Disclaimer: I do not own Tenchi Muyo! or any of its characters.  I do own this poem.

"Farewell, My Love"

By: Dreamwraith

Must I walk my path alone

This cold and wand'ring way?

It's dark and lonely, wait and see

There's nothing you can say.

My road is dark and bloody past

These deeds that I have done

Though none were of my own free will,

I pay for every one.

I see the man I watched grow up

I know I love him so

But can he see that love in me

Or shall he never know?

Now as I leave his home behind

I cry out to the sky,

"And did you love me, Tenchi dear?"

My Heart, I say goodbye.

This poem takes place after Tenchi goes to Tokyo and meets Sakuya, when Ryoko leaves for space with Ryo-ohki and resumes her pirating with one of Yugi's henchmen (is it spelled Hotsuma?).  Let me know what you think of it, and thanks for reading.