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I Laid My Love On You

-Chapter 1

As the front door of a car got slammed, Malcolm Ishida rested his heavy head against the sofa pillow. Lowering down his newspaper, he glanced at the small, digital clock which laid on top of a nearby table. 3:45 a.m. kept flashing repeatedly, making this tensed father even more stressed.

'Where the hell has the boy been?'

Trying to ease the feeling of jumping on his son's neck, he closed his eyes and went through the same ritual which he used every time similar events happened.

'Remember, you were just the same when you were his age.'

Although this sentence was so familiar, it caused a forgotten memory to unravel itself. It was taken in form of a girl, someone Malcolm knew very well and who had turned his world upside down since the very moment he laid his love on her.

~*Flashback *~

Malcolm Ishida had always been a player and was held responsible for a thousand broken teenaged hearts. At fourteen years old, he was going out with a twenty-year-old girl, from a college nearby.

Back then, his world consisted of girls, soccer, communication class and dangerously thrilling drugs…until she came. She was the reason why changes had forced themselves into his life. He started to focus more on his studies, stopped taking anything that even remotely resembled weed, and respected more the thoughts of others towards his acts. She made him grow up. Then she became pregnant of his best friend…

~*End of flashback *~

Malcolm was so absorbed with his thoughts that he didn't even hear the much anticipated turn of the keys. Quickly rubbing the daydream off his eyes, he stood up.

A teenager of around seventeen stumbled into the room, obviously drunk. The boy's implausibly handsome face plastered a huge ear-to-ear grin. The mystifying deep blue colour of his eyes sparkled mischievousness and the scent of woman perfume trailed behind him.

Shaking his head, Malcolm angrily opened his mouth to speak, his patience running on a thin thread.

"I can't believe you did it again Yamato! When I came back from work and saw you're bag chucked in the corner of that pig sty- I presume you're home works aren't done either- I gave you a couple of hours for you to come home and explain yourself. You came 11 hours later!"

As his son simply shrugged his shoulders, Malcolm gave him a warning glare. Yamato sighed and flopped down on the sofa, his lecture clearly was not finished yet.

"You better watch you're step Matt, before I literally kill you, and for God's sake shorten out you're priorities first before you go to that damned place. Mr. Igarashi called and said that Satsuki won't eat, sleep or study because she's too busy fantasizing over you. I want you to spare those girls from whatever spell you cast upon them, and I mean it Matt."

Mr. Ishida paused, obviously awaiting a reply. His son just pointed at the door, clearly amused at what his father had been saying.

"Can I go now?"

Malcolm just rolled his eyes.

"Yes. I seriously give up Yamato Ishida. Just go to your room." 

As Matt got up and climbed heavily up the stairs, Malcolm looked at his son's retreating figure. He was definitely getting too old for this daily dilemma.

'What am I supposed to do with you Matt?'



The voice caused the sixteen year-old girl to divert her attention from the novel she was currently reading from and look at the door.


She sighed and got up from her bed, unlocking the door to reveal a woman in her early thirties. Mrs. Takenouchi strode into the room, looking glamorous in her night-robe. Her flawless skin, perfect light-brown hair and young beauty often made people commit the mistake of calling her Sora's elder sister.

As she stopped in the middle of the doorway, her soft brown eyes widened.

" Sweetie, you really have to get a move on those boxes if you want to settle in before school starts. Do you need help with the-"

"No. I'll get a move on, I promise."

A fake, emotionless smile plastered itself on the teenager's face. As usual, it went unnoticed by her mother, who was too busy picking her way around the boxes. She stopped, picked her way back, and planted a kiss on her daughter's cheek.

"Baby I know it's hard the first couple of weeks, but you'll make friends by the end of the first week. I'm off to work now though, there's money on the counter for shopping for lunch and do try to get out a bit more ok?"


With a final peck on the nose, Mrs. Takenouchi was out of the room.

Sora closed the door and rested against it, trying hard to fight the homesick tears which were threatening to roll down her cheeks.

'How am I supposed to move on if all I want right now is return to Tokyo? I miss Hitonari; it just won't be the same seeing him only on week-ends. I miss my school and my friends. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to bear with mama's optimism…'

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