Part 7

Ian and Jordan looked at Jacob as he stood in the corner. Jordan whispered something to Ian and he smiled. Standing, Sara looked up at Ian and looked over at where Ian was indicating with his eyes. She smiled and handed Matthew to his father.

Jacob's eyes lit up as Ian approached him. "Matthew, this is your uncle Jacob." Ian instructed Jacob how to hold Matthew and stood back.

"Hey little man." Jacob said quietly and ran his finger down the baby's red cheek.

Grissom wrapped Sara up in his arms from behind as they watched Jacob talk to Matthew. Grissom kissed her neck and whispered into her ear. "I love you."

Sara looked up at him and smiled. "I love you too." Their fingers intertwined as their eyes turned back to Matthew and Jacob.

Jordan and Ian were holding each other as well. All watching as Jacob whispered promises to teach him things and show him things. Jacob was the youngest between him and Jordan and was always treated that way. He left to join the army when he was old enough and now he had a good job he loved and a nephew to spoil. His eyes sparkled as Matthews gurgled in his arms. Sara smiled at her son and tried to hold back the tears, unsuccessfully.

Jordan and Ian had their own family and were allowed to take Matthew home two days later. He was monitored through out that time because of being slightly premature, but also to keep an eye on Jordan. Once they got the new comer home and settled in. Sara and Grissom visited. Jacob was over there most of his stay, but Jordan and Ian didn't mind. Sara and Grissom were pleased that Jacob was so into the new baby thing.

A week later and everything was back to normal, Sara and Grissom were snuggled up together in their bed. The house was quiet and Jacob had gone back to the barracks. The sunlight was blocked out by the drapes and the air conditioning was on to cool the steaming house.

Grissom pulled Sara's back against his chest and kissed her shoulder. Sara smiled and squeezed his hand. "What's it feel like to be a grandpa Griss?"

He chuckled. "Old."

Sara giggled and turned over. "No seriously."

He smiled and brushed his hand down her cheek. "I'm not sure. Proud?"

She nodded. "Yeah, proud."

"What about you? What's it feel like to be a grandma?" He asked looking into her eyes.

"Old." She squirmed and squealed when his fingers tickled her ribs.

He loomed over her and smiled brightly. "Let's stick with proud." Sara nodded and kissed him.

"Hmm." She moaned against his lips as his hand caressed her thigh. "I thought you were tired?" She whispered into his mouth.

Grissom grunted an answer and deepened the kiss. Pulling away, he chuckled. "How many grandchildren do you think we'll have?"

Sara ran her fingers through his curls and shrugged. "Well, Jacob will get married and have kids. Hopefully. Jordan may have another one. Probably a few more. Why?"

He shook his head and planted soft kisses on her neck. "I was wondering it we need to start saving for all the birthdays, Christmas's and holidays."

Sara laughed and pulled him closer. "We are grandparents. Let the parents do that and we just spoil the grandchildren like we're suppose to do."

Grissom moaned. "Ok. Now, hold still."

"Why?" She asked moving again.

He nipped her shoulder and burst out laughing when she pinched his leg. "Ow." He whimpered and reached down to rub the sting away.

"Stop biting me bugman." She grinned.

His mouth hovered over hers as his eyes danced with mischief. "But you taste so good." He stretched out in a deep tone of voice.

"You leave marks on me and I'm filing for abuse." She giggled as he raised his eyebrows.

Grissom licked her bottom lip and revelled in the deep groaned that emanated from deep within her throat. His tongue plunged into her mouth and grunted when her hand's pushed him onto his back. Never breaking the deep kiss, Sara straddled him and lightly ran her hands over his chest and down his sides.

"I love you, you know?" Sara whispered into his mouth.

"I know. I love you too." His hands rubbed her thighs and kissed her again. Grissom pulled her down and hugged her tightly. His mouth broke away from hers and sucked on the soft flesh below her ear. Sara moaned lightly as he licked, nibbled and sucked on the sweet tasting flesh. "Oops." She heard him chuckle. She turned her head and narrowed her eyes at him. She saw the same guilty look he had when he let Jacob and Jordan eat ice cream at midnight when they were still in school and Sara found him trying to creep them upstairs before she got home from work.

"What do you mean oops?" She asked.

Grissom licked his lips and pursed them. He gave his infamous lopsided grin and shrugged. "Nothing."

She bit her bottom lip and looked into his eyes. "Guilty as sin Gil Grissom."

He raised both eyebrows and chuckled. "I got carried away." His finger traced the slight purple bruised below her ear. "Sorry."

Sara sighed and dropped her head onto his chest. "Now I'll have to where a polo neck all week." She giggled. "You are a pain."

Grissom smiled. "Well, in the case." He flipped them and continued to feast on her neck.

"God, you're insatiable." She burst out laughing as he continued to produce love bites.


(Hope you liked. I sure did. Don't know where it came from, but it was my first story that used only one case in detail. Tell what you think.)