Tim Burton's "Inuyasha"

Disclaimer- I do not own Inuyasha nor am I Tim Burton! I just thought a story with his "Style" Would be cool. In case you don't know who Tim Burton is. He made "Beetlejuice", "Edward Scissorhands", and the "Nightmare Before Christmas".

Quick Summary- Idea based on "Edward Scissorhands".15 yr old Kagome just moved from Japan to the USA. She then finds an abandoned Mansion where she meets someone very special. She convinces him to live with her family. But a 12th grader named Kikyou also has a strong interest, but in the blissful world of Suburbia, will a hanyou get accepted in 21rst century America? 12th grader Kouga won't let it happen. AU, IY/K, M/S. Inuyasha is slightly OOC.

Rated PG-13 for: Substance use, Language, strong drama, and some Adult content.

Chapter 1: Kagome's discovery.

     Kagome Higurashi just moved to America 6 months ago. Thank God her mother worked on the nearby U.S. Military base in the PX (A/N: Post Exchange. I'm a military wife. My hubby's in the Air Force), so she's been around English speakers since early childhood. She probably wouldn't know as much English as she does if it weren't for that fact. She lived right outside of Seattle, Washington in "Little Tokyo", The Japanese district. It was typical American Suburbia with a smidge of Japanese Culture. She was 15 and a freshman in High School. She was a little popular, but she had a guy named Kouga that claimed her as "His Woman!" which she kept telling him she was not! He was a Senior and his main attire was a tee- shirt, black, leather jacket, jeans and a red headband. He wore his long raven hair in a ponytail that sat high on his head. He'd like to think of himself to be a "Bad Ass". But Kagome always politely turned him down from his desperate attempts to get a date. At home she lived with her Mother, her little brother- Souta, her grandmother, Kaede, and her grandfather ( I thought they were a good couple). Her father died shortly after Souta was born.

    After hearing Ayumi's mom's car horn, she grabbed her purse and ran out the door (she is in her outfit from episode 21, when she runs into IY, hugging him). She sighed to herself, "I'm so glad to be free from my grounding!" She jumped into the car and rode off. Her small group of friends talked to her as they rode in the mini van to the theatre. "What movie are we going to see?" She asked as she pulled out the clippings from the newspaper that showed showtimes for the movies. They finally decided to see "Finding Nemo" (A/N: GREAT movie! Go see it!). Her mom dropped them off in front of the huge theatre. One of those 25 auditoriums, huge screen, rocking chaired- theatres. In front, Kagome saw the last person she wanted to see. "Kagome-chan!" Kouga called. She politely smiled, but gritted her teeth, "Please don't call me that! Just Kagome, please." He came around behind her and grabbed her waist, "But you are my woman!" She pushed him away, "I am NOT, repeat NOT your woman!" She growled. Kouga acted like it didn't even faze him. Then another guy from his group said. "Summer is officially here! Afterwards, we are going to a small party up on the hill, in the forest." One of Kagome's friends looked at him with a raise eyebrow, "But isn't that where the haunted mansion is?" The boy shrugged, "So what? Besides, it's not too close to where we are going, will you guys join us?" Kagome had her doubts, assuming Kouga was going to be there too. Before Kagome could make any objection, Ayumi said, "Sure we will come! I'm sure my mother wouldn't mind so much. I'll just call her on her cell phone" Kouga got a smart ass look and stared at Kagome. All Kagome could do was gulp and smile.

    After the movie, one of Kouga's friends cargoed the girls to a clearing in the woods were about 30 people were. A few looked like collage students. Kagome had a feeling in her bones that she shouldn't be here. There were beer kegs and other things that made the feeling worse. The rest of her friends seemed to have joined right in. But Kagome, on the other hand was just sitting on a bench with a knot in her stomach. Kouga came and sat by her, alcohol heavy on his breath. "Kagome-chan, join the party! Have a little fun!" he said with some slurring in his speech. Kagome gave a fake smile and said, "No thanks, I'm fine!" Kouga stood up, pulling her up with him. She tried to sit back down, but he threw her over his shoulder. She kicked and punched with no success. He carried her into the middle of the clearing, in the middle of the party. He put her down and pulled her to his side, hip-to-hip. "Let me go! Kouga! You are drunk!" Kouga ignored her. He raised his bottle of beer and yelled, "Hey! Listen up you guys!" Sounding more drunk than before. Everybody quieted and looked at them. Then Kouga yelled, "This girl right here is my woman! If anyone touches her, they will have to answer to me!" Then he looked down at Kagome and with a very drunk stare said, Ka…gah...mi- me! Kagome… I love you!" And with that, forced a hard, painful, sloppy kiss on her lips. After he broke it, she growled and slapped him yelling, "I'm not your women!" She struggled to get out of his grasp but he kept holding her tighter and tighter repeating, "You are my Woman!" Finally Kagome bit his arm. He let out a painful howl and let go. Kagome darted as fast as she could into the forest. She didn't know where or how far, but she just had to run.

   She didn't care how far she ran; she just had to get away. In the dark of the night, a thunderstorm began to cover the moon. She saw something ahead of her, but it was too late. She ran right into it. It was a rot iron gate. It was the opening in the tall brick wall that surrounded the old mansion. She trailed her eyes up the tall abandoned, castle- looking mansion. "Is this the haunted mansion they mentioned?" She asked herself. Suddenly, she saw something in the highest tower. The clouds uncovered to moon just long enough for her to see a glimpse of white and 2 orbs of gold. She felt a lump in her throat, but raindrops began to fall lightly on her head and the lightning really began to come closer. She leaned on the gate to find it was open. She thought about what she saw, but she shook it of, "It's just my imagination". She came inside the wall to see a beautiful garden. The garden seemed to have roses of every color and a lot of other kinds of flowers in an assorted display. But what caught her eye was a huge bronze statue of a Japanese Dog Demon that stood directly in the middle of the courtyard/ garden. It was beautiful, but the way the lightning flashed on it, made it exceedingly haunting. She shivered and ran up to the door as she heard a wall of rain coming toward her. She stared up at the large doors. The handles had dog demons on them too. She looked back and watched layers of trees disappearing one by one as the wall came closer to her. She took one more look up the door, took a breath of courage… She slowly opened the doors.

    Right when she entered, the wall of water plummeted to the ground outside. She looked at the huge room with an open mouth. It looked as if at one time it was a grand hall. But it had odd architecture with lots of Swirls and black and whit stripes (Typical Tim Burton movie setting) It had two elegant staircases that lead up to the balcony, but even in it's glory, the room was strung with spider webs and layered in dust. She slowly walked in, holding her necklace. She was tempted to call out to see if the "person" she might have seen was real. Suddenly, lightning flashed and up on the balcony, she saw movement. She gulped and froze. With a shaky voice she asked, "Is someone there?" She saw a figure jump on the banister of the left staircase and slid down it on it's feet. She closed her eyes and winced, preparing to get attacked. When she heard him land in front of her, she gave out a short, loud scream, and then slipped on the wet floor right onto her butt. She laid back on her hands and slowly looked up the figure. It was a young man, not older than 18 with long, silver hair. He wore a black outfit that warriors from Feudal Japan used to wear. When lightning flashed, she saw his fangs, claws and ears. She was speechless; she just stared at him with a mix of horror and awe, as he stood over her with a look of confusion.


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