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My view of what usually transpires at night in the bedroom.

*WARNING* Just as a reminder, all children that are under the age of fourteen should probably leave. I really don't want to be the one responsible for permanent brain damage or mental scarring, as this story contains graphic scenes in select areas, and implies shounen-ai quite frequently. Thank you. *WARNING*

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Heat. Hot and sweet and alluring and cascading over trembling flushed skin. Tender kiss all hot and firey and wanting and hungry. Tasty and sweet and desperate. Light tumbling and falling and trapped and tangeld in the desire of the darkness.

Ragged breaths. Pleading and begging, not knowing and wanting and needy. Sweet sweet union as it should never be, aching beauty and jealous possesion.

Chiseled features glowing in the soft soft moonlight, whisperes from ages ago tumbling past petal lips, soothing and calm and interlaced with obsession.

Rational thoughts long since out the window, crying and moaning and so so so good. Fingers clutching despereatly at silky shiny hair, nails dug frantically into supple pink skin.

The night around them dark and silent, broken only by their passion filled cries, promising to hold their secret for eternity of eternities. Enveloping and embracing and protecting, shielding from prying eyes and jealous souls.

Aching beauty. Bronze tanned skin, moist with sweat and shivering with desire, pressed flush against delicate frail alabaster. Desert god and angelic beauty. Eyes clouded over in blind lust and passions and sheer covetous greed dancing and swirling and glowing with. . .




The darkness craves the sweet sweet light, candy flavored and bursting with the taste of sugared strawberries and the light of the moon and the brilliant sun and the stars. Honey kissed sunsets and clean cotton sheets, scented breezes filled with summer warmth and radiant and always so very very giving. Always giving in to the desires of the darkness. Always setting with the sun, always claimed by nightfall.

The light cannot get enough of the darkness. Alluring and sinful and sensual. The forbidden fruit that hangs from the golden tree. Spicy and intixicating, so easy to fall and tumble and loose one's mind and body and soul and forever sucumb to the night. The shadows. Offered protection, security and ease and bubbling with contentment, not realizing the murderous looks cast at others by the regal shadows, the dark that has laid claim over what it should not have.

Beauty. Balance on the scales of life and death.

The light alive and living, the dark dead but somehow still breathing.

Hearts beating in unison. Blood rushing through viens in sync. Shared consciousness always holding and thinking and feeling the very same things. Body and mind and soul. One.

Dark intermingling with the light intermingling with the dark. Perfection. Sweet, flawed perfection.

Deep deep kiss desperate and yearing for completion, blood and rubies and gold and diamonds.

Heat. Hot and powerful and strong. Wet and slippery and steamy. Sweet and sour and smooth.

Euphoria and exstacy and pleasure and passions rolling like wildfires. The surge of power like thunder storms and the crack of lightning and the rumble of thunder. Vitality and invigoration and nirvanna.

It's addicting. It a high and so easy to not realize their loss of control that they no longer care.

Desperate. So very, very desperate for more. For it to never stop. Voids deep within the soul extinquished and puzzle pieces put back into place.

A beautiful, flawless puzzle with two simple little peices. One light. And one dark.

Uttered nonsense and possessive words, holdng and squeazing and wanting.

Simple little word, rining out into the dark, still night.

"Mine. . . ."

Simple word, said with such vigor and such determination, such greed and passion and almost gluttony, husky and sultry.

Nations will fall and lives will end, blood will spill and gods overthrown, just to keep the union. Just to taste those delicate lips once again.

"Don't leave me. . ." Light's worst nightmare and greatest fear and greatest pain.

"Mine. . ."

Never leave and always want. Always always want.

Seering kiss to seal the promise, always and forever one, together, never apart. The same promise made every night, and repeated every day, lingering and replaying and reminding.

Who needs to breathe when they're complete? Who needs space when they've found what they're looking for?

Beauty and passion. Light and dark. Lust and love. Desire and pleasure. Gold and silver. Opposites and clashing and perfect in their union, flawed and crips and clean and raw and honest.

Passions of beauty born in the heat of the night.

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