Title: Mine

Author: Cornelia Snudge

Rated: R

Notes: This is an AU fic!! Hope you enjoy.




Yuugi sneezed as the frigid air blew past his face. He was freezing, and he still had atleast a whole block until he got to school. He pulled his jacket tight around his shoulders, trying to block out the wind.

In a few minutes, Yuugi walked through the school doors. He walked to his locker and pulled out his books. Sniffing, he made his way to his first class. It was when he sat down that he felt the paper ball hit him in the back of the head.

"If it isn't little Yuugi!"

Yuugi slumped low in his chair. 'Why can't they ever just leave me alone?'

"Hey, shrimp, pass over the lunch money. We wouldn't want anything to happen to that cute little face of yours." Everyone in the class snickered.

Yuugi hastily shoved his hands in his pocket and came out with six dollars. Hesitantly, Yuugi handed the money over.

"Thanks, shrimp."

It was then that the teacher walked into the class.

Just like every other day, all the girls swooned in their seats, and all the guys frowned at their girlfriends.

Yuugi could see why every girl in the school liked Mr. Himura. He was just oozing with sexual appeal. It came off the man in waves. Not that Yuugi was... um... noticing... or anything. Mr. Himura was very tall. He had crimson eyes that seemed to peirce into your very soul. His hair was in layers similar to Yuugi's, with the same color too. It looked very soft. Yuugi would love being able to put his hands through his teacer's hair and... Yuugi trailed off, blushing. Yuugi looked up just in time to see his favorite teacher look his way, an eyebrow raised in question to his blushing. He instantly looked down, blushing even harder. He never did see Mr. Himura's devilish smirk.

"Okay, kids, listen up! You're starting a project. I don't care what the hell you do, but it has to be school related. I'll give you the due date later. Free period. Don't bother me or you'll earn yourself a zero."

Cheers were heard through out the whole classroom.

Yuugi couldn't help but feel disappointed when his teacher was done talking. He loved hearing his teacher's voice. It was so deep and sexy... Yuugi shivered and blushed. He shouldn't be thinking such things.

Feeling dejected, Yuugi pulled out a book and started reading.


Yami looked around his classroom. All his students were in groups doing God knows what and talking about God knows who. All except for little Yuugi. His little Yuugi.

Yeah, you heard me. My little Yuugi. I knew from the moment he walked into my classroom that he was mine. Mine. Too bad I can't do anything about it. Yet. Once he's out of school, he'd be in my arms yearning for my touch.

I had to restrain myself from walking over to his desk and doing something forbidden. What I'd really love to do, though, is bend him over my desk and spank that cute little ass of his.

Sensing someone's eyes on me, I looked up to see Yuugi blushing. I raised my eyebrow, knowing what it did to people, and was satisfied when he blushed even more and looked away.

Yes, I know I'm attractive. I see the way people look at me. I could get any woman or MAN that I want. But, hey, it's not my fault I look this damn good, now is it?

The bell rings and I look, crestfallen, as my Yuugi leaves the classroom.


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