Ultraman Leo had always been a hero to the people of Earth. He had battled evil and saved countless lives. But there was one problem that he could never defeat. That problem was Ultraman Dyna. He had first met this mysterious Ultra during the Belial Revolt, when he had aided Man, Seven and Mebius, along with the ZAP Spacy team against Belial before Leo's own pupil, Zero, had made his grand debut to save everyone. The Ultra known as Dyna had vanished from the scene soon after, next being seen on Future Earth, where he played a pivotal role in stopping the Hyper Zetton created by Alien Bat. Once again, Leo had no idea who this mysterious Ultra was. He didn't hail from the Land of Light and he didn't stick around any one world long enough to identify a point of origin.

And now, Leo, in his human form, about to depart the world he had ventured towards, ran into another man, in a white, red and grey uniform. One whose face seemed somehow familiar. "Are you sure granting your power to the rookie was the right thing?", the man asked. "Especially with what's coming next."

"I wanted to ensure that these events would happen.", Leo answered the man. "The Absolutians have already come here once and been repelled. If this world's Ultraman is to be prepared for bigger threats, then he needs to take out the biggest threat he's currently facing. The fragment of my power I gave Trigger was designed with a frequency to cause other Ultraman Hyper Keys to send out a beam of light, leading to the Eternity Core that everyone's been looking for."

"And what if he fails?", the man countered. "What if the Dark Giants defeat him and recreate this universe as one of darkness?"

"He won't fail.", Leo stated as he transformed back to his normal form, flying off.

The man paused for a minute, before walking on. "I'm sorry, but I don't agree."

Some time later, helicopters had found the other end of the beams of light shot out by the various Hyper Keys and the TPU had cordoned off the area for Chairman Shizuma to bring in an archeology team to excavate the site. "I assume something of great importance to the 30,000 year civilisation.", the chairman explained. "We should take great care in excavating it."

"Don't worry." The head of the archeological team, one Rena Manaka, mother to Kengo who recently made a sudden emigration from Mars to Earth, assured him. "I'll have this unearthed by the end of the day."

Chairman Shizuma was confused by this remark. "Look, Rena. Far be it from me to question your skills, but surely it would take a week for this rock to be penetrated with your equipment."

"Oh not at all.", Rena said with an almost sadistic smile as she pulled out what looked like a golden version of the GUTS Sparklence. Shizuma knew it well. He had given Akito the original artefact to reverse engineer, having decided that if this world was to have its own protector, just as Tiga had been for his world, then he would require a more user friendly transformation item. That way, if someone came out wanting to control the power of Ultraman for themselves, like that young upstart Gondo, then they could simply go public with the hero's human identity and ensure good press. Then the woman took out a Hyper Key, black with a golden centre, pressing the button. Carmeara! She then inserted it into the golden Sparklence. Boot Up! Carmeara Whip! Everyone on the research team saw what was going on and tried to make a run for it, only for a large, bulky man to block their one exit. "Tear down the past, the shadow of despair! Captivating Warrior, Carmeara!" Rena collapsed as the figure of Carmeara appeared next to her. "Don't worry, she'll be fine. For now. Just as long as Kengo Manaka shows up within the hour so that our business may be concluded." She then bathed the unconscious woman in energy, shrinking her down and storing her within her body. "Just a little insurance in case he doesn't show up."

"I wouldn't worry about that.", Chairman Shizuma stated, as he pressed a hidden button in his pocket. "He'll be here. But it may take some time."

"Oh, that won't be an issue.", Carmeara replied as she summoned up her energy whip and began chipping away at the rocks with it. "Like I said, I'll have this excavated by the end of the day."

Back at the Nursedessei, in Akito's lab, Kengo's Sparklence opened on its own, flashing red with a high pitched beep sounding with each flash. "What's this?", Kengo asked.

"Oh, it's an alert function the Chairman had me install.", Akito explained. "It only sounds if something bad is… happening… in his…" Akito didn't even finish his sentence before grabbing onto Kengo, showing an unusual level of concern in his voice, that he would normally not show to anyone. "You have to go. I'll cover for you."

Kengo nodded nervously. "I understand. He's been your father figure for a significant part of your life. Don't worry, I'll save him."

With that said, he turned around and set off running out of the lab, going past Yuna, the chairman's biological child, who was on her way in. "What we're you two doing in here?", she asked, semi-playfully.

"Dad's in danger.", Akito blurted out, not willing to deal with any of Yuna's teasing today. "We need to alert the captain."

Outside the large carrier, as Kengo transformed into Trigger, shifted to Sky Type and took off, Hudram watched him going. "Phase one of my plan is underway.", he commented, as he flew onto the landing bay. "Time for me to carry out stage two."

Back at the excavation site, Carmeara had managed to crack fragments of the rock away, before she stopped as she heard a sound coming towards them at sonic speeds. "He's coming.", she stated to her muscular guard. "You know what to do."

The man nodded, as he took out his own Sparklence and Hyper Key, inserting the latter into the former. Boot Up! Fire Beat Crusher! He then opened it and pressed the trigger, collapsing and unleashing the one possessing him. Darrgon! Sure enough, Trigger landed next to him, shifting colours and features in an instant. Ultraman Trigger: Power Type! "So, you came.", Darrgon commented, as his opponent nodded. While he didn't quite grasp what exactly the situation between the old Trigger and the new one he was fighting now was, he still treated both equally as rivals. "Let's fight."

Trigger nodded, summoning his weapon. Circle Arms! He then converted it into the appropriate form for Power Type. Power Claw! The two then ran towards each other, with Trigger struggling to hold off his opponent with his weapon. On the ground, the archaeologists took this as their cue to leave, but Carmeara shot her whip towards where they were moving, stopping them. "None of you are leaving.", Carmeara yelled. "Not until I find the Eternity Core and obtain the ultimate power."

The fight continued with Trigger managing to break free of the deadlock and insert his Hyper Key into the Circle Arms. Maximum Boot Up! Power! He then brought it down on his foe. Deracium Claw Impact! Darrgon blocked this with one hand, but he couldn't hold out for long, taking the blow to the hit. Trigger then felt the light on his chest beginning to blink. Before Darrgon could fight back, he put his hand out and Kengo managed to do something he hadn't done in his Ultra form before. "Why?", he said.

Everyone was shocked by this, but none more than Carmeara. "That voice…"

"Why are we fighting?", Kengo spoke again. "The two of used to be allies. Brothers in arms. And you've shown that you have the capability to be better than Carmeara's lapdog. What do you get out of serving her?"

Darrgon stopped to think about this for a minute. "You're right. I don't even know what we intend to do with the Eternity Core. And since we revived in this era, both Carmeara and Hudram have become even more obsessed with obtaining it. All the while, I don't even know the full story."

Carmeara had stopped trying to break the rock and was now yelling at her subordinate. "Darrgon, don't listen to him. Keep fighting. I command you!"

"You see.", Kengo pointed out. "You're nothing to her. Just a way to deal with her enemies." As Darrgon began to contemplate this, the familiar site of the Nursedessei pulled into view. The Nurse Cannon aimed and fired… at Trigger, knocking him down. "What the? You're aiming at the wrong target."

"On the contrary.", Hudram's voice echoed outwards, as he stepped onto the hull. "You are exactly what I was aiming at. He then projected an image of the entire GUTS-Select team, held captive by copies of Alien Baltan, Dada and Jugglus Juggler, created from infusing their Hyper Keys with his own essence. "I control this entire carrier now. And don't worry, Darrgon. I'll solve your dilemma." He took out another Hyper Key, this one for the Barrier Monster Gagi. Boot Up! Barrier!

Hudram fired at Darrgon, causing his body to convulse, as he grew a pair of tentacles out of his hands. "How will these help me?", Darrgon asked.

"Put simply, your DNA has been augmented by the coding for that Key.", Hudram explained. "Now, you're part monster. And that means…" he blasted his comrade with red-coloured gas, causing his eyes to glow the same colour. "I can control you like a monster."

Darrgon then felt his body moving against his will, smashing into the mountain and causing rocks to rain down onto the people below. "What is the meaning of this, Hudram?", Carmeara yelled out. "I am down here with these humans. If you continue with this haphazard unearthing, then you will crush me as well."

"Yes, that is the general idea.", Hudram announced. "You may have forgotten, but I haven't forgot how you turned me into this… this freak. Once I dispose of you and my other enemies, I will recreate this universe into one with an order that prevents you and your ilk from thriving."

"Under your control, I assume.", Kengo commented.

"But of course.", was Hudram's response. "Such an order can only be truly excellent."

As Darrgon continued to pound, he managed to regain control enough for a sentence to come out. "Trigger… destroy me! Please!" And then Hudram took him over completely. While the humans managed to get away from the falling rocks with little issue, but Carmeara wasn't so fortunate, being totally buried by the rocks.

Trigger nodded at his new task, with Kengo taking out another Hyper Key, one that was very special for him. Glitter Trigger Eternity! He inserted the Key into his Sparklence and commenced his pose. Boot Up! Glitter Zeperion! "Illuminate the universe, the ultra-ancient light! Ultraman Trigger!" As he pressed the button, Trigger transformed into his orange and gold strongest form. Glitter Trigger Eternity! He then summoned the weapon for this form. Glitter Blade! He then set it so that the Crimson crystal was at the palm area, before launching an attack. Power Photon! As the blade glowed with red energy, Trigger plunged it towards the possessed Darrgon, who reacted a sphere of energy to block the hit. To get around this, Kengo spun the crystal section 360 degrees, so he could attack again with more power. Crimson! Eternity Bomber!

This time, the blade punctured the shield with ease and went straight for Darrgon's chest, slicing right through it, and causing his body to crackle with energy, as his eyes returned to normal. "Thank you for freeing me from my curse.", he wheezed out, as a ball of red energy appeared from his palm. "Here, take the last of my power. So that Carmeara and Hudram… can pay for all they've done to us." And then he jerked backwards, before falling down. "Farewell, my friend." And with that, he exploded completely.

As the red ball made its way towards Trigger, Hudram leapt in front and absorbed it entirely, giving himself a crimson aura. "Oh this is excellent.", he laughed. "I'll give you a few minutes to recover your energy, Kengo Manaka. But then, the final battle will be upon you. And only one of us will be walking away." With that said, he floated back to the Nursedessei, re-entering the vessel.

From afar, Ignis observed the event in progress. "Oh, I agree with your declaration, Hudram.", he stated. "Only one of us two will be walking away from this. And I assure you, it will be me."

From beneath the rubble, Carmeara dug her way further into the cavern, discovering a glowing ball of energy she knew all too well. "The Eternity Core." She was nervous approaching it. When she had allowed her beloved Trigger to touch it, it had allowed Kengo Manaka to corrupt him. But then she remembered she was alone, in several ways. Darrgon had been turned against her by that treacherous Hudram. All she had to rely on was herself. So she touched the Core, taking its energy in and allowing it to enter her body. "Yes, yes!", she declared. "Fill me with power, turn me into a powerful monster so that I can passionately destroy everyone I despise." Her body began to change shape as more rocks fell down, burying the room further