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Chapter 1: New world, First steps

The border between the Pokemon world and the Human world is a strange place. It is only a void with white going in every direction without ending, except for the floor, which is made of cloud that nobody would think as a floor but nobody would think them as solid as a brick wall. We can see a lake too with crystal water, it represents the links between the two worlds. Only those details exist in this peculiar place and yet for some odd and mysterious reasons, a young boy is in front of the lake, a young boy that should not be here, a young boy unconscious on the floor, lying on his back.

He appears to be around fourteen years old, with black hairs and some baby fat on his face. He is wearing a black undershirt with white tribal symbols on the front, a white long-sleeved hoodie with black tribal symbols on the sleeve. He has mid-calf length blue jeans for pants with black long sockets and red converse. Only five minutes pass before the boy opens his eyes showing green to the world.

Where am I? thinks the boy. What is this place? What happened to me? And who am I? Not knowing his name send shock and panic inside his mind. Trying to find anything in his head, the young human only finds noisy and blurry memories, and yet some come back on the surface. I remember to be on the street at night and a car ram into me. Am I dead? He thought, with panic in his mind. At the end of his thought, an authoritative voice comes, cutting into his panic like a knife cutting butter.

"Yes indeed, young one, such a tragedy that it happened to one child like you and yet such a blessing at the same time for it give me one savior," says the mysterious voice.

"Who are you?" replies the boy, using his voice for the first time looking everywhere to find the voice.

"Every answer will be answered in time young one. You are here because I need one like you to save my world," says the voice with wisdom.

"Me? Saving your world?" asks the young one, with wide eyes. Indeed, how an ordinary boy that don't remember his name can save a world? It seems so ridiculous!

"Even if you don't remember, I know about your strong heart. Like I said, I need a savior for my world, the world of Pokemon. For only destruction and darkness, awaits in the future," says the voice, with grave seriousness in the end.

Pokemon? thought the boy with confusion. In fact, this term seems familiar without knowing why.

"Every answer will be answered in time. Now you will be reincarnated as a pokemon in my world. I encourage that you learn about your new body to not be uncomfortable in it. Be brave, don't let fear ruins you and future friends. Jump in the lake and began your new adventure," says the voice with power.

The young boy thinks if he should trust the voice,

But there is nothing else to do and maybe I will have my answers if I do that, he thought. So, with hesitation the young human begins to move toward the lake and stop in front of it, looking at it with some apprehension. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerve down, looks the lake with determination before jumping into it, plunging in a new world without knowing the great adventure awaiting him and meeting his greatest partner. And again, falling in unconsciousness as his body begin to change to a ball of light.


It is a cloudy day with black clouds covering the sky and yet the cloud doesn't move like they don't want to let alone the forest below them. And quite a terrifying forest it is, with purple leaf and a dark atmosphere. But in a second, the sky is pierced by a ball of light making a hole in those dark clouds, a second later the hole was closed leaving unchanged scenery in this place.

The ball of light is falling and falling until it is mere inches above the ground. The light begins to take form until a creature is reveal, its bottom half is a half egg shell with red and blue motif on it while the top half reveals a head with spikes on it with stub for arms and legs.

The creature wakes up, finding trees everywhere, blinking and looking around in confusion not knowing where is it.

What is this place? thinks the creature. Why do I feel uncomfortable in my body? It tries to get up only to fall down on his stomach. Trying again and more slowly this time, it manages to stand up and slowly toward the running river on his right. Looking at its reflection only to be shocked by what it sees.

Is it me? By how? I am a human! thought the young male creature with fear. Trying to move his right arm to prove this is fake, only to be proven wrong as the reflection do the same. Trying to think to find an answer to calm his nerves, two things appear in his mind.

Togepi? I remember that voice saying about Pokemon. Is it what am? A Pokemon? the boy this thought, his fear decreased but being in unknow territory let him a knot in his stomach.

I need to find help, thought the young pokemon. With a new goal, he looks which way to go only to discover the only road is behind him. Hesitating to travel in the forest, he slowly walks toward this way with anxiousness.

After 30 minutes of walk, the road leads toward a denser section of the forest with a stone statue on his right just before the entry. Apprehensive to enter, the togepi stops and looks around to find another way.

But there is only this road and if I don't continue, I will never find help, thought the pokemon. So, putting a brave façade on his face, he slowly continues, entering this section only for his vision to blackout.


Plum Gloom Forest


After his vision coming back, he finds himself in a room where the wall are purpled-leaf trees. What?! But how?! Where is the entrance! thought the boy in shock. A knot pops up in his stomach, fearing that he is blocked forever.

Calm down! There must be an exist somewhere, thought the pokemon. With this in mind, he looks around to find that there is corridor on his left. Walking toward it slowly with the hope to find an exist, yet only to enter another room. Another corridor is in front of him with a pokemon in the middle of the room.

It is a spider with green body, red pincer, yellow legs with black strips and a horn on his head.

Spinarak? thought the togepi with confusion not knowing where this thought come from.

"H-Hello? Can you h-help me? I t-think I'm l-lost," said the togepi with a stuttering. The spider pokemon turn toward togepi, eying him before screaming in anger and spitting purple spike toward the young boy. Paralyze by fear, the egg pokemon takes the attack and screams in pain, propelling backward and rolling on the floor until he stops on his stomach. The green spider walks toward the egg one to finish his opponent and as the time the injured pokemon began to panic.

It hurt! It hurt so much! What do I do?! It is going to kill me! But I'm too scared and it hurts too much! thought the panicking boy. Without a second thought, the spinarak jumps on him, but with the desire of not wanting to die, something inside make him move by instinct and feel his hand(stub?) smacking the spider. The poison spider flew away, hitting its back on one tree.

Did I do that? thought the togepi while staring toward the spinarak in shock. But the green spider wasn't down, getting up despite being in great pain and screaming in rage before charging like a mad dog toward the young egg. Again, something inside him makes him roll to the right, dodging the attack despite his injury and the pain he was in. And before he knows it, he tackles the poison spider sending it again hitting a tree. Looking that the spider is not moving, the togepi fall on his bottom, the adrenaline leaving his body.

What was that? Why does this pokemon attack me? And what was that feeling inside me? It makes me fight like it's natural for me. But I'm not a fighter. Is it pokemon thing? thought the togepi. But his thoughts were interrupt by a sharp pain and a hot liquid flowing down his body. Looking down, he saw blood flowing from the holes made from the purple spikes.

Am I going to die from blood loss now? thought the scared pokemon. In his panic, he looks around to find something that could him treat his wounds. But he found a blue berry next to the entrance of the next corridor. Walking toward it even more slowly because of the pain, he takes it with his right hand before thinking if it's a good idea to eat it.

Is it even edible? he thought. But his injuries and his stomach's gurgling made the choice for him. Biting in it, he found that it is juicy with a hint of sourness and after swallowing, his energies returned and his pain dissipating. He continues to eat it with more fervor until there nothing of it. Not feeling the pain, he looks down and sees with wide eyes that his injuries where healed.

How is it healed so fast? the fairy pokemon thoughts. Well, maybe I should find more. I feel I will need it. This scary place is so strange so far that if I'm not careful then I'm dead.With this thought, the togepi takes the second corridor with hopes to find more of those blue berries for his survival or the exit.

Arriving to the next room, he found a flight of stone stairs with two items on the ground. Not founding pokemon around, he sighs in relief knowing that he will not be forced to fight. Looking at the items, he sees that they are an apple and some sort of seed. Going for the apple, he takes it and inspect it to see if it is still edible. Not finding anything bad on it, he eats it with fervor knowing he is hungry. After filling up his stomach, he turns toward the seed to inspect it. It is something that he has never seen, it is red taking the form of a flame. Again, thinking that it is strange, he keeps it knowing that like the blue berry, it can have some use. With nothing else around, he walks toward the stairs hoping again it is the exist. The moment he touches the stairs, his vision back out.

Plum Gloom Forest


When his vision comes back, it isn't the outside that greet him but another room. His hopes diminishing, panic takes place inside his mind.

What just happened? togepithought. Where is the exist? Am I really trapped forever? But the stairs were going up. Maybe I am on another floor, maybe there is an exit at the top? With this thought, some bravery comes back to our hero. Knowing that there are floors on this strange place, he looks around with the goal of climbing all floors to exit the forest. Finding two corridors, one on his and the other on his left, not knowing which to takes, he walks toward the left one hoping it is the right way.

But luck wasn't on his side, because this corridor only leads toward a dead-end, worth arriving to the next room, looking around to find the next corridor only to find nothing else but another pokemon which is eyeing him.

It is blue bat with purple membrane inside his wings, it has two antennas at his bottom and a mouth with only four fangs. But the oddest thing about this creature is it has no eyes.

Zubat? was his first thought, feeling a familiarity with the name.

Like the spider, the bat screams in anger with its stridently voice, charging him with glowing wings. Not wanting to be hurt, the boy jumps on his right before rolling on his side. Standing up, he backpedals to put much distances between him and the bat not wanting to fight for fear to be injured again.

What do I do?! thought the egg pokemon with panic. Again, that feeling comes back, making him want to throw the seed toward the bat. Listening to it, knowing it has help so far, he takes the flame-formed seed and throws it with all the strength he has. The result was shocking for the young togepi because as the seed touch Zubat, it explodes blowing the bat away before hitting the floor.

Eh? was his only thought, gaping at the result. Another strange thing in the strange place.

What the heck is this World?!

But the poison/flying pokemon was not finished, it tries to flap its wings with difficulty to fly again above grounds. Screaming in rage, it sends a powerful and stridently scream toward making the egg pokemon scream in pain trying to block sound to prevent his ears bursting. Seeing his prey helpless (Can it?), the bat pokemon charges again now with glowing fangs. Seeing that, fears creep in our hero's body but as the same the feeling tells him to fight back. Everything around him slow down making him see his doom coming.

What do I do? thinks the young boy with distress. But the memory of the powerful voice came back to him, "Be brave, don't let fear ruins you and future friends." With this memory, new determination enters our togepi's eyes, listening the feeling to fight back. When the zubat is mere millimeters aways, he throws a yell before sending a punch with all his strength. When it hits on the head, everything stops before a split-second went and then the poison/flying pokemon is sent flying away before hitting hard on tree, so hard that the tree has an indentation, sending the bat into unconsciousness. Watching the result of how strong he sends the pokemon away, he looks down at his hand in awe

Am I this strong? he thought, yet as the same time another thought came to him.

I did it … I DID IT! he thought,happy that he succeeds to fight back, the helplessness of the situation diminishes a little inside him. With nothing else inside the room, he takes again the same corridor with more bravery in his steps before arriving to the first room, going to the other corridor. This corridor is longer and curving, sending a shiver to the boy, thinking that he can be ambushed. But his fear was unfound because he arrives to the next room without problem, this time there is a corridor on his left and an item on his right. It looks like to be a cherry, going for it before examining it, deciding to be editable. It has hint of spiciness but other than filling his stomach, it does nothing else. Taking the corridor to go to the next room, he finds another flight of stone stairs, making the egg pokemon happy that he completes another floor. He walks them and his vision back out again.

Plum Gloom Forest


When his vision came back, he is greeting with a tiny room with only a corridor in front of him and one on his left. Deciding to take the one in front of him, he notices this one is short, already arriving to the next room, a large one with two new corridors and some pebbles on the ground. Taking the right one, it leads him to another dead-end but this time there was no room. The end of the corridor is the dead-end. Believing that a pokemon can attack him from behind, he tries to run toward the large room, falling on his stomach sometimes because of his fear but manages to came back to it.

But as he enters the room, another pokemon enters the rooms too from the first corridor he came from. Its body is orange with glowing hole while his head is made of black leaf with orange eyes, horns and with a cowlick. It looks like a pumpkin.

'Pumpkaboo?' was his first thought.

When it sees our togepi, its eyes begin to glow red and it yells in anger before charging at our hero. Knowing that he is not totally helpless, he stands to fight back, waiting his opponent before steeping to the side, letting the plant pokemon continuing his course before he punches the ghost one sending it hitting a tree just a meter away. Backpaddling to put distances, the togepi saw his opponent standing up before becoming enrage. It opens his mouth, creating a dark ball and sending it toward the fairy pokemon. Not wanting to know how much it hurts, our hero jumps on his left, rolling until he stops next to a pebble. Feeling the pebble next to him, the feeling inside him give him the desire to throw it. Listening to it, he takes the pebble and throws it the hardest possible. It hits the pumpkin pokemon body, making it yell in pain before falling unconscious with blood flowing from its wound.

Seeing that, togepi becomes ills but diminish by the feeling that he listens for some times. Deciding to leave the room quickly, he takes the last corridor, arriving to the stairs room. Around of it, there is another blue berry and some coins on the grounds. Wanting to inspect first the coins, he walks toward them, seeing that there are golds with number and a P symbol on it. 'Money?' thought the fairy pokemon incredulously. 'But it means that people pass here, then helps can come.' Hopes increasing, he takes it before walking toward the berry and taking it with difficulty, noticing the two items are cumbersome for him. But managing to take the two items, togepi walks toward the stairs, blacking out for the last time.

When his vision came back, he sees light in front of him, it is the exist. Happy that he succeeds, the fairy pokemon run toward as possible as he can, thinking that he can find help for his situation.

Togepi successfully completed Plum Gloom Forest!


We can see now togepi entering a one of the forest's clearings, the egg pokemon looks around discovering that the road leads toward a cave. Not feeling sure to enter it, he feels water falling on him. Looking up, he sees it begins to rain, forcing him to enter the cave if he doesn't want to be wet. After entering it, togepi sat on the ground, tired of his travel through the forest, putting next to him his blue berry and moneys. But after doing that, a wave of tiredness licks his body.

Why am I so tired? I didn't spend so much in this forest, did I? thought the boy with sleepiness. Failing to fight the sleep, his vision black-out, plunging into a deep sleep.


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