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NOTICE- This fic was originally posted on December 5, 2020 but on January 20, 2022, it got deleted over some BS song lyrics rule (could have removed the chapters instead of the whole thing) so now on January 21, 2022, I'm reposting the first 95 chapters of the fic on here.

I got some back from AO3 and some from my device, and some was still on Doc Manager.

Anyway, on with the actual text-

So, welcome everyone. This is going to be the second watch-it fic I do, and unlike my previous one, this will have weekly updates only, so that I do not get stressed while writing it.

And considering it's a long TV Series I am writing, its best to give it weekly updates really, unless I have to do break chapters, which would be shorter. I'm thinking this story will be updated once or twice a week at best, unless something happens which stalls my updates.

Anyway, in this story, all 7 Seasons of Buffy and 5 Seasons of Angel are cannon, and also the 'After The Fall' comic book series, but after that, stuff happened differently, mainly the Buffy Season 8 comics, and the changes will be revealed in this story later, as they are done for this story's purposes.

And pairings are a strong point of contention in the Buffyverse fandom, so I am going to name my Buffyverse OTPs first so you know where I stand regarding those matters (I am only naming the pairings that have a bearing on this fic's plot)- Angel/Cordelia, Buffy/Spike, Wesley/Lilah and Gunn/Gwen.

Out of these, the only one that won't be supported by me here is Wesley/Lilah, since as much as I love it, Wesley/Fred was the healthier relationship, and I like that one too, it's just not my OTP is all.

Also, I'm not a Buffy/Angel fan personally. I know its iconic and all that, but there are many issues I had with how their relationship played out, and its only Sarah's and David's chemistry that prevented the pairing from being a total dumpster fire IMO. So no Bangel here.

And another OTP of mine is Willow/Tara (my most favorite relationship in all of Buffyverse), and I'm naming it since it will feature in this story. How's that?

I just got this idea from Chunk127's fic which I used in one story with his permission and now I'll use it again- After her death, Tara was sent to a Hell Dimension because her father bound her spirit there as punishment for ditching the family, and in this fic, due to some kind of accident or breach in Dimensions, Tara escaped the Hell Dimension and her spirit ended up contacting the Scooby Gang, at which point they managed to restore her to life, and so Willow and Tara were back together again, since it's my OTP, and it's amazing and lovely and Tara is amazing and wonderful and a saint and FUCK KENNEDY!

So because of that, Tara is alive in this fic, and Willow/Tara are happily together.

Anyway, with everything said, we shall begin.

Chapter 1- Summoning the Past

London, 2008

Buffy, Willow, Xander, Tara and Dawn sat together in their room, looking at the TV that was flowing with magic due to what Willow and Tara had just done to it.

"It's time I guess", Xander said. "Let's call them all."

"Should we have past Faith too?" Dawn asked.

"No", Buffy said. "We are going to call those who didn't understand him properly. Faith understood him, better than any of us did, even me, as she and he had similar experiences."

"So it's the past versions of all of us and Giles then", Willow said and nods followed from the rest.

"The spell has a limit of 6 anyway, so I think us and him are the best options to bring here", Tara said.

"All right then, do it", Buffy ordered as Willow and Tara held hands and closed their eyes, chanting together while enchanted mist flew out of their hands.

London, 2004

Buffy was about to train some recruits with Faith when an enchanted mist covered her and she disappeared from the area.

Giles was reading some texts when he was also covered by the enchanted mist and disappeared.

Dawn was returning from college back to the base when she was covered in an enchanted mist and disappeared as well.

Rio de Janeiro

Willow and the recently resurrected Tara were about to go out together when an enchanted mist covered them and the two of them disappeared too.


Xander was sitting in a woodhouse, thinking about Anya when an enchanted mist covered him and he disappeared from the area.

London, 2008

The six of them crashed on the ground together, looking at each other.

"Xander?" Buffy asked in surprise on seeing him before seeing the rest. "Willow, Tara."

"Hi Buffy", Willow waved to her.

"So, how did we get together?" Xander asked.

"I am thinking exactly the same thing", Giles said.

"It was magic, I know that", Dawn said.

"But who conjured it?" Tara asked.

"We did."

They turned and their eyes widened on seeing another Willow and Tara in the front, and another Buffy, another Xander and another Dawn.

"Whoa! Body doubles! I am not doing that anymore!" Xander said, raising his hands as he backed off.

"Relax, we are not body doubles", the other Xander said.

"Really, then what are you?" Dawn asked.

"And where is mine?" Giles asked.

"We are you", the oher Dawn said.

"From the future", the other Buffy finished as their jaws dropped.

"Wait what?!" Willow asked. "Future?"

"Yes, we are you all from four years in the future, and we used a time travel spell to bring you here", the other Tara told them.

"Is this possible?" Buffy asked.

"Me and Willow have read about such spells, they exist, but they are too dangerous to try", Tara said.

"We perfected its use before using it", future Willow said. "And it can only bring 6 people at a time, the 6 being the 6 of you."

"Yeah, I noticed that", Giles said.

"Why have you brought us to the future then?" Buffy asked as she got up.

"To prevent an apocalypse", the future Buffy told her. "One that will take away many good people from you when it comes."

"Really? How bad is it?" Giles asked.

"That we will tell you later", future Willow said.

"Then what are we supposed to do right now?" Dawn asked.

"Just switch on the TV and watch it", future Buffy said, gesturing to the remote. "There are important things there you must see."

"Any specific reason?" Xander asked.

"To understand some people that you never really understood", future Xander said to his past self, sounding a bit ashamed, for whatever reason it was.

"And we're just supposed to trust you?" Willow asked the future people.

"Willow, I can read their auras, they are us, they are not lying", Tara told her, and that convinced the past people that they were facing their future selves.

"Like Buffy said, watch the TV, when you're done for the day, we will tell you some stuff", future Dawn said, and with that, the future people walked out of the room together, leaving them in that room with the TV.

"So, what do we do?" Xander asked.

"Switch on the TV and watch whatever it is they want us to watch", Buffy said.

"Yes, whatever it is, it sounds important", Willow said.

"Well then", Giles said as they all sat down on the big couch. Xander sat at the right corner, beside him was Willow, then Tara beside her, then Dawn, then Buffy, and then Giles at the left corner.

Buffy picked up the remote and turned the TV on. "Let's watch whatever they want us to watch."

So this is the start of the fic, and hope it was intriguing enough for everyone.

I originally wanted to do one with all 12 Seasons of Buffyverse, but even with weekly updates, I doubt I'd have the energy to finish something that big, and I couldn't find a good enough justification to have the characters watch Buffy as well alongside Angel, so here we are with the final version of this, which is 'BTVS characters watch Angel.'

When the future characters appear again, they will be referred to by their surnames, other than Dawn, since she is also a 'Summers', so I'll just call her Dawnster instead.

And other than 'After the Fall', I haven't read the follow-up comics properly, so I have no idea what the year was in their Universe when the Buffyverse comics finally ended their run, but I don't think their Universe is really in the same year as ours, and would be behind, so I made the year of their future 2008, since it would be just 4 years after the Angel Series finale.

Next one would be 'City Of'. Like in 'A Beautiful Journey', I won't transcribe word for word, just write short paragraphs to describe scenes, but if there is a scene or line I love too much, I will transcribe that bit due to how much I love the scene or line, and same for any iconic scenes.

Hope everyone enjoyed and see you all next time with another chapter. Stay safe from the coronavirus ya all!