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Black Wolf Review: He found her in the woods, imprinting in the process of bringing her home. He keeps his distance, waiting for her to heal on her own. Until she steps on his door a few weeks later. From then, it all went up. Healing is a slow process, but it's constant.

Rated M (just in case)



Black Wolf, part 1.

Bella had been missing for hours now. She was never the type of girl to disappear without calling first.

As a cop, Charlie knew that he had to wait 48 hours to enlist his deputies in the search of his teenage daughter. But as a father, he couldn't wait that long. He called Billy, his best friend since childhood. His only option now. Billy tried to put his mind at ease, telling him that he had some boys from the reservation looking for her. If she was in the woods, as her note said, they would find her.

Charlie couldn't stay home and wait. He walked the woods yelling Bella's name. This was a disaster. Ever since she started mingling with the Cullen kids, trouble had started. His respect for the family shattered the day Bella came home with a broken leg and some bruised ribs.

He hadn't bought the story they had shared, but for Bella, he tried. He didn't want to alienate her, so he played along. But this was just too much.

Just when he was giving up hope, a voice yelled something unintelligible for him. He rushed towards the voice in time to see Sam Uley carrying his daughter in his arms, cradling her gently against his body. She was unconscious, pale, and shivering.

Charlie wasn't twenty anymore, so instead of trying to take Bella in his arms, he directed Sam towards the house and pointed to the sofa, where he could lay her.

Billy Black was in the Swan's living room, just in case Bella walked in there on her own while the rest were looking for her. His stare met Sam's. And what he found there was the most surprising thing. But now was not the time to question the young man.

He deposited Bella gently, upset at her health's state. Neither he nor his wolf liked seeing her like that. She didn't stir when the transfer was completed. Charlie covered her with a heavy duvet.

Bella stretched a few minutes after, no longer needing to be in a fetal position to keep the warmth from escaping her body.

Billy said his goodbyes to Charlie and promised to check in tomorrow. Sam helped him roll out of the house and up to Bella's truck, which Charlie had lent for the night.

The silence was too much to handle. Sam knew that Billy knew what had happened to him between finding Bella and getting her home.

Billy had never liked the Cullens for obvious reasons. Now, his distaste was stronger. Bella had confronted him once about them. It had been evident that she knew, although not everything. He kept an eye on her whenever he could without being too obvious about it. She never noticed him watching her from his wheelchair in front of the TV. But he had watched her.

His guilt grew when Bella had returned injured. But the treaty extended to him and all members of the tribe that knew about the wolves. He was prohibited from outing the vampires to the 'pale faces'.

When Bella went missing, and Charlie confirmed that the boy had been involved, he almost blurted everything, but that was not the right time. And he kept saying that every time he wanted to tell Charlie. 'Now is not the time.' But when will be the right time?

That's why he was content with the development of Samuel Uley, alpha of the new pack, imprinting on his best friend's daughter.

"You have to take it slow." Was the only advice Billy extended to Sam. The wolf nodded and helped him off the truck.

Sam had a lot of thinking to do. He had already broken up with Leah, no point in perpetuating a relationship that, despite how much he loved her, was not going anywhere.

The spirits had a sick sense of humor. He hadn't crossed a single word with the girl, and now he was expected to be with her forever and ever.

He shook his head, hopped off the truck, and ran inside his house. Lucky for him, Jared and Paul weren't there.

He allowed himself to feel guilty, sad, upset, and angry. Guilty because he knew what the Cullens were, but technically they hadn't broken the treaty, so he couldn't say anything to the girl. Sad, because he felt like his destiny was already made out, and he had no say in the matter. He was destined to become a wolf, to imprint on a girl he didn't know, and abandon the one he loved. Upset because no one should be left behind as if they were garbage. It pained him to see anyone go through what she was going through. The way she was left in the woods alone was a coward's way to go. And finally angry, because...well, all of the above.

In addition, he had to keep an eye on the guys of the reservation to help them transition. For now, only Embry had been showing signs, even though it was only increased height.

He passed his palm through his face, huffing. He should try to sleep because in a few hours he would have to patrol the reservation and Forks (now that the Cullens were gone).

When he first phased, Billy, Harry, and Old Quil had shared their wisdom with him. Only second-hand knowledge as they never had to phase. Nonetheless, the information provided was still helpful. The last time the Cullens were here, when the treaty was initially established, they shared that nomads (Vampires with living arrangements different from the Cullen's) usually passed through. Sometimes just on their way somewhere, sometimes out of curiosity for them. Still, the Cullens then were in charge of that sort of activity, allowing the wolves to take matters into their own hands if the vampire ever crossed the treaty line.

He learned that not all vampires had an inkling for bloodlust and endless fight, but that meant that there were some who did. Diplomacy was the first way to go. If they appeared to be...unfriendly and a threat to the humans, they would attack.

The difference between the last pack and this one is that William Black had been twenty-three when he first phased. While Sam was barely twenty. This meant younger boys would start phasing soon, now that the gene had been activated.

It was their duty, but at the same time, Sam didn't want this...life to rob anyone from their childhoods. Even if he liked being a wolf, it could feel like a burden sometimes. And he didn't have anyone to talk about it besides Jared and Paul.

He shifted on his bed and closed his eyes, willing his mind to go blank and sleep to come to him.

Back in Forks, Charlie was dealing with calls complaining about parties in La Push. He tried to be as polite as he could, reminding the good folks of the town that while he was the police chief of Forks, his jurisdiction did not extend to the native American reservation fifteen minutes away. However, he called Billy to tell him to keep an eye on everything and not let it get out of control.

Apparently, the Cullens were really not the favorite people of La Push. People were celebrating their departure. Charlie celebrated internally with them, wishing them to stay far, far, far away from his daughter, never to return.

It might seem like a selfish thing to wish when your daughter is heartbroken, catatonic, and on the verge of pneumonia. But he knew things were only going to get better from now on. If only it was as simple as willing them to be.

The next few days were hard for Charlie. He took a few days off work to keep an eye on Bella, who was still uncommunicative. She only got up to shower and zombie her way through the house. It was extremely disheartening to see such a bright and happy girl become depressed, lose her appetite to the verge of barely eating, in sum, to become a shadow of herself. Charlie cried silently a few times. He felt helpless, and he didn't know what to do, how to get her to feel better. He considered a therapist, but those only worked if you were willing to talk to them, and something told him that was going to be a waste of time and money.

When his time off ended, he took home as much work as he could. He didn't hover over her, trying to give her some space to grieve her relationship. God knew if she was a bit like him in that department, she needed her own space and time to come to terms with what had happened. Nonetheless, he didn't want to risk it.

In a move that he hadn't done since she was too little to understand what was a toy and what was not, he took his pistol and hid it in the safe that only he knew existed. Sure, it took him a few extra minutes every morning to get it, but it was better than the alternative: leaving a gun unattended in a house with a depressed person. Bella had never been the person to do anything remotely close to self-harm, but again, he didn't want to risk it.

The days transformed into weeks, and the weeks in a month. And Bella remained the same. Some days were better than others, especially the last few days. She had been more responsive, had taken more time with her appearance, no longer in sweats and baggy t-shirts. Still, her appetite was meager, but Charlie remembered Harry's words from his last phone conversation. "She has to take baby steps, Chief. It might take some time, but she will get there. Just be there for her."

The nightmares were also receding. Instead of happening every night, they occurred every two, then every three days, and then it reduced to once a week. In turn, Bella's sleep quality increased, allowing her brain a much needed rest, which increased her response time and decreased her zombie-like state. Whatever made her night terrors go away was a miracle worker in Charlie's book.

This slow or rapid (however you wished to look at it) recovery allowed Charlie a brief break of relief. He started getting more hours at the station, silently conveying that he trusted Bella to keep getting better on her own terms.

One day, Billy decided to visit, encouraged by his best friend's happiness at Bella's slow recovery. Bella greeted Billy, and his son Jacob, at the door, letting them know that Charlie wasn't home, but he wouldn't take long to come.

"Do you mind if we wait inside?" Billy asked. Jacob shifted uncomfortably in his place. He had had front row to his dad's and Charlie's conversations. He hadn't wanted to come, but Billy had insisted that Bella needed a friend. Jacob thought why couldn't she call her own friends to keep her company. However, he was smart enough not to say that out loud.

"Not in the least." She answered, stepping aside. Noticing as well, how sunny it was outside. It was a sunny day. As spring approached, the daylight lasted longer, and the sun shone more.

After Billy had situated himself in the living room in front of the tv, silence filled the room. It was uncomfortable. Bella felt the need to fill it with inane chatter. But she had never been good at it. She settled for something that had been going through her mind.

"I heard that you helped keep the fort when I went missing." She started, sitting on the sofa next to Billy. He nodded, surprised she was bringing it up. "Thank you." It was all she was ready to say for the moment. But it was enough for Billy's throat to thicken with unshed tears.

He grabbed Bella's hands in his, and she felt comfort and safety in the man's wrinkled and callous hands. Billy smiled kindly at her but didn't utter any words. He knew that what she was going through was different than losing a loved one to death. Still, he empathized with her feelings. And there were never going to be enough words to comfort her. Only time, and love, would do that.

Bella was not only mourning a relationship; she was missing a person with whom she had shared beautiful moments, laughter, anger, sadness, fear, and love. She was coming to terms with the loss of that, with the fact that the one she loved had tossed her aside, without seemingly a second thought. All of her hurt, physically and emotionally. Physically she was recovering from being on the doorstep of getting pneumonia. The doctor had given her a few weeks off school. Angela had been the only one brave enough to face her and bring her homework every day. She never faltered. She never missed a day. She had flashes of Angela speaking to her. But she couldn't say what words she uttered.

Bella wasn't sure what hurt her the most, that she was angry at Edward, at the rest of the family, or at herself for allowing things to be so intense so quickly. For realizing what she should have realized from the start: she wasn't in a healthy relationship. She was hurt that he had broken her trust, her heart. She was hurt at the rest of the Cullens for not saying goodbye. She was hurt at Alice for not answering her emails. Their phones had been disconnected. She was hurt at everyone for taking the coward's way out. She was angry at herself for thinking that she was only a distraction, a pet, a toy. Something to pass the time. She had thought she was important to them. For the first time, someone besides her parents had embraced her wholeheartedly. But the rug had been pulled off from underneath her feet, and she didn't have the balance to land on her feet.

She gave Billy a sad smile and got up to get him his usual beer.

Jacob still looked like he preferred to be somewhere else. Her behavior at the beach still stung. She had flirted with him to get information on the Cullens. That had been dirty.

Bella ignored him, deciding that she had enough drama on her own. She opened the fridge, gathering the few fresh ingredients that Charlie knew how to cook. She grabbed a bell pepper and an onion and put them on the counter. Then, she grabbed a cutting board and a knife and proceeded to chop the vegetables. She seasoned the meat that Charlie had bought and put some rice and water on another pot. It was a very easy meal, one that Charlie knew how to make. But she felt like doing it. Besides, it was either cooking or sitting in the living room under a very uncomfortable silence with Billy and Jacob, pretending to understand what was going on on the tv.

The rice was nearly done when Charlie opened the door, greeting his friend and marveling at the smell of the house. The smell put a smile on his face. Bella was cooking.

Billy nodded, acknowledging Charlie's appreciation.

"It smells delicious, Bells. Need any help setting the table?" He offered as if it was just another day and not an occurrence that hadn't happened in a month.

Bella smiled softly and nodded. She didn't need to be verbal; it was enough for Charlie that she communicated somehow.

Dinner was filled with Charlie questioning Jacob about school, friends, hobbies, girls, etc. Poor Jacob seemed like a deer in the headlights. However, he answered all of them like a pro. To Charlie, Jake was like a son. He's known him since Sarah announced she was pregnant. He had been there with Billy for every milestone. And he'd been there when Sarah had died. They were family, which is why, no matter how many times Billy badmouthed the Cullens in the past, pre-Bella and Edward's relationship, Charlie always had Billy's back and vice versa.

Having Charlie's back meant helping him drown his sorrows with cheap beer when Rennee asked for a divorce and then again when the divorce papers came in. When Bella refused to come to Forks, instead, asking him to visit her. And holding the fort when Bella went missing, knowing that there was not much he could actually do. Having Charlie's back meant having Bella's back and protecting her as much as he could without overstepping. Having Bella's back meant advising Samuel Uely on how to approach the imprint subject. She was in her right to know, but everything in due time. Sam had agreed. He wasn't the most sensible of men out there, but he had common sense. She had to come to terms with what happened on her own.

When everyone finished eating, and the table conversation was on full load, she quickly excused herself, hurrying to the kitchen to take care of the dishes, finding comfort in the solitude of the room.

"Do you mind if I hide in here?" Jacob's voice startled her. She dropped the plate she had been washing. Luckily it didn't break. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." She picked back up the plate and rinsed off the soap before continuing with the next plate.

"It's ok." She said softly.

"It felt safer here than out there. I feel like a criminal with the amount of questions your dad is asking." He laughed at his own joke. But Bella wasn't much for humor. However, one of the corners of her mouth moved up, acknowledging his attempt to lighten the mood.

Jacob knew when not to push. This girl in front of him was so much different from the carefree girl that had strolled the beach a few months ago. It was sad to see.

Much to Bella's and Jake's surprise, she spoke up again. "You must be the best-behaved criminal, then. You battled those questions like a pro." Jake laughed once he recovered.

"Years and years of practice." This time, Bella smiled genuinely.

They started an amicable conversation, small talk. How was school, how are each other's friends, the weather, normal chit chat. Bella appreciated that he didn't mention her breakup, or the fact that she hadn't been a very good friend. He was a happy person, always smiling, always offering some crazy topic of conversation.

"Hey, did you finally finish the car you were building?" He had told her that when Billy sent him to crash her school dance.

His smile lit up his whole face. "I actually did!" His excitement was contagious. "And I got my driver's license too."

Bella answered with a smile. "Congratulations, then." She offered him a soda, and he accepted.

It was the first time Bella smiled without being asked to. It was the first time Bella felt like things could actually get better. Like life could go on, and she could make friends again.

That night, once Billy and Jake left, Charlie took a leap of faith. "You seem to be in better spirits."

Bella nodded. "I am." This time, she meant it. And on the road to recovery, she asked something that had slid in her dreams. "Who found me?"

"Sam Uley did." She didn't recognize the name. "He's from the rez. Billy called him and a few other boys to help on the search. He helped me bring you home."

Bella saw for the first time how hard it had been on Charlie. He had also lost weight and had some dark circles under his eyes. Bella's eyes teared up, and her gut closed with guilt. She had endangered her dad's health. She lunged forward, locking her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly, sobbing on his shoulder and asking for forgiveness. He let her cry it out. Happy that she had decided to let him see it, that she allowed him to be there for her. But also sad at how broken her sobs were. No one deserved to be that broken.

"Now now, Bells. There is nothing to be sorry about." he cooed.

"I endangered your health. You could have been hurt at work. I'm so sorry, daddy." His heart twisted at the word daddy. She hadn't called him that since she was seven years old.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, he chuckled. "I can take care of myself. It's not like there are no places to eat in Forks." He poked her ribs, trying to lighten the mood. She squirmed away, a small smile playing to break out.

"Thank you, daddy." He smiled warmly at her, kissed her forehead, and went to the stairs, ready to call it a day.

"Dad." He stopped and turned. "Do you mind leaving Sam's address tomorrow, before you leave? I would like to thank him."

"Sure, kiddo." He resumed his way.