It was dark. Dark and dark and dark dark dark dark and it's always been dark. Black and black and confining and unseeing. Shadows and darkness and nothingness and silence.

Oh yes, the silence. Dark silence. Dark dark dark dark dark dark.

It liked to mock him. All the time. Minutes would turn into hours and hours into days and days into years and years into centuries and centuries into milleniums.

Sanity and thought and memories and consciousness gone and gone and so far away and hanging right above his nose. Tantalizing and appealing and wanting and never having. Oh no, never having.

It liked to hold what he wanted right above his head, show him his powers and memories and strengths and lock it up tight right in front of him.

Angry. Oh yes, very angry too. Yelling and screaming and begging and pleading. Locked and bound in invisible chains and shadows and going slowly insane.

It was cold. Cold and cold and arctic and glaciers covered his body and his mind and his heart and being. Locked and bound in chains and shadows and ice.

So dark. Never could he see. Wandering years upon years in nothing but darkness and darkness and bereft of even death.

But wasn't he dead? He had no body, just this conscious awareness of the dark and the dark and the cold and the silence. Yet he was dead. He was.


Some part was still alive, and some part could still feel.

It pulled him from death. It pulled him from Hell and the demons and the writhing flames licking in anticipation for a new soul to devour and consume.

He would scream and cry and threaten and yell. Why couldn't he have been left to die? Why couldn't he have been left to the flames to brood about his evil ways and his untimely death and his sorrows?

No. He had to be bound and locked and tormented and yet entirely left alone.

Hell would have been so much better than this.

It always held him back. If he wandered too far the iron chains would wrap around him and cut and dig into his now pale flesh. Flesh that used to be tan. At least, more tan that it was now. Oh yes, cut and dig and slice and bite and so so so so so so cold. Always cold.

Then he'd scream and pull and struggle and fight to pull at his hair with his hands that were still bound and bound and cold. So cold.

So dark.

Then a decade would pass and he would be allowed to wander again, crying and whispering and yelling again, then tired and tired and eventually sleep.

Yes, sleep. Sleep finally would claim him and coldness and ice and the ever ever present darkness would wrap him up in its clutches and lull him into a dreamless sleep, forever hanging his memories and dreams and desires above his head and tantalize him and tease him and never never never never let him have them.

No, not ever. Not yet.

Wait, what's this? Warmth? Light? Stroking and feeling and so so so so so so soft?

Eyes peering open, glittering and gleeming and covered in sleep.

It was coming.

Getting up and walking and treading ever ever so carefully. It was! Light! Warmth! Glimmering radiance and beauty and he couldn't even see more than that but it didn't matter.

Running and running and arms outstretched, calling and screaming.


Then the chains. Iron and cold and cold cold cold cold cold and dark around him. Blood pooling around him as he struggled and fought against.


Yes, mine mine mine mine mine. Writhing in constrainst and wanting freedom and wait.

Yes, wait. Wait till it's finished. The gold peices sliding together peice by peice by peice. Brighter and brighter the light would become, warmer and warmer and yes.


More struggling. Always the struggling. He wouldn't let this go. No, not this. Not this one. This one was his. He could feel it and see it and smell it and yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

The puzzle would not let him have it yet. No, not yet. Wait till it's complete.

Blood and coppery and sweat and fighting and tugging and let ME GO!!! MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!! MY LIGHT!!! MINE!!!!

Then it was done. The very last and final peice pushed lovingly into place and he used every ounce of strength given him and pulled it inside. Yes. Mine now. Mine mine mine mine mine.

* * * *

Slowly, surely, one gold peice after another, shape finally taking hold.

A puzzle. Simple simple little puzzle and yet it wasn't. Nope, not this one.

This was was hard. Peices changing and shifting and fitting and molding into place. Genius after genius after genius tried and tried and tried to finish and solve and every single one suffered early deaths. Every single one.

But no, not this time. This time it was the right one. The right mind and the right heart and the right soul.

Well, half a soul.

One left, glittery and bright and shiny and heavy in all of its golden glory and yes. Finally! All done!

Then brightness, then darkness.

The simple little bedroom of a teenager all gone and gone and now replaced by darkness and darkness and dark dark dark.

Well, almost dark.

Yes, he was the light in the darkness, his pale skin glimmering and glittering and shining and bright and pretty pretty alabaster.

Then the shadows trapped him. Pulled him down and pushed him back and slid across the dark dark floor and covered in darkness.

No, wait, more than darkness.

It was himself.

It was, right? Right.

Then why did dark and radiant and deep crimson eyes meet his own amethyst? Strong, lithe arms entwined around him and a leg wrapped around his waist and sitting on the ground and hugging and hugging and petting and caressing.

Nonsense rumbling and reverbereating around in his mind and his limbs and soothing and so right.

:Mine, pretty pretty soft little light. Mine mine mine mine mine mine. . . .:

Of course, in the dark, warmth and heat and fire was wafting and filling the empty void and brought with it sanity and thought and life and yes yes yes yes yes.

:Mine, pretty little light. Mine mine mine.:

:-Who are you?-: He asked, confused and curious and for some strange reason not afraid.

:I am Yami, little light. My light. Mine. You belong to me now. Always and always and for ever MINE.:

Holding the light to keep from falling off the edge, feeling the warmth and happiness as it radiated off of him in torrents. Forever bound and forever belonging and no longer in the darkness.

The light falling into the embrace and feeling oddly loved and whole and still so very confused and right.

So right.

Forever bound, but no longer by the darkness. No, not anymore. The puzzle could no longer hold him here in the darkness and chains and fight against him and keep everything about him locked up.

Bound in the light in the light in the darkness.

Beautiful light looking up into radiant garnet orbs and soft soft hand up to a tanned cheek, eyes searching and questioning and yes.


Smiling darkness and laughter and chuckling and so so warm now. :Yes, mine.: Tightened hug and hug and hugging and yum.

It wasn't dark anymore.