Hey guys, Mori here with an Author's Note.

Fairborn Adventures is now officially concluded after a little over eight months of constant uploads. It's been quite the journey for me, but one I thoroughly enjoyed as a writer.

I'd like to give special thanks to my small team of Betas, without them you all would've gotten a significantly worse piece of writing. SiriusOrionBitch, Idefix, and Luls, you guys are awesome and I'm incredibly thankful for your help and willingness to process the garbage I sometimes delivered as first drafts ;)

Now, I know many of you in my audience will have questions about FBA. Some concerning the last two chapters, others concerning why I chose to send my characters down the path they walked. Feel free to post them as reviews or shoot me a PM, I will try to get back to as many as possible. If you're more serious about receiving answers, then I invite you to join my discord where I regularly interact with readers.

discord. gg / 3MemKR586s

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Other than that, I thank you all for tagging along until the very end. With over 500k words, 5.000 favorites, and 6.000 followers, this story has grown into one of the most popular, but also most controversial stories (as the 3.000 reviews indicate), which has been published on this site within the last year.

As to what comes next, there are some very rough plans for a sequel to FBA. Sunsets don't last forever, after all :D. However, we'd not be tagging along Harry's journey anymore, it's time for someone new to step up and make a name for themselves.

I can't make any promises yet on release date or update speeds. Perhaps I will try to actually outline the story first before pumping out chapters as I have always done before. Again, if you wish to know more, feel free to visit me on Discord.

That's all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed this 'little' story.

Catch you guys next time,


PS: Wait, what's this right here?

He is the first true-born Peverell of the millennia, raised in the darkness following a sunset. Half the Wizarding World hates him for his parents' victory, the other half for the means they achieved it with. But then sixth-year approaches and an opportunity presents itself. A chance to escape the drowning shadows and manifest his own name. A chance for eternal glory.