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••• Origin•••

Chapter 1: Heritage

Kaguya Otsutsuki, the Mother of all chakra. The legendary Rabbit Goddess is a being of myth, all powerful and ruthless. She is said to have given birth to two sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, legendary beings that were the first to be born with the same powerful chakra as Kaguya herself. Hamura became the ancestor of the Hyuga clan while Hagoromo sired Indra and Ashura, the progenitors of the Uchiha and Senju clans respectively.

Throughout the millenniums, the clans thrived, prospered, struggled, and persevered. The mighty chakra that was introduced to the world through the Rabbit Goddess gave birth to many bloodlines, all of which are cherished and preserved by the shinobi. In the modern years, the shinobi villages all recognize three great dojutsu: the Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan. A fourth dojutsu, however, is said to rival the Rinnegan, the so-called mightiest of the three. It is called the Tenseigan.

The descendants of Indra and Ashura prosper in the forms of the Uchiha and Senju clans while the descendants of Hamura thrive in the form of the Hyuga clan. The Kaguya clan is said to hold a bloodline directly related to the Rabbit Goddess herself, the dead bone pulse. While that may be true, another clan is said to be directly related to Kaguya herself. The clan, while lost to the ages, holds a dormant kekkei genkai, the most powerful in history. It is said to grant unparalleled control over elemental affinities, as well as the affinities to both halves of pure chakra themselves, Yin and Yang. It is known as the Genton, the Origin Release.

The legendary dojutsu, the Tenseigan, and the legendary bloodline, Genton, are supposedly lost to history. But now, as the Elemental Nations are experiencing a fragile peace on the verge of collapse, the two legendary powers shall appear once more in the form of a young white haired boy.


Naruto Namikaze is a curious young boy. The son of the famed Yondaime Hokage and his wife, the Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze, and the Red Death, Kushina Uzumaki, his heritage was announced to the village the day of their noble sacrifices to save Konoha. On the night of October 10th 8 years ago, the Kyuubi no Yoko was released and rampaged through the village. Only through the sacrifices of Minato and Kushina was the beast sealed away.

The following morning, the Sandaime Hokage was reinstated as Hokage and announced to the village of Naruto's heritage and his burden. To his surprise and joy, he was hailed as a hero by the majority of the village. Some more ignorant villagers feared and avoided him, but he was largely praised and respected for carrying a responsibility he never had a choice in.

While he is known as a village hero, he is still a young child with a growing mind. At the unfathomable age of 4, his chakra was released. To Hiruzen's surprise, it was denser and greater than his own reserves. To mitigate such high chakra capacity, he was taught chakra control and mastered the exercises while learning how to read and write. He became known as a genius prodigy amongst the shinobi.

The past four years saw him undergo light training and even elemental manipulation to strengthen himself. He was under the tutelage and guard of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju, the Slug Sannin and Senju heiress, and Jiraiya, the Toad Sage and Sannin. Under their watchful eyes, he quickly reached mid to high chunin strength, learning taijutsu katas and creating his own style and learning several elemental jutsus and his father's signature Rasengan.

Today, however, his curious mind led him to explore Konoha's Forest of Death. He has spent several hours venturing it's terrain and, to his surprise, the wildlife hasn't targeted him. He's easily distinguished by his... unique appearance. He has a bronze tanned skin complexion with strikingly white spiky hair with two bangs that frame his face. His oddest feature is his pale turquoise green eyes that possess no irises.

Suddenly, though, he detects movement. Turning, he faces a four-man squad of unfamiliar shinobi. He confronts them.

"Who are you? You aren't Konoha nin so why are you here?" he demands.

The four shinobi laugh. One of them responds, "Can't you tell by the headbands? We're Iwa. Namikaze runt, you know the phrase 'the sins of the father are visited upon by the son'? We're here to collect your head for all the Iwa nin your father killed!" With that, they all charge at Naruto.

Thinking quickly, Naruto dodges and retreats to the safety of the forest. 'Crap! They're all jounin level so it'd be stupid to engage them head on. I gotta think fast and try to get to help."

Rushing through the trees, Naruto avoids various weapons and jutsu the Iwa nin throw at him while trying to make his way to the forest entrance. Unfortunately, he ventured extremely deep into the forest depths. Naruto does a good job avoiding the attacks until he is struck by an earth jutsu, violently crashing him into the trunk of a tree.

The impact knocks him into disorientation. Shaking off the cobwebs, he sees the Iwa nin closing in on him. They chuckle maliciously. "Hehehe, you're a slippery little shit just like your father. But we got you now, you little bastard." The man takes out a kunai, ready to end Naruto. Inching closer, the man pounces. "Die!"

Naruto covers up to defend himself, shutting his eyes and waiting for the man to deal the finishing blow. As he does, and to the shock of his attackers, branches from the trees form a barrier to protect Naruto. When the attack never comes, Naruto opens his eyes cautiously to see what happened. He is shocked by the sight before him. 'Mokuton?' he asks himself. He gets to his feet and takes off, the attackers shaking themselves from their stupor and focusing on him.

"Mokuton?! Shit! Get that brat, we definitely can't let him live now!" The Iwa squad rush after Naruto. Shouting curses and throwing jutsu at Naruto, they continue to target Naruto while he tries to evade. Wanting to try to by himself some time, he makes a single seal.

'I hope this works.' Gathering chakra, he shouts, "Katon! Great Fire Annihilation!" Naruto spews out a massive torrent of flames that engulf a great expanse of the forest before him. The Iwa squad widen their eyes and move to dodge but unfortunately, one of them doesn't evade in time and is consumed by the flames. His comrades watch in horror as the fires burn their friend alive. His screams are haunting and agonizing.

"Juzon! Dammit! You're gonna pay for that, Namikaze scum!"

Naruto is shocked. He doesn't have a fire affinity, to his knowledge, and has only recently been learning that jutsu from Hiruzen. Not wasting an opportunity, he takes off towards the forest entrance. The remaining attackers follow soon after.

The game of cat and mouse continues as Naruto narrowly dodges more attacks. The Iwa nin are tiring from the constant nonstop attacking. Soon, though, Naruto makes another misstep and gets hit again. The Iwa nin waste no time on villainous banter and close in upon him.

"Die, Namikaze!"

Naruto squeezes his eyes shut and holds his hands out in front of him in desperation. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!"

A massive invisible force blasts outwards from Naruto. A powerful, crushing, oppressive energy completely annihilates his attackers and destroys a large portion of the forest, leaving nothing but barren ground for nearly a mile. Naruto surveys the devastation with awe. Having no idea what power he has now awakened, he heads for home to tell his family of what transpired.


As Naruto exits the forest, he sees Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Hiruzen directing a search party of shinobi. They turn and see him and rush over to him. Unfortunately, Tsunade reaches him first.

"Naruto Namikaze!" she shouts furiously. She grabs him up by his collar and brings him to meet her gaze. "What the hell were you doing in the Forest of Death?! And what caused that explosion we saw?! Explain yourself!"

Naruto nods fervently. Over the years, Naruto learned to never enrage his surrogate mother figure. Tsunade is a loving, caring, warm woman but she is violent and dangerous when she's angry. She is a woman he both loves and fears in spades.

He recounts his encounter with the Iwa hit squad and tells them of the power he displayed and the finish. He also notes that the devastating technique that leveled that massive area in the forest didn't even leave him winded. As Tsunade checks him over for any injuries, she also notes how his reserves are both nearly full and also somehow increased. He now has more chakra than Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Hiruzen combined.

His eyes also shock them as they take notice. The design is especially surprising. He now has a pupil and his eyes have taken on a deep ocean blue color with the pale green turquoise hue forming a lotus pattern surrounding the pupil with hints of white. His eyes are among the most beautiful design they've ever seen.

Hiruzen speaks up. "Naruto. While your eyes seem to be a dojutsu we've never seen before, what you said about the Mokuton also is both great and concerning, along with your sudden affinity for fire." He pulls out a piece of chakra paper. "Could you please focus your chakra into this paper?"

Naruto nods and takes the piece of paper. Focusing his chakra, an extraordinary reaction occurs. The paper begins to glow, gradually becoming a vibrant shine before completely shattering. The three legendary shinobi are at a loss for words.

Shaking off their shock, the family of powerful nin decide to leave this matter for another time. For now, they'll keep this event a secret, for it will attract far too much unwanted attention. Naruto is safe, that's all that they are concerned with. Family above all, especially after the events Naruto has suffered through.


Following the attempt on Naruto's life, the three kage level shinobi decided to adjust Naruto's training to better learn the extent of Naruto's new abilities. The results were baffling. Naruto not only had godlike affinities for all five elemental releases, he also could combine them to utilize elemental bloodline limits. Wood, Ice, Storm, Blaze, Explosion, it doesn't matter. Taking great advantage of this, Jiraiya used his reformed spy network to gather scrolls for every elemental bloodline limit they could find.

Since Naruto's birth, Jiraiya relocated to Konoha permanently along with Tsunade. His spy network became an organized division of Konoha's military force, now known as the Department of Intelligence and Espionage, aka DIE. Using those resources, he procured several scrolls throughout the Elemental Nations belonging to clans with elemental bloodline limits. Naruto studied them and, with his godlike chakra control that somehow surpasses Tsunade's now, mastered the techniques within a week through the use of shadow clones.

While also dabbling in his elemental affinities and chakra shaping and manipulation, he discovered that he's able to utilize the Yin and Yang releases. His Yin release focuses on dark, destructive, and even poisonous and corrosive techniques while his Yang release grants him the ability to use creation, healing, and purifying techniques.

Naruto also took the time to learn more about his new dojutsu. Sifting through the village archives, Hiruzen and Jiraiya discovered a long forgotten piece of Hyuga clan history. The eye Naruto possesses is what is known as the Tenseigan. The powers and techniques were not listed but at least they found out what it is. The question is... why does Naruto have it?

Finding a lack of any real knowledge of his dojutsu, Naruto decided to experiment with it. Through trial and tribulation, he discovers that his eyes possess unbridled gravitational prowess, being able to unleash devastating gravitational blasts, eliminate gravity altogether, create crushing pressure, and cause gravity to collapse in on itself resulting in black holes. Naruto even uses it to fly, able to reach ultrasonic speeds. With chakra reserves that rival bijuus, Naruto finds that he has virtually no limit to his dojutsu usage.

Being a dojutsu that is affiliated or related with the Byakugan, Naruto finds that the Tenseigan possesses the abilities of the Byakugan without it's limitations. It had the full 360 degree vision without the blindspot and can cover a much larger range and it allows Naruto to see the chakra and chakra network of others. Of course, it is an activated ability but it doesn't exaggerate the veins of the eyes like the Byakugan's activation. In every sense of the word, the Tenseigan is the Byakugan evolved to the highest degree.

While Naruto's chakra based techniques are unparalleled and his dojutsu defies reason, he still needs to train his body. He is still only 8 years old. Jiraiya also is now taking the time to train Naruto in fuinjutsu, allowing him to study his parents' notes while guiding him himself. Through the use of shadow clones, Naruto devised several resistance seals and gravity seals to train his physical strength and speed. Jiraiya also offers Naruto to sign the Toad contract but Naruto refuses, siting that toads are 'just not for me.'

Tsunade makes a point to regularly check on Naruto's medical condition. Since settling into Konoha permanently, she has taken over Konoha's medical program. While also directing the hospital with her assistant, Shizune's, help, she founded a division of shinobi training specializing in Iryojutsu. Academy students are chosen based on their chakra control to undergo training in iryojutsu and teams are all assigned one member who specializes as a combat medic. In doing so, Konoha has become, not only the strongest hidden village, but also boast the highest mission success rate and lowest casualty count in the Elemental Nations.

Tsunade's tests on Naruto's DNA show that both his dojutsu and elemental abilities are each a bloodline limit. Wondering what bloodline Naruto possesses, Hiruzen and Jiraiya rummage through the village archives in an effort to find out. Their findings are vague at best.

The only semblance of knowledge that they find is that Naruto's bloodline dates back to the birth of the shinobi arts, predating even the Sage of Six Paths himself. The only viable discovery is that it may be called Genton, or Origin Release.

The trio of sensei and students continue to look into Naruto's abilities and the origins behind them. Naruto, of course, would like to know as well but would much rather focus on his shinobi career first. When offered to simply take a jounin exam, Naruto flat out refused. He demands to go through the motions as a normal shinobi and refuses to let anyone say he was simply handed everything because of who his parents are.


(4 months later)

Since demanding he attend the academy like a normal child, Naruto prepares to make his academy debut. He wakes up early, goes through his morning training, heads to the dining area where his big sister, Shizune, is preparing a delicious meal, enjoys breakfast with his family, and heads off to the academy. Naruto's bloodline became public knowledge in Konoha by chance... well, honestly, gravitational blasts kind of make a lot of noise and since Naruto was training it and didn't want the citizens to think it was an invasion, Hiruzen explained it to everyone.

No sense in being subtle. Naruto simply manipulates the gravity around him and flies to the academy. Below him, the citizens smile and wave at the Child of Heroes, as he is called. Young children point and look on in amazement, civilians happily greet and smile at Naruto, and Naruto enjoys the view of a bright, clear, Konoha morning.

Arriving at the academy, Naruto greets the secretary who returns the gesture with a bright smile and directs him to his class. Upon arriving, he sees that the other clan heirs are already waiting. Naruto learned of them through political lessons and social gatherings, and is already acquainted and friendly with them.

The Nara clan heir, Shikamaru, is a rather lazy and indifferent character. As with most Naras, they possess genius levels of intellect, on par with Naruto's own, yet very low motivation and are generally lazy. The Jounin commander and strategist to the Sandaime, Shikaku Nara, is a prime example of such.

The Akamichi clan heir, Choji, is best friends with Shikamaru and is always nearby him. He's sitting right next to him, of course. The Akamichi clan are a clan of frontline fighters with large builds that specialize is a form of ninjutsu that expands their bodies. However, in order to use such a jutsu, clan members must eat constantly, leading to the common belief that all Akamichi are simply fat. Be warned though, calling an Akamichi fat sends them into a rage and their strength makes them formidable in such cases.

The Yamanaka heiress, Ino, is also found nearby, occupying a seat behind them. The Yamanaka clan are a clan of mindwalkers that specialize in interrogation and support. Ino's father, Inoichi, was a member of the legendary Ino-Shika-Cho team that is famed for it's unbeatable teamwork. Ino herself is quite outgoing, always being the center of attention and lighting up a room wherever she goes. Naruto is close friends with the trio.

The Hyuga heiress, Hinata, is another close friend of his. Possessing an advanced form of her clan's dojutsu, Naruto spent time with the Hyuga clan to learn more about how to use his Tenseigan. While reluctant at first, the Hyugas eventually conceded and agreed to train Naruto in how their Byakugan works. While there, he became acquainted with the young Hyuga heiress and became friends with her. At first she had confidence issues and they were only compounded after the night of her attempted kidnapping.


Naruto had been training with Hizashi Hyuga, the branch head, and was finishing up with him. Suddenly, Naruto senses an unfamiliar chakra signature. Activating his Tenseigan's advanced vision, he sees a person retreating from the compound with Hinata in a rucksack. Acting quickly, he tells Hizashi, "Shit! Someone just kidnapped Hinata! I'm going after them!" Before Hizashi could respond, Naruto takes off in flight at blinding speeds.

Before the kidnapper could get too far, Naruto makes a single handseal. Suddenly, the ground erupts with tree branches and immobilizes the man. Naruto quickly takes the rucksack and frees Hinata, who clutches tightly to his shirt. Naruto tightens his embrace on Hinata protectively.

"Dammit! You're the Namikaze brat! Release me or I'll kill you!" he demands.

Naruto smirks. "If I could bind you without even trying, why would I release you?" His expression turns serious. "Why did you kidnap the Hyuga heiress?" His tone is as cold as his Hyoton.

The Kumo nin just laughs. "Why? Don't be naive, why do you think?! So that she can breed more Hyugas for Kumo! You get it?! She's a damn baby factory for the Byakugan!"

The man's words sicken Naruto. He readies himself to simply kill the man.

"Naruto!" A voice calls out to him and he sees that it's his Jiji.

Hiashi and Hiruzen arrived to see that Naruto saved Hinata. Eternally grateful for saving his daughter from a horrible fate, Hiashi asks Naruto to take Naruto back to the Hyuga compound. Once Naruto leaves, Hiruzen has to physically stop Hiashi from killing the Kumo ambassador.

Hiruzen sends the Kumo 'ambassador' off to Ibiki and Anko for interrogation. Anko is the apprentice of Ibiki and is learning how to effectively, albeit sadistically, extract information from prisoners. They would discover that the warmongering Sandaime Raikage ordered him to act as an ambassador for a peace treaty in order to infiltrate Konoha and kidnap the Hyuga heiress to create a branch of Byakugan users for Kumo. The findings enraged Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and the Hyuga clan.

The Raikage's response was to vehemently deny the allegations of the captured Kumo jounin. Deciding to act rationally but adamant to get a point across, Hiruzen simply stated that he wishes to cease peace talks and that if Kumo acts against Konoha again, he will level their village. While the Raikage took offense at such a blatant threat, he knew that he was at a disadvantage since Konoha had three kage level shinobi, not to mention the strength of the village's bloodlines.

Naruto had been forced to face the harsh reality that the hidden villages suffer from a strand of greed that will force them to treat humans as objects. He realized that Kumo didn't see Hinata as a person but as a means, a valuable resource that could be stolen and used. It would be only one of many time that Naruto would have to face the darker side of the shinobi world.

Hinata developed an even worse complex after that night. She became a fearful, stuttering mess. Her training had severely suffered, her jyuken had warped, and her fear of people only worsened. It took Naruto a long time to finally break her out of her slump and make her become a serious kunoichi. The two developed a bond with one another that would last a lifetime after this night.

(Flashback end)

Naruto grimaces at the memory of that night. Still, the bond he and Hinata share was forged that night and while it wasn't pleasant, he is happy for her now. He smiles at her and she returns the smile and waves at him.

Behind Hinata sits the Inuzuka clan heir, Kiba. The Inuzuka are a clan known for their advanced senses, ninken usage, feral dispositions, and fierce pack like loyalty. Kiba is a brash, loudmouthed boy with an alpha male complex. His crush on Hinata is well known but Hinata only sees Kiba as a friend. Kiba also has a one-sided, self-imposed rivalry with Naruto. Naruto's strength is well-known throughout Konoha to the point where even Kiba's own mother respects him. This doesn't grate well with Kiba because he sees it as his own mother basically submitting herself to an outsider male. Naruto is indifferent to the situation and that makes it worse to Kiba. Kiba takes it as he isn't even worth Naruto's time. Male pride is a bitch.

A strange one to Naruto is the boy called Sai. He puzzles Naruto because the boy simply appeared out of nowhere. None of his friends knew him, his family isn't familiar with him, and the boy has less personality than a husk of corn and he has about as much emotion as brick mortar. Seriously. Naruto can't pick up a single drop of emotion from him. Not to mention that the boy wears a perpetual fake smile that makes Naruto wonder how he would look with a slit throat. Naruto wanted to avoid Sai as much as possible. Something just seems off about him.

The Aburame clan heir, Shino, is another flat one. The only difference is that it's a clan trait and Naruto actually likes Shino. The two are actually quite good friends. His family specializes in using insects known as Kikaichu to drain the chakra out of their opponents as well as their ability in communicating with insects for infiltration and information gathering. The Aburames play a large part in the DIE. Despite their cold personalities, the Aburame clan are also extremely intelligent and logical, rivaling the Nara clan. Shino is also an extremely intelligent boy for his age. While he possesses a demeanor that makes him hard to approach, he and Naruto developed a friendship nevertheless.

The same can't be said for the civilian girl, Sakura Haruno. Despite not having a real reason, the pink haired girl developed an obsession over the Uchiha clan heir, Sasuke. While not as talented as his twin sister, Satsuki, or his older brother and clan slayer, Itachi Uchiha, Sakura developed a brutal fangirl complex over him. The Uchiha could never do wrong. Naruto pities the girl due to her obvious dieting, lack of training, and pitiful chakra reserves. He wishes that she would get her act together and take shinobi life seriously, or simply drop out of the program altogether.

Sasuke Uchiha and Satsuki Uchiha are twins and the clan heirs of the Uchiha clan. Years ago, their clan was massacred by one of their own, the prodigy known as Itachi Uchiha, leaving only his mother, Mikoto Uchiha, and his twin siblings alive. They are famed for their unparalleled fire affinity and their legendary and feared dojutsu, the Sharingan. To Sasuke's ire, his younger twin sister has already awakened the Sharingan at the age of 8 and it is matured to two tomoes in each eye. Sasuke has yet to awaken the Sharingan and even demanded his own mother and sister to help him awaken it. The two refused with Satsuki kicking his ass for being so rude to them. Yet people call him the genius.

Regardless, their personalities are vastly different. Satsuki takes more after her mother where she is both kind and fiercely loyal to those she cares about while Sasuke takes after his father and is short tempered, power hungry, and extremely envious of those who possess more power than himself. Naruto is close to Satsuki and her mother but tends to avoid Sasuke, who has no qualms doing the same. That is, unless Sasuke is demanding for Naruto to 'give him his power', and claiming that a 'loser like him doesn't deserve power'. Whatever, the two can't stand each other.

Naruto then turns his attention to the lone redhead of the class. Her name is Tayuya, no last name, no family, an orphan that was found in a ransacked village in the Land of Fire. She was brought to Konoha by a random team. Naruto's interactions with the fiery redhead were... colorful to say the least. Naruto admired her fierce personality and while she doesn't say it, Tayuya has taken a liking to Naruto. The girl has a VERY foul mouth and she isn't afraid to argue and curse at either of the Sannin in the village and even the Hokage.

Naruto smiles and takes a seat next to the girl known throughout Konoha as the Raging Fireball. He smirks at her and she does the same out the corner of her eye. "Yo, shithead." she greets.

His smirk widens. "Hey, Tayuya." Girl has a mouth on her. And she's only 8 years old. The two carry on casual banter while occasionally exchanging insults and swears.

"Honestly," she says. "I can't understand why you don't just skip this whole academy bullshit, shithead. You could easily beat jounins, I've seen you. Or are you just here to fuck around for 6 years?"

Naruto chuckles as he notices Satsuki sit down with them. "Hey, you two." she says.

Tayuya grunts. "What do you want, Pinkeye?" Satsuki's eyebrow twitches. She hates that nickname.

Naruto smiles at the two. "Hey Satsuki-chan. Sasuke still being a bastard?" Satsuki scoffs and nods.

"Yeah," she begins. "He's still cold and distant, caring only about himself and 'avenging the Uchiha'. He's most likely written me and mom off since we don't care for vengeance. We both know it'll only lead to more pointless bloodshed." Naruto nods.

Tayuya scoffs, though. "Wow. Pinkeye actually has a brain in that big ass head. Who knew." Satsuki is tempted to put Tayuya under a heinous genjutsu but remembers that Tayuya specializes in genjutsu. She's actually more talented in that regard than Satsuki at the moment.

The three carry on their conversation until their sensei, Iruka Umino, enters the room. He gets the class to stop talking using a strange jutsu that makes his head big and his voice louder.

Iruka explains the importance of the academy classes and a bunch of other meaningless stuff. He then announces that they'll be conducting a thorough examination of each student's strength and weaknesses. He then leads them all to the academy training grounds.

"Ok class," he begins. "First, we'll take the Taijutsu examination to establish rankings in the class."

The matches were relatively lackluster. Especially Sakura's. She was paired against Ino who trained extensively in her family's taijutsu. Sakura simply charged at Ino with a punch, which was deflected, and she countered with a pretty vicious uppercut.

The match between Tayuya and Satsuki was very interesting though. Since the two had a rivalry outside of the academy, the two refused to lose to the other.

At the start of the match, Tayuya was expected to rush in and engage Satsuki head up. Tayuya knew better than that though. Satsuki's taijutsu style revolved around counters. Knowing that, Tayuya wanted Satsuki to attack first. After a long minute of stalling, Satsuki eventually did charge in first.

The match consisted of Satsuki countering Tayuya, Tayuya evading the counters and throwing in her own attacks. It was a dangerous dance that impressed the chunin instructors as well as several bystanders and onlookers. Neither could land a definitive blow on the other and they both garnered top spot for the kunoichi.

The rest of the matches were still pretty underwhelming. Time came for Naruto to face his opponent and to his simultaneous pleasure and displeasure, it was Sasuke. Naruto walks to the ring with an air of indifference. Sasuke smirks.

"Ready to lose, loser?" he asks smugly. Naruto simpky sighs. "What's wrong, loser? Accepting the fact that you're gonna lose?" Naruto hears several shrieks but also detects some hostility directed towards the male Uchiha. Satsuki is even angry at her brother.

The match begins and Sasuke charges in with a punch that could have been thrown underwater. Naruto ducks and slides into Sasuke's defense and delivers a quick palm thrust that launches Sasuke out of the ring and counting as Naruto's victory. Sasuke gets up angrily but goes to sit back by himself and brood.

The taijutsu exam ended with Naruto as the top rank and sharing that spot with Tayuya and Satsuki for the kunoichi. With that exam complete, Iruka moves on the the shurikenjutsu exam.

Each student performed well, although Shikamaru only got a 4/10 because it was too 'troublesome'. This exam was Satsuki victory over Tayuya, Satsuki's 9/10 beating Tayuya's 7/10. Sasuke averaged an 8/10 between kunai and shuriken.

At Naruto's turn he simply gathers 10 shuriken and 10 kunai, and throws them all at once. He shocks the entire class, averaging a 9/10 and tying Satsuki for top spot.

Moving on to the ninjutsu exam, the goal was to perform henge, kawarimi, and bunshin. If a student couldn't perform those three basic jutsu, you couldn't join the academy. Afterwards, you must perform two jutsu of your choice.

Each student passed. The more notable examinees gained extra points for higher rank jutsu.

Tayuya performed the academy 3 and for her personal jutsu, she performed a doton and a katon jutsu.

Satsuki performed the academy 3 and performed a katon and raiton jutsu.

Hinata performed the academy 3 and performed a fuuton and suiton.

Sasuke did the academy 3 and did two katon.

And Naruto. Academy 3 with no seals, a hyoton that created a sculpture of a unicorn, and a mokuton to summon a massive titan that smashed the unicorn with a giant fist.

Naruto easily passed the ninjutsu portion in the top spot.

The results named Naruto as the top student with Tayuya and Satsuki tied for second. Naruto smiled as they all filed into the academy. He knew things were gonna get interesting.


After leaving the academy, Naruto invites Satsuki and Tayuya to join him in celebrating a good first day. They accept, of course, and Naruto takes them to his favorite spot, The White Dove. The three share stories, dreams, goals, and after eating a great meal, they leave the restaurant and Naruto decides to walk the two ladies to their homes.

As the trio walk through the metropolitan area of Konoha, Naruto picks up three chakra signatures that bring on a sore memory of his. Being that the Uchiha district is closest, they head there first. Since the district is virtually vacant, the group seizes the chance to act. The presences make themselves known. Intercepting the group of friends, Naruto grimaces as he recognizes the headbands.

"Iwa." he growls out. Satsuki and Tayuya tense at the situation before them. Not wanting them to get caught up in the inevitable battle, Naruto attempts to bargain with them. "Wait!" he grabs the attention of the Iwa nin. "I'm your target, right? Let's take this nearby to avoid drawing too much attention to this."

The three Iwa jounin look at each other. The leader then turns to Naruto. "Not a chance." They then leap into battle.

"Shit! Satsuki, Tayuya, get out of here! This is my fight!" The two girls fear for their friend but do as he says, heading to the Uchiha main house to alert Mikoto. The two other Iwa nin try to go after them. Naruto sees this and, dodging an attack from the leader, moves to stop them.

"No you don't!" He holds up a hand seal. "Doton! Iron Barricade!" A massive wall of iron taller than most of the surrounding buildings bursts forth from the ground and cuts off the Iwa pursuers. This surprises the Iwa nin that someone from Konoha has such a high affinity for Earth. They didn't receive any reports on that.

Seeing that he caught them off guard, Naruto forms a Rasengan and shoves it into the chest of one of his attackers, the chakra orb drilling straight through his chest cavity and out through his back.

The sudden death of his comrade catches the other jounin by surprise. His eyes widen as his friend was killed by an 8 year old boy. Naruto forms another hand seal, taking advantage of his enemy's stupor.

"Yoton! Lava orbs!" Naruto gathers chakra into his chest and spits out an orb of molten lava at his attacker. He gets a direct hit and the man screams as he is melted by the jutsu.

Seeing his two comrades die, the leader springs forward to kill the boy. "Die, Namikaze!" Wielding a kunai, he closes in too fast for Naruto to dodge. Moving as he can, Naruto tries to redirect or block the stab. The man drives the kunai into Naruto's gut, not deep enough to get a fatal wound but Naruto bleeds profusely.

Naruto's grip on the man's wrist tightens. He looks into the eyes of his attacker. The man snarls. "You'll die for what your father did to Iwa!"

Naruto smirks. "You first. Hyoton! Arctic Curse!" Suddenly, the man feels his arm violently freeze. Looking down, he watches as his body slowly freezes from the inside out. He then looks at Naruto, the fear evident in his eyes. Naruto simply maintains his smirk. "A cruel jutsu, wouldn't you agree? A slow, agonizing death. You brought it on yourself since you came into close contact with me. Now you'll experience the pain of being frozen inside out."

The man's legs then freeze first. The creeping death jutsu slowly works it's way to the man's vital organs. He screams out in agony as the cold grip of inevitable death begins to claim him. "GYAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

"Scream all you want! You brought this on yourself, Iwa trash! First you target me but now you attempted to bring my friends into this!" His eyes grow dangerously cold and he leaves the man with one final message before his curse finishes it's work. "I'll kill everyone of you. I'll show Iwa what happens when you fuck with a Namikaze."

Resilient to the end, the Iwa nin draws his last breath, shouting, "This isn't over Namikaze! You may kill me today but Iwa will have it's revenge! Iwa will kill you, Namikaze scum!" Winter's breath slowly clamps onto the man's heart, lungs, and his brain.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" Naruto steps back away from the man as he appraises his handiwork. He stares into the man's eyes as they are claimed by the jutsu. His face frozen in a perpetual scream, his eyes widened in agony. The Arctic Curse slowly claims his pupils, expanding outward until both eyes are encase in the icy blue frost. An eerie steam rolls off the frozen Iwa jounin. The man is no more as the curse finally ends his suffering.

Tsunade, Hiruzen, and Mikoto finally arrive, along with Satsuki and Tayuya. Tsunade rushes to Naruto and immediately checks him over, having noticed the blood on his abdomen. The wound already healed. Hiruzen then asks Naruto about what happened. Naruto explains in full detail.

Hiruzen shakes his head and explains to Jiraiya once he arrives. "This is bad, sensei. Iwa and Kumo are getting too bold. Was it a mistake to reveal his heritage like that?"

Hiruzen shakes his head. "No. I don't regret it and I believe I made the right decision. He is seen as a hero in the village. The people love him, he has a family, and even though there are these attempts on his life, he's still happy. Just look at him."

Jiraiya sees what Hiruzen means. Satsuki, Tayuya, Mikoto, and Tsunade are busy fussing over Naruto, scolding him about how dangerous it is to fight alone like he did. Tayuya and Satsuki are fussing over being sent away when they could have fought beside him while Mikoto and Tsunade are scolding him like overprotective mothers. Hiruzen and Jiraiya smile and they notice how, even though Naruto is slightly annoyed at the antics of the girls, there is a fond smile on his face and warmth in his eyes.

"Yeah." Jiraiya says. "I guess you're right, sensei." Hiruzen nods. Jiraiya turns and looks at the last Iwa jounin Naruto killed. "Still, he eliminated a three man squad of Iwa jounin who managed to get into Konoha undetected." He turns to Hiruzen. "An 8 year old shouldn't be this strong sensei. And he's smart too."

Hiruzen nods. "I know, Jiraiya. He's as strong as a kage with his jutsu and dojutsu alone. His physical strength is still that of a child but still." Jiraiya nods in agreement.

"He didn't use his dojutsu either, out of concern for his surroundings." Jiraiya says.

After cleaning up and repairing what little damages were done in the fight, the group head home, Satsuki and Tayuya demanding to spend the night with Naruto out of concern for him, much to delight of Jiraiya. This resulted in Jiraiya being launched across Konoha, courtesy of Tsunade as a reminder that the three are still 8 year old kids.

As Naruto lays in his bed, he makes a mental vow to get stronger. He doesn't wish to become Hokage, he doesn't wish to become famous, he doesn't wish to become the greatest shinobi in history. No. He only wishes to become strong enough to protect the people he treasures the most. Hiruzen, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Mikoto, Hinata, Ino, and of course, the two precious angels he has sleeping beside him. Tayuya and Satsuki. Naruto vows to never let harm come to them. And if someone does hurt them, then may God have mercy on their souls.

Because heaven knows that he won't.

••• TBC •••