~~~~The Challenge~~~~

Terms for succeeding: You must write to the set rules and complete the fic. (There is no limit to the numbers of chapters allowed.) If you can get ten non-flame reviews and keep to the guidelines, you will win.

Main characters: You are allowed to write an FF7 fic, starring Yuffie Kisaragi, Vincent Valentine and Cloud Strife.

Plotline: The plot generally follows Yuffie trying to get Vincent to lighten up a little. She persuades Cloud to help her. (Put in a suitable way that she manages this!) The plot can go anyway you want from there, except;

Hard not to fall into the trap, but the story must not be a Yuffentine. No pairing needed, but if the feeling really hits you, it has to be a Clo/Yu. Must not be set as an aftermath to the game. Must be set during the game.

Extra Stuff:

You MUST involve these events. Make sure to add a sufficiant explaination as to why they happen.

· Cloud with his hair down (no spikes.) 

· Yuffie hallucinating/dreaming/imagining a Yuffentine scene (which she doesn't enjoy)

Barret and Cid's joint cooking. Yuffie donating a materia (not hers... just a materia.) Cloud playing an Interactive Sephiroth game at the Wonder Square. Cloud's impression of Vincent. Yuffie thinking of ironic tortures for Cloud and Vincent. (not at the same time)

A challenge set by Firefly99, specifically for the purposes of driving CloudRox crazy! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!