So this is how it's gonna work, this is a one piece story but I'm not the only character there's two new characters in this world me and a friend Oh and no I don't own one piece and this is also not the greatest fanfic of all time "this bites" will always hold that title.

There are many typos in this first chapter but I'll leave them there it'll get better as I get better with writing good luck for those who read it.



12:00 a.m. Friday: "Aight bro I'll be right there" why is this guy at a party halfway across town without a designated driver this guy is dumb. "So where is your house again?" I already picked him up and we were on our way back to his house when suddenly a very cliche looking truck came out of nowhere and hit us. Truck-kun did not just claim another person and that person was not me ain't no way.

"Hello you two nice day we're having, is it not?" Some random god asked. "My name is yhdf and I'm here to offer you each one wish"

"Hey big guy give me an op devil fruit and put me in the one piece world please" My friend said with great enthusiasm or more like in a drunken joking kind of way.

"That can be arranged goodbye" As yhdf said that my friend vanished "And you young man what is it that you want"

I could settle for a peaceful out of the way life in heaven with no problems but if I don't go with that idiot he might get someone killed again. "Uh can you possibly put me into the one piece world as well, as for a devil fruit just give me the one from my notes I'll figure the rest out when I get there"

Yhdf stood there with a look of confusion on his face. "Why is the one piece world so sought after even BROB loves sending people there to mess with them" He asked though probably a rhetorical question so I won't answer. "I'll send you there though I can't send you to the same area I sent your friend. You'll meet each other if you can make it to the grand line I'm sending you out and you'll start when Luffy sets out to find his crew.

Aight admittedly this was not a good idea but I'll roll with it. "Hey uh god I can't pronounce the name of I'll see you when I die again if you read those notes or saw me write then you know what comes after one piece, thanks and goodbye time for me to find an idiot."


Warm nice day… I grunted trying to fall back asleep…. I'll be up and moving in a bit. I just got to lay here a little longer.


Loud…. Noisy…. Too loud to be far away so I guess I gotta get up now.

Wait where am I, do you mean to tell me the whole car crash thing wasn't a dream so wait where's my devil fruit cause ima need that.

Yea I may have accepted this far too easily but hey I've read a lot of fanfics and I know it can't be too hard to survive here.


Aight what the hell. "IS THAT A FUCKING DINOSAUR YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME" I yelled….. In hindsight that was probably a bad idea because that ugly ass oversized lizard started chasing me…. "Ay leave me alone please I do not taste good okay."

Out in the distance there was smoke rising from where the noise came earlier. Wait, that couldn't have been thunder, it's midday but it couldn't have been anything else so either that's enu or a devil fruit that just struck nearby.

"Alright I lost it, it shouldn't be chasing me anymore now onto my devil fruit"…..when I found the fruit I was fascinated I never saw a fruit look that disgusting…. As I was about to pick it up something weird happened.

"AH! Bright too bright where am I." As I looked around I happened to notice someone very familiar. "What the hell YH why am I back here"

"Welcome you were just trampled by a dinosaur it was honestly hilarious and for future reference I'm no YH I mean you can't look at a halo and immediately think god that's immortalcist, anyways I'll send you back we give a thirty day refund policy when it comes to isekai if you die within the first thirty days we send you back, this time because I'm nice I'll place you back where you died next to your devil fruit good luck"

Warm nice day… I grunted trying to fall back asleep…. I'll be up and moving in a bit. I just got to lay here a little longer.


Loud…. Noisy…. Too loud to be far away wait that was right next to me and this seems a little familiar.

Ok so I'm back and this time instead the beach I'm in the forest right next to the fruit good. "Time to eat." To make this easy for you let me tell you what that fruit tastes like. It was like eating a raw egg mixed in with some orange juice added on to ramen that has sat there for 10 years with mold all in that tiny bite. That was disgusting. I'm never eating a devil fruit again. I don't see how luffy barely looked disgusted while eating it.


Meeting my mentor

"Alright if they got me what I asked for I should be able to learn these abilities slowly so let's start with how to activate the power itself" Assuming this is One Piece I'm sure power activation has something to do with willpower. As I willed myself to use the power I saw my hand go transparent. "Oh! This'll be fun."

"Woah…!Who the hell are you!" I called out to the strange old man, sitting on a tree directly above watching me, a serious expression on his face.

"Young man." He gave his greetings. My heart was beating rapidly. You know what they say about old men in anime; they're usually really strong.

"What are you doing here…!? I believed that I was the only one on the island…." I asked with a shake in my voice.

"I left my house when I heard a loud sound from this direction, '' The old man responded.

It was at this moment that he jumped down and some company arrived. A few animals, a lion here, a wolf there, it seemed like he was some kind of tamer.

Both animals seemingly bowed to the old man, but he didn't seem to mind. However, He noticed something different about me, I seemed frightened by his presence. He smiled "I'm sorry young man if I scared you but I noticed while watching you here that you ate a devil fruit. Do you know it's powers?" I could see a serious look cross his face. "I'd be willing to train you if you like. I have a devil fruit of my own that allows me to train wild animals," he said. "I could train them well enough you shouldn't be much different."

"Look, I barely slept, I was too worried about not dying. I'll accept your training offer but let me take a nap first " I said I was no longer scared of the old man. I mean this was typical in a training arc though, an old man shows up to teach the MC how to use his abilities and he gets really strong though I thought that only applies to the MC. "Oh well" I thought. I then laid down to take a quick nap.

Before I could even close my eyes the old man grabbed my hand, his eyes intensely stared at my own, his eyes had an intense look about them. "Young man, if you wish to train under me,we must start now!"

At the sound of what the man said I groaned I did not want to train right now some people are lazy I may be physically fit overall but I rarely exercised I was really missing my bed back on earth.

The old man noticed my reaction, his eyes hit me with an intensity that almost made me faint.

"Young man…! If you even think of turning back on what you already said that you'd do" he said almost staring into my soul. "You'll get no dinner tonight"

Okay that was actually terrifying I didn't have a way to get any food yet the only thing I've eaten was that disgusting devil fruit.

"No more than a word of complaint from you, ya hear…!?"

A dragon's roar was heard all around the island. That's when a dragon flew overhead and proceeded to land next to us, I fell down from the force of its landing and started panicking.

"Young man…. You should get on this is my ride to get to the place you'll be training at for the next month!" The old man said with a menacing grin. "Though if you'd prefer the dinosaur you were running from yesterday I could have that arranged though that one still won't fully listen to me."

I did not need to think twice as I rested on the grass near the lion and the wolf, I got up and hopped on the back of the dragon. What you thought I'd be scared of when it was already stated to be harmless besides riding a dragon gotta be fun, and I'm not getting trampled by the dinosaur again. After I was settled in, the dragon took off soaring into the sky.

"So Young man, how are you feeling?" The only man who's name was told to me as Kosamo asked.

I felt strangely composed, even after waking up in another world just to die again I haven't even broken down mentally.

"I feel like I was born for this, everything is so strange, though a lot of crazy things happened today I'm loving it," I said with a grin.

"It's not surprising you're feeling strange considering what you went through. It's a pretty normal reaction for people who see an old man that has a pet dragon so it seems you're doing alright for the time being," Kosamo said.

"No... This is far from normal, at least for me."I told him. "I'm the kind of guy that rolls with the punches. Everything I usually see feels right and I'm never really excited for anything. The dragon isn't strange, it's me I feel motivated for the first time in years."

I looked towards my hands as I told him how I felt my power working itself and my hand going to a transparent white glow.


One month later

"Young man, are you sure you're done training and ready to go in the world? I'll tell you now I've ran with the best this world has to offer and the world is dangerous?" Was his question.

"Yes I must find a certain man as well as a friend that set out on his journey shortly before me". Was my immediate response. The old man was impressed. I showed so much loyalty for a friend I told him I haven't seen in awhile. I smiled. "I'll come back when I'm done with what I gotta do the next time you see me I'll be in the newspaper with my first bounty." I laughed. "Kosamo, thank you so much for everything. For helping me get the hang of my power and keeping me well fed while I was here. Thank you." I said with the utmost sincerity as a smile crossed my face.

Kosamo laughed heartily at that.

"There's no need for such words between us. I'm your mentor and if there was anything I ever needed I know you could help with that" said Kosamo

I happily waved knowing what I said was true. I'll be back and tell him the journeys I had with luffy and about the world I came from he deserved to know.

"Kosamo," I yelled his name with so much force he was barely able to keep himself from yelling at me to keep it down.

"You've given me more help than I could ever ask for. You were willing to give me training when I needed it, you even went against your own wishes to allow me to fight your animals and get stronger, you gave me the food I needed to survive and now you're giving me a place to return to."

"But most importantly, you gave me the chance to be an important man in this world with what you taught me. I honestly don't know what I could ever do to repay you. Thank you, thank you so much." I yelled with so much gratitude that he couldn't help but nod along. "And thanks for the money you left in your dresser it'll do me well"

Kosamo looked at me for a split second confused until he processed what I said. "Wait the money from where….. young man come back here that wasn't for you" He said as he was about to chase me before he thought better of it. "Actually, go ahead and keep it. I never leave the island anyways but in exchange when you come back we'll spar one final time. If I win you must stay and help me defend this island; however if you win you may lead your journey elsewhere."

Wraith speed I said as my body gave off a white glow and I started running eventually running off over the water to find Luffy Who should've been on the island where he found Zoro.


New abilities

Wraith speed(turn partially into a wraith and increase my running and jumping ability and fast enough to where I can run on water)