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**Dark Stalker**

-For many years he had been hidden inside the darkness of Cephiro with wanting nothing but to be set free and feed upon what he loved the most… but instead he laid here locked in this place of loneliness, floating above negative space and feeling his body grown colder by the second and his skin could not grow any more pale than what it already was. He thought of way back when he could feel that sweet liquid running throughout his body, that thing that he so dearly enjoyed but at the same time that thing was what leaded to his downfall and now he here was. Though he loved that feeling of it, that sensation of that few minutes ritual that seemed to last inside him for an eternity, and grateful of that every moment … but now gratefulness did nothing for him all he could do now was dream about what it would be like to be set free and roam around in the darkness once again and experiencing what he loved so much, to feel himself as a free being…hopefully someday he would and there could be nothing out there that would put a stop at him and his doing, as some other seemed to call it bad doing but for him it was just an instinct that he could not control which to him was justified by his sense and he had all the reasons to do it… just like everyone else would. That was all he could ever think now, as he laid here thinking about his past present and what would be of his future when hopefully someday that right person would come and take him away from this place, that person who would stand next to him to aid him and support him when he needed it the most. Now he looked at himself at this very place watching his long silver hair float around his sides and seeing the palms of his hands, those hands which had committed many pain in everyone's lives were now growing colder with pain and anger, and were aching to be allowed more blood… those cat-like golden eyes of his blinked slowly and were barely open, but yet they shinned in the darkness and he could feel his energy diminish now quicker than it had ever had. In a way this place was peaceful to him because he could now focus more clearly and think of a way to get out of here, but there were far many more unpleasant things about this place. It reminded him of his past and his painful era, that which he would not experience anytime soon. What did he ever do to deserve this, to be locked here like an anima? All he ever do was being himself and nothing more… but it seemed no one would ever understand that from him so he never did an effort to change their minds and views towards him. If by his beauty he was admired why was he shun of his actions to sustain live? And foremost he was blamed for the incidents that happened often at dawn in the land of Cephiro, but no one ever said anything that would put him at ease and make him feel like he was appreciated. Shun he was for being something that he couldn't help but be. But why was it so hard for those people to understand him? He was a being and he wanted to be treated like such, but as many once said to him; he was not a living being and he had to die as such… And as he was being locked here he had sworn to take revenge on the loved one of the one who locked him here for an eternity and no matter what the price was he would get that person where it hurt the most… where he would be scarred forever.

- Now as he laid there he opened his eyes wide and looked above him to see what he thought was a mirage but he soon realized it wasn't.

"Help me…" He whispered lowly and extended his hand out into the darkness, suddenly as he reached up he could see a small hole opening with a strange light and out of that light he could see soft feminine fingers coming out leading to her hand and then her body, as the hand came closer to him he could see her beautiful body come into view and such a lady she was… he reached out and touched her fingertips and she slowly collapsed her bare body on top of his own, wrapping her arms around him and resting her soft cheek of his chest. He did nothing nor said anything but just smiled and return her embrace by throwing his arm around her waist softly and the other hand on her soft cheek holding her closer to him. He thought he was hallucinating this because he wanted for so long to be with some one but her warm touch aroused him and he knew it wasn't anything he was dreaming of… this was reality.

"I knew someone would come sooner or later…" he whispered lowly on her soft hair and her blue eyes looked up to meet with his golden ones, and he was amazed by her beauty.

"I had no other choice" She replied "I had to come…"

"Its been a while since I've seen a woman's eyes, and I had never seen any as beautiful as yours…" he said softly to her and she nodded gently and went back to resting on his chest where she felt so warm and even though he was so cold…

"You'll be mine forever, mine and mine alone"


"Mine…" She heard that echo in her head and didn't seem to wake up to face whatever was telling her this. She only twisted from left to right on her bed trying to get rid of that voice that echoed in her head at her every heartbeat, for the past week it had been like this and she didn't know what to do because it was driving her crazy and she could get no peace even in her sleep she was tormented. This nightmares where there was nothing but emptiness and a voice calling out for her to come to it…

"STOP!" She cried loudly a she awoke burying her face on her hands as he quickly stood up. She could feel her body being covered by cold sweat and she found herself looking down at the same time that she struggled to breath. "Leave me alone!" She screamed again at the top of her lungs and cried painfully now pressing her hand against her chest and letting the tears flow down her cheeks. Why was this happening to her, and what-what did she ever do to deserve these kinds of nightmares that she was having lately?

'You're mine… mine' she kept hearing that voice all around her and was driving her mad. She quickly got out of the bed and ran towards the balcony to close the glass door that she had left open, when she locked it she heard a thunder followed by a lightning and rain. And as that lightning struck the lightning blinked a reflection of a blank face that made her jump back and fall on her rear. That face was not a human face because it was too pale to be anything, it was almost the color or flour and that could not possibly be a burglar trying to rob her house.

'Mine' That thing said as she thought of it as a thing or 'it' since it had no expression on its face. When that thing smashed its hand through the glass she quickly crawled up and ran out of her room. When she reached the long hallway she ran now faster every second without looking back at what was behind her because without looking back she could hear that that thing was following her, she then stopped and looked over her shoulder another lightning struck and she saw that that thing was not following her any longer. She wanted to sigh of relief and she walked backwards but she quickly stopped as she heard a shrieking sound coming from behind her she didn't want to look around but she knew she had to… when she looked over her shoulder once again she saw that at the corner of the hallways a shadow was turning and making its way towards her. That thing made a shrieking sound as it came closer to her and she could see that that thing was wearing a black cloak that covered all of its body except for half its face and its hands. She saw as it crawled though the walls and heard what sounded like steel claws penetrating the wall. (A/N: Darkness Falls anyone?)

"Leave me alone!" She screamed and ran reaching the stairs but she could still hear that shrieking coming behind her at a fast speed.


"Leave me alone!" She cried and ran quickly down the stairs watching every step she took because she didn't want to roll down and die. But when she was about to reach the last few steps that shadow flew over her head at an amazing speed that it made her jump and land on her chest with a thud on the hard floor. She struck the floor with great strength that it made her groan with pain and she laid there for a few minutes trying to make out what was really going on around her. When she got to her knees she felt something was standing behind her and probably looking down on her too.

'Mine' that voice whispered again with a clear tone now and she closed her eyes feeling a cold wind wrapping around her body soon finding out it was that thing that had been following her, and it now came closer to embrace her from behind and pulling her closer to it. She then felt her whole body beginning to go numb and she whimpered feeling a cold and heavy breathing right bellow her ear. She wanted to cry but she couldn't now as she felt that cold hand right above her belly and it guided upward toward her neck slowly.

"Don't hurt me…" She pleaded but that thing whatever it was didn't seem to hear what she was saying and she only looked over at the windows seeing the thunder striking even harder.

"Don't hurt me…please"

'You're mine… I wont hurt you now. You're the only one that can help me, say that you'll come with me… you know that deep inside, you want to come with me… don't deny it…Umi" it whispered again making her shiver with fear but she laid there quietly feeling that cold sent of his all around her and his cold fingers running above the thin pajama dress that she was wearing. His hand then tilted her head backwards and kissed her ear.

'We have to go…' it whispered again and then She reacted

"No!" She said lowly


"NO!" but it didn't listen to her as he wrapped its black cloak around her covering all of her body including her face and she could hear it whispering softly at the same time that it kissed her bare shoulders. That was all she could remember to have heard and her eyes began to shut slowly taking her to another dimension in her dreams and something that she hoped was just a dream more like a nightmare that she would soon wake up from.

'Umi…' it whispered and her name could now be heard in echoes through the empty mansion and it faded away with the thunder that was happening outside…


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