Yeah, I didn't like the original version. Here's the (hopefully) improved edition
This takes place like, two or three years before cannon, in Bakugo and Izuku's first year of middle school. (PS, I don't like Bakugo or All Might)

The sun was setting behind a horizon of buildings in Musutafu creating black silhouettes and long shadows. All Might's bright grin bathed in the golden orange light adorned the walls of a small, green haired boy's room. The eleven-year-old was seated behind a desk, long done homework assignments littering the wooden surface.

Deep green eyes stared out the window not really looking at anything. His mind was far to occupied to pay attention to the evening commuters meandering through the crisp autumn air. His mind was much like the multicolored leaves outside, flitting from one place to another on whim. Hours had passed since he sat down but he was too preoccupied to care. He needed to figure out a way to stay away from Katsuki tomorrow.

A sigh that held far to much experience for a child escaped his lips. What was the point? There was no avoiding Katsuki and even if pulled off a miracle tomorrow, Katsuki wasn't the only one who had it out for him. The whole school hated him for something he had no control over. Actually looking out the window now, he realized he had lost track of time.

The boy stood up and quickly changed into pajamas. He then climbed under All Might themed covers. The sun was long gone by the time his vibrant eyes finally closed.

And when the sun rose again, the quirkless middle schooler, Izuku Midoriya rose with it to get ready for his daily beating.

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