Chapter 5- Return of the Peverell

It has been almost a year and a half since Harry left Britain. A roller coaster ride was what he would call his life. Up one day, down the next. And the cycle would continue.

He had taken up his position in the ICW. He had been well received by the others and Harry felt a bit at ease. It would have been difficult if there had been unrest within the group.

Any doubt that existed in the group vanished when he dueled for the first time.

They had been chasing an old magical artifact dealer in China. The silly man had procured artifacts that were illegal in the Wizarding world and had captured twenty one pureblood women from all over the world in order to perform a sacrificial ritual.

The man had followers too and Harry for the life of him couldn't understand how the hell did the man gather followers.

The man was powerful, yes. Not up there, but one to certainly reign in.

It didn't help that his height and speed made him a difficult opponent. That was until Harry decided to not play around.

Two sweeps of his wand later, the man lay as a broken heap as Harry proceeded to go take out his merry crew. The man succumbed to the lung bursting curse Harry had used.

After that display, his other colleagues had decided to take a serious approach instead of discarding him as a newbie.

He was now a solo player among them. Their job, attack him and he would fight them. Yes there were forty of them, but having fought death eaters all his life, this wasn't much of a change.

This was a different life than he was used to. Playing from the shadows. Less attention on him. He would just do his job and move on.

The pay was excellent, though it was not like he needed it much. Still, it felt a bit prestigious to say that he earned such a huge amount of money from his job.

He would be returning to England as he had fulfilled the initial part of the contract to work out of his birth nation for two years at least. His mind returned to the one thought that had been crossing his mind over again and over again.

Bellatrix Black.

He couldn't forget her. He couldn't forget her words. He couldn't forget the feel of her lips on his. It was like he would taste her each time he looked at his face in the mirror, or more particularly his lips.

Harry had done a lot of thinking. He tried to stop thinking about her, but he couldn't stop. The words kept repeating in his ears, again and again.

" I love you."

Bellatrix had written to him continuously for the past year. She used to send a letter once every three days. Frankly though, Harry had come to enjoy her letters.

He never replied, but that didn't stop the girl from writing to him.

These were the letters that showed him what Bellatrix Black truly was. She opened her heart to him. She wrote every single thing, every single detail of her life.

Her favorite things, not so favorite things, her dreams, her ambitions. Her likes and dislikes. He kept every one of those letters. He loved it when she wrote.

But for the last five months, she had not written. Harry had chalked it off as she was in her NEWT year. And she had a lot of work.

But something always told him that that was not the case.

One thing was certain. He was falling hard for the raven haired beauty. His feelings conflicting with him. He sometimes thought about the things that she did in his previous life, but he would quell it down immediately. She was not that woman. She would never become that woman.

He smiled at the memory of the girl again. Whenever he thought of her, he would smile.

A flash was seen in his room and Sara appeared on his shoulder. Harry frowned when he saw the letter that he had been brought.

He slowly untied the letter and started reading it.


I hope this letter reaches you on time. It's messed up. It was going fine but suddenly, father had a brainwave. He announced one afternoon that the Lestrange family has expressed their desire in creating a betrothal with Bellatrix.

He was excited and ecstatic. Grandfather too has agreed tentatively as it is a good family.

Bellatrix is heartbroken, Harry. She doesn't eat well, she doesn't sleep well. She has stopped writing to you. She cries her eyes out. She is unable to do anything.

Please do something, Harris. Please don't let him get Bella. He is not a nice man. The looks he gives Bellatrix are not pleasant. Please just come home and take her away. Go far away, just come and take her.



Harry dropped the letter in shock. Bellatrix was being betrothed? To that pig? He sat down hard on his bed.

The beautiful face of Bellatrix appeared to the forefront of his mind.

Her last words were repeating again and again in his head.

'I love you, you idiot. I have loved you for sometime now.'

'Nobody, and I mean nobody can be as perfect for you as Bellatrix Black, Harris Evanson. I don't care what the world thinks. I want you and nobody else. I don't care if you are a mudblood or a half or a pure blood.'

Harry sat up. " It's time to go back, Sara." He said and his phoenix trilled in agreement.


Christmas this year didn't seem special to Bellatrix Black as she sat in the family living room. Her eyes fell on the person who had caused all this headache.

Rudolphus Lestrange smiled at her, but this was not the smile she had come to love. This was not the smile that was genuine. This smile sent shivers down her spine and not in the right way.

She held back tears that threatened to form. Her vision was covered by her favorite boy with green eyes. It has been a year and a half. But there was nothing he could do. Her grandfather was also in agreement with this arrangement. It seems like it was all but a closed deal.

For the first time in her life, she cursed fate to have been born as a Black. She wished that she could have been a muggleborn. She wished that she could have been someone of less privilege so that she could be with him.

She wiped the tears that fell without anybody's notice. She steeled herself.

' Nobody can take the place of my Harris in my heart.' she thought.

' I will always love you, Harris. Not even you can take that away from me. I don't care what happens now.' she thought.

" Shall we finalize the contract?" Randolph Lestrange spoke.

Cygnus Black nodded eagerly.

" Of course. Father?" He questioned his father.

Arcturus let his eyes fall on his granddaughter. He knew that Bella was not happy with this match. She can be a master of occlumens, but her eyes showed a lot of sadness. She had lost her flair.

But he could not fault his son's choice. This was an advantageous match. The Lestrange family are a very good match for Bellatrix. She would be made the future lady of an ancient and Noble House.

He nodded hesitantly.

He took the blood quill to finalize the contract when the wards around his house flickered. His eyes rose in surprise and shock. It's been ages since the House OF Black had a breach on its wards. These were not normal wards. They were war wards. They are nigh impenetrable and would need months together to bring it down. But how is it possible? How can it be breached without my knowledge?

He stood up. The others were confused at his reaction. " Is anything the matter, Lord Black?" Asked Rudolphus.

" The wards have been compromised." He explained causing many to gape.

" That's not possible, Arcturus." Cassiopeia said. Arcturus shook his head.

" I know." He indicated his ring.

The door to the sitting room opened and Arcturus gaped as Harris Evanson walked in.

Bellatrix froze in shock when the newcomer arrived. Harris had come back. She couldn't help but stare at the handsome young man. His hair had grown longer. His eyes, as green as she remembered. He looked as perfect as he had been.

She stood up. Before anybody could say anything, she threw herself into his arms.

Harry gathered the girl in his arms and held her as she let off all her frustrations.

She looked up to him, her violet eyes full of unshed tears.

" You came?" She whispered. Harry smiled. " I did." He nodded. " Why?" She asked. " You didn't write a single letter back." She said.

Harry shook his head. " It took this long for me to make a decision. I couldn't just outright say it. I needed time and space to think. I decided this a few months ago, and in my negligence, I didn't write back, not knowing how much it hurt you." He explained.

Bellatrix was now nervous. She wanted to know what the answer for her would be.

" So?" She asked. " What did you decide?" She asked. Harry smiled.

" Nobody in this world can be more perfect to Harris Evanson than Bellatrix Black." He said, causing the girl to beam at him in happiness.

" You filthy mudblood!!" Roared Cygnus Black. " You dare lay your filthy hands on my daughter?" He said going for his wand.

Harry didn't seem fazed.

" Calm down, Mr Black." Harry said. He had no qualms in taking down the man, but he didn't want to act haste, though his patience was growing thin.

He fired a cruciatus at Harry and that did it. He was off and the curse was intercepted by the table in front of them. The next second, Harry had rammed his fist into the man's face.

Cygnus Black fell onto the floor in a heap.

His lip had been broken from the impact and he was bleeding.

"I had told you before, Cygnus Black." Harry growled as he stared down at the man. " I don't take kindly to threats. You fucking dare to throw an unforgivable at me?" He spat.

Harry turned to Lord Black.

" And you. She has been down for at least six months. Don't you have some common sense to consult with the girl before shipping her off like a consignment?" He spat.

" She was not eating properly nor sleeping and you shits are trying to finalize a damn contract?" He asked.

" Don't take that tone with me in my house, Evanson." Arcturus growled.

" We are purebloods, Evanson. It is families like these that help us for the future. The Lestrange family is a very advantageous match for Bellatrix. What can you afford?" He asked.

Harry didn't reply. He stayed quiet. He could have shown who he was. The mere name of his family will have them shivering in their pants but he could not use it. Not yet.

Bellatrix interfered. " I don't care." She said. " I am sorry to say this, grandfather but I don't want anything from him. I want him. I have been in love with him for the past two years. I won't have anyone but him. As I said, I don't care if he is pureblood or not." She explained.

" You will shut your mouth, Bellatrix." Walburga Black snarled. " You have been cavorting with mudbloods. I thought that you were better than this." She screeched.

" Let's take a moment and think here." Randolph Lestrange spoke for the first time. His eyes were gleaming from some plan he was coming up with.

" You do that." Harry replied casually. " I think your brain has been a little rusty from less usage." He said, causing a snort to escape from the younger Blacks and a small smirk from the Lord Black.

" You seem to have a big mouth, young man." Randolph said, swallowing the wave of anger that hit him.

" But can you replicate this with your wand?" He asked.

Harry understood where the man was going.

" House Lestrange challenges Harris Evanson to an honor duel, for the hand of Bellatrix Black." He announced it to Harry.

Harry shook his head. " I don't know how you people are even considered human beings. And you say that you are a very prestigious family. I won't bargain the girl I love in this stupid duel of yours." He said and felt Bellatrix's hold tighten on his hand.

It was then that Arcturus decided to interfere. " What Lord Lestrange is trying to say is perfectly correct." He said.

" The winner of the duel will be given Bellatrix's hand in marriage." He said, his eyes adopting a calculating look that Harry absolutely hated.

Harry tuned them out. He looked into the eyes of the person that truly mattered.

" Are you okay with this?" He asked. Bellatrix nodded, not letting her eyes leave him. Harry nodded.

" I accept." He said, without turning back.

He leaned forward and stroked her cheek. He then tilted her head to the side and pressed a chaste kiss on her lips.

There was a shout of protest from Lestrange but Harry didn't bother. " I'll see you, yes?" He asked. Bellatrix nodded with a small smile on her face.

Harry turned back to the elders. " Send a missive when you are ready. I will be waiting." He said.

" Sara?" He called his loyal phoenix and disappeared with a flash leaving a slightly shaken Lord Lestrange that was surprised by the phoenix.


The next day after the event at Grimmauld Place, Harry had received the missive. The duel will take place at Hogwarts two days from now, it stated and he was also informed to bring a second if he needed one.

Lord and Lady Potter had also written him a letter and volunteered to provide any assistance if he needed it. Harry had kindly declined it. He didn't need any help. This was not something that was difficult. He could deal with this easily enough.

That's how Harry found himself in front of the Hogwarts gates ready for his duel. He was not sweating much. He knew that he would win this. He walked into the quidditch pitch and he could hear the buzz of the audience that had gathered.

He walked through the locker doors that he had become acquainted with and he could see it. Apparently, Lestrange had made this a big news and in a desperate show of power, that he was better than mudbloods.

Harry calmly walked into the ring where Lestrange and his family stood. He locked eyes with the man and he inwardly smiled at the smirk the man wore.

"Mr Evanson. Finally joined us. I thought that you might have thought otherwise." He drawled.

Harry didn't reply.

" Well, we won't waste much time. I hope you are ready?" Harry nodded.

" Excellent. I myself will compete as the champion of my house and I have a second." He said, and indicated a burly man that had sharp features and dark brown hair. Antonin Dolohov. World Champion duelist.

" Do you have a second, Mr Evanson?" Lestrange smirked. Harry shook his head calmly. " Oh, poor me." He yelped mockingly. " Well, we got to do what we must do." He said.

" If you are ready, Mr Evanson?" He said and stood in his spot as Dolohov and Lestrange brothers moved to the side.


Bellatrix chewed her bottom lip in worry as she saw Harris walking in. She felt as if the entire weight of the world had settled upon her. Narcissa and Andromeda had tried to calm her down but it proved futile.

She had never seen him fight. She knew he was good with a wand, but that didn't mean that you are a good fighter. She still held confidence. She knew that Harris could do it. If he can control a basilisk, surely he can win a duel.

" Harris is going to win, Bella." Narcissa assured her sister. " I know. That doesn't mean that I can't worry for him." She explained.

" Personally, I don't think he has much of a chance. His opponents are world class duelists." Arcturus put in his two cents.

" The mudblood will be destroyed within a heartbeat." Walburga spat from her place with Cygnus nodding his agreement.

" You can do this, Harris." Bellatrix said softly.


" Oh bollocks!!" James exclaimed and surprisingly, Dorea did not correct him. She was worried. From the day she knew that the boy was family, she had taken the role of a mother and had cared for the boy as her own. She had written numerous letters asking about him and when he would be back. She was still displeased with him leaving the country for work, but understood.

Being a woman of the Black family, she should have been slighted by the boy, but Dorea was not a bigot. She didn't care about blood.

That is what made Harris easy to accept for her.

When she heard that he was participating in an honor duel, she was furious. She didn't know what to do. But his letter had been reassuring.

She was extremely happy about him and Bellatrix. That was a pair made for each other, she had thought.

Seeing Antonin Dolohov walk in, her confidence dimmed considerably. The boy was barely out of school and he had to fight this brute.

" Oh Merlin, Charlus." She whispered.

" Harris seems unfazed, Dor. Maybe he has something up his sleeve." Her husband had reassured.

" What's wrong?" Asked Lily from next to Marlene who was sitting next to the Marauders.

" He is the world champion. Bloody terrifying man." Sirius explained.

" Great, the coolest member of my family will lose an eye or arm." James mumbled.

" Harris is your family?" Asked a surprised Lily. James nodded proudly.

" Yes. He is our blood." He explained.

Lily nodded." Makes sense. He looks similar to you." She pointed out.

" Harris will win this." Remus said confidently.

" You seem confident?" Asked Lily.

Remus could only shrug. " I have this feeling." He explained.


Randolph fired a bone breaker at a very high speed. He smiled as his target almost struck true, but his smile vanished when the spell bounced away from the boy.

He sent a blasting hex at full power and followed by a tongue shredding curse. He was surprised when the spell dissipated.

"Defodio." He screamed a piercing hex at full power. Harry swatted the spell away with ease.

The mouths of the audience dropped at that. Redirecting spells was possible only by the most powerful. Probably only Dumbledore, Charlus Potter and Arcturus Black were among the few could do it as effortlessly as Harris Evanson displayed.

It was perfect. Almost like a textbook explanation of it.

Harry didn't bother to throw spells. He just dodged them. He was well versed in that. The Assassins had done a good job in helping him dodge.

" What's wrong Lestrange? Maybe I should let you go back to target practice." He taunted the man.

Lestrange snarled as he let loose a string of spells, but to no avail as Harry weaved in and out of everyone of them.

Harry had been doing this from the beginning, and Lestrange was enraged as he missed every spell.

He finally snapped as his spells became fluctuating with no control and he began to tire heavily. Harry was about to attack when he felt a spell whizzing towards him from the opposite side.

He swatted the spell away and he saw that it was Dolohov. " Ganging up are we?" He asked.

Dolohov shrugged. " You had the option to bring a second." He smiled and fired a variety of spells that were most definitely lethal.

Harry nodded. " If that is what you want." He dodged the spells and he made an exaggerated movement with his wand and flicked it towards Dolohov.

" Conducting an orchestra or something?" He asked, laughing at Harry.

Harry merely smiled. The next thing they knew, the ground started shaking beneath them. The next moment, the ground cracked and a hand appeared out of the crack and suddenly a huge figure heaved itself out of the open ground.

The dust cleared and the jaws of every viewer dropped when they saw a stone golem standing in front of Harry. The golem rushed forward and started to attack Lestrange and Dolohov.

The two duelists threw spell after spell at the golem, but it didn't cave. It kept on pressing. The two men had no option but to fire with full power. The golem started to take hits, but continued attacking them.

The two men looked at each other and nodded. " Fiendfyre!!" The two roared and Harry's eyes widened as the cursed flames consumed his golem and rushed towards him, and covered him.


Bellatrix couldn't hold back her tears. Harry was doing so well. He was toying with the two men. The golem was not something she had anticipated. It was a marvel. Not many things could shock her grandfather, but this did.

When she saw the cursed flame, her heart caught in her throat. There was no defense for Fiendfyre. As the flames covered Harry, Bellatrix snapped.

" No!!" She screamed. She made to dart towards the arena, but her grandfather held her.

" Let me go!" She screamed as she started hitting her grandfather's chest furiously.

The man tightened his grip on her and held her to him.

Bellatrix felt like the entire world disappeared from her vision. Her entire dreams burnt to ash. The flames were increasing in concentration and the others raised their wands in action.

A black smoke started to emit from the flames. It was pitch black. The flames gradually reduced a little. The next thing was one that many would never forget for the rest of their life.

A screech was heard, and a jet black thestral formed from the black mass that was emitted from the flames. The thestral looked almost solid like. It screeched again and started to grow in size till it overwhelmed the roaring flames. The huge thestral started to run rounds around the now almost sizable flames and with a final screech, slammed into the flames causing a huge boom.

Gasps and shouts of wonder were heard when the scene cleared.

" Impossible." Arcturus Black muttered. His voice was filled with awe and Bellatrix was surprised to hear fear in it. She turned back to the steam and her breath caught in her throat when she saw him.

She saw him standing unharmed, his shirt singed and his trousers burnt at a few spots. His bare upper body was visible to the crowd and Bellatrix could make out a marking on his back.

It looked a lot like his phoenix, Sara. But she was not concentrating on that. No. Her eyebrows rose when she saw the royally decorated Battleax in his hand.

" No. This is not supposed to be. How?" Her grandfather whispered. " They went extinct." He whispered.

"Make haste and flee the men who summon the battleax, the wielder of death himself. If you fail, you fall." Arcturus muttered, his face as pale as a ghost.

" Peverells." He whispered and Cygnus and Orion gasped. " Peverell. He is a Peverell." Arcturus mumbled his hand shaking as he pointed to the young man.


Charlus almost fell down in shock. The Potter lord had fought Grindelwald, but nothing had surprised him like this.

All his life, he had a curiosity. Just how much has his line been hidden in obscurities. There are numerous records that show them that they are related directly and majorly to the Peverell. The major Peverell line was extinct and their magic and blood, secured closely in his line. The reason why the Potters were such a dangerous family was attributed to the magic that they could wield.

The reason for the power, different from any others, is the Peverells. He had never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would bear witness to one.

"Make haste and flee the men who summon the battleax, the wielder of death himself. If you fail, you fall." He whispered and Dorea held his hand as he almost shivered in what feeling, she didn't know.

Her husband was a brave man. Possibly the bravest in the country, but him shaking like this, showing emotions like these, it was a first for her.

She knew of the Peverells. Frankly speaking, everybody knew about the Peverells. But seeing one after literally a millennium, is shocking.

One day her grandfather had sat her and her brother down, telling them stories of the Peverells. Those who can bring death in a heartbeat. Those who wield the 'axe of death'. She waited in a hint of curiosity. The next decision of the man was important.

Honor duels can be used to humiliate a person, but there must never be killing in an honor duel. The moment a person resorts to such magic, he is honorless and would be declared as the loser.

She watched as the boy slowly walked forward, the axe twirling in his hand.


" Impossible." Albus Dumbledore whispered. No. This was not possible. How? Was the only question that ran through his mind.

He had researched this family immensely. They could never garner as to what happened to the family, but they could only identify that the Potters contain the Peverell blood.

But this. This was not something that he had ever imagined. No. He still couldn't let his head take in the fact that this was possible.

The moment the battleaxe appeared, his heart sank. The wand in his sleeve, became a dead piece of wood. He unholstered his wand, but the wand was cold as ice. No feeling. No response. He tried to perform a lumos, but it was not to be.

Now Dumbledore felt fear creeping through his heart. One boy who was equally talented and powerful became someone who he could never fathom.

' Will he go down the same path?' was the thought that repeated again and again. What should he do?


James and Sirius were looking wide eyed at the scene. They were in awe of the magic that he had used, but this was something that they could never imagine.

Next to Lily, Marlene and Dorcas had the exact same reaction. Lily was mesmerized by the magic on display. But she didn't understand the importance of the person who she had come to see and love as her own brother.

" Fucking shit!" Remus swore and Lily gaped. Remus for all his shenanigans never swore.

" What's the matter?" Lily asked.

" Peverell. He is a fucking Peverell." James whispered.

Lily frowned. " Peverell?" She asked.

" They are the oldest family to ever exist in magical Britain. The most powerful, dangerous bloodline." Dorcas answered.

"Make haste and flee the men who summon the battleaxe, the wielder of death himself. If you fail, you fall." Dorcas continued.

" That battleaxe is like a death sentence. That is the identity of the Peverells. The wielders of it were said to be wiped out at least a millennium ago. Their blood flows through the Potters. That is the reason why the Potters are as feared as they are. They are the direct descendants of the Peverells. Their magic is destructive and special." She explained.

" There are only two other families that can boast about being almost as old as the Peverells. Mine and Sirius's family. Though we Potters are a bit older than the Blacks." James said.

" They can do things that are said to be impossible. Every pureblood child grows up hearing fearsome tales of them. They are big dangerous men that are scary. We just saw how dangerous they are." Marlene explained pointing towards Harry.

" But he seems so nice. He is not dangerous." Lily defended Harry.

" We aren't saying he is bad, Lily. He is a kind man. But that is to his friends. Just look at his eyes. I really don't want to anger him." Remus explained.

" What will he do now?" She asked.

" There should never be an intention to kill in an honor duel. It is only a battle on the honor of the person. It's believed that if the person loses his honor, the shame of being alive added with the fact that he his honor less makes it all the more painful.

If a person resorts to spells that would kill, he is disgraced." Marlene explained.

" A person, if succumbed in this duel, must die with honor. Must die with a fight, if he dies. Using a killing curse, fiendfyre and spells that kill instantly are considered cheating." She explained.


Harry looked at the two of them with barely concealed fury. He walked upto the men who were too tired and spent to even stand on their feets. To their credit, they fired spells at Harry. A last ditch attempt to get away with it, but the spells never hit him. They just dissipated into thin air.

Harry had enough. He slashed his axe and a long Orange beam left the axe and struck the men causing a laceration to open up on their chests upon impact. If it had been any other source of injury, they could have held out for some time. But this from the axe was too much.

The laceration started to deepen, and their flesh started to rot as they screamed in pain. The quidditch stadium had gone silent. Many were horrified at what they were witnessing.

" You should have used the killing curse, you piece of shits." Harry growled and with another slash, their heads were decapitated from their shoulders.

The arena had gone silent. Every single eye was on him. He let out a soft sigh.

" The cat is out of the damn bag."

He slowly walked out of the quidditch stadium, not looking at anyone.


Harry sat down in what he thought was the locker room of the Gryffindor house. He was deep in thought. He had not planned for this to happen. Now, the entire world had its eyes on him. They knew who he was.

" Well. It had to happen one day or the other." He shrugged.

He heard the footsteps of someone and before he could look, his vision was obscured by black hair. He smelled the familiar perfume. The perfume that had been plaguing his mind.

He extracted himself from the hug to see the smiling face of Bellatrix.

" Hey." He greeted. " Hey." She said and kissed him soundly on his lips.

" You were so good out there." She breathed after they broke the kiss.

" Yeah?" He asked.

" Hm. The two had no chance." She beamed. Harry quirked an eyebrow.

" Tell me. I want an honest answer. " He said as the girl nodded.

" Was the first thought you had during the beginning of this duel, anywhere like I would win?" He asked.

Bellatrix blushed a little causing him to laugh. " Ok, I was worried. But I had never seen you duel." She defended.

He then became silent. " About what happened at the end…." He trailed off as Bellatrix placed a finger on his lips.

" Nothing will change the way I feel for you. If you took all those insults to your face when houses that aren't worth a grain in front of yours insulted you, there must be a big reason." She said.

" It's the least of my worries. I fell in love with you, Harris. Evanson or Peverell, is just a formality. Nothing will make me change my decision." She whispered and Harry smiled.

They were interrupted from their tender moment by a gentle cough.

Harry looked up to see all the Blacks, Potters and Lily and her friends and Remus and Peter.

" Guess you need an explanation?" He asked and received a nod.

"My name is Harris Evanson Peverell." He explained to the waiting audience.

" Why didn't you say anything?" Dorea asked.

Harris snorted. " And have the vultures stalk behind my back puckering up and trying to kiss my arse, no thank you." He said dryly.

"I didn't want people to know about me, not for sometime. Guess we always cannot have things we want."

He shrugged. " But why?" Asked Arcturus. " Why hide the fact that you are a lord Of the Peverells?" He asked disbelievingly.

" Can you see the fear my name brought about?" He asked and received a nod in response. " I would have received a similar amount of attention. I didn't the want attention. So I kept quiet." He said and went back to treating his wounds. Dorea walked forward and started waving her wand over his injuries. " Let me help." Harry knew better than to argue with the woman.

" As it is, this will start a chain of events that I hadn't expected to start this quickly. He will be aware of me." Harry explained.

" Who?" Asked Bellatrix.

" Lord Voldemort." He whispered and the others gasped and some shivered at the name.

" Why? Why would he be interested in you?" Bellatrix asked.

Harry smirked. " The fucking bastard is a power hungry piece of shit who thinks he is better than others. He is rallying all those purebloods to fight back and eradicate muggleborns and muggles." He said. " Sad really. Foolish guy." He sighed.

That was too much for Walburga.

" You blood traitor! The dark lord is doing a very honorable job of eradicating the filth of this society. We should be privileged to serve him." She screeched.

The temperature dropped and many gulped as Harry's eyes started to blaze green with fury.

" Did you just say that I must become his servant?" His voice was low, but the warning that came with it was not missed by any. Walburga made a reply, but her mouth ran dry as the eyes glowed.

She shook her head frantically.

" That's what I thought. If you ever dare interfere when your superiors are speaking, you will be dead before you know it." He warned the woman.

" That fucking fool will die. I will make sure of it. He will not get away with killing my parents." He swore.

" He killed your parents?" Bellatrix asked softly. Harry nodded.

" So, is this revenge speaking?" Charlus asked.

" No. This is not revenge. The fucking bastard is extremely powerful. You will see it in the coming days. Many will fall. All the houses you are allied with will turn to him." He said to Arcturus.

" There will be a huge division of power and lots will die. I want to stop it. It's people like me who have to do something." He said as he paced the room.

" I strongly urge you to watch who you trust. Especially the dark faction. Lestrange and Dolohov are his two main stalwarts. Powerful wizards and old families. Losing them will bring his attention to me. The moment he hears my name, he will either try to recruit me or will try to kill me." He explained.

" Let's wait and see what happens." He said.

Arcturus was about to say something when the door opened and Albus Dumbledore walked in.

Harry was instantly on the alert.

" Harris, my boy…" but Harry had enough.

" Don't you even dare, Dumbledore. Don't even think about it." He hissed, catching the old man by surprise.

" My boy…" he was about to speak and was interrupted by the boy again.

" Don't call me your boy!" He snapped.

" I have a name. Use it. I have never given you the permission to use my first name." Dumbledore truly was shocked. He was not expecting this.

" Mr Evanson…." Harry interrupted him again.

" Peverell. It's Mr Peverell or in official capacity, Lord Peverell." He intoned coldly.

" Mr Peverell. I had to ask, was there a reason for those actions out there?" He asked.

" Ever the preacher for a second chance aren't you?" Was the sarcastic reply.

" What would have happened if I had perished in those flames?" He asked.

It was Charlus that answered his question.

" Nothing. They would have been called a disgrace, but left alone and you would be ashes."

Harry nodded. " See. So I turned the table." He explained to the aged Headmaster.

" That is a very dark thought, Mr Peverell. I hope you are not of that mindset. A wizard that holds such power as you must not take that path." Dumbledore cautioned him, but nobody missed the underlying threat that was given out.

"You can preach your ass off, Dumbledore but that won't make a difference." Was the reply that Harry gave, once again surprising Dumbledore.

In his very long life, only a few had talked to him that way. And they were not youngsters. To see this young man just dismissing him like he meant nothing, angered him a bit.

He was about to retort when Harry spoke again. " Don't think I don't know, Dumbledore. Don't think I don't know about the arrival in Godric's Hollow. Don't think I don't know about residing in Bathilda Bagshot's place. Don't think I don't know about Ariana and what transpired that day. Don't think I don't know about your obsession." He intoned casually, though he was enjoying the old goat pale at his words.

"Don't make an enemy out of me, Dumbledore. Just let me be and try not to pry too much. It will end badly for you." Harry warned.

" Unlike a certain student you meddled with who went on to become a monster, I won't take long. I will get to you and kill you quickly. So, it's better if you and your order of the phoenix do something useful rather than trailing and checking me out, behind my back." Harry warned.

" Oh! You might want to throw away that wand. It's dead and the original is back with its owner." He said and Dumbledore gaped.

" Is it fake?" He choked. Harry nodded and Dumbledore could only nod dumbly and leave the room, his mind blank for any other thoughts to run.

" What was that about?" Arcturus questioned him. " Something to ponder over at a later date." He shrugged.

He turned his attention back to the wonderful girl in his arms.

" Get back to your dorm." He instructed.

" I will see you soon in two or three days. We have some more to talk about." He said.

Bellatrix nodded. Harry smiled as he saw the apprehension on her face. He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

" I am not going anywhere. I will be back along with your grandfather." He assured her.

The others watched as Harry left the stadium locker room after giving his goodbyes.

Arcturus and Charlus stared at each other.

" That was intense." Charlus intoned, and Arcturus snorted. " Things will be very interesting. Very interesting indeed." He trailed off, his eyes still on the door that Harry had walked off from.


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