streak of his right eyebrow. What really shocked everyone in the room was just how young the Dragonborn looked. The beard could fool most people at first glance that the warrior was older, but a closer inspection showed the youthful age of the warrior. He barely looked over eighteen.

"Something on my face?" the Dragonborn asked innocently and everyone gave a little startled movement as they realised they had been staring.

"Sorry! We just didn't expect you to be so…" Gwen trailed off not wanting to offend the Dovahkiin.

"So what?" the warrior asked cluelessly.

"Young," Kevin said for Gwen. "How old are you?" he then asked the Dragonborn who shrugged in response.

"Don't know. Don't really keep track of my age to be honest," the warrior said simply.

"If I had to guess, I'd say you're at least eighteen or nineteen thereabouts," Maxwell said knowingly. "The beard could fool most at first glance, but if they took a closer look?" he added.

"Age is simply a number," the Dovahkiin said wisely. "People judge you by your character and how you hold and conduct yourself," he added.

"Heh, I suppose that's true," Maxwell said with a grin. "I've met some people older than me that act like unruly children," he added with a chuckle.

"So, what now?" Ben asked.

"First, we're going to need to decide a few things," Maxwell said as he sat the computer console and cracked his knuckles.

"Such as?" the Dragonborn asked.

Maxwell looked at him and smiled. "You're going to need a name and somewhere to live," he said simply before he began to quickly type on the computer console.


A/N: There! First chapter of this is done and dusted. I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter. It's my first attempt at writing a Ben 10 story in a long time as years ago I had attempted to write a Ben 10/Elder Scrolls crossover but it didn't pan out for reasons that escape me. I suppose this first chapter will tell if this picks up or not.

In any case, next chapter we'll see the Dragonborn get an identity and place to live. For the time being, I think Ben and co. will want their new friend close by so that they can keep an eye on him and he may prove handy in a fight.

Speaking of which, I do apologise if any Ben 10 fans start complaining about how Ben was taken out in the first few seconds of fighting the Dragonborn, but what good would the Dragonborn be if he gets KO'd in the first instance of fighting Ben 10 of all people? And if we go by the Elder Scrolls lore regarding the Dragonborn, the Dragonborn himself would easily take out the likes of Ben and other Ben 10 characters. And to be honest and I'm sure some of you will agree that Ben is ridiculously overpowered at times, so whilst I will attempt to keep Ben in accordance to the Ben 10 lore, I do want to balance him out a little so that he won't be so OP all the time.

Also, I've got a few ideas for this story including some crossovers with Fallout, Samurai Jack, Power Puff Girls, Ed Edd 'n' Eddy, Dexter's Laboratory and other Cartoon Network titles. Heck, I might even crossover with DC or Marvel Comics if I can figure out a way.

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