Buffy looked around at her opponents.

Xander moved first. Buffy stepped back, and was surprised when Willow hit the back of her knees. She still grabbed Xander, and threw him over her as she fell back.

Anya swung her staff at Buffy's head. Buffy rolled aside and the staff hit the mat where her head had been an instant before, but that put her into the path of the rattan 'sword' in Tara's hands. It descended toward her neck. Buffy blocked it with her arm, grabbed Tara's wrist, and threw her into Anya.

Willow lunged at Buffy with a plasic knife. Buffy grabbed her, and tossed her into Xander.

Buffy flipped back to her feet, and spun around, ready for their next attack. She looked down at her four friends on the floor.

"So, how do we score this one?" asked Giles.

Dawn considered for a moment, and moved over to the chalk board on the wall in Buffy's training room in the back of the Magic Box. "Slayer: 7, Scoobies: 0" was written on it. She erased the "0," and wrote a "1."