Brotherhood of the Fox

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Part Eleven: Aftermath

Botan made her way through the dusty shack, and carefully lowered herself into the well.

"Kurama?" Botan said kneeling next to the curled up red head.

Tearful green eyes raised up from the ground and looked at Botan like a lost three year old. Botan felt her heart break as she pulled the boy into a comforting hug.

"I can't get to them," Kurama sobbed. "I can't prevent their deaths," Kurama added softly.

"Shh," Botan said lowering her head so that it was resting against Kurama's shoulder. "You can't change the past, no matter how much it may hurt. They understood that, that is why they left," Botan said feeling her own eyes fill up with tears.

"Their my family," Kurama objected, his sobs becoming harder.

"You have family here too," Botan pointed out pulling out of the embrace so that Kurama could see the other person that had come down into the well.

"Mother?" Kurama said falling into the women's embrace and sobbing into her chest.

"Shuuichi, I'm here," Shiori mumbled kissing the back of his head, and stroking his back. "I will always be there for you," Shiori promised helping her son to his feet, and helping him out of the well.


Yusuke looked out of Kagome's window as Kurama slowly left the shack with his mother and Botan.

"He's not taking it too well is he?" Kagome asked watching sadly as Yusuke shook his head.

"Koenma has taken over leadership of the three worlds, and his father is locked away some where. Koenma wont tell us where. The shards that were broken in the spirit world has all been gathered, and destroyed. Everything is back to normal, except for Kurama. He feels responsible for Inuyasha's and Seshomaru's imminent death," Yusuke said.

"Well, he shouldn't have to worry. I've been learning how to use the Tenseiga. When the three worlds are created, and King Enma kills Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, I'll wait until Kurama leaves into the demon world, then Miroku and Sango are going to help me get their bodies, and I'll use the Tenseiga to bring them back to life. It shouldn't change history, because Kurama will go on living like he should in the past, and Sesshomaru and Inuyasha will come to this time to live, so there is no chance that the present will be threatened. And anyways, I've already talked to Genkai, and she said that according to her great Grandmother, even if we didn't know about their deaths, I would eventually have used the Tenseiga to bring them back," Kagome said.

"So when should we let Kurama know about this?" Yusuke asked crossing his arms and staring at the black haired girl.

"I'm sure we'll know when it is the right time. Until then, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru will be watching him from a distance," Kagome said pointing toward the roof of the Higurashi Shrine.

Yusuke looked over to where Kagome was pointing to see two silvery forms. "I guess there is nothing stronger then a brotherhood of a fox," Yusuke said smiling as the sun slowly set, casting the sky into a burning red that lighted the silver hair of the two dog demons like torches that reflected the burning love that reflected the love the brothers had toward each other. No matter how stubborn they may be to admit it, they were unbreakable. Time had already shown the bonds of their love.

The End.

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