Brotherhood of the Fox

Author's note: This is of course a Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha crossover. Be forewarned that I don't know that much about Inuyasha, so many names, facts, and the whole timeline and place of the Inuyasha universe may be off a bit. So feel free to correct me at anytime. To let you all know, Kurama will be the main character, because he is ultimately my favorite character in both the shows, and he just fits in the Inuyasha universe so much more better then the other characters. And if anyone can tell me how Inuyasha ends, I will greatly appreciate it. I just want to know if they ever find all the shards of the jewel, and what Inuyasha ends up choosing to do with it. (If they get all the pieces that is.) Well anyways, on with the fic.

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Part one: Brothers.

The sounds of two powerful dog demon's could be heard as they finally turned around and fought with everything they had in them against the force of spirit world detectives that had finally cornered the two powerful demons. Two magnificent swords were drawn; while one erupted in yellow flames, and delivered a powerful devastating thrust to the area near by, the other was drawn defensively, and continued to be used to return life to the other if it should fall. But the two silver haired brothers were soon overwhelmed when a giant like man with an enormous amount of spirit power appeared in the battle.

"All demon's who refused to leave the human world are to be exterminated!" the enormous lord boomed out causing the ground to shake.

"But the human world is our home…" the smaller of the two brother's yelled out feeling an unfamiliar feeling of despair overwhelm him. His older brother put up his hand to silence him, before he took an unwavering step forward.

"Please King Enma. We have family we care about here, and we swear we will not harm any humans," the tall silver haired demon said in a begging manner that was foreign to his normally proud nature.

"It doesn't matter, all demons are to leave the human world, or die. You have already been warned, and now your punishment is death," the giant lord said spreading his hand in front of him.

A red glow began to emanate from the center of the demon lord's hand, before it radiated into a fiery power wave. Two pain filled cries erupted into the night as the brothers felt the wave hit them.

The red wave enveloped the two demons, eating away at their flesh, and burning away their more sensitive membranes. And then they knew no more. Their burned and bloody bodies fell upon the ground, where they were left alone from the creatures that had chased them down. They weren't even worth the time to be properly buried in the eyes of their killers, but someone saw the whole event, and someone cared about their bodies.

As soon as the spirit detectives and the demon lord left, a small demon, barely the age of a five year old human child, made his way toward the two bodies. Soft yellow eyes stared at the two figures that used to be his older brothers. True they were dog demons, and he was more of a fox demon, but they all had the same father, and that meant that they were brothers. The little fox child slowly began to carry the two bodies into the forest, were he began the painful tasks of holding a funeral for his last remaining family. All the while, his mind did everything it could to remember everything about his brothers.

The older brother used to be a ruthless killing machine, and had even tried to kill his brother numerous times to get what he wanted. But the older brother's heart was softened when he met a young mute girl, that he learned to care for over the years, and eventually fell in love with when the child had grown into a beautiful women.

The fox boy's other older brother, the middle child, and the only one that wasn't a full demon, had a far more tender heart then the oldest one. The half demon brother had fallen in love with a priestess, and was later tricked into believing that his love had betrayed him. Fifty years later, his half demon brother fell in love again with the priestess's reincarnation.

The fox demon was the youngest by several hundred years, but he could match wits and strength with both of his brothers. His father, the dog demon, was considered to be one of the most powerful demons of the time, and he had a tendency to make love with any pretty women, demon or human, that he was attracted to. The first wife, though a demon, was not as powerful of a demon as his last wife, and his middle wife was nothing more then a pretty human. The last wife, that the dog demon had made love with, was a fox demon, and not just any fox demon, but a silver one.

Silver fox demons were very rare, and very strong. They had the ability to control any plant, and they were sly and unusually smart. But they lacked in fighting skills. Dog demons were known for their brutal strength, and their pride, but they weren't stupid. Dog demon's were known to be able to think amazingly well under pressure, while fox demons had a tendency to crumple when their plans failed. Together, the combination was a demon that was almost flawless.

Even though the fox demon was still very young, he had an ability to go into a few different forms. There was his Youko form, which was the form he considered to be his original, and true form. There was also his fox form, which was especially handy for traveling undetected, but was a rather weak form. His last form was a form he knew he had, but he could never get into it. His last form would be his dog demon form, and it could possible be as strong as King Enma. But the fox demon didn't know how to access it, and wondered if he could even control the form.

Besides the obvious differences in the three brothers' mothers and power, both of the older dog demon's had become very protective of their younger brother, when they found out about him, the two older brothers were able to put aside their hatred toward each other. Yes, life was good for the three brothers and the people they cared about, but then something happened that was going to change all of their lives for ever.

It was no more then a year ago, when the spirit world's leader, King Enma, established a law that prevented demons from roaming the human world like they had done for thousands of years. All demons were supposed to go to another world, a word that was called the Makai. But the problem with this law for some demons, like the three brothers, meant that they would never be able to see their human friends again. And for the two older brothers, leaving the ones they loved was not an option. They had made a vow to protect them always, and they weren't going to break that vow. But in the end, they fell like all of the others before them.

The little fox demon finished the burial, and then summoned two roses from the seeds in his hair. The two white roses, the color of the silver hair the three brother's shared, was put tenderly on the two mounds that were the older brothers' graves. A sad smile crept across the boy's face as the realization that he was alone made its way into his heartbroken mind. With one last goodbye, the boy disappeared in the land for demons. The land his brother's had refused to go, even at the cost of their own lives. But at least in the end, their bodies will rest in the world that they called their home.


Kurama felt himself sigh in remembrance, as the memories of his past were played for him as vividly as though it had happened yesterday. Kurama remembered how after he had gone to the Makai, he was taken care of and raised by a demon by the name of Kuronue. Together, the two of them had become the most feared thieves to ever live, and soon the name of Youko Kurama could strike fear into anyone who heard it.

Because of his superior skills and knowledge, Kurama had become leader, even though Kuronue was almost twice his age. But the bat demon understood that Kurama was his superior, and when Kurama was in what humans referred to as the teenage years, Kuronue stepped down from his place as leader, and allowed Kurama to take over.

The robberies became more dangerous, and the treasures became more valuable, but soon their success came to an end. Kuronue was killed on one of their robberies, and Kurama was again lost. Kuronue was his best friend, but most of all, Kurama considered him to be family. But the young fox was once again forced to watch his only family being killed right in front of his eyes, while he escaped.

Youko Kurama became cold and ruthless, and even ordered for some of the thieves working for him to be killed. For many more hundreds of years, Kurama remained this way, until he finally found death. But as the fox demon was dying, he realized that even in death, he still might not meet his brothers. He needed to redeem himself first if he had any chance of being reunited with them again. With his last remaining energy, Kurama possessed a human child, and grew up to be Shuuichi.

Shuuichi was Kurama's human form, and for a long time it was the only form he had access to. For fifteen years, Kurama had grown up living as a human child, and his demonic heart was soon softened by his mother's love. But when his mother fell ill, Kurama once again feared that he would lose his family again, and he began looking desperately for a way to save the women.

The answer was a forbidden artifact that gave the wisher whatever their heart desired. But it would have been a hopeless sacrifice if the young spirit detective hadn't helped him out. Feeling that Kurama had to pay the spirit detective back for his kindness, Kurama became a powerful ally, and friend of Yusuke Urameshi. It was from that point on that Kurama and Yusuke and two other people, Hiei and Kuwabara, became the members of the powerful Urameshi team. But thankfully, for the last month, things had been fairly peaceful in both the spirit, demon, and human worlds, and Kurama was finally able to concentrate on his schoolings.

Already considered to be a child genius, Kurama found school to be rather relaxing and a little amusing. But the lecture that his history teacher was giving the class about ancient Japanese legends, was stirring up old memories that Kurama wished he could forget. The teacher talked about how the legends talked about how humans and demons were in constant wars against each other, and how there were several temples built in honor of these battles.

Kurama felt an involuntary shudder escape him as more painful memories of that time surfaced out of his subconscious mind. He was too preoccupied with his thoughts to notice that the professor had stopped talking. It wasn't until Kurama was able to smell a familiar scent, that he slowly raised his eyes to the front of the room. Standing at the front was a nervous black haired girl, who was having a quiet conversation with the professor.

"Um, class, we have a new student. Please welcome Kagome…"

Kurama felt his breath escape in a loud gasp as realization finally dawned on him. That scent he had smelled was coming from the girl, and the girl was… But that was impossible. If she was only in her teens, then it meant that… Kurama shook his head, it was just plain impossible. He knew that the girl that his brother had fallen in love with had come from the future, but when he met the girl, the girl was in her mid-twenties. But this girl was in her teens. And yet Kurama could distinctly smell the scent of his older brother coming from the girl.


Author's endnote: Yes, yes I know that I'm evil for killing Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha, but they wont stay dead. I mean think about it, do you really think Kurama can just stand by and allow his brothers to die when he has a chance of saving them? Well anyways, please review, and let me know what you guys think. Also, I would like to know who I should pair Kurama with. Should it be Botan, Kikyou, or an original character. No Kurama cannot be matched with Hiei, I try to keep all my characters straight, but that does not mean I'm against that couple. I just don't do that sort of pairing. Well anyways, tell me what you think, and I'll update if I get enough feedback. I'm walking on a very thin line, and I need help if I want to be able to pull this story off, and your suggestions help me greatly. ^_^.