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Through The Eyes Of A Demon

Chapter 2

Last time on "Through The Eyes Of A Demon":

"Please don't cry…."

Sakura's eyes widened at the feeling of warm hands brushing the tears off of her face. She looked down slowly to see Naruto reaching out to caress her face with a shaky arm, it felt good. "It doesn't look right when a girl as beautiful as you cries so loudly…" -

Sakura's eyes widened at the boy, she reached up with her trembling arm and grasped the warm hand caressing her wet cheek; entire body trembling, she softly pressed the opposing hand against her face.. "N —Naruto… Y —you, —you're gonna be o —okay…right…?" The girl asked, her voice was shaking just as much as the rest of her body.

The boy smiled softly at his pinked haired crush before nodding. "Yeah…I'm not going anywhere, you don't have to worry about me anymore, Sakura…" Naruto curved his hand around her face, resting it around the back of her head; snaking his other arm around her small waist he pulled her into his body, resting her face on his bare chest.

Sakura bit her lip and closed her eyes as she leaned into the boy's hand, she reveled in its warmth silently and happily. Naruto was safe, he was here for good.

It's alright now, Naruto is gonna be ok now… but I…I'm such an idiot… this is partly my fault… I treated him so horribly, e–even when he treated me with nothing but k–kindness, and I always…rejected him so harshly... I need to… I need to apologize she forced down a sob as she shakily spoke.

"I'm s–so, so sorry, Naruto… I'll never hit you, or treat you badly again… I promise you… I promise…" The girl was starting to cry again. She bit her lip so hard it almost bled, feeling overwhelmed by the guilt of the idea that it's possible that she was part of the problem, and he was hurting because of her. She clutched the boy to her body like he was her last lifeline, even if she was the only reason he was alive.

The girl automatically relaxed her body and mind as she felt the boy in her thoughts stroking her cheek softly, just like she had done for him earlier, a pleasant scratching on her soft, delicate skin.

The boy ran his other hand through her long locks of soft, pink hair, pulling the girl up a bit. He took in and savored the wonderful smell of cherry blossom petals, drifting off of the beautiful female, a very elegant and feminine scent that he had grown to love. "Anhhh…" a cute sigh of content escaped the Sakura's throat at the feeling of his warm hands scratching her sensitive scalp and soft cheek. that feels nice…

"It's okay, Sakura… you're fine… it's gonna be alright… you don't need to apologize to me… I understand why you treated me that way, and Iwant you to know that I forgive you… in fact I never bore any ill will towards you in the first place so there is nothing to forgive…"

The boy wrapped his right arm —the one that was stroking her cheek, around the petite girl's torso, he brought his other hand up to cup the back of her head, leaning in to whisper in her ear.

"So, I'll say it again, it's okay… you just saved my life. I owe you my life, and I'm so grateful that you are the one here with me right now. How could I ever hate someone as amazing, and beautiful as you?" He spoke softly, his voice shaking with affection, a soft smile adorned his whiskered face.

The girl's eyes widened and that all too familiar moisture started to build up in those glassy, jade orbs once again. "N–Naruto…"Sakura's voice was quiet, and wet sounding from the tears that had fallen into her mouth while trying to apologize to the boy. She swallowed.

Sakura bit her lip lightly, she looked into his eyes, shyly averting her gaze before looking straight at him again, blushing cutely. "D–do you really mean that…? You think I'm amazing? And b–beautiful…f-for real? No joke…?" her lips were parted slightly, a nervous look on her face, she didn't know why she was nervous, but she was, nonetheless.

Still smiling, eyes fading into a gentle purple color before deactivating, Naruto answered her question. "Of course I meant it, Sakura, you are the most beautiful girl in the world to me. And of course I think you're amazing, I look up to you, even when I was all alone and there was not one single person in the academy who would even give me a chance at friendship, no one ever tried to be friendly with me except you.

Sakura, you are the one who helped me in the academy when I was struggling, even when you thought that I was annoying, even if you still do, you are the only one who forced their bias away so you could help me, you paid attention to the things that I said, and you gave me the attention that I strived to achieve, even if it was negative attention…

You never ignored my existence like the others, and when I came up with an Idea you listened to it, and whenever you smiled or laughed at one of my stupid jokes or pranks, even if you hit me or yelled at me for it right after because you didnt wanna be seen associating with me, I was the happiest person in the entire world, because I knew that the person that I admire the most… acknowledges me… and I want you to know that you make me happier than anyone else ever could, Sakura..."

The girl felt her heart skip a beat at the kind boy's words, her mind was having trouble processing what her ears were hearing. No one had ever told her she was amazing, or beautiful. He admires me? I make him happy? even after how horrible I've been to him in the past…?

Sakura's thought process stopped short as she noticed Naruto leaning his face closer to hers, lips parted slightly. Uh, I… um, is he going to k —kiss me?! What should I do?! The girl found herself becoming increasingly more nervous at the notion, but at the same time, she felt an almost forbidden feeling of excitement that came with the prospect of kissing the blonde haired boy that she recently looked at as nothing but an annoyance.

The girl quickly found herself slowly inching her face closer to the boy's own. Sakura parted her lips slightly; her heart beat faster than it ever had, and her breathing sped up drastically. Before she knew it, their faces were so close that their noses almost touched. The flustered girl shivered in anticipation as she felt the boy's warm breath hit her face.

The girl and the boy both let the darkness consume their vision as they let their eyelids drape down over their eyes, leaning forward in complete sync, closing the distance between one another as they locked lips. They were in complete bliss, Naruto felt that in that moment, for the first time he experienced true happiness.

Sakura felt as though she could finally be herself again and not have to pretend or change for anyone else, she felt safe in Naruto's arms. Tears of joy streamed down from both Naruto and Sakura's eyes as they both broke away from one another, smiling, tears still running, both Naruto and Sakura adorned matching blushes upon their faces. The moment ended as soon as it began.

Suddenly, a look of fatigue made its way onto the girl's face before she collapsed onto the boy's chest.

Naruto's eyes widened with panic, the boy shook the girl, but she was non–responsive. Now he was really panicking, was she alright? Why wouldn't she wake up? Was she dead? Before the boy's brain could go into over–drive, or he could start breaking down, or, well… you know what else… Naruto heard a sound to his left. Naruto snapped his head in the direction of the noise, his protective instincts breaking in as he glared with his Rinnegan, flashing red once again for a moment; but they went away as soon as they came when he noticed his sensei off to the side.

"Sakura's just unconscious, she'll be fine, I'm sure. She's just spent from everything that's happened today, and even all the other days. We've been working so hard to help with the bridge, and don't forget the training we had to do before that as well.

"Sakura also tires far easier than any of us since she's a female. She has naturally smaller reserves than we do, and she has always been a brain over brawn type of girl, she doesn't have the type of stamina that you and I do. So don't worry, Sakura is gonna be alright."

"Y —yeah, thanks Kakashi–Sensei… I promise I'll learn to reign in my emotions better, I apologize…"

Kakashi smiled lightly, "It's alright Naruto, no problems here. The number one rule in the shinobi world is to never show your emotions, but as humans, it's impossible to not show these emotions sometimes." Kakashi frowned a bit as he looked to the spot next to his blonde and pink haired students, it was his other student, his black haired student, lying there, lifelessly. And unlike his pink haired student, he was sadly not just unconscious.

Naruto followed the path of his gray haired sensei's vision, and he was soon frowning as well. "S —Sasuke is r —really…" The boy looked back to his sensei; the man nodded "Yeah…" Naruto looked at the boy once more and narrowed his eyes, "No…" the boy spoke, in that same raspy, eerie tone from earlier. Naruto's Rinnegan flared to life once again,

"If what this… voice in my head is telling me is true… I have the pure, visual prowess… of a god… There's no way in hell I'm letting Sasuke die like that… not after what he did for me…" Naruto got up shakily, still feeling exhausted from the earlier fight.

His eyes were slowly changing color from a gentle purple, to a deep, dark shade of purple, it was as if the boy's eye was an endless space of dark energy. Naruto finally steadied himself; looking down at Sasuke with a determined look on his face.

"Naruto… What are you doing? Sasuke is dead, we can't go back, dead people can't come back to life, sadly…" Naruto looked back at his sensei, unfazed by his words, looking straight into his sensei's eyes with his own, his Rinnegan seemed to radiate darkness.

So much so that it had the opposite effect that darkness should have, like a black hole, so dark that everything around it seems bright in comparison. The boy's lip curved upward in an irritatingly smug, yet terrifying smirk.. "Do you truly believe that…?"

Kakashi's eyes widened "It can't be…"

"Get ready to catch me when I fall, sensei..." Naruto took no further heeding to his sensei, he instead put all of his focus on the boy in front of him. The boy clapped his hands together; whitish purple chakra exploded from the boy in all directions, much like when the Kyuubi's chakra exploded from the boy.

The concentric circles from Naruto's eye all started to ripple in a hypnotic, illusional pattern, much like a puddle with a rock dropped into it.

Naruto unclasped his hands from their positions; the boy did a set of two hand seals, ram, and then snake. The circles in the boy's eyes returned to the positions they were originally in as he finished the final hand sign.

"Rinne… Rebirth!"

Multiple green ropes of chakra burst from the ground and wrapped themselves around; and enveloped the Uchiha boy, melting all of the needles sticking out of his body instantly. A faint sizzling could be heard as the wounds under Sasuke's clothes closed themselves up, water leaked out of the boy's wounds as a result of the frozen liquid from the ice needles that froze themselves to the boy were melted by the warm, life essence surrounding him.

The color in the dark haired shinobi's face returned, as well as a warmth that was not there before, not the green energy, but the rushing blood running through his body as his heart was reinvigorated and pumping like it once was. Sasuke's chest vibrated before he coughed up the blood that leaked into his lungs after one of them had been punctured by a needle.

The boy's eyes opened gradually as all of his wounds were finally healed, and he was in stable condition. The boy's vision slowly got less blurry, and more and more focused as his eyes adjusted to the light of the rising sun. W —what's going on…? I remember that masked shinobi with the ice…and I remember jumping in front of Naruto…but I shouldn't even be… Sasuke gained a confused look on his face. "I'm… alive?"

"Yeah, you are." The dark haired boy heard a voice to his left, he turned his head to look at what it came from, he was once again surprised, "Naruto?" The boy had a small smile on his face. The dazed boy also saw his sensei behind him looking completely dumbfounded. It really was a funny site;

The normally stoic, calm, composed man; eyes so wide they were practically popping out of their sockets. Sasuke also noticed his other teammate, Sakura, on the floor, unconscious. Now he was even more confused.

The boy chuckled weakly. "Yeah…I know. I don't have much time to explain, I'm gonna pass out any second now… so you'll have to figure out about all this later, but in the meantime, I'm sure Kakashi sensei can fill you in on anything he can, but if it's something that only I or Sakura know, you'll have to wait for us to regain consciousness..."

And with that, the exhausted boys eyes deactivated and flashed back to their regular blue; arms going limp at his sides before collapsing forwards; not before Kakashi snapped out of his daze to stop the boy from colliding with the hard ground, hefting the boy up on his shoulder, the gray haired man looked from his female student to the black haired one.

"I know you've just been well revived –something I will explain to you on the walk back to Tsunami's house –but do you think you have enough strength to carry Tazuna? I currently only have the chakra left to create just one shadow clone, and I will have to carry Sakura, I don't have enough in me to carry Tazuna as well."

Sasuke nodded quickly with no hesitation, quickly picking himself up from the ground. "Yeah, I can carry him. Surprisingly enough, I feel just fine, almost as if I wasn't injured in the first place, just a little understandably disoriented. I should have zero problem at all with carrying him."

Kakashi nodded, and created a shadow clone. "Go pick up Sakura, then we leave this bridge, we'll clean up the mess in the morning."

Sasuke tilted his head to the side in confusion, "Mess? What are you talking about, Kakashi?" a bead of sweat rolled down the man's face, "Uh… not good. The man internally finished. Kakashi steeled himself before continuing. Looking behind himself, he stuck his thumb out over his shoulder in a pointing fashion. "That is what I mean by mess."

The dark haired boy looked behind his sensei, expecting to see some form of damage or crater in the bridge, –which he did see, but that was not the shocking part, it was what was behind the damage that shocked him, a sight possibly even more… vile than the bloody streets of the Uchiha massacre 6 years ago.

Mutilated bodies as far as the eye could see, strung up by their own insides, some of them were in half, some of them were missing limbs; eyes gouged out, large, rough spikes of… something, twisting and turning in all directions, blood red flowers bloomed from the black tree roots. Sasuke even saw a man with what looked like his own small intestine hanging out from his fucking mouth and tied around his neck like a noose… –how that was possible? The boy had zero idea.

But Sasuke didn't have good eyesight for nothing, and there was one thing that was blatantly obvious to the dark haired shinobi, this was not a fight, it was a horrendous slaughter, a massacre. He could see the despair planted onto the faces of the ones that were lucky enough to be even recognizable.

Sasuke put a hand over his mouth, struggling to keep the bile rising from his stomach inside, he was barely able to swallow it down; taking his hand away from his mouth. The large amount of death in the sight before him hit way too close to home for the traumatized child, the nauseous boy tripped over his own feet, falling on his behind.

"Who could have done something like this…?" the boy turned to the gray haired man behind him, looking for answers. The man frowned with sadness and regret, but not regret for the sight before him. Kakashi turned his head to the side to look at the unconscious blonde boy on his back.

Sasuke's eyes widened in disbelief. "Naruto did that?" Kakashi nodded. "But that's not possible, Naruto would never do something like that, and even if he would, there's no way Naruto or anybody except that man is capable of doing something like this…"

Kakashi let out a sigh. "I wish that that was the case, but unfortunately, it is what happened." Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the man, "How, then? Explain." He snapped out angrily. The man sighed, before explaining everything; the effect that the dark haired boy's death had on Naruto, and the visual prowess that the boy now possessed, the destruction he had seen him reap with it.

Sasuke was completely shocked. Right before the light faded from his eyes, the boy had thought about the possibilities that came from his death, he knew Naruto would be angry, furious even. Sasuke had never expected this.

Naruto had a dojutsu now, and an extremely powerful one at that. The dark haired boy felt a little threatened at the thought of it, but at the same time, there was a strange feeling in his gut that he couldn't quite pin down what it was, no he knew what it was, it was excitement.

Even if it made him angry, Sasuke also felt a large amount of giddiness that he just could not bring himself to explain at the thought that his greatest rival had achieved a power even greater than the Sharingan, possibly even stronger than that level of visual prowess.

If I can become even stronger than Naruto even with this new power, then I can prove that I am on the path to achieving the ultimate retribution. And I'll do it myway, on my terms, and I will neverstoop to your level of killing my friends for power, elder brother Itachi…

Sasuke smirked, the boy was also proud of his friend, he was proud that Naruto was able to defeat the girl he didn't even come close to beating at her best, with so little effort it was laughable, and then proceeded to dispatch multiple hundred thugs without even breaking a sweat.

Even if his power stemmed from the immense hatred he felt in that moment, power was power. Shinobi used everything in their arsenals to kill their enemies, they had no qualms about using their own hatred to push their power to new heights.

The perfect shinobi is a shinobi who uses everything they have to be a deadly weapon of destruction; the negative emotion that bubbles to the surface when death shows its face is but another way of channeling that power.

Sasuke was so angry that Naruto had shown him up, but so proud of him at the same time, it was a feeling that the dark haired boy didn't quite understand.

Maybe it was because of the Uchiha blood running through his veins that he hated seeing someone stronger than him, even if it was his friend. Even if the circumstances were so gruesome and bloody, it was all about power in the end.

He didn't feel necessarily bad for the thugs that his best friend had killed. Sasuke wasn't one to show petty sympathy to people he didn't even know. No, the reason why he was so upset was because it was his best friend who had done all of it. Sasuke worried beyond belief for his friend's mental state.

How was he supposed to cope with the fact that he had done something like that? And it was all Sasuke's fault. The shaken boy felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped, startled. It seemed he wasn't yet connected back to reality from actually dying, it made sense though, that he would be a little on edge after experiencing something like that.

Sasuke looked over his shoulder, seeing the gray haired man seemed to snap him out of his train of thought. The dark haired boy raised an eyebrow, what now? "There is something that I need to make clear here. This is not your fault, Sasuke. It's not Naruto's fault, nor is it Sakura's fault… I am at fault for everything that has happened here today."

The man took a deep breath before continuing. "If I had been more responsible with you all, and actually trained you three to the best of my abilities like a sensei should, instead of coming up with excuses for being lazy all of the time, and wallowing in my own grief, none of this would have happened. I've taught all of you simple tree walking, and basic teamwork; completely useless to a team with a disconnect as bad as ours."

The gray haired shinobi sighed in defeat, it seemed that he was just full of awful mistakes, the man had failed his important people yet again, he had made a promise. A promise he had made to himself after Obito had given his life to keep him alive, a promise that he would never again let one of his important people be killed.

Kakashi had broken that promise long ago, and the tragedies didn't slow either, after Rin had died, all of his friends were killed off one by one, right before his eyes, the ones he loved most had been killed in battle, he had even been forced to stick his hand through his friends chest. The man had made new friends, but the hole in his heart was never able to be mended.

I have made a lot of mistakes in this life, haven't I? Obito, Rin, Sensei… but I think that with my new team, I might be able to keep your dreams alive through Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.

Yes, I won't let these ones die, they cant die, I can feel that team 7 is special, they are the ones who will change the shinobi world… especially you, Naruto Uzumaki. I have a feeling that in the near future you are going to shake this cursed shinobi world to its very core…

The gray haired man clenched his fist as he looked to the sky with a look of pure determination, the man turned his head slightly to look at Sasuke, "I am going to step up to my job as sensei… and mold you three into shinobi of the likes this world has never seen."

"And if for some reason I am unable to train you all, I will be the beam of support that will always stick by all of your sides no matter what happens, even if it means letting go of my past, that's my promise."

The dark haired boy smiled, but it wasn't the routine smug smirk of pride and arrogance the boy usually plastered upon his face, Kakashi could see excitement and genuine happiness reflecting from the boy, a rare sight. Kakashi's lips curled upward slightly in a faint smile of his own, a small chuckle coming from his lips.

The smiles on the gray haired man and his student's faces faded as they prepared to walk back to the town to give them the good news.

Kakashi reached his hand up to his head, and grabbed hold of the cloth from the forehead protector on the left side of his face; pulling it down over the fully matured Sharingan.

Kakashi turned his head over to the army of dead thugs, he walked over to the bloody mass of gore, going straight past everything in the way, quickly maneuvering his way around the large trees and extending roots in the way.

The gray haired man stopped about half a meter away from the ringleader's corpse, leaning down, Kakashi decapitated the man in one clean stroke with his kunai.

Grabbing the severed, jawless head by the hair, he pulled out a small scroll from a small, blue pouch strapped to the side of his right leg with the corresponding hand. Kakashi cleared out a small space on the ground, pushing away some small debris with his foot.

In one swift movement, the man unraveled the scroll in his hand, revealing a simple looking sealing array in the middle of the paper in dull, black ink.

Kakashi leaned over; laying the scroll flat on the ground, he placed the head right on the center of the paper; Putting his right hand in the air, the man quickly formed his fingers into a one handed version of the ram hand sign. Molding the correct amount of chakra into his hand, Kakashi spoke, "Seal!"

In a puff of white smoke, the unraveled scroll on the ground returned to its original state, the only difference being the small black markings on the edges of the paper had expanded across the entire scroll, the ink now looked similar to chains or rope keeping an item from falling out of a container.

The gray haired man grabbed the scroll on the ground, carefully slipping it back into the blue pouch on his leg, Kakashi stood up slowly to avoid the blood rushing to his head, and/or the swift movement causing him to fall unconscious from the extreme exhaustion the man felt due to overuse of the Sharingan eye and Raikiri.

Kakashi started walking over to the other side of the bridge, maneuvering past the dark branches once again, he reached the end of the bridge, where Sasuke and his own clone were both waiting for him with the bridge builder and Sakura. Tazuna's larger form over his shoulder and Sakura's smaller form on his back while he held her legs up with his hands, leaning over to hang her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall.

The gray haired man walked up to his unconscious blonde student and hoisted him up on his back, the same way as Sasuke. He turned to face Sasuke, "It looks like everything that had to be done here, has been done, I see no reason to stay here now, we'll come back to the bridge tomorrow morning to clean up the mess. For now we have to get Naruto, Sakura, and Tazuna rested back at Tsunami's. And by the looks of things, Naruto will probably be out for a few days, minimum."

Sasuke had expected that already, after everything the boy had heard from his sensei, it was obvious that his blonde teammate wasn't just gonna pop right back up like nothing happened at all, one doesn't just bring back the dead with no repercussions, after all. Godly powers or not.

The Uchiha boy glanced at his sensei, before looking back towards the other end of the bridge. "If we wait until tomorrow to clean this up, it will only cause us more trouble. At the moment, Sakura and the bridge builder aren't all that injured."

Sasuke looked from Tazuna, to the unconscious pink haired girl, before continuing. "Sakura only has a couple scratches on her, but for the most part is completely fine. And the bridge builder isn't even wounded at all, but you and Naruto are a different case, you will have to rest. If we leave the mess here, with the amount of blood and corpses even with just one day, the smell of decomposition will be too strong to ignore. Flies will come and lay their eggs, and I don't even wanna imagine cleaning that up…"

Kakashi's face turned comically green at the thought of having to clean up that mess. The man quickly shook his head back and forth. "Yeah, no. Definitely not a good idea now that I think of it. Feeling replenished enough to burn that with a fire jutsu?"

Sasuke nodded, turned to the pile of corpses; running through multiple hand signs in quick succession, the Uchiha arched his index finger around to touch his thumb, and spat out a fireball large enough to almost reach the width of either side of the bridge. "Fire style: Fireball Jutsu!" shouted Sasuke.

The large ball of fire sped its way to the other side of the bridge; reaching the mound, the fireball quickly engulfed the entirety of the bloodied pile of bodies; the sound of burning flesh and wood could be heard by both of the shinobi on the other side of the bridge.

The strong stench of death dispersed as the blackened and dirtied smoke particles that rose from the crackling bonfire were carried away with the wind. The moisture that lingered in the air had already slowly started to die down the fire that surrounded the end of the bridge.

Sasuke and Kakashi both felt singular tiny droplets of water hit their heads respectively. Rain. Within seconds, the two shinobi felt and saw more and more droplets of water rain down from the sky, until before they knew it they were soaked in water, the fire had died down significantly. Kakashi looked up to the sky letting the drops of water hit his face, seeing the blanket of clouds that appeared to be a light shade of purple covered the early morning sky.

Sasuke looked to the right of the bridge. The shining sun could be seen just above the horizon, and above the silhouette of a large forest scape in the distance that curved around to the east, all the way back to the leaf village; a spread of a magical yellow and deep, royal purple in between the ocean and the clouds in the sky.

Soft waves could be heard as the water from the seemingly endless sea brushed against the sandy shore; a red and white lighthouse stood on top of a small ocean island about a mile east of the bridge.

Beautiful. That was the only way to describe it, it was a somber, subdued, melancholy scene. Sasuke and Kakashi, for once in their lives felt completely at peace, bathing in the moment of the present, their minds not clouded by the demons of the past. Sasuke and Kakashi looked to the left; seeing the last of it being put out by the rain descending from the sky, a sizzling sound was heard from the ashes of the dying flame.

It was almost symbolic in a way. The rain fell upon the small fishing hamlet, washing away the sins and misery of the horrible past, allowing the citizens of the town to start anew; a life where the people could be free. A life without the restraining shackles of an evil, cowardly tyrant who cares only for himself.

A new age of freedom; the people could eat and drink whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted; they could walk through the streets with their loved ones without having to live with the constant fear that they could be separated from each other forever at any given time. An era where the townspeople themselves made decisions through fair debate and friendly competition.

An era of happiness.

Sasuke picked up the bridge builder once more. Student and teacher looked at each other, one synchronized thought running through both of their heads,

It's finally over.

The pair smiled, before turning around and walking back into the town.

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