I decided to rewrite the entire story a lot of the progression and concepts will remain the same but I feel like I can write it better and would hate to not take this opportunity to do so. Those of you who've read this version basically just got a few spoilers of the next. The other story will still involve all of the same characters but I'm gonna go back and stay throughout east blue. Basically argument with Luffy and them didn't happen and another change is that I'm starting two years before actual cannon so first 4 chapters or so is leading up to it. I'll let you all know when the first chapter is out. I'll leave this original up so that I can always go back and take from it if I need other plot points. Main reason for rewrite is east blue and Alabasta as well as an addition to the crew I forgot in east blue.

Oh obviously there is slight romance but next time ima change the pairings just a bit. Don't blame me if the romance ain't up to par, I can barely get a girl so I'm not too good with romance but ay I wanna see it do Ima write it.