Inko was thirteen when she learned she'd already met two of her soulmates. But since she'd grown up with Mitsuki and Hinote since they were infants, she didn't really see them in a romantic life.

"Haha," Hinote laughed. "Yeah, Imagine my surprise when I found out."

"It's not funny," Inko complained. "I was so excited."

"Well, you still have two more," Mitsuki said. "At least one of them is going to be your soulmate, and not just your soul friend." She laughed. "So, what's the plan for when you leave middle school you really gonna apply for some hero school."

"Duh, get into UA and rule the school." Hinote said.

"Oh, of course that's what your plan would be!" Mitsuki shoved her. "I'm going to apply for the support course. Even though I could totally kick the but of any weenie with a 'good'. quirk."

"My parents are making me and my siblings," Inko said. "My uh, some of my extended family doesn't approve but it's not really like they can do much." Inko pushed her chopstick around in her food, before rearranging some of the food.

Inko sat with the letter from U.A in her hand. She planned on waiting till Hinote and Mitsuki to open it. She sat by the door, a nervous jitter in her leg. Mitsuki's knock on the door came. Inko let her in, hoping to see Hinote there too. She deflated seeing Mitsuki was alone.

"Hey, Inko-chan," Mitsuki said, stepping in, smiling and turning slightly worried. "Hino-chan not here yet?" Inko could only shake her head. "Well, that's fine. I Made this cute outfit I want you to see."

Hinote was sure he hadn't gotten in and that the letter was just a regret to inform you kindly. As she jumped from rooftop to rooftop using a piece of wood and rope to help when needed. He hated public transportation. She was a high risk for almost anything.

"Hey you stop!" yelled a reliably new hero, he could tell due to having to stop. All the established ones let her go. She stopped but held on to the rope so she didn't fall off the side of the biding she was climbing up. "What are you doing?" The guy asked. He was probably fresh out of high school, and had a flaming beard. Compensating for much?

"Going to see my soul family duh. What do you think I am doing? Are those flames compensating for your lack of down there friend?" Hinote said already done with this asshole.

"Climbing the roofs of buildings and being a nuisance to society," the guys said, he tried to pretend he hadn't caught that last part, though his eyebrow twitched. Hinote had to give him points for that at least.

"Okay then tell me with those statistics how am I going to get around safely." Hinote said as he handed the asshole her research. Another Hero was holding their breath to keep from laughing and the asshole, Hinote saw them a little ways off.

There was a banging knock on Inko's door, and she hopped up to check it. The guy on the other side of the door was a giant of a man. Red hair and fire for facial hair. The guy had hold of Hinote by the arm.

"C'mon asshole I already told you why I was up there,"

"Are you're parents present, I'm afraid you sister is in a bit of trouble,"

"Oh, my, I see. I'm afraid that my parents aren't home but I'll be sure she doesn't… Um, do what again."

"She was hopping across the roof

"My parents are dead you Asshole, now let me go, or I'll cook your sorry ass!" Hinote said with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Hino-chan," Inko said. "I'm sorry, sir. If you don't mind I'll take it from here," Inko said.

"I'm afraid I can't do-"

"I assure you, you can," Inko said. "I'll inform my parents as soon as they're home." before the guy could protest she'd somehow gotten Hinote from his grip, and closed the door in his face. She sighed. "What a jerk, also compensating for much." she rolled her eyes. "C'mon I'll make you some tea. I've got snacks. Tell me what happened."

"I think she took roids to get the muscle. It would explain so much." Hinote said, with a smile.

"Don't misgender people,"

"Why? They misgender me all the time," Hinote said.

"Two wrongs don't make a right," Inko said.

"But four lefts do."

"Isn't that saying three lefts do?" Mitsuki asked.

"Do you really think this is impressive?" Inko's mother said. "I hope you don't expect me to praise you. You don't, do you?"

"No, mother," Inko said. "I'm only showing you because you ask-"

"I don't care," she said sharply. "You'd better not slack off now. Don't get a big head just because you got in." She said, throwing away Inko's achievements.

"Yes mother," Inko said. "Alright, now let's go talk to your friends. And wipe that sulky expression off your face."

"Yes, ma'am," Inko said. The two leave the room that Inko's mother pulled her into to talk privately.

"Hinote-chan, Mitsuki-chan how are you girls?" Inko's mother said. "It's so good to see you."

"Umm…Aunty I know it's not how things normally happen but can I stay here?" Hinote asked, looking down.

"What's going on, sweetie?" Inko's mother asked.

"My parents, they uh-," Hinote said. "They died." Hinote said.

"Oh, my are you alright?"

"I don't really know right now," Hinote said.

"Oh, sweetie. Of course you can staiy," Inko's mother said.

"Can stay with my physically abusive family, and you know not follow their will, but it's all kool. I am a tough kid." Hinote said going to grab her things.

"Hinote-chan, come here," Inko's mother said, hugging the teen. "It's alright." She said, rubbing Hinote's back. "Inko make some tea for your friend."

"Yes!" Inko said, going off to the kitchen.

"Inko," Inko's mother said. "Hinote, I suppose you need to be part of this conversation too." she gestured to the couch. "Shoto, Umi, please sit down as well." The three siblings, and Hinote sat down on the couch. A line of young people, as Inko's mother began. "Your father and I will be going to live in _. We'll continue paying for this apartment, to allow you all to stay in your school. Especially as Hinote, and Inko got into UA, and that is an opportunity that can't simply be passed up. However, I have some expectations. Inko, I expect you to ensure your siblings are well taken care of and do not cause problems in school. I expect them, and you to maintain your grades. Don't think that this is some excuse to slack off, because caring for children is too difficult or something." Inko nodded. "Good. I'll be coming to the apartment occasionally to make sure you are making a mess of things. I expect you to continue focusing on your studies. I don't want to hear anything about you inviting any boys over. Now; trash goes out…" She continued, giving greatly detailed instructions about how she wanted Inko to go about taking care of the children, the apartment, and her own grades.

'Why do you need to tell Inko or I any of this. I mean aside from leaving us here you don't need to clarify. Inko is already very responsible with her siblings. Why is her tone so hard. Inko looks like a kicked puppy, and Shoto, and Umi are both clinging to her as if…Ahwe hell fucking Naw! You think you can…You Bitches. I am gonna….Breath hino Breath it's not good to set things on fire right now. You can get proof later for now just be here for the others.' Hinote's thoughts were running wild and they were having a hard time calming down, but didn't let it show.

"Now I will put this list on the fridge and expect you to do and report to me daily on this. When exames happens It can slipp to a once a week thing but still, report to me about anything. And Hinote I know it can be hard but please don't start fights-"

"Excuse me, Aunty but as long as you don't get calls and emails about me. You should be fine. I will help Inko and everything but please take four steps back out of my personal life." Hinote said in a very calm voice, giving the look of she just found out with her eyes and is not standing for it. Inko's mother's eyebrow twitched at this, but her face smoothed over into a placid, almost kind exterior.

"I just don't want you to ruin your chances," she said. "I see so much potential in you. I don't want you to waste it." She put a hand on Hinote's.

"You are going to want to move your hand. I am having a hard time controlling the fire Aunty." Hinote said in a sickly sweet voice. Inko carefully bumped her with her elbow.

"Oh, of course," She said. "Well I have to be off. I'll be sending someone to pick up our things once we've settled.

"If you two are going to leave can I please have it in writing so if anything were to happen I could help out." Hinote said with the underlying hint of it being for money.

"There's plenty of that," Inko's mother said.

"Alright!" Mitsuki said, cheerfully. "My parents talked to Inko's mom and they all agreed that having an extra pair of hands around the house wouldn't be a bad idea and would cheepen my parents expenses."

"I need fabric for my siblings' school play!" Inko said to the poor employee at the store.. "The teacher wasn't going to give Umi the part of the knight princess because, and I quote; "Because you're mother isn't around there's no one to make the costume so." So, as you can see I need to create a costume for her to be the best knight princess she can be." Inko said.

"Alright, thank you for coming to this meeting," the teacher said. "It's good that you take such an interest in your child's life.

"Of course," the mother said. "I want the best for my little one."

"Alright next is the Aizawa siblings and their parents," he said. "Oh boy."

"Excuse me," Inko said, tilting her head. "Our parents are actually away right now so I'll be here in there stead. These are my soulbound sisters."

"Sup. Am Hinote, and this is Mitsuki. What can we do to help?" Hinote said with a happy smile.

"Hey," Mitsuki said.

"So, how are my siblings doing?" Inko asked.

"Well, I'll come in."

"Hey guys I am gonna stay home. My quirk is on the fritz. Sorry" Hinote said walking out of her room, sweating and her veins glowing from her quirk. They left at the time and Hinote got to snooping. He was in the attic when she found an old box with some kind of paper on it. She took it down stairs, and put it on the table and started to slowly unwrap the box. He put the odd thin paper and put it in a pial to be dealt with at a later time. As they are doing this they are talking to the box telling it everything that has happened to Inko, Mitsuki, and the others. The box rattled, lit up and popped open. Hinote flinched, covering his eyes as light poured out of it, so bright it made her head spin. Then something clattered on the ground, and the light lessened enough to allow them to un-shield their eyes and look.

"What the fuck was that?" Hinote looked around, seeing the walls were a slightly different color, and further away then they were before. She stood up, and looked around. He found that the house was different yet the same somehow, it took a bit to put their finger on it. The walls were just a little different in shade, not noticeable if you weren't familiar with the walls. The floor plan was just the tiniest bit bigger, and there were several new appliances. "What. the. Fuck?" Hinote said. There was something else too, a slight buzzing in his ears as she looked around the area. But they couldn't pinpoint the source."

"Okay thanks I think. Could you please show what the fuck you are?" They asked, looking around. A small glow started emanating from the walls in a small, small patch. Another next to it, and the two sort of took the shape of hands when Hinote looked closer. "Did I go nuts or is that really happening?" Something brushed a hand through her hair. "Okay! What the fuck?! Boundaries!" He chops the air around her, "Okay, ground rules, no touchie!" A set of giggling disappeared down the hall. "Okay… creepy disembodied laughter. Do you ented harm. One knock for yes, and two knocks for no." Two knocks. "Okay, you either mean no harm or your lying." she said.

"Hey Inko I am calling to warn you that I let out a box of ghosts? I think in the house. They made it bigger and there are some disembodied voices and other things." Hinote said into the phone.

"What?" Inko says. "I heard you, I understand what you said. I just- I will deal with this when I get home."

"They touched me. It was weird."

"I- oh-okay, as long as your not hurt," Inko said. "Are you sure your not hallucinating cause of your power? I just want to be sure. If you feel unsafe Mrs. Aruno from down the hall, offered to check up on you a couple times, I'm sure you-"

"I found an old box in the attic and brought it down to clean it. I was venting when it opened and made its own light source." Hinote said.

"Well, okay," Inko said. "That make sense. I look into it when I get home okay. I'm kind of-" Someone shouted. "Okay, see you at home, gotta go bye."

"Hey there is a way for you to take custody of the kids, and be able to live on your own by 16-ish I just need proof of them leaving." Hinote said walking into the room from the grand computer room.

"What really?" Inko asks. "I-mean-"

"Wow, that's so fascinating, I didn't know you could do that," Mitsuki says. "That's so, great. Laws are so fascinating. Don't you think so? It's a marvel that they have you guys study such cool and interesting stuff."

"Inko-nee," Shoto said. "Umi fell out of a tree, and is just lying there. What should we do?"

"Oh! My god," Inko shot up and was following Shoto down. "I shouldn't have left you guys alone."

"Mitsuki, you go with them to a docs. I'll make a call to get the funds to pay for it all." Hinote said with a smile as she pulled out her phone.

"Right!" Mitsuki shoots after Inko.

"Inko-nee," Shoto groaned. "Am I gonna die."

"What of course not," Inko assured the four year old. "I assure you. You'll be fine. Hino-nee is getting medicine." Inko said, dipping the cloth that she was using to cool Shoto's forehead. The toddler coughed.

"I hope Umi doesn't get this," Shoto said. "It's awful." he coughed again.

"I know, it really does sound bad," Inko said.

"I've got the medicine," Hinote said. "It's alright I got you." She said, pulling stuff from a bag. "I got one of those sticky cooling pad things you always see in manga and shit. I grabbed the kids cold and flu meds, I wasn't sure what else to get!"

"I made the food from that recipe you put on the counter," Mitsuki said.

"I didn't put a recipe on the counter?" Inko said.

"Hinote?" Mitsuki asked.

"The ghost's did it," Hinote said.

"Of course they did," Mitsuki said.

"Thanks, ghost," Mitsuki said as a toothbrush dropped from thin air. She caught it as she spoke.

"Oh, how kind," Inko said, as an invisible person passed her a wooden spoon while she was cooking. "It's so helpful."

"Thank you grandpa," Umi said, while the invisible entity handed her the pencil she'd dropped.

"Oh, that's great advice Grandpa," Shoto said. "Oh, hey, Hinote! Grandpa says there's something called dry rot or something in the attic that you should have the manager look into."

"Oh, okay,"

"Also, Grandpa says that he misses his wife so if you could open her box too that'd be really great." Shoto said returning to setting up the blocks he'd been stacking. "Inko look! I built a city!"

Hinote had noticed that ever since they had let out the grandparents that Inko's mother had a hard time getting on to Inko when the inspections happened. And they were getting farther apart. "Have you all noticed that the inspections are happening less often?" Hinote said one day.

"Yeah, it's kind of nice," Mitsuki said.

"Mom said that I've been maturing nicely, but not to let my guard down and think I'm grown up just because the inspections lessened. But yeah." Inko said. "Thanks Grandpa."

"Wow, what a bitch," Mitsuki said.

"At least she's letting us live here mostly on our own," Inko said.

Hinote was again in the attic once again looking for the boxes that held the other grandparents.

"Oh look it's a box…wait not the right kind. Maybe the one with a baby box on top of it." they said grabbing the boxes and going back down only to fall, and break open the small box. The other was floating thanks to grandpa.

"Sorry I misstepped. I hope I didn't hurt anyone." Hinote said getting up. He collected the busted boxes' pieces. Going to the table that had a bowl on it for burning the seals. They set to work on the new box doing as they did the first time.

There was a knock on the door, Inko looked up from her task of restocking her first aid box for classes and sowing a patch in a shirt Umi tore, and cleaning a stain from Shoto's school pants. She was home alone, Mitsuki out on a work study, and Hinote having taken Shoto and Umi to the park. So, she'd been catching up on a few tasks she'd need done, and humming along to one of her Great Grandfather's songs. While Inko couldn't see either of her great grandparents she could on occasion hear them. When the house was completely silent. The singing stopped at the knock. Was it her mother?

"Hello I'm Aurthur Ki-," the guy who'd knocked on the door.

"Arthur!" shouted a pair of familiar voices, as two unfamiliar forms rushed past her, tackling the man who must have a mutation quirk. He laughed, they hugged, a small dog yipped leaping up onto her great grandparents. Who she only recognized by their voices.

"Art, look, come here! Look at our baby girl," her great grandmother said, pinching her cheeks. She was a small, Japanese woman with hair dyed blue, and bright eyes. She looked like she might be in her thirties. She wore a charming sweater and skirt combo. Her grandfather, was a tall, broad hispanic man, who's color scheme seemed to be magenta. He kept an arm around the man who'd knocked.

"This is your third grandparent, and our soulmate," the woman said. "He's Arthur and you got your freckles from him."

"Si," the man said, looking foundly between the three shorter people. "I can't wait for you to meet everyone." He said, and slipped back into spanish. Giving the man a kiss on his cheek.

"Stop, you'll confuse her," Arthur said. "Lewis. Vivi!" he shouted as the woman launched herself at him. Quite comfortable wrapping herself around the man's wings and horns. Inko looked on in surprise. Her parents never acted like that toward each other. Was that the difference between a quirk marriage and a marriage between soulmates. She watched as the three greeted each other with so much affection that it almost made her heart hurt. The dog yipped again, getting all of their attention. Gesturing at the door.

"I saw a fish this big. Hi, made it out of their fire. It was so kool." Umi said, running into the house and hugging Lewis and Vivi. Hinote walked in with shoes in hand and a bag of food.

"Hey nice to fully see you two. Who is the Extera?" Hinote said, putting things where they needed.

"Don't call my other grandfather extra, it's rude," Inko said. "This is Arthur, and Vivi, and Lewis, and this is Mystery."

"I didn't know does it look like I have the mind reading quirk?" Hinote said.

"She didn't know," Arthur said, with her.

"Hello," Mystery greeted, at the same time.

"You can talk!" Umi and Shoto shouted.

"Okay so I am still only kind of sane,good." Hinote said getting started on food.

"Hey, I'm back," Mitsuki said. "Oh, who are these guys?"

"Our ghosts, and their soulmate," Hinote said. "And their talking dog-fox thing. Oh I found this cool bonsai tree at the market, someone was going to just toss it out, so I got it for nothing more than the price of a new pot for it."

"Kitsune," (Mystery) corrected, "And you must be Mitsuki."

"Nice to meet you," Mitsuki said. "What's for dinner?"

"I'm making something special," (Lewis, though Mitsuki didn't know that at the time) said.

"Sup," the Bonsai tree said from the window. (Shiromori)

"You can talk!" Hinote shouted.

"I thought you knew," (Mystery).

"No, I just patiently find the missing parts of my soul family." they said with a shrug.

"Is anyone gonna give me names or am I supposed to guess." Mitsuki said.