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The sound of a little boy's bare feet on the old carpet is so soft that it is almost inaudible. Saul Silva only realizes it when Sky pauses tentatively in the centre of the room. In fact, it is not the footsteps themselves, but the lack of them that ultimately catches the man's attention. Saul, meeting the boy's shy gaze, lowers the book he is reading to his lap and hurriedly takes his legs off the table.

"Silva?" Sky says, aware that he has already been caught. "Are you reading my book?"

Saul shrugs.

"As your guardian, I need to know what you're interested in." Having said it, however, he smiles at the boy so that Sky has no doubts that he's joking. "Can't sleep?"

Sky nods, but he is still standing in the same place, as if suddenly rooted to the carpet. Saul rolls his eyes. If the kid really thinks he could be scolded for not being able to sleep, then Silva will probably have to rethink his parenting methods.

"Want some cocoa?"

The boy shakes his blonde hair, but at least he stops looking at Saul with an expression of a thief caught with his hand in someone else's safe.

"Do you want to hang out with me then?"

This time, Sky's face changes as if by magic, and Saul barely has time to scoot aside before the boy runs towards him and leaps onto their small sofa.

"Oi, careful," laughs Silva as he catches his book before it falls down.

They sit in silence for a moment while Saul ponders how to gently talk to the boy to find out what is bothering him. In the end, Sky is the first one to break the silence.

"How far are you?"

Saul needs a moment to realize the boy is talking about the book.

"Did you already get to the part with Fluffy?" Sky's getting impatient. "It's bloody awesome!"

"Hey, language! And no spoilers!" Silva gives him a friendly nudge.

Sky does not look particularly guilty, but Saul knows full well that that doesn't mean the boy didn't take it to heart, so he doesn't dwell on it. Of the two of them, it's Silva, not Sky, who usually has to apologize for using improper language at home.

"Terra promised to lend me the next part after she and Sam finish it. Will you want to read it too?" Sky returns to the topic of the book.

"Why not?" Saul replies, thoughtfully running his finger along the slightly protruding letters on the cover. Suddenly he remembers what he was wondering about some time earlier. "Sky, why exactly do you like this book so much?"

Sky gives him a surprised look.

"Because it's cool?" He raises an eyebrow, and at this moment he looks so much like his father that Saul almost feels a twinge of pain. "Because wizards are great, Harry is so awesome, Hermione is smart, she's a bit like Terra, actually, and ..." Sky stops for a moment and frowns. "And I wish Hogwarts was real!"

Saul struggles to hide his amusement. They live in a goddamn fairy school, observe real magic every day, and the kid is fascinated by stories about imaginary wizards?

"What? Isn't Alfea a lot like Hogwarts?" he decides to ask, trying to make his question sound serious rather than amused. "Except for the ghosts, that is. And talking paintings. And a Cerberus in the basement." Actually, they have something much worse in the basement than an oversized three-headed dog, but with any luck Sky will never know about that. Fortunately, his foster son is less nosy than those kids from the novel...

Sky scratches his head, looking for answers, while Saul finally comes to a realization.

"This isn't about Hogwarts itself, is it? The point is that you are ..." His voice trails off for a moment, when he is still looking for the foreign-sounding word "...a Muggle?"

Sky looks away instantly, clearly embarrassed.

"Sky, why do you think this will make me angry?" Saul sighs heavily, once again wondering if the reason it is sometimes so hard being a father to Sky is because he himself became an orphan so early, or if it is a matter of the guilt which never leaves him for long. Maybe despite all his best efforts, Sky can sense something in him that he cannot properly interpret?

"Silva, have you never wanted to be a fairy? Like Mrs. Dowling?" Sky, meanwhile, raises his head to look into his eyes, though still a bit uncertain.

Saul smiles a little, recalling his own childhood.

"Long time ago there was a moment I probably wanted it a little," he admits. "But then I realized something. You see, Sky, fairies rely on innate magic that they learn to control, but which, even controlled perfectly, will always a force of nature. We, Specialists, learn to rely on ourselves. On our skills, acquired and improved through years of hard work. I'd rather trust myself than that force of nature. And besides, I don't know of any better reason to be proud."

Sky nods slowly, but apparently the stories about the young wizards still will not leave his mind. Moments later, Saul realizes that by treating these books as harmless fairy tales for children, he has missed something very important.

"Because you know, Silva…" Sky picks up hesitantly. "Witchcraft aside, Harry is actually a bit like me. His dad was a hero too, and he died very early, and Harry doesn't remember him anymore, and all the adults knew him, his dad, I mean, and they tell him how much he looks and acts like him, and Harry..." he stops and blushes slightly.

"And Harry doesn't like these comparisons?" Silva suggests, having finally understood that they are not talking about Harry Potter anymore.

"And Harry can see that they would like him to be as awesome as James was. But how is he supposed to do that if he doesn't even remember the man?"

Saul's mind operates at full speed now, as he frantically searches for the right answer.

"You know, Sky, I don't think anyone expects Harry to… be a copy of his father. It's just that he should try to be the kind of boy his dad would be proud of."

"But how can he know what his dad would be proud of if he doesn't know him?" Sky angrily hits a pillow with his fist, then settles it on his lap and wraps his arms around it, hugging it like the old teddy bear that he thinks he is already too old to cuddle with.

Silva is tempted to hug him, but he knows this could also annoy Sky, who has been insisting on acting like a grown-up man lately. Could it be that what they are talking about now is at the root of this behavior, actually?

"Dumbledore is proud of him," Silva suddenly thinks of the perfect answer. "And Dumbledore knew James. So he knows," he finishes a bit poorly, but apparently that's enough, because when Sky looks at him again, there is much less sadness in his gaze.

"So you're Dumbledore then?" the boy asks with a hint of a smile, surprising Silva again. So the kid has been equally aware that the conversation is no longer about the book after all?
It takes a while before Saul notices the boy's expectant expression and forces himself to smile back.

"I hope I'm him and not Vernon Dursley," he jokes, and unable to help himself, he ruffles the boy's blond hair in a hasty, almost surreptitious gesture. "And I'm very proud of you, Sky," he adds, more seriously. "And since I knew Andreas well, I can assure you that he would be as proud."

Sky gives him a long, searching look, then nods seriously. His face is now so adorably grown up that Saul would have liked to laugh, had it not been for the fact that Sky looks like a small copy of his father again.

"Thanks, Silva. I think I'll go to bed now", Sky says in that adorable little-old-man voice and gets up from the couch. "Enjoy the book. And don't look at the last page until you get there!" he suddenly adds with a broad smile, imitating the tone and accent with which Saul has said the same words to him countless times. Now Silva can't help but laugh.

"Okay, daddy," he says cheerfully as he throws a pillow after the retreating boy. Sky seems to ignore him, but Saul can still hear his chuckle coming from the other room. When Silva opens the book again, he feels a warmth in his heart that he has not felt in a long time, and the little wizard in the pages of the novel suddenly seems even more likeable than before.