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Chapter 5: More training and reputation

It's morning, the pokemon woke up to begin their day, as simple civilians, as shopkeeper, or as explorer. One of them begin to wake up right now, sunbeam hitting his eyes, wanting to sleep but know he has no choice than to wake up. Sitting up before rubbing his eyes to remove sleep, he stands up after two minutes. As his mind boots up, he remembers his promise to train in the morning. But first, he needs to show the fragment he found yesterday to Leavanny. Taking his bag, thinking how heavy it is, he steps out of his and as he walks by the mailbox, he decides to take a look at it, hoping there could be a mission. Opening the mailbox, he discovers two new papers that was not there yesterday. One is letter from the Exploration and Rescue Federation. It says:

Dear Lucius

Welcome to the Explorer's and Rescuer's world, you choose to give your services to resolve the different mysteries of this world and help the pokemons in need to be saved from mystery dungeons. We're sure that you know the world's state, so we thank you to help us and give all necessaries for your new career. As for mission, with this letter will be you first mission, all missions are chosen depending of the mystery dungeons you explored. It is thanks to the wonder map, it can know which one you explored and send us the data. The mission's paper is special, when you accept a mission, just write 'accept' on the paper and we will know it. If you refuse a mission because of other reasons, write 'refuse'. It is important that you do it, we need to tell the client if their request is accepted or not. Don't let them wait in their needs of help, if you choose to not do it, write refuse, we will send it to another rescuer or team. But if you don't realize three missions per month, then they will be consequences. All parameters will be on the mission paper. As for reward, clients will follow one of the Security Corps of Lueur to the mission board closest to your home. We recommend that you are responsible when doing missions, because if you faint, you will be expulsed from the dungeon, losing some items and all your money. Think of using the bank or the Kangaskhan Storage.

We wish you a lot of success.

Exploration and Rescue Federation

Wow, they know what to say, was his only thought. Now he looks at the second with trepidation, knowing it is the first step to make his reputation.

I can't find the exit of this horrible place. I'm scared of it!

Please, someones help me!

Client: Cherubi

Objective: Save Cherubi

Place: Plum Gloom Forest 2F

Difficulty: B

Reward: 300 P +?

Well, it is an easy one, all I have to do is find the pokemon and teleporting them out of the mystery dungeon with my badge, he thought, thinking it is the easiest dungeon of all the one he explored. Now, all he need is to accept the mission, but he doesn't have something to write. Putting the mission in his bag, he goes to Leavanny's house. Like yesterday, the family and the fairy ate breakfast before the latter decides to show the mother his new treasure.

"Here it is," he says, putting the bag before her and opening it. She takes one fragment, putting it closer to her eyes to inspect it.

"This light, this quite something that you find, it looks almost like an evolution crystal," she says while being intrigued by the fragment.

"Evolution crystal?" He never heard about it. She looks toward him.

"Yes, some pokemon can took a procedure named evolution. The pokemon will then change and become stronger. But for some pokemon, they need evolution crystal to take the procedure, like your family line, the Togekiss line," she says before returning inspecting the fragment. He is surprised that he has a family line and can evolved apparently. "But like I say, it is quite intriguing. I think you really find it, seeing how this light is like the one from you mask." He takes one to inspect it, seeing the light inside the crystal. Is this light really like his mask's light? He doesn't remember his mask producing light. He hears her continuing. "As I say yesterday, I will help you to shape them. I will just need your mask for today, if you don't mind of course."

"Oh, I don't mind, you see," he shows her the mission, ecstatic about it, "Leavanny, I just receive my first mission." She giggled about his happiness before the mission, reading it.

"Oh, A B-rank mission for your first, but knowing what dungeon it is, it is quite logic," she says, surprised, but as the same, she understands why. The fairy raises a non-existent eyebrow. Seeing this, she elaborates. "You see, before darkness come hitting this dungeon, from what I heard, missions on it were only F-rank, the lowest rank. But now, they raised all rank of missions that takes place where darkness hits, knowing dungeons are even more dangerous than before," she becomes sad at the end. He now understands. Talking about mission.

"Do you have anything to write?" He asks her, wanting to accept the mission.

"Yes, I do have." She giggles. The mother goes to a non-descriptive shelf before coming back with what look like a pencil. "Here you go!" He takes the pencil and the mission, writing accept on the paper before being amazed by what happened. The 'accept' word glows before becoming gold. He raises a non-existent eyebrow before shrugging, thinking to be something normal. He put the mission back in his bag. Now all he need is to find a mission board and a training ground. He looks toward her.

"Do you know where I can find a mission board and a training ground?" He asks her. At his question, she becomes sadder and resigned.

"Yes, I know where you can find them, if you follow me," she says before walking toward her door. He simply follows her. After existing Leavanny's house, the mother leads our hero on the left path of their house, it took ten minutes before they arrived to Leavanny's chosen destination. All Lucius can see is ruins of a previous town, cracks on the road, destroyed houses, emptied shop stall. But the worst thing is the corpse still lying there. Seeing those makes him ill, but manages to hold with his experiences in the mystery dungeon. He turns toward his companion before his eyes widens, being disturbed by the haunting looking on the kind mother. He takes her hand to give what comfort he can give. The mother is startled, turning her wide eyes at the fairy, seeing his concerned look. She takes a big breath before she flashes him a kind smile.

"Thank you, watching the town's state always bring me back some unpleasant memories," she says, her smile diminishing at the end. "But I will endure it to show you the mission board and training ground." He is shocked by her resolution, so shocked than he doesn't follow her when she continues. Looking back, she sees than her friend didn't follow her.

"Is something wrong?" She asks. He now looks sad.

"Why do you put so much effort to help me?" He asks, being somewhat afraid of her answer. He only receives a beautiful smile.

"Because thanks to you, I still have my child and," her smile widens, "I have a feeling that you will go far and you can help this world." He blinks once, twice, three times. After he registered her, he blushes, not looking at her while rubbing his neck embarrassed. She giggles seeingly at his reaction. She turns around, continuing her walk with the fairy following. They arrive to what look like an old post office with a board next to it.

"Here we are, this is the mission board," she says pointing to the board. Looking closer, it indeed has paper on it that looks like missions. "There not so much, being you the only explorer nearby. But I let you look at it. I will wait for you at the middle of the town," she turned around, he watches her walking back to the town. Looking back at the board, he sees all the mystery dungeon he explored are present and only them. He chooses the one to help a fletchling saving his friend, a starly, taking place in the Purple Gloom Forest. He decides to take only the one he will do the journey, remembering the letter from the Federation. Now that he accepts the second mission, he goes to find Leavanny.

As she said, he finds her in the middle of the town's central place. When he approaches her, he can see she possesses a pensive look, not reacting to him nearing her. She flinches when he taps her leg to get her attention, turning so quickly she may get whiplash. When she sees it's only the fairy, she relaxes with her eyes softening.

"Sorry if I scared you," he tries to apology, but she only smiles at him.

"Oh, don't worry, it's my fault, I lost myself in my thinking. I should be more careful about my surrounding," she replies. "Have you finish?"

"Yes," was his answer.

"Then let's continue, shall we?" She leads him south, only taking two minutes to arrive. Lucius can see a cave mouth with a staircase, leading to somewhere. The mother goes down the stairs with the fairy following her, thinking there should be something more to it. He never thought, that down the stairs, he will have found a giant room. But what is peculiar about this room is all the tools and equipment, marks on the floor delimiting an area for fighting. He could only be in awe, and he knows that he can use all of this if Leavanny leads him to this room.

"This was Gallade's Dojo, a place where all pokemon can train their body and mind. But as you can see, the place was abandoned. But it is a good thing that all is still in good state, ready to be used," she says with a fleeting look. He looks around for three seconds before he takes his mask off, making it turned grey. The fairy gives his mask before saying:

"Thank you Leavanny. I will look around to see how can I train before going to do my missions," he says. The mother accepts the mask.

"Then I leave you alone, come back tomorrow, your mask will be ready by then," she says before turning around, leaving the dojo. Now that he is alone, he begins visiting the room. He found punching logs, running tracks, meditation chambers, dodging chambers, puzzles, fighting rings, and tools to muscle. He began with running before he trained his muscle, after he used the dodging chamber to improve dodging skill. He completed some puzzles, beginning with easy before going for harder, then he meditated to better control his moves. He takes him two hours to do all this. When he exits the dojo, he sees it is already midday. It is the sign that he must go doing his missions. He takes the same road that Leavanny used to lead him here. When he arrived before his house, he takes south before he reaches a crossroad. He takes the direction to Purple Gloom Forest.


Purple Gloom Forest


When he first entered the dungeon, a glow appears in his bag. Opening it, he saw that it came from his missions' papers. The 'accept' became 'On-going'. He put them back before beginning his missions. He understands why the dungeon used to be host for F-rank missions, it is small and quick to finish. He doesn't know if the wild pokemon were easier to deal with but the ones he deals now are strong. Although he doesn't have to worry, he knows how to deal with them, even those freaking Spinarak. Oh, how he hates those Poison Sting attacks, they hurt so much. It is because he is a fairy type after all. He found money but nothing else. Maybe there will be some items on next floor. But let's return to our muttons. He finds the pokemon in need. They are a small, cherry-like Pokémon with a round, deep-pink body with two stubby feet. they have beady eyes and a purple-red stripe running down part of its face. It has a short stem with two big, green leaves and a second, much smaller head growing out of it. He approaches them, seeing them flinching.

"Are you Cherubi?" He says, trying to be reassuring.

"Yes, are you the one that accept my request?" He, the cherry,says, hopes in voice.

"Yes, I will get you out of here," the fairy says with a smile.

"Thank you, you don't know how scared I was," says the cherry happily. The spike ball pokemon only nods before pointing his badge toward his client. The cherry leaves the dungeon in light particles. After this event, Lucius continues to complete his second mission.

Purple Gloom Forest


Like he thought, he found an Oran Berry on this floor. But now that he thinks deeply about it, he links the difficulty of the dungeon with finding items. The more difficult it is, the more items he will find. Maybe some rare ones, like the CTs that he read about. But it is still good training, so he doesn't really care, plus he will gain some rescue points, so it's still a win for him. But if he wants to go exploring a harder dungeon, then how he will get ready if he doesn't useful items like Max Elixir or Apples or Tiny Reviver Seed. Isn't there someone that sell items? He should talk to Leavanny, she should know. For now, he must save his client's friend. Like with the cheruby, it is easy to find them. They are an avian Pokemon with primarily grayish-brown plumage. There is a white marking on their face, resembling a mask, and a white spot on their chest. He approaches them, like he did with cheruby.

"Are you Starly?" The fairy says with a soothing voice. They turned toward him, surprise by his speech.

"Yes, did someone send to help me?" The avian says, their voice indicate they are a she.

"Indeed, your friend worried about you, so they made a request to save you," he explains to her.

"I thank you then, if you can get me out of here," she says politely and serenely now she knows she is in security. He nods at her doing the same thing he did with cheruby. After he gets her out, he pushes the middle button of his badge, a robotic voice demanding if he wants to leave. He says yes, leaving the dungeon now.

Lucius successfully completed his missions!


When he leaves, for some inexplicable reason, he teleported in front of his house. He will not complain, after all, it's evening right now, and it will suck to walk from the dungeon to his house. Now, all he requires to do is going to the mission board to receive his reward. Taking the path to the town before crossing the ruined town, he sees four pokemon, two of them are starly and cherubi. The third, next to starly, must be fletchling. They are a small, avian Pokemon similar in appearance to a robin. They have a reddish-orange head with a triangular yellow mark on the back of each eye. Their body and wings are gray, and there are white tips on the wings. They have a long, black tail with a white V-shaped marking near the tip. The last one is a large, arthropod Pokemon with a hunched, humanoid posture. They have a pale purple body covered with silver armor plating. They have a relatively small head with bright purple antennae that converge with its mandibles to form a mask around its eyes. The eyes themselves are black and angular with light gray pupils. Behind their head and curving down their back are several armor plates, each with a long protrusion curving up from each side. There is a small, greenish triangle marking on the center of each plate. Most of their lower body is exposed, but there is additional armor resembling a loincloth around its waist and smooth pieces encasing their thighs and feet. Their feet each have a single black claw. His mind says they are a Golisopod. His approach gets their attention. The first on to react was the arthropod, beginning to open his mouth, but closed it quickly and their eyes widen.

"Wait, you're a rookie?" Th bug pokemon says in a deep voice, announcing them as a he.

"Yes?" The fairy says, confused by the baffled look. The samurai only whistles.

"Well, it's not every day that you can see prodigy rookie," he says quite happily. An interrogation point appears above our hero's head. "Well, let's exchange the rewards now." The fairy is brought back from his confusion, nodding to the samurai. The first to begin is cherubi. He walks in front, putting on the ground, a bundle.

"Thank you again for saving me, here is 300 P and a Mystic Gummi," the cherry says gratefully. The fairy nods and takes the bundle putting it in his bag. Next was Fetchling, putting an orb on the ground.

"Thank you for saving my friend, here is a Deposit Orb," the fetchling says, with a girly voice. He nods again before putting the orb in his bag. He thinks it will be useful, there are used to send items to Kangaskhan Storage. The last is Golisopod. He holds some light ball.

"Here is you rescue points for two B-rank missions," He puts the ball on the fairy's badge. It absorbs the ball before something happened to the badge. Taking his badge, the fairy sees a gauge filling. It reads 60/100. His thoughts are cut from Golisopod. A glow appears in his bag. Knowing what it can be, he retrieves the two missions' papers, seeing the 'On-going' became 'Succeed' before the papers disappears in light particle.

"Now, the process is finish, I wish you good luck for your next rescues," he says, waving his hand. The fairy bows before going home. While he walks away, the samurai eyes his back, thinking.

"So, there still some strong qualities out there, I will keep an eye on his accomplishment, I think the world will be better with him around," the arthropod mutters to himself before leading his clients back to their home. Lucius takes dinner with the family before going to sleep. After all, he has training tomorrow morning and he must see Leavanny too.


Lucius wakes up when the sunbeams hit his eyes. Like every morning now, he rubbed his eyes to remove the last sleep before standing up and exiting his house. He looks inside his mailbox, discovering a newspaper, giving some advice how to store items and money, and buy items with a Kangaskhan Statue. He will ask to Leavanny where he can find one. There is a mission too, taking place in Cheerless Cave this time. Retrieving the two papers, he wrote 'accept' on his mission before putting it in his bag and goes in his house to put the newspaper on his shelf. After that, he begins his routine with takin breakfast with the family.

"Good news, Lucius, I finished your mask!" The mother says heartily.

"Really? Is it ready?" the fairy says with hopes, the mystery of his mask will be resolved soon.

"Yes, I go searching for you if you want," she says motherly. He only nods vigorously, making her giggled. She went to her room before coming with his mask. The only difference he can see is instead of notches there is red jewel in it. Putting his mask on his head, it takes back its shining white color with light pink and blue reflect. The addition is the jewel become a reddish pink.

"It seems they react to you. Maybe they will reveal their secrets soon if you complete some condition," the mother says with a leaf blade under her chin.

"Maybe. But it is thanks to you if we are this near to the solution," the fairy says, bowing to the bug lady.

"Don't worry, I'm happy to help," she says, waving her hand.

"Oh, before I forgot, do you know where I can find a Kangaskhan Statue," he says.

"Yes, you can find one at the town's entry, I'm surprised that you didn't see it." She hides her giggles behind her leaf hand. He blushes in embarrassment. After taking back his mask, he moves toward the town to use the statue he talked about. After he entered the town, he can see on his left the stone statue directly. He wonders how he missed it. But looking closer, he sees that it is the same statue before entering Cheerless cave. However, there is difference. Instead of a pyramidal on its head, there is a, two inches in diameter, white circle carved on its head. Touching the circle to get a reaction, he recoils when the circle glowed before a sort of screen appears above it. He is dumbfounded by it. After five seconds, seeing it doing nothing else, he looks closer, eying the text on it. There is 'Shop', 'Storage', and 'Bank'. Touching 'Storage', the screen glowed before new texts emerges. There is now 'Store', and 'Retrieve'. He has an idea how it works now. He touches 'Store', a bigger white circle appears on the statue's stomach, and on its head, it read: 'Put your items inside the stomach'. There is a 'Finish' text under it. Taking his Gold Scarf, he eyed it for five seconds before he attempts to put it in the stomach through the circle. He sees the item disappearing inside the statue. When he pressed 'Finish', a light beam flew from the statue toward the sky. The screen shows again the Store/Retrieve texts. He understands now it works with menus, not knowing what really is a menu. Maybe it is coming from his blurred memories. Pressing 'Return', he touches now 'Shop', the screen changes its menu. It is now 'Buy' and 'Sell'. Touching 'Buy', a list of items with their prices appear. He tsks, seeing he is short to buy a Tiny Revive Seed, but he has enough to take a Max Elixir and a Blast Seed. After his purchase, he puts all his money in the bank. When he touches 'Finish' on the first menu, the screen disappears. Now he is happy than he can prepare himself better for future exploration. But for now, he still has his morning training. He walks toward his goal still smiling.


Time skip: one week later

It's been one week that he did his first mission. Now he gets into the habit of doing them and his routine. Thanks to his training, his stamina, strength, defense, and intelligence increased. He learned from the dojo how moves really work. You see, when battling, pokemon unlock more and more the potential of their family line. Using moves repeatedly made them stronger and more efficient, increasing the type energy too. He knows that new energies can be introduced but some conditions must be carried out. Like his Ancient Power move, he must first learn how rocks type energy feels, then how rocks in general feel and finally see how to use those feeling to shape his move. He thought that he was lucky that all condition was met when exploring Cheerless Cave. After he was surrounding by rock, he already felt his rock energy and he saw how the move was formed. Instincts can help but it is trials and error to learn one move alone. And then you need to have enough of energy to learn it. You see, there is Power Point or PP to take account. PP is the unity of the energy required for the move. Every move began with a number of PP that pokemon can use. It can be increased with training of course. But the thing is if you possess two moves using the same energy, then using one impact the other. Like using one PP of Ancient Power will be equivalent to using two or three PP of another rock move. He didn't know that he needed so much to take account. Further reasons to train.

Thanks to his job, he gained a reputation of being a prodigy. Obviously, rookies don't go in darken dungeons. So, when pokemon heard that, him, a rookie, went to them like nothing, well the Federation was happy to give missions in those places. He did two B-rank in Purple Gloom Forest, three B-rank and one A-rank in Cheerless Cave, and one A-rank and one S-rank in Mt Hollowed Prism. He is already Silver Rank now, and he gained a lot of reward too. First, he received the one from the missions, like money, berries, seeds, Max Elixir, orbs, and scarfs. He even received a strange key. Second, he got the one from increasing ranks, there are a Sitrus Berry and a Zinc. He sold his Gold Scarf, gaining FREAKING 2500P! He happily put the money in the bank.

He managed to learn Yawn, which made the foe drowsy, and Metronome, which made him use a random move in ALL existing one. It was difficult to use the former correctly and the latter was a pain the ass. He observed that he stagnated with becoming stronger. The battle began to be too easy and too predictable.

Right now, he came back from his training, there was no mission in his mailbox and there were only two missions, taking place in two different dungeons, on the mission board. He thinks that maybe he should explore a new dungeon. After all, he isn't just a rescuer, he is an explorer too. But the question is how he can inform the Federation that he explores new place. Because if he takes more than one day to explore it, then mission will wait in his mailbox, which is not good. He should talk to Leavanny about it. For now, he returns to his house to study his map, to know where he should begin exploring. But as he was pushing his door, he hears running and panting behind him. Turning around he can see a fire pokemon. It is a bipedal Pokemon that has a red body with a yellow, flame-shaped marking on its stomach. Their head is covered with large lumps, and they have a rounded, yellow beak. There is a single spike on their back and they have a tapered tail. Their short arms have three clawed fingers, while their feet have only two clawed toes. It is a magby. They try to regain their breath but still manage to talk.

"Is it here where Lucius lives?" They say to the fairy, he recognizes them as a young boy, a child even.

"Yes, I am Lucius, do you need something?" The fairy says, walking in front of the child.

"You need to help me mister Lucius!" The child yells in panic.


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Lucius' move:




Sweet Kiss

Life Dew


Ancient Power



Lucius items in bag:

Four Oran Berry

Twenty-five Geo Pebbles

Two Apple

Two Max Elixir

One Blast Seed

One Sleep Seed

Two Tiny Reviver Seed

One Escape Orb

One Foe-hold Orb