It seems that some people need an explanation for why Dawn scored that exercise the way she did, so here it is:

"What do you mean 'Scoobies 1'?" demanded Buffy. "I'm the one still on her feet here!"

Giles gave his Slayer an exasperated look before he turned to Dawn. "Would you care to explain your reasoning to your sister?"

"Sure!" said Dawn, the delight at being able to one up Buffy clear in her voice. "If Tara had a real sword she would have totally taken your hand off, and then maybe your head too. And even if you weren't killed right away, you'd still be lying there on the floor spurting blood all over the place from your severed wrist, and would have been in no shape to stop Willow with her knife, so the Scoobies won that round."

"But it wasn't a real sword," said Buffy.

"No it wasn't," said Giles, "But we aren't training you to fight things with practice weapons. In the field, it will be a real sword, and if you try to block it the way you blocked Tara, you will lose your hand." He looked around at the others, who were slowly climbing back to their feet. "All right. Let's try it again. Everyone get back in your positions."