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I woke up with my heart pounding and the hole in my chest, threatening to open again once more. This was a tiresome, yearly occurrence when it came to this date. It was his birthday. It's strange really; he left me shortly after my birthday, so it's always odd that his birthday is the one that opens the wound in my chest and allows the nightmares into my unconscious mind.

I rolled out of bed, exhausted from my annual nightmare filled experience. I had managed 2 hours of sleep, before waking in a sweat, with tears running down my face. I would always seem to be able to calm myself down enough to fall back to sleep, only to awake again in the same state, after the same nightmare plagued my ordinarily dreamless sleep. Within fifteen minutes, I had showered, brushed my teeth and dressed myself into my favourite pair of jeans and a lightweight t-shirt.

It was like any normal day in the wet and dreary Forks. Nothing ever really changed, except from the small amount of sunshine that graced this place a few days a year. The trees were full of life and flowers were blooming in the bushes outside; after all it is 'summer time'. You would have thought, that after six years of living in Forks, I would have known better than to expect a lovely sunny day in middle of June, apparently, I was still delusional.

I left my bedroom and walked along the familiar hall way, until I entered the open plan living and kitchen area. I had moved in my own apartment two years ago; it was a modern home, with two bedrooms and one shared bathroom. Afterall, I did not earn enough as high school English teacher to be able to have multiple bathrooms.

I was greeted with a smile from my best friend and confidant, Jacob. The years had clearly been kind to Jacob. He now towered well over six feet tall, had a muscular physique and wore his hair in a short cut. I missed his long hair in the beginning, however I could see that it frustrated him when the wet and windy climate of Forks tangled his hair, so it made sense for him to make the decision to cut it off. Plus, long hair does not really suit a werewolf.

Jacob had finally accepted his family's legends of wolf ancestry, when he unexpectedly came down with the fever and he morphed into a wolf. He did not embrace it at first, however after imprinting, he learned it was truly a gift, as opposed to the curse he had originally thought it was.

Sat next to Jacob was light of my life- my daughter, Evelyn. She was small like me, with a cute, rounded face and a small button nose. Her large brown eyes lit up when I entered the room and her smile was a wide as the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. She was the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. Of course, some may believe I am biased as her mother, however I believed this wholeheartedly, as to me she was the spitting image of her father. Today was her fifth birthday; I hadn't got her a present yet, because she was a lot like me in the sense that she never asked for gifts and would prefer she chose something while shopping.

"Mommy!" She yelled, while jumping down from her seat at the table. She ran over to me and pulled me into a tight squeeze.

"Happy birthday baby" I said while kissing her gorgeous hair. Her hair fell in ringlets down to her shoulders and was a coppery brown- yet another thing she inherited from her father.

"What would you like to do today? It is your day after all and Mommy has the day off..." I said looking down into her eyes.

"Please can we go to the Booknook again? Please" She begged with her hands folded into a begging pose and her eyelashes fluttering. The Booknook was the bookstore in town that housed all of the books we could ever need; she knew that she didn't really have to beg me for this. Quite frankly, she had me wrapped around her dainty little fingers and so she knew I would do anything to make her happy.

"Of course, we can Evie. Perhaps I can read something in there to you and you can pick something out as your present" I trailed off. I knew almost immediately which book she would choose. It was almost painful to read this to her, as I had done so many times before. Several years ago, this was one of my favourite stories to read. However, it was one of the last movies we had watched before he left. Of course, I had make the small mistake of telling her this a few years ago, and so she now always referred to it as Daddy's book.

"Daddy's book. Read me that. I love it and you do the voices so well" She jumped up and down and ate the last of her pancakes Jacob had made for her and drank her orange juice.

I looked at Jacob and he met my glance with a light smile. He loved me and I loved him, however this was only as friends now. He had imprinted on Evie the moment he saw her. He insisted it was a brotherly love and I wholeheartedly believed him. For I know, he would never hurt neither myself, or Evie and would happily die to protect her. However, he knew I was still hurting inside. He was the only who knew how this date truly affected me. My daughter and her father shared a birthday- I would love to have escaped him for a while, however it seems that fate liked to toy with my emotions.

"See you later Bells. Smell ya later Evie!" He called after us both, as we left through the front door. Jacob stayed a lot, as I had grading to do for my student's assignments. While Evie was able to entertain herself, she would much rather play dress up and have tea parties with Jake.

The drive to the store was filled with the buzz of excitement. Evie gushed how she was going to choose a much older book for her birthday, as the books she had been given at school were much too young for her. This is something I loved about his genes. She had clearly inherited his intelligence and lack of patience for things more suited to her age. Due to her part vampire genetics, she developed intellectually a lot faster than she did physically. She had read all of the kindergarten aged books by the time she was three and was currently reading Jane Eyre. Of course, I was reading alongside her and assisting her with the difficult words and terms, however she was quite happy with the classic novels, as opposed to those with fluffy book covers about dogs and cats with fairies.

Once inside the bookstore, we greeted Mark-the store manager- with a smile. We had been here so many times before and read the majority of the antique books he had in stock. He had even saved several books just for us before, despite being able to potentially make a lot of money from them, should he have released them to the general public.

We sat in our usual reading spots at the back of the store, near the classics. We were in two very large bean bags, that quite possibly could be shaped to the contours of our bodies by now. Evie picked up 'Daddy's book' from the shelf and handed it to me. She had no troubles finding it, because it was right where had left it just a few weeks before. The book was of course Shakespeare's tragic novel, Romeo and Juliet. Painful, yet fitting I suppose. One of the classics, so I cannot fault her choice, but difficult for me to read all the same.

I started the first sentence like always; "Two households" I sighed. This was so alike my real-life experiences. Except I didn't marry my one true love and I didn't kill myself. Although, I had thought about it many times during my early pregnancy, until Jake talked me out of it. How I was glad he was able to do that.

"No, not that bit" She sighed and flicked the pages, trying to find her favourite part- which as always, was the balcony scene.

"Art thou gone so? My lord, my love, my friend!" This was always the most painful part for me. However, I continued to hold it together; I had to, for her. "I must hear from thee every day in the hour..." I continued until I was interrupted.

"Bella? Isabella Swan?" I heard a familiar voice call my name.

I looked up and saw Alice Cullen stood in front of me, holding a first edition of Wuthering Heights. I jumped up faster than I ever imagined I could and leapt into her arms for a tight embrace.

"Alice! I've missed you so much!" This may seem dramatic, yet it was true. She was one of my best friends, yet she disappeared from my life like a flash before my eyes.

"I have so missed you, Bella! And who is this little one?" She peered over my shoulder to look at Evie.

"My little sister" I lied. "Phil and Renee had another baby and I'm just baby-sitting". I was used to telling this lie. Once I had discovered I was pregnant, I went into hiding and completed my high school diploma online, meaning that I never had to face any of the adolescent gossip. The "sibling" lie was something my parents and I had come up with, so that I would be able to have some sort of normal life without judgement, especially through my time at college and as a teacher. Evie knew the lie and always played along, knowing that it was easier and less painful for me for her to continue to lie.

"Hi, I'm Evie!" she waved and smiled. I smiled back at her with joy.

"Nice to meet you Evie" Alice returned the gesture back.

I thought about it for a moment before asking the question I so longed to ask, however I knew that I wouldn't get another chance like this, especially if he knew I was in town and supposedly living a happy life. "So, are you all back in town now? Back to the house?" I asked, emphasising the all.

"Yes. We are all back in Forks; we were at our happiest here and some of us wished to return to see how things... were going" I knew immediately that she was talking about him and that he was checking to see how I was doing- to see if I was happy with my life. Even she didn't want to say his name, assuming that perhaps this would hurt me; she was right of course.

"Brilliant. I will drop Evie at home and I will see you there at eight tonight." I said while staring into her eyes. I had made my decision to confront them all tonight and tell them.

"See you then. I will ensure that we are all there" She nodded. "Nice to meet you, Evie!" she waved goodbye and headed towards the checkout, paid for the book and left the building.

I grabbed the copy of Romeo and Juliet that I had abandoned on the bean bag, took Evie's hand and walked us to the checkout. We had a copy at home; however, it was annotated from my time at college and this had always been my favourite copy of the play. The book smelt old and had a faint cigarette smell to it. Clearly, the previous owners had smoked and so when the book was donated, the smell clung to the porous pages.

The drive home was quiet; Evie knew something was wrong, but couldn't quite put her finger on it. She spoke about Alice a little in the car and asked who she was. I couldn't bring myself to answer.

When we got home, the apartment was empty. Jacob had visited the store to purchase Evie's cake and candle, so that she could make her precious wishes- wishes that never really changed. One of her wishes was of course, to be a princess. The other was to meet her daddy. Most years, this was a painful reminder of how much information I was unable to give her. I had told her his name, his age when we were together and that he moved away before I knew about her. Of course, I couldn't and wouldn't tell her the full truth, simply because this was not my secret to tell. I didn't ever have a picture to show her or recordings of his voice, simply because he had taken all of those things away from me- and from her. I resented him for this; it was one thing taking the painful reminders away from me and pretending as though he never existed. However, taking that away from her was cruel. Although, it's not like he is even aware of her existence. He left me no address, no email address and no telephone number, so I was completely alone.

The hours the in the day dragged by. I played dress up and had a little tea party with Mr. Bear and Barbie- something that always delighted Evie, as I was normally busy and unable to play often. Jake returned with cake and some take-out pizza, which was of course, devoured by the pair, as I found I was not really all that hungry this evening.

I tucked Evie into bed at around seven thirty and said goodbye to Jacob at the door. He approved of my decision, as it was in Evie's best interests to meet and get to know her family. Afterall, she was the one who had lost out on all these years.

The drive was silent. I still didn't enjoy music. My depression had solidified that for me, as far too many songs and music genres reminded me of him.

I parked in front of the all too familiar house. The last time I had done so, was just after I had given birth to Evie. I had hoped that they would have returned for a visit by then, but of course this hope was all in vain. I took a deep breath, as I knew that this evening was going to open up the wound in my chest even wider than it had been opened this morning and I knew I was going to become angrier than I ever had before.

I got out of the car, approached the front door, with my hand ready to knock. However, Alice had already opened the door and was ushering me inside.

When I entered, I felt as though I had gone back in time. Everyone was the same- except for me of course. I was now almost in my mid-twenties and had filled out a bit. I had gained fourteen pounds over the last five years, which made me look a lot healthier and gave me a womanly figure- something that I was not disappointed about.

"Hello Bella, I hope you are well? What can we do for you this evening" Esme said to me. I had always considered her as a motherly figure to me and I was so upset when she left, as I had felt I had lost something I truly needed as a young woman.

"We need a chat. Dining room. Now" I said bluntly. I was already done with the crap. I did not want to cry today. I had told myself so many times that I was done crying and if I ever saw him again, I would give him hell. Afterall, he left us.

"And that includes you... Edward Cullen" I said with a glare. He nodded at me and guided us all to the dining room.

Of course, nothing had changed in this house- it was as if they had never left. I took head seat at the table, as I was chairing this meeting as such. Carlisle next to me, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Edward, Emmett and then finally Rosalie. Edward was sat directly opposite me- I made sure of that, so that he could see my full facial expressions and I could watch his torture.

"The table is yours Bella" Carlisle gestured, waving his hand to the members of his family.

I sighed so deeply, it was as if I had been holding this sigh for five years and it was finally the time to let go. I looked around the table and focused on the one pair of black eyes, surrounded by the other six golden eyes around the table. I was talking directly to Edward now.