Dance Of The Dogs

An ER fan fiction by AbCaLuDa

Chapter 4

She wakes and eyes him skeptically. He's sprawled out in the chair, his huge feet propped up on the table between the chair and the sofa where she lays. Her head hurts like hell. She wishes she could go back to sleep and never wake up.

She has no idea where she is, or who the giant in the chair is. She recognizes him, of course. He's the guy from the club, the one she often fantasized about. She doesn't even know his name. Until last night when he saved her from the attack, she hadn't even known he was a foreigner.

She can't place the accent. European, definitely. But not English, French, German, Spanish or anything instantly recognized. Not that it matters. She really doesn't care where he's from. She simply wonders who he is, and more importantly, where she is.

She thinks of Avery and feels a wave of intense panic surge through her. She tries to get up, but even using the table for support she can't quite do it. She gets to her feet and falls back.

She tries again, and the result is the same. Two more tries and she gives in to the tears that sting her eyes. She leans back, covers her face with her hands.

"What is it?" He moves to the couch, sits beside her. "Are you in pain?"

She shakes her head. She doesn't want to look at him, but her hands fall away from her face. "I have to g home."

"Because of Avery?" he asks. She feels her eyes widen. He knows about Avery…"You mentioned her last night," he adds.

She takes a deep breath. She feels like her whole world has come crashing down around her feet. She thinks she would be better off if this wonderful man hadn't saved her. She would be better off dead. Especially if this guy is working with Richard…She searches his face. His eyes are too kind, too lost. But looks can be deceiving, she knows that truth all too well.

"It's all right," he says and his accent is so smooth and lulling, she could almost forget her fears. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"I don't even know your name," she says.

"Luka," he offers. "Your next question is where I am from." She nods, he smiles. "I am from Croatia."

"Thank you for not taking me to a hospital." She says, hoping to draw out his motives.

He pushes a hand through his hair and puts his other hand against her forehead. "Against my better judgment. I am a doctor at County General. I could take you there and do a work-up on you to be sure everything is okay."

"No. No hospitals."

He shrugs. "You seem to be doing fine."

"Why are you doing this? Why bring me to your house?"

He stands, obviously uncomfortable with the questions. "I don't know." He goes to the little kitchen, which is only a few feet behind the couch and still in plain sight. "I was walking to my car last night when I saw the attack. I couldn't ignore that, so I attacked him and then I couldn't leave you there to die. You said no hospitals and no cops, so I brought you here. I didn't know where else to take you."

"You can take me home now." She says without thinking of the consequences. She's only thinking of getting home to Avery.

"Not until you are strong."

She listens to him moving around in the kitchen and tries not to feel like a prisoner. She doesn't know for sure that he's working for Richard, and he certainly doesn't seem the type. But she doesn't know him, or his type really. He could be anybody, anything.

She knows his name is Luka, and he lives in a nice apartment. He could be just a really nice guy, but she's been around long enough to know there are not very many of those left in the world. And since when did she ever have the kind of luck to stumble on one like this?

"I hope you like eggs and bacon," he says.

"I'm a vegetarian," she answers. "I don't eat anything from an animal."

"You need to eat to keep your strength."

"I'm not eating eggs and bacon."

Cupboard doors open and close. "Peanut butter and jelly then."

"I don't care." She has no intention of eating it anyway.

Her eyes wander to the window. She can see rooftops, so she knows she is up at least a couple of floors. Maybe later she'll feel strong enough to try the fire escape. She can't wait too long, and she knows it's probably been too long already and every minute counts now. She has to get home to Avery before Richard finds her.

* * * * * * * *

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