Naruto was not happy today; his mood was only getting worse as the day went by. First Kakashi refused to train him in favour for Sasuke. Next, he got shipped off to train with someone who hates him. Now he was being pestered by a pervert to let him train him. Today was not a good day for him. He couldn't help but glare at anything and everything that his eyes caught on to, hoping that they'll somehow combust.

As he made his lonely and anger fuelled trot away from the old pervert, who seemed to be a little down by the boy's refusal. He did seem very insistent too, whatever for is still a mystery. Eventually he made it out into the forest, deciding that he will just train the way he always has and hope for the best. Never failed him so far, so why doubt it now!

He was brought out of said decision making as he noticed a large rock like object plummeting down towards the forest, he was in just outside of the village gates. Not close enough for anyone to notice nor far away enough that if he didn't move, then he would become a pancake.

"Is that thing...? Oh shit!"

Quickly jumping to his left and narrowly dodging the seemingly flying boulder by his hair. Panting and calming the beating heart he has from the close encounter.

"Great, now the sky is falling and here I am right in the god damn middle of it!" he let out a tired and annoyed groan. A falling boulder is not something you see every day after all, nor do you usually see them come straight at you.

Naruto began to ponder if he had some sort of curse. It seems that anytime anything happens, the negatives to those things always include him. Mission was a C rank... Now it's A-rank and a legendary swordsman wants him dead. Wants to pass the exam and manages to do so, but first had a life changing reveal and had to kill a traitor at the same time. He forsook any and all gods that seemed to want to make his life hell. He even accentuated it by flipping off the sky.

He sighed as he got up from the dirt he was eating after he unceremoniously dived into it to avoid certain death. He got a nice look at the rock in front of him. Not knowing what to do at this point, he figured he could get rid of the rock. It is disturbing this beautiful forest he is currently occupying.

He strutted over to it and placed his hand upon it, about to use his chakra infused muscles to grab and move it. As soon as his hand made contact, the boulder broke. He blinked before he shrugged. Made his job easier really.

Suddenly he saw movement from the rubble. He narrowed his eyes as he took a defensive step back and awaited to see what it was. He waited for a couple of minutes just peering into the area he saw something move. Then as soon as he figured it was nothing and relaxed his body, it launched. Whatever 'it' was. Naruto almost had a heart attack; it came from nowhere. One second, he sees nothing and the next it's crawling and sliming on his arm. It appeared to be made of a goo-like substance, in Naruto's eyes it was like a weird water creature.

'Why is the living representation of Sasuke's personality jumping at me!' he told himself in his head as he tried to pry the creature off his arm before it continued its spreading.

He began to claw at the tendrils that it used to grab further up his arm, entangling itself with a firm grip. Every time he grabbed a fist full of the creature and tore it off, it would regrow it and spread further. The mass he pried off with his other hand began to spread up his other arm.

Now he was scared, without his arms to try and scrape the thing off and the fact that it's still spreading had only just proved that he is royally fucked. Spreading his arms outwards and closing his eyes lightly as he thought on everyone, he knew so far that was close to him, if he was going to die then he was going to be thinking happy thoughts as he did. Opening his eyes to take a final look at the sky above, a nice and peaceful place up above. Soon he could feel it, the creature had covered all of him and now it was after his face, making his vision go black.

'I never got to become Hokage... never found out who my parents were... I won't ever have a family... but that's okay, I did my best...' with those thoughts, Naruto had succumb to the darkness and allowed his consciousness to fade...

"Wake up..." a feminine but raspy voice spoke.

'What the?' now that was confusing. People can talk when your dead? He had no idea.

"Please wake up." it spoke again

'Whose there?!' he tried to reach out, hoping to get another response.

"Wake up!" now the voice yelled.

"GAH!" Naruto screamed. That was really loud, almost as if it was right in his own head. That is not a comfortable feeling but at the same time it was.

"Man... you sleep like a log." the voice spoke again. Further adding to his confusion because it really does sound like it comes from his own mind.

'Oh great, I'm fucking insane.' he mused.

"Not insane, just got another voice in your head now." it responded.

Naruto blinked. Not really understanding how to proceed from here. He took a look around the place he was in; it was his room. He wondered how he got there and how anyone found him. Did a patrol save him? What the fuck is this voice in his head?

"You're wondering how you got here, that was me. Also, no patrol came." the voice informed.

"Okay! Whoever you are, come out and show yourself. This isn't funny." Naruto demanded. He can't have a voice in his head, he can't be insane. He just can't be.

"You are not insane, well that's debatable. From your memories you sure are an idiot. Listen, I'll explain everything."

Seeing as he didn't really have a choice due to not being able to identify the voice nor its location besides his own head, he sighed in defeat and began to listen to it.

"My name is anything you deem to call me. I am not from your world; my home was destroyed so I came here seeking shelter. My species needs 'hosts' to survive and you Naruto, are my new host. I merged with your body. You could call me a symbiote, a species that survives and feeds of their host. It isn't harmful as long as you consume the necessary materials, I need to satiate my hunger." the creature explained.

Naruto didn't know what to think. First of all, it's not from his world, which makes it an alien. He has a freaking alien inside his head. He wonders if this will be a bad thing or not, but he also can't help but take pity on the creature. From the tone it chose to speak to him, he could easily tell that it was upset about the situation just as much as him. He began to debate whether he should give the creature a chance. It did lose its world after all and he knows exactly what it's like to be alone or different.

"Wait so you decided to hitch a ride on me? That is so not cool... but fine. You don't have a place to go right? You can stay with me. I'm warning you though, try anything funny and I won't hesitate to get rid of you."

He didn't know how but he could tell the creature was happy about the decision he made. Now all he ended was to give it a name. Naming a sentient being from another world isn't something that comes easily to anyone.

"let's see, you're an alien. You are inside my head... you sound like a girl... how about Naruko!?" he asked jovially.

Suddenly a large appendage grew out from his chest and appeared to be made of some slime-like substance with an orange hue. Materialising a face that looked a little creepy in Naruto's opinion.

"I like that name. Even if it is basically your name. Seems pretty lazy but I like it." The creature spoke.

Naruto rolled his eyes. Not like he has any experience naming things.

"So now what?" Naruto asked. He really didn't know how to progress from here. He still needs to train for the matches and beat Neji.

"Now we train, I've seen your memories. I know how this 'chakra' works. I've seen everything. Let us go to a training ground and I shall aid you."

Not seeing any other option, he agrees. What could go wrong?


It was a brilliant blue sky on the day of the 3rd part of the exams. All but 2 members participating have arrived and are standing at attention in the arena floor.

"Welcome all who have ventured here to witness the new and promising generation of ninja! Today we witness the skills and power of the Genin who have come far in their training and are ready to become chuunin. Let the matches begin!" said the dry old Hokage.

With those words, everyone exited the arena minus those who were up first.

"First match, Neji Hyuuga versus Naruto Uzumaki!" Genma the proctor announced.

Neji stood waiting for his opponent to show up. It seems Naruto hadn't shown. He smirked, believing that the blonde had decided to chicken out and not face the mighty hyuuga clan. It made sense to the young prodigy, acting tough and then getting scared at the last minute would be a reasonable excuse.

"If Naruto Uzumaki does not come now then he will be disq-" the proctor was cut off by a sudden crash in the middle of the arena. Ceasing all chatter amongst the crowd.

Once the dust settles and everything is visible, the crowd were stunned into silence. The hokage let out a smirk that would put a certain Uchiha to shame. Stood in a small sized crater from the impact was none other than Naruto. Clothes tattered and covered in bruises from head to toe.

"Sorry I'm late! Got too caught up training." he explained as he rubbed the back of his head.

With the arrival of Naruto, Genmna began the match.

"You should give up. Fate has already chosen me as the victor, a dead last such as yourself cannot hope to win here." Neji spoke. Expecting Naruto to do just that.

"Hmmm did you say something?" Naruto responded whilst picking his ear. Much like how his sensei would do often. Making an already annoyed Neji to be even more annoyed.

"Listen here Uzumaki. Fate has deemed me the victor!" he yelled with an accusing point at the blonde.

Naruto had heard enough at this point. Always boasting about fate and destiny. He doesn't believe in fate or destiny; nothing comes without loss or hard work. He hates the word 'fate' because if such a thing existed then that means he was 'fated' to live the way he did and he refuses to accept that.

"Whatever. I don't care what belief you stick with; fate has nothing to do with this and I will prove that right here!" he stretched his arm forward and suddenly a small rope like tendril shot outwards and aimed straight for Neji.

Not expecting the straight forward attack from the blonde, Neji didn't manage to dodge in time.

"What is this thing?" he asked as he inspected the now stuck tendril. It was orange in colour but it was slime-like. When he tried to grasp the tendril, it only served to slip out of his hand.

"It's a part of me, now I think I'd like that back." with that said he yanked it back along with Neji. He tried to grab the tendril again to stop his rapid approach to the blonde but it proved to be in vain. The moment he came close enough for Naruto to strike, he swung his fist forward as it covered itself in the orange slime and directly punched Neji straight in the face.

"How's that for fate!"

With the hokage.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was sitting in the chair that was provided for him and his fellow Kage. Looking intently down into the arena where his surrogate grandson was fighting. He knew Naruto had the ability to be strong, stronger than himself even.

What was most concerning however, was the fact that this new power he was showing was unknown to him. Neither Minato nor kushina had this ability so he isn't able to place the origin. In his honest opinion, it scared him greatly. He couldn't explain why it scared him but he just felt the worry in his old heart upon seeing his surrogate grandson use this odd ability.

Naruto was not one to waste time when he was serious, especially in a fight. Quickly closing the distance on the prone form of Neji. Arching his arm back to ready a punch.

Neji rolled out of the way in order to avoid being caved in by the ready fist. As Naruto's fist hit the ground where Neji once lay, a large crater gave way. His eyes widened at the level of power behind it and noted that it would be best not to take a direct hit. Unable to comprehend the level of destruction completely, he rushed Naruto and proceeded to close his chakra coils.

"Now you're finished!" he screamed as he was moments away from thrusting his arm at the blonde's heart. As soon as his hand came close to touching the blonde's chest however, that orange goop latched around the lavender eyed boys' arm and proceeded to tighten. After letting out a howl of a scream full of pain and anger, the goop relented and released the boy who clutched his arm tightly in a useless attempt to lessen the pain.

The crowd, who were waiting with patience for the Hyuuga to be done with the demon so the next matches could start were all at a loss for words. The dead last, the demon boy had just beaten a prodigy and it looked like he didn't even try at all! Not only did he barely try but he used some unknown ability that made it so he didn't even need to lift a finger for the most part. Whilst they were angry at the spectacle before them, they couldn't help but be amazed at the display. Maybe there was more to this boy than they had all originally thought. None of them could really say for sure but they could be certain of one thing, they were excited to see what else he will show in this exam.

"Winner Naruto Uzumaki." the proctor announced. This brought about a few strange reactions. Such as cheering from the crowd. The same people that Naruto was sure hated him. The ninja present were all nodding their approval of the boy's victory, they all knew how stuck up a Hyuuga can be after all. Naruto just stared of into space as he listened to the crowd cheer for his victory, part of him wanted to cry.

Giving the biggest smile he could, he cheered out in triumph as he sprinted to the booths where the rest of his class were stationed at the moment. As he made his way however, he caught the glimpse of something that he found peculiar. Making his way towards what he saw, he came across a group of ANBU. Naruto hasn't had many opportunities to converse with the zoo wearing Ninja before so of course he took his chance here.

"Hey! You guys are the awesome ANBU ninjas, right? That's so cool!" he exclaimed, attracting the ninja's attention. The ANBU looked at him with interest before a purple-haired member replied. "That's right, Naruto, we're ANBU members. To what do we owe this pleasure?" she inquired. All of them could tell he just wanted to talk to ANBU, as most kids his age did.

"It's simply that I've never actually spoken to you guys before and wanted to see what you're all about," he explained. He scratched the back of his neck as the purple-haired member chuckled and was about to say something when she was interrupted. Naruto sensed it as well, as the arena floor emitted a powerful quantity of killing intent. He hurried to the stands, determined to put an end to the gathering, only to be met with a flurry of battle between Suna and Konoha ninja. It was at this point when Kakashi appeared in front of the blonde and advised him to follow Sasuke and Gaara and assist them.

He followed after them when Kakashi told them of their pathing which was to the east forest of Konoha. After a couple of minutes, he had stumbled upon Shino fighting both Kankuro and Temari who were very clearly on the opposing side in this invasion. He saw how his bug-loving friend had the situation handled and hurried past them in order to catch up with his team.

God only knows he wasn't ready.

Not a single person could blame him however.

In front of him stood a half-transformed version of Gaara who was looking fairly feral at the current moment. In front of the rabid psychopath was an exhausted looking Sasuke who was collapsed to his knees. To Gaara's left was an unconscious form of Sakura, covered in a plethora amounts of sand. She most likely did something stupid and got herself beaten... again. moving on from the obvious however brought him into a sudden realisation that he hasn't been seen as of yet. This was perfect for him because he had the element of surprise and can think up a strategy by talking with Naruko.

"Psst. Naruko? Got any ideas?" he whispered. The creature appeared before him but still attached, much like the first time it showed itself. It looked into his eyes and spoke "personally? I say leave them... but knowing you wouldn't, I have an idea." it closed the distance and began to whisper the idea in his ear.

Gaara was just about to finish both Sakura and Sasuke with a swipe of his sand covered fist until he was halted in his actions by a fuck ton of Naruto clones. All of the clones were rushing at the Tanuki look-a-like before dispelling themselves when they got too close. Gaara seethed at the actions because not only were they fake versions; they weren't even letting him kill them.

He gave out a large growl in frustration. Swinging his arms left and right in hopes to kill all of the clones but still failing at the task, he just kept getting angrier and angrier by the second.

Naruto was at this time, waiting. Now what he was waiting for was a chance to get a direct hit on Gaara that his clones will provide by tiring the walking sand castle enough for him to approach without being caught. This went on for a few minutes before Gaara had seemingly had enough and flooded the small section of forestry with his sand and bellowing more horrific howls.

"Now!" Naruto and Naruko both said in their minds before the blonde dashed out of his cover and went straight for the red head. Upon reaching the crazed boy and coming face to face with his ultimate sand defence, Naruto used Naruko's tendrils to pierce the sand and strike Gaara right in the face; all movement was halted and all sound was muted after the impact.

Naruto backed away immediately in what could have been a counterattack, but it seemed okay when he saw Gaara fall and stop moving. Sighing with relief that he wouldn't have to fight a pissed off and ravenous Gaara.

His short celebration was put to a halt however when he was put on alert by Naruko screaming that it could feel something strange. That's when Gaara slowly stood up on his feet. Then he started rising more... then more... oh he was growing really big now.

Naruto just stared up at the towering form of what could only be described as a fat racoon look-a-like being in front of him.



"Were fucked, aren't we?"

"Most likely..."

Naruto just shook his head knowing full well that was to be the answer. He may not be the smartest person in the world but even he knew that right in front of him was a bijuu. A tailed beast that holds an immeasurable amount of power. He would know after all; he holds the strongest of them in his gut.

"Naruto, we can't let it get into the village proper... we have to stop it somehow..." the creature stated.

"Ye, you're right... guess we got to do this then." he replied before inhaling a very large breath and then exhaling it. Calming himself and coming to terms that fighting a tailed beast will more than certainly end with his death, but the village will be safe and that's all that matters in his eyes.

"Hey! You big stupid racoon! Come and get some!" he yelled at the beast, attracting its attention and causing it extreme ire.

"You dare call the mighty Shukaku a racoon?!" the beast yelled back in response. Its anger growing tenfold by the audacity of this puny human daring to insult it.

"Yes, I do! Now come and get some!" he shouted as he pointed his arm at the beasts face and shot out a barrage of tendrils to strike at it. Latching onto the sides of its face and then yanking it down.

Shukaku wasn't prepared for the level of strength that this human was capable of and fell down with the force of the pull and slammed its face into the floor. Letting out a screech worthy of a Pepto Bismol haired teammate. The beast had easily broke out of the grip that the tendrils had on it and it raised a claw and swiped at Naruto who barely managed to dodge and let loose a sigh of relief.

He was vastly unprepared for the other claw this beast obviously had that came straight at him whilst he was still airborne from dodging the first strike.

"Oh shit!" was all he managed to get out as he got backhanded into a tree and let out a large grunt. Struggling to lift himself up. He could feel as if something really shitty was about to happen so he looked up to see another claw coming right down for him.

Unable to move away in time, he once again cursed any and all God that seemed to have a hate boner for him. He knew he would most likely survive the impact thanks to both the Kyuubi and Naruko. That didn't mean that he was okay with the pain that's sure to follow.

There was a sickening boom from Shukaku's claw slamming straight down. A brutal cacophony of bones cracking from Naruto's now prone form. Poor Naruto couldn't even yell out in pain because his voice box was crushed alongside everything else. The surrounding area became flattened once the tailed beast removed its hand from the broken child.

He was already healing all his wounds, having both a chakra monster and an alien healing you is really convenient apparently. As soon as he was healed enough for him to stand and peer forward at the tailed beast that was quickly making its way through the village and causing mass destruction.

"Naruto how do you suppose we stop that?" his alien buddy asked.

"Honestly? I don't think we can. Not unless I use his power." he stated ominously.

"Maybe you should. I could try and control it myself when I fully overlap you... how many tails do you think you would need to access?"

"Well, we can either have a rematch with it with one tail or I go berserk at 4 tails. There's no in-between. Either way, the village won't be safe unless you can take control." he shook his head. He knew exactly how terrible of an idea this actually is but he doesn't see any other way of dealing with this at the current moment.

"I will do my best buddy! Okay! One symbiote enhanced Fox coming right up!" it replied with an oddly cheery tone.

After a minute or two, the surrounding area had its temperature drop by miles. Naruto's eyes became crimson red rather than his brilliant blue and his whisker marks became more pronounced. A dark orange and red bubble-like cloak surrounded him and 3 tail like appendages sprouted from his lower back as well as 2 fox like ears. "Okay one more and then it's all you Naruko." said the cloaked child.

"We are so fucked... let's go!" it replied again.

Naruto fell on all fours as he began to let out a low growl. The sclera of his eyes went pure black as a beam of demonic chakra shot up from his back. A Naruto sized dome surrounded the boy and inside of it, Naruto's skin began to burn off and reveal a red-black like substance underneath. A wave of energy was spread throughout the entire village and sharing the feeling of pure rage and death.

Those taking part in the invasion stood still, they knew Gaara was part of this battle and was supposed to go full Bijuu but they didn't account for whatever it was they were feeling right now. Yes, Gaara was terrifying but this felt four times worse than anything they've ever felt before.

Konoha's forces stood frightened, they haven't felt this for over 13 years. Judging by how there is a rampaging tailed beast already, it's safe to assume that there's more than likely going to be a second very soon. The Hokage was worried for Naruto, thinking about whether the fox broke free or something terrible has happened. Kakashi was worried for his student, sure he may not be the best teacher ever but he cares for them, especially his sensei's son.

"It's happening again, a second time!" one of the more scared chuunin screamed. This set of a chain reaction of multiple people screaming in fear of what they knew were to come.

All were silenced however when a guttural scream was coming from the forest where Shukaku came from. The very familiar call from the strongest of tailed beasts was filling the entire village once again.

Shukaku turned around at the familiar sound, he hasn't heard that roar in years. His brother's presence was strong and that could only mean he was very close. It also felt like it was stronger than he currently was and that was certainly a scary thought even for the mighty tanuki.

"Kurama? Is that you over there?" The beast asked as he felt the presence get closer to him. As soon as the words were spoken, a smaller version of said tailed beast jumped straight at the tanukis face, shocking the over grown racoon. Naruto was in his version 2 cloak and was completely out of control. Slamming both of its claws right into Shukaku's face and causing the sand monster to go soaring over the village.

Both sides of the invasion stopped their fighting to witness the spectacle of a Bijuu being sent flying overhead and crashing right in the middle of a training ground. Even the Hokage and Orochimaru stopped their battle to watch as it happened.

Naruto vanished from the space he was occupying mid-air as he re-appeared on a nearby roof, right in the middle of a bunch of Konoha and Suna ninja. With the Hokage and Orochimaru both watching this new development and neither caring much about each other for the minute.

Suddenly the Dark red and black chakra-like skin was slowly being overcome by an orange slime. Naruko was attempting to gain control so they don't mindlessly attack anyone they come into contact with. Sadly, it wasn't going as planned as all it seemed to do was empower the enraged child even more as it rocketed of towards the now recovering Shukaku.

On its way towards its brother however, was a large amount of Konoha and Suna ninja but he didn't care as whenever one was Infront of him, whichever side it was didn't matter. He would swipe and cleave the ninja in half and continue on his way to Shukaku who was now fully recovered and pissed.

Shukaku readied himself when he saw Naruto rush at him and prepared a guard but unfortunately, he wasn't ready for what was coming. A symbiote Enhanced Bijuu slam from Naruto broke through the cross armed tanukis defence and shattered the beast's chest. Gaara who was sitting inside Shukaku's head was now fully visible. Naruto didn't care however and only saw a target so he rushed up the collapsing form of Shukaku and grabbed a hold of Gaara.

"We are hungry!" Naruto screamed as it clomped its jaw shut onto Gaara's head and ripped it clean off. Showering in the blood of the stump that was Gaara's neck. The onlookers all gained wide eyes at the display. Not only did it talk in 4th tail state, it also ate someone's head. This is only weird when you realise that their made of chakra therefore shouldn't need the urge to eat but clearly this one did. They were horrified with what they just witnessed and also very afraid.

As Gaara's body went limp and the spraying blood halted, the mighty Shukaku was screaming about not wanting to reform and pleading to anything to not let it happen but alas it went up in smoke much like a summoned creature does when it returns to its plane of existence.

Now Naruto may not be in control but he is fully aware of what is going on and is at this very moment, horrified at what just happened. Naruko was more or less the same, as it always was. Now, where are they? They are currently inside Naruto's mindscape where he usually goes to draw out the Kyuubis chakra or as he now knows thanks to Shukaku, its name is Kurama.

"Well, that was certainly something else... what exactly do you plan to do now Naruto." Kurama asked. Now that it looks like he is stuck with the boy for who knows how long, it might as well converse even if he doesn't like the boy much.

"Not a fucking clue. We can give ourselves a hint of an idea. Such as forcing it to fight Shukaku like it did but I can't exactly control myself right now as you can clearly see." he replied tiredly. This whole thing has exhausted him both mentally and physically.

"Well first thing would be to get out of the village for as long as it takes for this form to recede, however long that takes is unknown though." the voice of Naruko spoke.

"Probably for the best really, besides you won't be able to be around there for much longer." Kurama spoke to the boy who looked at him confusingly. He didn't understand what he meant by that. He asked why he said that and the reply wasn't well received.

"It's a village controlled by military means, you are the weapon that wields my power but as of right now, you have gone rogue. They'll detain you, especially after the display of how deadly that symbiote of yours makes the 4th tail state. I know you can feel the death of the third Hokage as much as myself right now so until you get a new Hokage who is on friendly terms with yourself then you won't be free ever again." it was right as well, if they elect someone who more than likely hates Naruto which is sadly most people in the village; he will have to run. He didn't like it, being forced to flee from his home and all his friends and favourite ramen stand. Sending a signal for the out of controlled physical body of the 4th tailed state self, he gave it the idea to flee and run as far as it could.

"Hey Kurama?" he received a growl as a reply. "Where do you think we I will take us? As I'm not in control at the moment I don't have a clue." he asked the great fox. It made sense to ask him as it was technically a mini version of him roaming around occupying Naruto's body.

"Well, I can't say for sure... But my best guess would be to the closest Tailed Beast that isn't suppressed. Which if I am to understand would be my brother Isobu. Expect to arrive in Kiri soon." it said as it lowered its head to rest.

"Great! What am I supposed to do for that long?! It takes weeks to get to Kiri from the leaf if I remember..." he said solemnly, still not happy about the situation at all. He knew it was a long ride and he was okay with the time it would take but he just didn't want to deal with all this boredom that came along with it.

"Well, you could train, this is your mind after all. Nothing physical will be able to be trained but your chakra control, chakra nature, increasing your reserves and taijutsu can be trained. Even ninjutsu if your careful not to destroy your own mind." came the ever so cheerful voice of Naruko.

"How would that work? I'm inside my own head remember?" he retorted too the symbiote. It didn't make sense at all with what it was saying.

"Think about it stupid. Your capable of using chakra in here, your chakra. I am able to use mine despite being trapped in this cage, but it can be used. Just careful not to destroy anything important, will you? You're already half brain dead all the time, no use in going full sail." the Fox replied bitterly, he truly didn't like the boy but if he had to make sure he didn't turn himself into a vegetable then he'll look past a bit of his disdain.

Being too tired to argue with the furball, Naruto began training his chakra control and increasing his reserves by creating a bunch of clones to do just that as he sat down to sleep and rest his tired mind.

He awoke a few hours later feeling much better than before. Refreshed and rejuvenated. He took a look around and noticed he was still in his mindscape therefore his body hasn't returned to normal and is still in the version 2 cloak mode.

"So, what do we do when we get to back to being in control? We can't return to the leaf because the old man's gone and croaked it..." he said solemnly. Even he knew that Hiruzen was the only reason Naruto had not become a weapon for the village. He also hates how he can't truly mourn the man who took authority in his life until now. Unable to help him or give his goodbyes in his final moments, he already missed the old man.

"Why don't you use those words of yours, they obviously work seeing as you always convince people to be friends with you." The fox responded to the boy. Truthfully, he was amazed with the child's talent in befriending just about anyone he comes across. Part of him wanted to see if the boy could befriend him but the part of him that despised such a notion was stronger than his desire for companionship.

"Ha! Sure, that would work. Maybe I could join Kiri? I am a jinchuuriki after all so they would have 0 reason not to enlist me after they give a couple inspections of course." Naruto stated with a slight chuckle at the joke from the fox. Kurama rolled his eyes at the blonde before returning back to placing its head in its arms.

"Plus, the only person I want to befriend here is you, Kurama."

It was low, exceedingly low, almost a whisper and if he were anyone else then he wouldn't have heard it, but seeing as he is Kurama the ferocious nine-tailed fox, he heard it loud and clear. It jolted where it lay for a second or two, fully digesting the words of the boy before him. His last two containers were less about friendship and more about keeping him locked away or using his chakra so it was new to him, the act of 'friendship'. It peeked from its spot and looked at the still laying down boy, wondering about what makes him so easy to talk too. This boy, this brat, had moved his heart and allowed Kurama into his. Even though he made his life a hell up until today, he was still willing to be friends... he wanted to say no but for some reason he wanted to take the boys offer of being friends. Hes never had friends before, maybe it's what he needs, what he really needs.

"I would like that... maybe... just don't get a big head about it will you." he spoke to the boy who went wide eyed at realising he spoke it what he said out loud before turning his shocked expression into one of pure joy. He gave the giant fox a thumbs up and toothy grin.

"Aw, look at you two! Getting along. Anyway, whilst you two had this heart-to-heart. I was checking on things such as the main body and I don't know how to say this but, currently were in the midst of a battle between the three tails Jinchuuriki and a very pretty woman with a blue dress." Naruko spoke when it appeared between the two. Inside the mindscape it didn't need to be attached to Naruto and could roam around freely.

"Wait I thought you said we would go to the closest none sealed tailed beast, Kurama?" Naruto asked his new fuzzy friend. Said furball stood up and took a look through the eyes of the physical body, which is something he's capable of doing whenever Naruto uses his chakra. "It would appear that he isn't sealed. He isn't being supressed either. Interesting. Perhaps he is being controlled?" he asked to nobody.

"What the hell are we supposed to do?! We didn't think that we would fight when we knew we were running straight for another tailed beast. Although in hindsight it was kinda obvious..." he muttered the last piece. "I have an idea... it's not exactly the most pleasant but this is Isobu here. The three tailed turtle. If you can kill the host and before Isobu becomes chakra again for reformation, absorb him into the seal that contains me." Kurama responded with an idea. It wasn't a bad idea all things considered. But Naruto noticed one key factor... he isn't in control so there's not exactly a way for him to not kill Isobu as well as the host.

"Well, that's a good idea and all but one problem, how do I do that without controlling my own body? Also why didn't you suggest this when we were fighting your other brother? The overgrown ferret." Naruto asked intrigued, truth be told, he would rather not have Shukaku inside him.

"Well to do so you don't need control actually, you can use the chakra and seals necessary here. I once the host is dead it will give out a spike of chakra that will be Isobu releasing momentarily before vaporising into chakra. In that moment, we act fast and seal Isobu here. Also... as to why I suggested this now and not with Shukaku is because Isobu doesn't mind you humans. He is by nature a very peaceful being. He doesn't deserve to be a weapon and seeing as you were willing to befriend me then I trust that you will get along with my brother." Kurama stated with a smile that looked rather odd for his snout but also looked rather gentle. Naruto looked at him for a second before returning the smile and declaring that he won't fail in bringing his brother to him!

On the outside of Naruto's mind, the real physical body was rampaging around the area as it locked into combat with the sanbi jinchuuriki. Yagura, the 4th Mizukage or water country, was heavily confused right now. He came here in hopes to finally crush the rebellion and end the bloodlines in his country but apparently the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki had other ideas as it has so violently shown off. Unbeknownst to everyone including himself, Yagura was under a very strong Genjutsu that caused him to go semi-insane and end all those with bloodlines within water country. He was trying his hardest at the moment to avoid the deadly strikes from the beast gunning for his life at this current moment.

Mei Terumi was stood in bewilderment, she expected four ways for her fight with Yagura to go. One being where she wins and ends the bloodline purges by taking the mantle of Mizukage. Another was if she died here and all the bloodlines are eradicated. The last two were either both die and the war continue or both escape and the war continue still. She did not however expect the leaf's tailed beast container to show up and engage Yagura in combat. Admittedly she wasn't exactly complaining, if they won then the war can finally end. She would have to thank the leaf formally once she takes the Mizukage position.

"Groaaagh!" Naruto screamed as he slammed his fist down onto Yaguras staff and effectively turning it into dust. Turning towards the Mizukage and ramming into him and therefore slamming both of them into a tree.

"What the hell are you doing here! The leaf shouldn't be involved in this!" the Kage demanded. It was not the best idea as it seemed Naruto didn't take too kindly to his tone of voice and responded by slamming 4 tails on top of him.

Yagura spat out a couple of drops of blood probably due to an organ shattering or something. What he did know was he wasn't going to win this battle between a Kage level shinobi and a chakra cloak version 2 jinchuuriki. He was unfortunate to miss the claw that slashed across his face and chest. "You bastard!" he yelled out in frustration once again. He would love to use his Bijuu but it seems to be too afraid to come out. He didn't blame it, it only had 3 tails and their enemy has 4 right now.

Not seeing any other option, he dodged to his right when another swipe came for him, narrowly avoiding death. He used this time to kick Naruto in the face who didn't even flinch upon contact. Cursing to himself about his rotten luck and cursing his Bijuu for lacking so many tails. Naruto then did something that was kinda terrifying, even for Kurama who was the living embodiment of terror and rage. He laughed.

"OI... Did your body just laugh?" He asked unsure of himself whether he heard correctly. His only response was a confused look from Naruto who nodded reluctantly. Neither knew how to take what just happened, it's as if the body had its own personality which is a fucking mind break all in itself.

"It looks like it's over for Yagura, get ready to make some space in there. I've never attempted to seal anything before." Naruto said with a tone that showed how worried he was about screwing this up. Kurama could tell of his worries and decided to slay them then and there. "Do not worry, all you will be doing is opening a pathway for my chakra to seep through more. That way I can use the pathway to force Isobu here with me. It only works on other tailed beasts so it's very fortunate that such an opportunity had presented itself otherwise this ability would be pointless." he explained to the now calmed boy.

Now back to the outside, Yagura was pinned under Naruto's claws and being slowly crushed by his tails. It was a very gruesome sight for those who aren't ninja. Fortunately, the only one present was Mei who was in a civil war and has seen similar sights all her life thanks to it. She also took note at the lack of other ninja in the area, such as the leaf. If the leaf came to help then why was it only their Jinchuuriki and no one else, such as a suppression team in case the host lost control? That's when it dawned on her.

He had already lost control.

Seeing the immense danger, she was in at the current moment, she decided that a tactical retreat was for the best. Gather a few men and come back here and make sure that this new problem is dealt with and then deal with the after math of the civil war finally ending. At least that's what she would have done, but unfortunately it would appear with Yaguras less than pleasant death, the 3 tailed turtle was released.

"Now Naruto!" Kurama shouted, causing the boy to do as planned and open his chakra coils for Kurama to flood and absorb Isobu before he dies. Kurama had performed the necessary seals required and activated them and thus the giant form of Isobu outside was quickly vacuumed into Naruto who collapsed onto the floor. The reason for this is simple, the chakra cloak version 2 form of Naruto was fuelled by Kuramas chakra, so when Isobu was added into the mix, it conflicted with Kuramas and caused him to pass out. Much to the mind Naruto's delight, now he can regain control of his body.

On the inside however, Isobu appeared and was thoroughly confused. One minute he' doing unspeakable things due to a genjutsu and now he's in a cage next to his brother Kurama. He voiced his confusion and was given a run down by the fox and was pleasantly surprised that there was someone who was willing to not only befriend them but save them from having to die and be reborn. It warmed his chakra fuelled heart. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Naruto. I hope we can get along." It spoke in a friendly manner.

"Me too!"

Now Naruto was host to not only one but two tailed beasts, the three and the nine tailed specifically. Not something that has ever happened before. Jinchuuriki to two at the same time.

Mei stood there once again at a loss for words, the leaf jinchuuriki just absorbed the 3 tails and collapsed. She didn't even know they could do that. She noted it down for later to read up on jinchuuriki's. She also noticed how the collapsed form of the 4 tailed beast was slowly returning back to its original form, its hosts form. She approached knowing that he was no longer conscious.

When she crouched down next to Naruto, she made sure to turn him so she could identify him by face but couldn't recognise him at all. Although she did note how cute he was, if only he was a little older. Then she got the fright of her life when he shot up and backed up from her.

Naruto had finally regained control of his body so he was in a real good mood, Naruko was in a good mood and so were his tailed friends. Everyone was happy, except for the beautiful woman in front of him who seemed to be going through the stages of a terrible jump scare.

"Uh... sorry about that. I haven't been in control of my body for a while and got excited." he stated with a scratch to the back of the head. He felt relieved when she waved him off and stood on, her own feet. He got a good look at her now and noticed that her dress was all torn and had a large amount of burn marks. Her hair was all messy, like someone ran their hands through it. She seemed to be wearing a single ninja sandal, the other was probably burnt off if you go by the rest of her.

"Well anyway, thank you. You not only ended the civil war that's plagued these lands for decades now but you also saved me the trouble of carrying you back to camp." she joked lightly. She wasn't lying either; she was truly thankful of the blonde and also glad she didn't have to carry him with how tired she was. But first things first, as commander of half a village and soon to be commander of an entire village, she had to be careful. "Why are you here in water country? I don't think we asked for aid? Don't get me wrong, I am happy to receive it."

"Kind of a long story, but to be short, Konoha got invaded and the Hokage lost his life. He was the only person who kept me from becoming a mindless weapon for the stupid village so with him dead it left me no choice but to flee." he answered honestly. There was no reason to lie.

She took a step back, that was a large bomb to drop out of the blue. The leaf being invaded changed a lot of things, not only that but they also lost their jinchuuriki so who knows what they'll do to regain that power... she didn't know how to react to this at the moment but she did know one thing. She likes this boy and if he wants to run away from his home village then she can offer him a home in her village. Shouldn't be too hard considering he hasn't a place to go nor does she want to make him a mindless weapon. Should be easy.

"Well, if you want, now that Yagura has been killed. I, as commander of the rebel forces would be the next Mizukage. I can offer you a position in my ninja forces if you swear loyalty. Before you make a decision though, I want to tell you that you won't be turned into a weapon, we here in the rebellion strive for peace and longevity between us all. You would be a valuable ally should any more trouble present itself." she chose to be as formal as she could to the young boy, if they engaged in combat by accidentally pissing him off then shed most likely lose in her current state.

Naruto stood there and blinked. That was a lot of words for his dumb brain to handle. He heard the phrases 'no weapon' and 'place to stay' and that's all he cared for. "Well thanks lady! I don't know what half of what you just said meant but if I get a home then that's all that matters!" he said cheerfully, not missing the now beaming smile on Mei's face. She forgot with all the power this boy showcased that he was in fact just that. A boy.

"Yay!" she squealed before dragging the boy into a tight hug. She can't contain the excitement, not only will she be Mizukage, she will be bringing a jinchuuriki of two tailed beast into the village and the end of a civil war. Today truly was a good day. Plus, the boy was cute and he doesn't have a place to stay right now considering they use tents. Meaning she now has a new roommate to tease.

"Come, we can return to camp. You will be accompanying me until I am appointed Mizukage. You will be spending your time with me in my tent at nights. Don't worry I won't bite." she bit at the air with that last statement. He felt a shiver run down his spine and felt as if danger was around the corner.

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