Chapter 1 - Prologue

" We begged you. We begged you to kill the boy when you had the chance, my lord." Lucius Malfoy spoke, his eyes flying all around to observe the impending doom.

His eyes scanned all the destruction that had been caused. To say that a once meek and frail looking boy had caused all this. He remembered the day very well.

The day his master had risen from the dead. The day of the finals of the TriWizard Tournament. They had seen the boy at the mercy of their lord. Their lord taunting and torturing the boy.

Something told Lucius that the boy was a danger. There was something inside the boy that made him very uneasy. The same had been true when he had confronted the boy in his second year.

He had seen the boy trying to duel their lord. He was pathetic. Of course, for someone in the level of Hogwarts, he grudgingly admitted that the boy was powerful. But in front of his master, the boy was severely lacking. All the same, he had asked his lord to kill him as quickly as possible. But that day, he had escaped. Little did they know that this would come back and bite them in their arses.

The boy had disappeared. He had seemingly vanished from the face of the country. Nobody could find him. Nobody had information on him. The death eaters had started to attack and take control of wizarding Britain. When Dumbledore had been killed in the summer, there was no opposition. There was nobody to fight back. Nobody opposes them. When their victory had been all but assured, he came back.

And the changes were astounding. Gone was the boy who had been a meek frail boy. In his place stood a dangerous looking young man. There was no aura of innocence left in the boy. The aura was one of barely concealed fury. Power. Unrestricted power. The atmosphere was extremely thick with the increased concentration of his magic.

He didn't speak a word. He didn't say a single thing. Without even a single moment of his hand, he obliterated twenty of the death eaters. A loud bang and twenty of them, wiped out.

For the first time in his life, he saw the dark lord balk in fear. In uncertainty. Also, a hint of awe. What he witnessed next, was jaw dropping to say the least.

It was one man versus an army of highly trained purebloods and werewolves. But that was until Potter performed his next move. He chanted something in some language that they didn't understand. That was when the ground started to tremble.

Suddenly, the grounds cracked open and many skeletal beings crawled out of the ground. A lot of skeletal animals, dead ones crawled out of the ground. Gradually, an army. An army stood behind Potter. And then started the assault.

You can fight the wizards and witches, but how the hell can you even fight something dead. What spell can you throw at something that is already dead? The results were visible. The once huge death eaters army was now torn apart. The werewolves, killed. Harry Potter stood unmoving, throwing spell after spell without breaking sweat. For the first time in his life, Lucius Malfoy had seen his Lord on the defensive and with no idea to do anything. Toying. That is what he could call the duel with Potter. He was toying with their men.

" How did he learn necromancy??" He asked. " How did he become so powerful?" Tom roared. The death eaters were being killed left and right. This continued till there were only fifteen of them left. Fifteen inner circle followers of the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord himself.

Potter vanished all his conjurations and calmly walked forward. Each step seemed very long and slow. It seemed ages for him to arrive in front of them. His green glowing eyes burning brightly unnerving them more than necessary. He opened his mouth to speak.


It was three years back on the same day that Harry had disappeared from Hogwarts. Without a trace. People didn't know where he had disappeared. To be honest, he didn't know where he had disappeared.

He was pulled from the hospital wing in Hogwarts to a new place. A place that he didn't know about. One that he was not familiar with. This place was huge. Massive. Grand and ancient looking.

"Okay. What the hell is happening?" He asked himself. He gathered his Gryffindor courage and walked into the ancient manor. This place was very old but well maintained. He saw the name on the old plate near the gates.


" Yeah. Fitting name." He chuckled. He tried to knock on the door but the doors opened slowly. He wearily stepped through the doors.

His breath was taken away by the beauty of the place. " Hello?" He called out but heard his voice echo back. He jumped in fright when he saw a bright white mist accumulate in front of him. He was shocked to his core when the mist formed into the structure of a man. A man who looked so much like him. So very much alike.

" Hello, Peverell." The mist spoke to the increasing shock of Harry. " My name is Harry Potter, sir." Harry spoke though he felt silly to stutter in front of a ghost. Or, is it not a ghost?

" Yes, young Harry. But that does not mean that you are only a Potter." He said to the confusion of Harry.

" Uhmm…" Harry was interrupted by the ghost. " We have a lot to cover, young Harry. A lot. Let's begin. And for the record, call me Ignotus." He said and Harry felt his vision go black.


For the next three years, Harry did nothing but learn. He only learnt and learnt and learnt. That was his only hope. To finish what started all this mess.

After he was informed about his background, Harry had begun working relentlessly. He wanted nothing more than to finish this. This battle that he was unwillingly pulled into. And he could not ask for a better learning place than the Peverell Palace and a better trainer than Ignotus.

The ghost was a bundle of knowledge and experience and skills. Skills that he doubted even Dumbledore or Voldemort could do. He was put to paces. He trained with abandon and that was all he did for three years. There was a time turner in that place. That became a lifeline for Harry. He used it all the time to train for longer. To become better.

Ignotus, as the ghost had asked to be called, had sat Harry down and had explained every single detail of his life to Harry. The rich heritage of his line. The magic of his line. The power and curse that his line had been bestowed.

Harry was amazed as well as surprised. He didn't know how the hell, a ghost that had been trapped inside a secluded palace can be so up to date with all the happenings outside. But he knew better than to question such logic. He had long since agreed to the fact that anything is possible with magic.

He himself was rather pleased in his efforts. He had come a long way. A very long way. A meek, frail, skinny boy who had been afraid of Tom had all but disappeared. In his place now stood a new Harry. One who knows what is on the line. One who has the responsibility to ensure that justice is served to those who have faced grave injustice.

Ignotus had been a rock to him. He was the one who provided the necessary closure to him. He had shown Harry how his parents had died. Their ultimate sacrifice. That had shown Harry as to what he would be facing. What he is to face in the future. The weight of his parents' sacrifice on his shoulders. One that he was proud to carry.

Education, Dueling, étiquettes, politics, fitness and health. Ignotus focused mainly on these topics. Harry scored through books like fire burning wax. Quickly.

His knowledge had increased exponentially. He was nowhere near as knowledgeable as Dumbledore who was a wealth of knowledge, but he was high above many other wizards and witches.

He would duel till his core would extinguish. He would run till he couldn't stand any more. He would exercise till his body collapsed with exhaustion. He used the time turner again and again. Any others would have moaned and complained about all this. But not Harry. No. He had nothing but his goal left. His entire family was destroyed because of this monster and his army. He would not let the same thing happen to him. He would avenge his family. He had vowed to do that.

Ignotus had sat him down and had taught him two separate branches of magic that he could not learn from any teacher in this world. Necromancy and elemental magic. Two of the oldest and most obscure branches of magic. Ignotus had told him that this form of magic was not available to anyone but him. Was not known to anyone but him. They can learn a few variants of these but not the concept of these magics.

Harry had spent six months in both the time turner and the real world to hone his magical skills in these branches. As expected, he had learnt these magics with ease.

He had been shown into the Peverell crypt. Sounds mysterious doesn't it? It's actually a treasury of old tomes and magics that is exclusively meant for the Peverells and by extension the Potters as well.

It was three months back that Harry had heard from Ignotus that Sirius and Remus had died. Harry lost all hope of a happy life after that. His last family was dead. He had burnt down the training room in his rage and sadness. It was then that Harry decided to enter the war.

He slowly took out the shorter obstacles. New recruits were dying without anybody missing them. He had allied with the goblins to cut down finances gradually to the death eaters, by passing laws to lock down Gringotts. The goblins had been eager to stay out of the war and by doing this, they were left neutral. Tom had a lot of headache at this point and he seriously didn't want the goblins as his enemies. Not when his own supporters were ending up missing or dead.

Say what you want about the cheeky buggers, but they are a hell of a dangerous fighters.

As Harry proceeded with landing blow after blow to Tom's ranking, he had discovered news that floored him. 'Horcruxes.' Of course he had learnt about them. Vilest and disgusting piece of magic it might be, but still, knowledge was knowledge. Finding these horcruxes had been a challenge. And once again, Harry had Ignotus to thank. He had provided the life story of Tom. He had found out a few possible locations of their presence and had been successful in gathering them without gaining attention. And just in time for the end game.

He had slipped through Hogwarts and had destroyed the Horcrux. The Gaunt shack was not difficult if common sense was used. Tom was the last member of the Gaunt family. To be honest, that was a difficult task. The Horcrux was extremely well protected. The wards were dangerous to say the least. Any other person, if he had even stepped in here by mistake, he would have been killed in the most gruesome ways.

The Peverells magic had a speciality. Wards won't be able to stop them. They are a family that is lost in obscurity. Nobody knows what a Peverell can do. They just do it. Be it walking through wards like tearing wet paper with a knife. Or summon hundreds of dead beings to form an army. The Peverells can do anything and everything. He had walked right through the Gaunt shack and destroyed the Horcrux and it was then that he knew what a gift he had been granted. He had mastered two hallows. The hallows are gifted to the Peverells by the very essence of death itself. All that remained was the Elder Wand. The wand that currently resides with Albus Dumbledore.

Fools. Harry had thought. The hallows will never work to anyone without the Peverell blood and magic. The reason the hallows work for the Potters is that they are the only ones blessed by the Peverell line with a similar magic. And there was none other than the Potters that have direct connection with the Peverells.

The Hufflepuff's cup was a challenge. It was farther away from the reach of Harry. Deep down in the Lestrange vault. He really had no idea on how to get it. Finally, he was left with no choice but to break the mind of Rabastan Lestrange. It could not be Bellatrix. The woman was an excellent practitioner of the mind arts. Almost on par with Snape. Rudolphus would have the Lord ring. Of course, Harry could break his mind, but he would have to give himself away by doing that. That moment of time, Harry didn't want anyone to know about his whereabouts.

He had come across the younger Lestrange after at least a month of his scouting. It had not taken a lot of time to break the man's mind. After that though, it had been too easy for words. Slytherin's locket was a gift. It was with Kreacher. The fact that Regulus Black had defied the Dark lord brought joy and pride to Harry.

It was the last two that had him in shock. When he was told that he was an accidental horcrux, he felt revolted. He was a carrier of that abomination. It was him that kept him on the earth. Now, he understood the prophecy. Now, he understood why Dumbledore let him face all those tasks. He was a sacrifice. The old man never cared for him. He was meant to be another obstacle to overcome Tom.

Harry had lost any and every respect he held for Albus Dumbledore that very moment.

Once again, it was Ignotus that had helped him. He along with Matty, the house elf of Peverell Palace had prepared a ritual that had removed the soul piece from him. It was an excruciatingly painful process but to Harry, it was worth every drop of blood he had. It was then that he had received word that Albus Dumbledore had fallen.

Harry had decided that now was the best time to end this once and for all.

He had apparated to Hogwarts and had sought out for his property. The Elder Wand. A sharp ping hit him in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. He had followed it and had stumbled upon the Elder Wand fallen next to a dead Albus Dumbledore.

He didn't feel anything for the man. No hate, no respect and certainly not forgiveness. If there was anything that he felt, it was disappointment.

With the Elder Wand with him, it was time to end this. He had received news that the last horcrux, Nagini, was destroyed by Dumbledore.

" He was of some use to me, in the end." He had thought to himself.

It was time to end this. He fired an explosive hex in full power that killed twenty of them. In an instant.

The moment the Death eaters went into shock, Harry called forth his special conjurations. He always felt somewhat uneasy to summon a dead human. So, he had decided to use animals in his fight.

It had taken another hour but the opposite army had been destroyed.

It was the last sixteen. He walked forward. He had all these shits at his mercy. His glowing eyes burning brightly.

" Hello Tom. Long time." He said and revelled in the fear the man emanated.

" How time changes, isn't it, Tom??" He asked. Harry took in the other death eaters. " It wasn't that long, was it?" He questioned with a mock thoughtful expression. " Three years back. You people found it funny to taunt and jeer at an unprepared kid. Care to try again?" He asked as he waved his wand again and the standing men fell to their knees. Hands and legs bound together.

" What's wrong Tom? Cat got your tongue?" Harry asked with a smirk. That angered the man. "You think that you have me at your mercy, Harry?" He chuckled.

" These fears are baseless to me, Harry. I have no fear that many mere mortals possess. I have pushed myself to boundaries that nobody could ever do in their life." He said as his crimson eyes flashed dangerously.

Harry laughed heartily. " Do you find something funny, Harry?" Tom asked with a frown. Harry couldn't help but laugh again.

" Your face. It looks funny when you show those expressions on your face." He said with a snort.

Tom snarled dangerously as he slashed his wand and fired a sickening yellow curse. Harry calmly evaded the curse.

" Temper, temper." He said as he evaded a killing curse.

" Rather than pushing the boundaries of magic, you could have pushed yourself to get a nose, Tom. It might have reduced the nightmares of people who look you in your face. God knows how long many of your followers have spent sleepless nights taking in the majestic sight of your noseless face." He said with a smirk.

Dead silence filled the area. Tom screamed into the air. Rage filling his body for the blatant disrespect. " You dare. You dare disrespect me, you filthy half-blood?" He roared as he threw spells at Harry. Harry swatted the spells around like practicing tennis on a fine English summer.

" Your diary. Your locket from the cave. Your stupid snake. Helga's cup, Ravenclaw's diadem, your inbred grandfather's stupid family ring. Miss anything yet, Tom?" He asked and smirked as Tom's spell stopped all of a sudden and he stood staring at Harry with a dumb expression on his face.

" What? You thought that you could get away with this, Tom?" He asked.

The voice that Harry used next made Tom fear for his life, for the first time since almost six decades.

" Death will always collect it's due, Tom Marvolo Riddle. The more you run away from him, the faster he will try to catch you." He said in a smooth voice that sent jitters through their spines.

" Many of you might have heard of this from your elders. 'Make haste and flee from the men who summon the battleax, the wielder of Death himself.'" He finished, his eyes glowing briefly.

His eyes closed in concentration and his body oozed with power. Out of nowhere, a beautifully carved golden axe materialized in his hand. The head of the axe had a thestrals face sitting on it proudly.

The other purebloods paled considerably. They started to shake in fear. Of course they knew what was happening. They also knew who Harry is. " Peverells." Lucius muttered. " Peverells." He said and he fell to his knees. " Make haste and flee the men who summon the battleaxe, the wielder of death himself. If you fail, you fall." He completed the small poem.

Harry nodded in approval. " You have done your homework, Lucius." He said. He flicked his wand in their directions and the death eaters fell to the floor hands and legs limp and unmoving.

" What the hell is going on here?" Tom shouted. " The Peverells are dead. I myself researched that family." He said.

Harry chuckled. " The Potters are the direct connection to the Peverells, Tom. The last of the Peverells, was married into my line. You speak too much for the blood you hold. What about me?" He questioned rhetorically. " I am descended from three of the lines older than your own family. More powerful than you could ever hope to be." Harry said as he and Tom circled each other.

" To say that someone like you, has my blood, I feel revolted." He said with disgust on his face. Before any of them could reply, he slashed the axe in a semi circle. A brilliant white beam left the axe and struck Tom on his neck. He stopped moving and all of a sudden, he clutched his neck and collapsed. His eyes bugged out of their sockets and he started to spout a black liquid out of his mouth. His breathing became non existent and his body shook violently. The death eaters were horrified at the sight they had witnessed.

" This is something very less, than what you deserve. This is justice being met to all the atrocities you committed spouting nonsense. This is revenge Tom. You will beg for death. You will pray to me to kill you and end it. But I won't. I won't. I don't take much joy in an other's suffering, but this time, I will make an exception. ". He said as Tom started to claw on the ground writhing in agony.

Harry turned his attention to the fallen death eaters. " No use trying my friends. It won't work. You should have chosen the right way instead of the easy way." He said. His eyes fell on the dead looking Bellatrix. He frowned. She looked almost like a person who has been kissed by the Dementors.

" What's wrong with her?" He questioned Rudolphus. He didn't answer. " I asked you a question, Lestrange. The polite thing to do is to answer. Didn't mummy teach you manners?" He mocked the man. Lestrange snarled but then screamed in pain.

Harry tutted as he shook his fingers at the man. " You are in no place to try anything, Ruddy. It won't work. Now, answer my question." The man didn't utter a single word. " Very well." Harry said and swung his axe at the man's head. Any other axe would chop a man's head, but not this. Rudolphus fell limp to the ground. Motionless. All of a sudden, an ear splitting screech was heard that made the other death eaters flinch.

" Lucius. If you don't want that, you better answer my question." He said dangerously, his eyes flashing brightly.

" Her mind broke. She never wanted all this. Yes, she shared some ideas, but she didn't want to do all she did. Not willingly, atleast. She became insane after she took the mark. All signs of sanity left her." He said. " We don't know why, but she suddenly went silent a few months back and since then, she became a puppet. A true puppet. Never spoke, never reacted. Just a killing machine that followed his orders." He said pointing to the fallen Dark Lord.

Harry turned back to the whimpering Dark Lord. His red eyes had almost lost colour and he was pleading at Harry. " How far the mighty have fallen? Poetic justice, really. Look at you Tom, so obsessed with immortality and now dying like a mere mortal." He mocked. With another slash if his axe, the Death Eaters were incapacitated. Their heads, separated from their shoulders.

" Death will always collect his dues, Tom." He finished with a hollow voice as Tom stopped struggling and his life left his eyes.

Harry sat down at the spot he had been standing. He breathed a last sigh of relief.

" It's done." He said to himself. " It's done." He said." I didn't let your deaths go in vain, Mum, Dad, Sirius, Remus. I killed him. I put a stop to his actions. I did it. I did it." He said as he willed his axe to disappear.

He sat down silently for sometime before he got up. He didn't realise that something in his pocket was falling down. He was too lethargic to care. A special time turner, unlike any fell onto the ground with a crash and broke into hundred pieces.

Harry heard a noise and turned to the sound of it and his eyes widened. Before he could get away, a flash of bright light was seen and Harry Potter disappeared without a sound.


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