Manaka Kengo had been through better days than today. Today, the monster that had shown up to attack the Earth was one calling itself Blizzard. After hitting her with his Zeperion Beam proved ineffective, Kengo decided to change Types and attack with something else. Ultraman Trigger: Sky Type! He then pulled out and aimed the Sky Arrow. Runboldt Arrow Strike! But this attack did nothing to pierce the monster's hide that the Zeperion Beam couldn't. The monster growled as she blasted her opponent with a beam from her chest that froze the Sky Arrow and caused Trigger to fall backwards from the cold, before turning around to reveal a red version of the same appearance, who blasted him with fire, buffeting the giant further.

"I see." Blizzard and Trigger then looked down to see an old man in a trench coat who seemed to be addressing the monster. "So this is where the last of Black End's Saucer Beast eggs ended up. Seems that all of their creations were bred in bulk." He then pointed his hand forward, showing off a prominent ring. "Leo!" The ring began to glow, causing the man to transform into another Ultraman. The new Ultra then leapt towards Blizzard, with his foot first, spinning around. "Leo Corkscrew Kick!" He collided with the monster, sending her backwards. The newcomer then went over to help Kengo up. "Stand up, Trigger!" He then generated energy from his hands, that melted the ice away "Leo Full-Body Emission!" As the ice melted, Leo put his hand on Trigger's head and turned it towards Blizzard. "Observe the enemy. You must've noted something."

Kengo thought back on the fight, realising something. "I've got it." He then reverted to his base form. Ultraman Trigger: Multi Type! He then reverted the Circle Arms to its basic form. Multi Sword! He proceeded to hit his opponent with the weapon several times, managing to damage Blizzard greatly.

"That's right.", Leo nodded as he ran forward, delivering his own flurry of blow to the Saucer Monster. ""This creature is immune to energy attacks. But physical blows will work much more effectively against this creature." He then pulled his fist back, before throwing it full-force into Blizzard. "Leo Punch!" As the monster reeled, the Ultra leapt into the air, bringing his foot down. "Leo Kick!" This connected with Blizzard, discombobulating her. "Trigger, do it now!" He then pulled out a fraction of energy from his colour timer, sending it towards the rookie Ultra. "You'll need this."

Within his inner consciousness, Kengo saw a new Hyper Key appear in his hand. He pressed the button, activating it. Ultraman Leo! "I've got it.", Kengo nodded as he inserted his new item into the Circle Arms. Maximum Boot Up! Leo! In reality, he swung the weapon while pressing the trigger. Kick Sword Finish! The weapon made contact with Blizzard, destroying her on contact. "Thanks for the assist, Mr…" But when Kengo looked around, the other Ultra had vanished "Leo?"

Later, at a cafe, a man in a trench coat walked in through the front door, signalling one of the waitresses, who was currently cleaning the tables. As she walked over, he spoke for the first time. "All is going according to my plan, Carmeara."

Carmeara grunted at this. "Then you're doing a good job of hiding it, Hudram. That last monster you called on failed to do anything to Manaka Kengo. And this is the latest in a long line of instances where you have called upon a powerful foe. Dark Lugiel, Greeza, Night Fang, King Pandon, Mogunezun, Lunaticks, Birdon - all of them defeated with the aid of these other giants."

"None of them were meant to be victorious.", Hudram explained. "All of them had one purpose. I wanted to lure those giants here so that Manaka Kengo's allies could gain Hyper Key data from all of them. In previous instances where these giants appeared, they caused the Eternity Core to react in some way. The one that appeared to battle Alien Barossa and the Dada virus led to Yuzare's full awakening. And the one who assisted everyone when the Absolutian tried to claim the Eternity Core, Manaka Kengo was able to unlock the full power of the fragment he possessed. Ergo, if I can gather enough energy from these giants in one place…"

"Then perhaps we may be able to pinpoint the Eternity Core's location.", Carmeara surmised. "But how will we know if this will succeed?"

"There is only one way.", Hudram answered, as he got up and walked out. "We wait."

Meanwhile, at GUTS-Select's mobile fortress, the Nursedessei, Kengo returned to the workshop of the organisation's technical officer (and his personal tech guy) Hijiri Akito, handing him the Hyper Key he had received from Ultraman Leo. "Here. Another one for your collection."

"Very funny.", Akito sighed as he picked it up and went over to a draw, which he opened to reveal 33 other Ultraman-based Hyper Keys, numbered from U-04 to U-36. Akito had forgotten what 17-19 were, but that didn't stop him from cataloguing all of these in case the Nurse Cannon required some extra firepower. "If we keep getting all of these visitors, then you might just end up out of a job, Kengo."

"Luckily for me they aren't sticking around for longer than two days, at the most.", Kengo noted as he took out his 4 Hyper Keys. Then all of the Ultra Hyper Keys began to glow. "What's happening?"

"I don't know.", Akito said in response as he observed the phenomenon. "Something's causing all of these lights to resonate with it. But what, I can only guess."

Elsewhere, the being that was inhabiting the body of the last Lishurian, noted that the Hyper Key for his own true form, which had been dubbed "Trigger Dark" by the Key itself. "Fascinating." The Key then shot out a beam from its tip, pointing far away.

In a distant wasteland, Darrgon was alerted to the appearance of several beams of light shooting across the sky. "What ther-? Where are these beams coming from?"

"Those would be my doing." Darrgon turned around to see Hudram approaching. "You see, I always wondered why the source of the humans' ability to use the powers of other creatures were called 'Hyper Keys'. But then I remembered that they are used as a new container for the power that was held within the ruins of the citadel that housed the Eternity Core. Ergo, the Keys will unlock the power of the Eternity Core after 30 million years."

"Amazing.", Darrgon gasped, before having a realisation. "Wait, this isn't another of your attempts to seize power, is it? You know we should all be united in this endeavour."

"I know, I know. 'Trying to act on my vendetta is a needless action'.", Hudram sighed. "But there is an upside. Manaka Kengo and his human allies will show up to investigate and do the hard work of excavating the Eternity Core for us and eliminating any guardians placed on it. And then, you will have the chance to fight your worthy opponent decisively."

Darrgon didn't need to think about that. "That seems… acceptable. A contest to determine who will claim the ultimate power. I relish the challenge."