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Chapter V- Kidnap

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-How did it ever got this far? How was it that having real feelings could turn into a total tragedy as the one that was for to come soon enough. The sounds of the empty nights were no longer silent because of her… everything that he had so longed for came true because of her… everything that he ever dreamed for was now fulfilled because of that beautiful girl that he dearly loved. As he had thought of women as only a toy, he had thought of himself as a fiend, but when he met her he thought of himself as a real being that was able to love and he owed it all to her. How was it that a human girl could change a being like him that drastically? Now he didn't feel as he had so many times. Now he sometimes thought of compassion and mercy because of her, but he wanted her by his side every minute, she and her alone. Umi was the one redeemer he had been waiting for all of this time and he was grateful that he had her in his arms every night. When he made love to her he felt something different, he didn't feel it as another night with an ordinary woman, when he has with her, inside her he could finally feel something inside him roaring for more from her, he actually enjoyed her to no ends. He had never found himself falling down in a deeper love as he was with her. She was one of a kind… and as he held her hand while they walked outside he knew that all of the sudden he was feeling better than ever…

"I don't think am ready for this, Koryu" Umi said while looking away from him. She had wanted to know before, but when she met Kohaku she knew that she wasn't ready for anything any more, all she wanted was to hold on to the man next to her, and sleep in his tender arms.

"No one ever is ready for anything, Umi" He whispered lowly and looked ahead. "You'll someday have to face your fears, its just a matter of time. I will soon face mines as well"

"But you don't have any fears" She said looking up at him, staring at his emerald eyes. He shook his head and smiled at her in a tender way that it made her doubt that he was even what the humans had said about him.

"I do have my own fears now Umi… my fear is to lose you, and never see you again"

"That will never happen because I'll never leave your side. I promise." She said with a slight laugh, but when she saw that his face was a serious one she looked down and then shook her head.

"Do not promise something that you have no control of, Umi. You don't know what might happen next, but I do know that I will do all I can to keep you by my side, and never let you go. Because I love you to no ends, and there is no false to that." He said and stopped all of the sudden. They were at the main entrance and were about to go out to meet Kohaku. But they were ready for anything that was thrown their way. At least he was. Carefully two of Koryu's minions dashed forward and opened the entrance with a loud creak. When he doors opened a cold wind flew to them making Umi shiver. Koryu quickly took off a off his cloak and cover Umi with it to protect her from the coldness. Umi smiled in return and stood by his side. When they walked outside the light snow began to fall on them like a white cloak covering all around them. It wasn't cold any more like they thought it would be, instead it was pleasant, the snow all around the forest made it feel lovely. Koryu only growled when he saw Kohaku far in the distance leaning against a tree with that annoying smirk on his face.

"What took you so long?!" Kohaku snarled as he straightened himself up and ran his hand through his silky hair. He took a glance at Umi and when he did he felt the urge of licking his lips, but he only laughed and shook his head. She was beautiful no matter what he had said about her earlier and he wanted to touch and taste her human flesh. At this very moment he wanted to but he knew that he had to hold his emotions for later on. For a moment Kohaku wanted to go over there and kill Koryu slowly and painfully and take away his lovely woman, but it was risk he wasn't willing to take for now.

Umi held on tighter to Koryu's hand and now he smiled in return. It was strange how she had tamed him like this, when no other woman could, he had never given another woman the chance to get close to him but her. It didn't make sense, lately nothing really did. And now when he had finally found someone he could love, the good-for-nothing-trash-Kohaku showed up to make his whole life totally miserable.

"It was about time for you to show up" Kohaku growled once again and walked forward looking at them very carefully and saw 3 minions on each side of them and ready to attack.

"I ought to kill you…" Koryu snarled pulling away from Umi and taking a step forward.

"You cant kill something that cannot be killed you moron"

"You can certainly be killed by me Kohaku, you know that" Koryu laughed and looked up at the falling snow.

"You're weak…" Umi whispered, looking at Kohaku.

"Shut it, Bitch" Kohaku pointed when he heard Umi's soft voice. Umi gasped and frowned as she watched Koryu step in front of her. Again she saw those snake eyes of his…

"Keep Umi out of this!" He demanded

"Tell her to keep her pretty mouth out of this" Kohaku replied and gave them a disgusted look "…it's a shame Koryu, do you know how powerful you could be right now if you didn't decide to screw around with a stupid little girl like her? Right now you and I could have been the most powerful force here, but you decided to go the wrong way because of her. You could have any woman you wanted at your every need. Was it that thinking of a woman like her before knowing her could change your mind that drastically?" Kohaku asked as his tone suddenly went serious. Koryu knew that what he wanted to hide form Umi was about to be revealed.

"You know what I had always wanted more, Kohaku. You knew that I was humiliated before you turned me into what I am today, and you knew that I feared what would happen a after my transformation. Still you didn't care about how I felt. I was blamed because of your wrong doings… and I still am. You took advantage of that and turned me into this. I never wanted power that brought destruction… you turned me into a cold being. You taught me to fend for my self and be merciless to everyone, but you never taught me how to fend myself from love and that is something I should be grateful of, it seems like you're not a great Dark Angel as you call yourself." Koryu said with anger in his voice, everything he was saying was true all the way. The creature he was right now was nothing of what he had expected centuries ago. Umi only looked even more perplex than ever before and stayed quiet and listened carefully to everything they were saying.

"Koryu…" Umi whispered and walked next to him as she took his hand in hers once again. She looked at Kohaku once again and saw the perverted look that he was giving her. Kohaku then shook his head and went back to Koryu.

"R-right…." He corrected himself with a laugh "Does that all talking mean that you're actually sorry for what you are now? Its funny because as far as I remember you weren't complaining during your transformation, and you didn't complain afterwards, did you? No. you should see the look in your face, you should look how disgraceful you have become and how nauseating you have become to my eyes. Don't you ever miss the taste of warm blood running through your veins, don't you miss the sounds of the living going to their deaths with their screams echoing all over? I don't understand how a immature girl like her was able to twist your mind like that and made you thing about idiotic feelings. I really did think you were smarter than that you know, guess I was wrong--"

"Oh shut up" Koryu laughed at hearing all of this, indeed it was true but it was all just too funny. "Its is not only because of her… indeed she had a great role in this but it wasn't just because of her… you knew that before all of this happened I was once human as well, you think that you could just erase my feelings just like that? Well I think that was the flaw of your plans you idiot. I began to reflect back on all of my past when I was locked away by Clef in that dark place. He didn't lock me there to actually keep me away for ever… that was what YOU made me believe and I see now the real reason why he actually locked me away… he had hopes for me and now that I see that it was true I will go to him and personally thank him for that. I did think that he was the fiend and that he was my enemy…but I see that it wasn't true. Clef knew better than that… and now so do I! I will continue to feed off of blood, and Umi will be right here next to me enjoying every moment of it as well, enjoying it as much as we enjoy each other in bed. It is now because of her that I see another side to my existence and I am thankful for it, I love her and there is nothing that you can do try to stop me from making her happy and keep myself away from my hunger…" Koryu pointed out and smiled with a leer of delight. Something inside him told him that it was all true, but at the same time that feeling felt so wrong… it was as if he was denying what he was. The sounds all around him were becoming more dim every second and he wanted this to stop already, he couldn't take it anymore. Though it felt so good at the same time it felt unrightfully to his surroundings.

"Clef…" Umi whispered slowly. All of the sudden she felt as if a needle had been thrust in her heart. That name which she didn't ever again had wanted to hear was now inside her mind all of the sudden. That feeling deep within her had been ignited once again when she heard his name being called out… the first man that she had loved not so long ago and the man whom she still had feelings for. She had forgotten all about him…Clef… she loved him too as much as she was now loving Koryu…Koryu looked down at her when he saw that her eyes had turned sad all of the sudden, his leer disappeared.

"What's wrong, Umi?" Koryu asked when he saw her down face.

"Nothing's wrong…Its just that I remembered someone…" She replied in a soft tone, trying to hold the tears inside to keep herself from hurting.

"Ah, the princess remembered a loved one!" Kohaku laughed evilly and smiled at her, narrowing his eyes. His silver blue eyes were concentrated on her as she spoke and it seemed as if he was enjoying her suffering as he hated everyone else's. Koryu at hearing this growled lowly to himself and also looked at Umi.

"Who is that someone?" Koryu asked all of the sudden with a serious voice, a voice of jealousy.

"Clef…" She replied looking down, trying to evade Koryu's angry face. Both, Koryu and Kohaku gasped when they heard that name. She didn't say anything else. She knew that they knew who Clef was and they weren't happy about it. Kohaku hated Clef, Koryu once did and now Umi loved Clef…

"Oh, our princess knows the Guru Clef… this oughta be interesting. Another man in the little girl's life." Kohaku laughed and then all of the sudden it hit him. "Hey, how the fuck do you know Clef!" Kohaku exclaimed. It had flown out of the top of his head. How in the hell did she know Clef? How could she? She wasn't from this world… she couldn't know who he was….

"Umi," Koryu began "How do you know, Clef?"

"I know him from back then…years ago when I first came to Ce-" Before Umi could finish her sentence and before Koryu even noticed Kohaku dashed by snatching Umi from Koryu and jumped 30 feet into the air and quite a distance from where Koryu was. Before Koryu knew it, Kohaku was far away from him with Umi in his arms. Koryu snarled and his patience was once again drained.

"Give her back, Kohaku before I kill you!!!" Koryu yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Come and get her if you may!" Kohaku spat. Umi tried to get loose and reached out for Koryu but Kohaku only held tighter to her wrist when she jumped off him and tried to run to Koryu.

"Koryu!" She cried out, trying to get to him.

"Get back here, you witch!" Kohaku growled and pulled her back against him.

"No!! Lemme go!! Koryu!!!!!" She cried once again and Kohaku tired of her effortless attempts only looked down on her with a grin of delight. Koryu ran towards him, but before Koryu could reach them, his own minions leaped upon him and locked him against the cold, snow covered ground.

"What the fuck are you bastards doing!" Koryu yelled as he lifted his head up and saw his minions atop of him "Its him who you idiots should get, not me! Damn you! Get the fuck off me now!!" The minions did nothing other than hold him down while he heard Umi's crying and Kohaku's laughs.

"Koryu No! Kohaku stop this now!" Umi Cried, punching Kohaku, trying to get away from him.

"I love the way you say my name…" He whispered

"Kohaku you bastard wait until I get my hands on you!!!" Koryu yelled. All of the sudden he swung his fist and pushed the minions off of him. He clasped his hands together and when he pulled them apart a beam of light sprung from his hand and dashed towards his minions, obliterating every single one of them.

"Oh shit" Kohaku cursed and jumped back. "Time to go sweetie" He whispered on Umi's ear.

"Kohaku hand her over now!" He yelled as he got up. Before Koryu could reach them again, Kohaku jumped back into the air with Umi in his arms and with her crying her tears out. Kohaku's wings sprung all of the sudden and stayed in the air with Umi looking down on Koryu.

"She's mine now, Koryu. Come get her if you got the guts, and tell the Guru that I got his precious diamond with me now!!!"

"You're going to pay for this…" Koryu swore as he watched Kohaku fly away with Umi. He was going to kill Kohaku for this and if Kohaku tried to even touch the woman he loved, Koryu was going to send Kohaku back to where he should of never came out of… He was going to get her back at any cost, even if it took to get help from the Guru Clef and the Cail Lantis…

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